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October 22, 2017
I purchased a laptop from on Dec.2016 less than 5 moths old the hard drive went out and that's where the problems began. I sent IT in to be repaired and the techs damaged my laptop. Upon getting it home and discovering the damage they sent a tech out to repair the damage they caused in the first place. The tech damaged the laptop even further, left screws out, and tore it up so bad it wouldn't even power on so I had to send it again. For over a week now and a total of almost a month they have had the laptop I have asked for a replacement laptop the advanced tech team said no, I have asked several times in chat, on phone and in email to speak to someone in the main Dell office about the problems I am having and have basically been told no. They don't care about the customer concerns all they seem to care about is getting your laptop to the depot where they seem to do very poor work. I paid extra to on my warranty to have my product serviced in my home so now I haft to send it to the depot waste of my money and time on a service that I have not seemed worth it. This will be the last Dell product I ever buy if this is how they treat a customer
Rated: by Randy
October 22, 2017
Rondy Earl Packard j.r 23-25 Million Dollars per year playing basketball Blue Sky,1-559-230-2501 (March 31,2014)
Rated: by Rondy Earl Packard J.r 23-25 Million per year (Apr
October 22, 2017
what is the phone number for your corporate headquarters?
Rated: by elliot
October 22, 2017
I have signed a petition to boycot Target stores until Target takes measures to protect women and children by doing away with gender neutral restrooms and dressing rooms!
Rated: by Judy Judkins
Aaron's, Inc
October 22, 2017
I am very disappointed in the way that my account is being handled at this moment. I rented a fridge and a mower from Aarons' last February and would have owned my items next month.(which is February)meaning that I had an agreement for 12 months then I would own my items. So I call (like any customer)in December to check my balanced and I'm told that I only have 300$ left to pay and I would have been finished. I was so happy. I knew the balance but I was just checking. So then I call last week and they tell me that I still have 14 payments left, I'm like excuse me you must have the wrong account so he checks again and he gives me the same information and I'm like no sir I will be finished next month. So then he proceeds to say well do you have your documents? I Don't have my documents because of my irresponsibility. So it is partially my fault, but I know what my agreement was. I am not an ignorant person, However, You would think that they would have their shtuff in line but they soooooooo do not. So now come Friday I will be without a fridge because AARONS CHOSE TO BE THIEVES AND STEAL MY MONEY THAT I DON'T HAVE TO BEGIN WITH. I feel like I have been taking advantage of and I feel very angry to think that my hands are tied because I don't have my docs. Both items were so cheap because they were both clearance supposedly. I refuse to let Aarons' steal my joy so for that they just lost a VERY good customer. SO PPL OUT THERE READING THESE REVIEWS TO MAKE YOUR FINAL DECISION, PLEASE DO NOT USE AARONS IN MEXIA TEXAS BECAUSE THEY ARE THIEVES AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL. IF YOU DON'T HAVE $$$$$ TO WASTE PLEASE DON'T GO THERE. THIS IS A REAL WARNING!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT.I will be going to rent a center from now on.
Rated: by Maricella Mcgee
Carmike Cinemas, Inc
October 22, 2017
How can anybody afford the movies $20.00 for 2 people to get in then it is $23.00 to get a popcorn and 2 soda's I do not know how you stay in business I will not be back
Rated: by Bill
MGM Grand Inc
October 22, 2017
On July 14 we were staying at the Excalibur across the street. This is part of the MGM corporation. On arrival the security in the parking lot were visible so we felt safe. By that night security was scarce and our 04 GMC Denali was stolen. Security wasted precious time before calling the police. The next morning speaking to Vasquez the management- he was unsympathetic. He kept saying not liable not liable. Well now we are out our 35K in a vehicle we had almost paid off. The police said it was stripped to the frame, how disgusting. Back to Vasquez, how can someone be so cruel? We were 350 miles from home. He did not say sorry for your loss, how can I help, Can we call a cab...He offered no resources, no condolence NOTHING..just We are not liable..What kind of business is this? You know I had 5 Knotts Berry farm tickets in the car. Guess what Knotts did...they said "I am so sorry, I cannot imagine how you may be feeling...We will get those tickets out to you right away..Now that is how a business should be..And to feel for us that was awesome..Excalibur is lucky that my daughter and myself did not stumble onto the thieves..what if we were attacked.. Excalibur sickens me with their non chalant attitude about tourist and people who pump money into their casinos.We must have spent over 7 grand last weekend I will never go back to any of the facilities nor any of my friends or family..and we are all Teachers who will tell other teachers, and who have kids on sport teams who play in Vegas...I am so disappointed..
Rated: by Sandra Mason
Pizza Hut
October 22, 2017
Dear Pizza Hut Corporate Office,

My name is Bob Hartmann, owner of Mobile Web Solutions in Yorba Linda, Ca.. I was just looking at your website's and I noticed you are missing out on a huge opportunity to receive more business from local people searching for one of your Pizza Hut locations on Google.

Your website's are not displaying correctly on mobile devices such as iPhone's, iPad's and Android smart phones because they are not "mobile friendly". This means you are losing a lot of potential business but don't panic it's easily fixed. Google, the largest search engine online already shows that 2 in 5 local searches for businesses like Guitar Center are now made on Mobile Devices. By 2015 more searches will be made on a mobile device, such as smart phone's, than on traditional desktop and laptop computers combined!

To make your website mobile friendly and benefit from the huge number of Google Searches each month for Pizza Hut acoss the U.S. couldn't be easier and requires no effort on your part.

How it works: It's very simple - we can make a mobile friendly version of your website's that will work ALONGSIDE your existing one. The only difference is, that if a person views your website on a mobile device - my approved mobile version will automatically be displayed. This has a major benefit on Google because Google "likes" mobile friendly websites and generally displays them above websites that are not mobile friendly.

I have found that; at first some people were skeptical so I offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee! If you're not happy for any reason with the mobile friendly website we create for you, I will give you all your many back, no delays, no questions asked. I'm looking to try and grow my business and I know that in order to do that I have to over-deliver on customer satisfaction. That is what I am doing here so rest assured that I will be doing everything I can to see that you are delighted with the end result.

Here's how I deliver your mobile friendly website should you proceed.

[1] I will create the mobile friendly version for you.

[2] We can also embed QR codes on pages of your choice.

[3] Then I would provide each website with a line of "code" that you give to your webmaster.

Once the code is added to the website code on your homepage (not visible to visitors) your mobile version works along side your existing website. Your webmaster can add this code in as little as 30 seconds and then you are all set up to receive more mobile traffic to your website.

If you would like more information and to view 4 examples of our user friendly mobile websites, please visit my website (link below). If you would like to take me up on my offer, please contact me to discuss the details.

Many thanks for your time.


Mobile Web Solutions
Bob Hartmann

Rated: by Bob Hartmann
US Bank
October 22, 2017
U.S. Bancorp is a word "stinks". Their staff is dishonest and unethical. From the lowest to CEO Richard Davis.
Rated: by ED
Stop And Shop
October 22, 2017
The Woodbury NY store on Jerich turnpike is so dirty, the floors in the store are filthy and the trash all over the parking lot. I complained to the store manager couldn't have cared less. I won't be shopping there anymore.

Rated: by Bvill
I have enrolled my child in this preschool and was very dissatisfied with the knowledge and organizaiton of the school. They always misplaced documents and did auto withdrawls without authorizations, for the incorrect amounts, to say the least.
Rated: by Santos
Barnes & Noble
October 22, 2017
After trying to resolve an issue directly with Barnes & Noble with no success I filed a complaint with the BBB. Below is proof the Barnes & Noble ignored my issues and then complaint. This Company does not care, lacks professionalism when there is an issue. Stay away from them.

Dear Kyle Bruening :

This is in reference to your complaint against LLC. Your complaint was assigned ID 10358952.

Your BBB has tried to present your complaint to LLC in an attempt to resolve this matter to your mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we have received no response to your complaint. We attempted to contact LLC through written correspondence twice on your behalf, but we must now close this matter in our files. This does not minimize the importance of your concerns, nor is it any reflection on the validity of your dispute.

The firm’s failure to respond to your complaint will be reflected in its BBB record. A firm’s rating may be affected by its failure to answer even one complaint. Your experience may, therefore, alert other inquirers seeking information through the BBB.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


Dispute Resolution Services

Rated: by Kyle Bruening
David's Bridal, Inc
October 22, 2017
December 29, 2015, round 12:45 pm I, the bride and her mom, and bridesmaidswent into the Davids Bridal, Deptford, NJ store to order ourdresses and dyed shoes for Danielle Concordia's wedding. I received a call from Davids Bridal on January 13, 2016 that I had to pick up my dyed shoes. I asked to double check and make sure they were ready and the person whom I unfortunately did not get, said they were ready and I had to pick them up ASAP. The dress was due in 6 weeks and then we were told March 22, 2016.
My mom went to pick up the shoes and when she got there she was toldthey were not dyed. The manager told her she could dye them at that time and we could pick them up that night. My mom called me from the store and I was to,d originally that they needed to wait 1-2 weeks for the dye to dry so I said I'd wait to get them.
I never received a call saying they were done so on February 20, 2016, 12:35 pm, I had to call them again and spoke with Raul, the manager who told me that the shoes were still not dyed! This was unbelievable! We were so upset at this point and could not believe it. Raul said he would make sure they were dyed and mailed to me. I did receive them on February 20. 2016 in the mail.
I asked for a refund for this incredible situation and I convenience d was told they could not do it.
I am hoping you understand my situation and can send me a refund.
This is unacceptable and not a very good way to do business. I felt like since they had my money, they did. It care about satisfying me in any way. Thank you.
Rated: by Alicia Ott
Home Depot
October 22, 2017
Home Depot sent two people to the Carrier Mills Legion to try and get our Post a grant for repairs we needed. They had two E-mail addresses to contact to give us the decision. Every time I went into the Marion, IL. store, I inquired about the status of the grant and every time I was informed it was still being processed. A year and a half later when one of our board members went to the Marion store to purchase materials to replace a floor, he asked about the status of the grant again. After several phone calls, He was informed the grant had been denied a while ago. We have no problem with the grant being denied but we do have a problem that they didn't have the common courtesy to at least inform us! We could have started these necessary repairs a lot sooner.
Rated: by Bill Bardos
October 22, 2017
BJ's Restaurant
October 22, 2017
Moving to Kissimmee, FL very soon , great place great restaurants and BJ's #1 for me. Food and folk are great.

I think that a name for your new "Quinoa"
could be called:
Thanks for a great restaurant.
Regards Russ

Rated: by Russell Calemmo
October 22, 2017
I need my personal credit report how can I come in for a formal meeting about my personal credit
Rated: by Theresa M.Hassell
Bright House
October 22, 2017
Bright House's services are the worst that I have seen of a utility provider. I came to the corporate office's page in order to contact them in order to escalate the issue, but the corporate number they provide is a non working number. I can see why their services are the worst.
Rated: by w. smith
October 22, 2017
Rondy Earl Packard J.r 23-25 Million per year 5/2014 (Compute)
Rated: by Rondy Earl packard J.r 23-25 Million per year 438
October 22, 2017
I purchased a scooter from the local store and chose to pay cash. The young man who was entering the order said he couldn't give me a receipt for cash. He and the store mgr. were going to sell me gift cards to pay for the scooter. I was there over an hour before they called the main office to find out they were on the wrong site. I ordered a YELLOW scooter. Once the mgr. got involved, he ordered a BLUE scooter. When I got home and looked at the receipt I immediately contacted the store and told them they ordered the wrong color. It was Friday and no one could cancel that order. Now I am told I have to order the scooter again in the right color and refuse the blue one when it comes. I did order the YELLOW one on a credit card (I didn't want to do in the first place.) Now they have my cash and I am going to receive a credit card bill I don't have the money to pay. I have gone round and round with Walgreens locally and with the "issue resolver" who went on vacation and no one followed up in his place. I too was told there was no number in their accounting office for me to talk to. Now I am in contact with a supervisor of the issue resolver and I am still right where I started. Corporate ought to read these reviews. They won't let anyone talk to them and let the peon take the brunt of all the mistakes. This was not my first issue with Walgreens so in future I will go to Drug Mart. And now the site will not let me submit my review.
Rated: by Donna
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc
October 22, 2017
Effective immediately please take me off your mailing list. I will no longer shop at any of your stores. I say shame on you for removing Trump from your selections. You have shown your true colors and they are not red white and blue. To try to destroy another business I guess says it all. I never would have thought your company was so destructive to another American company. I can assure you that they are more of us who care for free trade. SHAME ON YOU!
Rated: by Eva Lynn
Rated: by BOB BROWNE
Dollar General
October 22, 2017
Your store in Cross Plains Texas #10022, is so nasty, the floors are so dirty, covered in dirt and bugs. There are boxes sitting everywhere, I will be calling the Corporate Office in regards to this. I will not step foot back in this store, even though they are the only store in this little town I will drive a hour to go shopping.
Rated: by Lynette Rice
October 22, 2017
Hooters, Texas

Hooters is the only bar/restaurant that I know my waitresses names,

I go maybe once or maybe every other week as I find Hooters to be one of my "Happy Places" because I most often get a smile and smiles are what I live for. They are kind of a pick-me-up after a long week and they are contagious.

The girls are always pleasant, workaholics, and their energy is unsurpassed at Hooter's Round Rock.

Not going to talk about the men's restroom as they (the girls) don't belong in there. Replacing the toilet seat isn't enough!

I have visited many Hooters in the central Texas area and always enjoyed the staff.

But when I go to my favorite Round Rock Hooters and the girls are "ALL" pissed off because the "OLD" management in place is apparently using the wrong approach to recommend/force Corporate policy, It's A REAL DOWNER FOR THE PARTONS. Wish I could BOLD this. How do you think I noticed... you're patrons are really all morons aren't they!

I applaud the new girls you promoted - I know them both and they work hard and I know will be good at what they do "if allowed to".

I leave you with questions that I want all Corporate to ask themselves;

"Do you know the name of your 'waitress' at any of the restaurant(s) you visit?

GET RID OF THE "PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED" ---- put up "WHICH HOOTER'S GIRL" would you like to be seated with?

WAKE UP - Those "girls" waiting tables bring in your paycheck - It certainly is not for the food or the management(LOL)(and never met one). Chew on that for a while and pretend the "Hooter's Girls" don't matter.

And don't give me the LEGAL CRAP, businesses make money on publicity and beautiful girls.

For those of you out there that agree with me - follow up with this review. Make Hooter's the "BEST" again.

And here is my email to prove I'm sincere -

PS: Love the comment above "sometimes staff from Hooters headquarters do read the review on this website". Is this a joke?

Rated: by Bob Smith
Lowe's Companies
October 22, 2017
My wife and I went to Lowe's in Brownsville, Texas to purchase some major appliances, a gas stove and a refrigerator with an ice maker, including the product protection and replacement plan on 5/20/2015. We paid in cash $1,300+ dollars and because the refrigerator did not include the ice maker, so we had to pay extra, which is very disappointing.

Lowe's did not have the appliances in stock and it will take Lowe's 19 days to deliver the merchandise, and that made it even more disappointing. The appliances are for a house that we are trying to rent, and tenants are on hold before they can move in until appliances are hooked up and ready to use. Unfortunately tenants had to wait and its very disappointing to them as well. It's bad for business that the tenants had to wait, and we could go to another company like Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sears to do business with, but we decided to stay with Lowe's.

My wife waited until Saturday morning on 6/6/2015 to have Lowe's Delivery Services deliver my wife's appliances that I paid for. My wife received a delivery confirmation at 8 am on the same day of delivery. Before Lowe's Delivery Services unloaded my wife appliances, they stated that the stove looked great, and they mentioned that the refrigerator had a dent on the front door. My wife refused to accept the damaged merchandise.

My wife signed off on the gas stove. Lowe's Delivery Service said that they were going to call the store ASAP to see if they had another refrigerator in store so that my wife would not be without a refrigerator, and if they would have a dent free one and have it delivered ASAP. My wife did not allow the damaged refrigerator to be unloaded from the truck and the Lowe's Delivery Service took it back.

For the next hour to a few days, Delivery Services, Kimberly (sales rep) or Lowe's did not contact my wife through phone calls as agreed by Delivery Services nor did they reschedule the appointment or delivery. If I am not mistaken, my wife contacted Kimberly at Lowe's on 6/9/2015, the sales rep who sold us the major appliances and she stated that the store in Harlingen, Texas had it in stock and the Lowe's Delivery Services would have it delivered the next day or the day after so we won't have to wait long, but we waited for days. Tenants had to wait and was very disappointed with us. Nothing happened for a while, no appliances,,,no phone calls,,,nothing.

My wife called Lowe's on 6/12/15 and asked to speak the store manager "Jaime" about the situation. Jaime said that the refrigerator was approved. What is going on! Approval? We paid cash for the major appliances, and he stated that it was approved. They have our name and confirmation that we paid in full in their systems, and they need " An approval?" Very ridiculous. My wife was put on hold so that he can research the situation. He apologized and offered a discount of $97.00+ on the ice maker because Lowe's is having a promotion on free icemakers with the purchase of refrigerators and asked if my wife would pick up the refund today. My wife stated that she would be in the store later that day or the following day after the delivery of the refrigerator. My wife was more concerned about the refrigerator rather than the refund.Jaime, the store manager explained that the new refrigerator will be delivered on 6/13/2015. My wife was excited to get it so she can rent out the house.

On 6/13/15 Saturday morning my wife left to wait "in the would be rented house for the 2nd time". She waited for Lowe's Delivery Services to deliver her refrigerator, and Lowe's Delivery Service called my daughter at home asking to speak to my wife, so my daughter gave Lowe's Delivery Service my wife's cell number to contact her at the other house. Lowe's Delivery Services called my wife and DejaVu, ANOTHER DAMN DENT, the refrigerator had a dent on the door. Boy, my wife was blowing some steam for her time being wasted and being insulted. My wife told Lowe's Delivery Service how very deceitful they were and she was greatly disappointed. How can you disappoint me like that by bringing me damaged merchandise for the 2nd time?

Kim, Lowe's salesperson, called my wife on 6/13/15 at 3:02 PM saying that Lowe's Delivery Service sometimes dents the appliances when they load up the truck. NOT MY PROBLEM !! I do not need their sob story, I just want my damn merchandise and "dent free". Lowe's should improve their training for their delivery boys if they are to deliver appliances "dent free".

Stop insulting my wife's intelligence and stop wasting our time. We are going to the store with our receipt to get out money back,,,never again we will buy from Lowes, we'll stick with Home Depot and other companies.

And what about our future tenants? They had to wait, because we gave them our word that the appliances will be delivered and that is bad for business because our word did not stick as agreed. Why? Because Lowe's dragged us down and did not stick to their word and did not do their job efficiently and professionally as a reputable company that we can rely on. As a phrase this is how I felt as " bend over , here it comes again" is the last thing I like to happen to me especially from a reputable company like Lowe's where I paid a chunk of money to get my merchandise and then they get deceitful.

How funny that Kimberly mentioned " Would you come to the store and pick out another refrigerator?" That is a laugh,,,you expect me to get bent over a 3rd time?

Unfortunately today is Saturday and headquarters are closed and its why we are making this review.

Dissatisfied Customer
Rated: by Dissatisfied Customer
October 22, 2017
BlueSky Wellness Center 1-559-230-2501)
Rated: by Rondy Earl Packard J.r Headquaters-1-212-407-8000
Stop And Shop
October 22, 2017
I love your shore at 495 southern Artery- how do I apply 4 a job bagging items? I am a 57 year old, fit woman who needs a job desperately. I can work any shift/all days/ all holidays/etc- Can u please get me an interveiw as I have had trouble applying on-line- ASAP? U can e-mail me or call me 617-445-0450- I WOULD LIKE TO JUST COME DOWN AN FILL OUT AN APP> IS THAT POSSIBLE, PLEASE?! THANK-U- Sincerely, Linda Culkin
Rated: by Linda Culkin
October 22, 2017
I paid for a 10 piece meal, when I got home I found out KFC had only given me 5 pieces. Crooks!!!!!!!!!! The leadership of this store should be fired! When I called KFC 232 Se 1st Ave, Florida City, FL 33034
Phone: (305) 248-1509
They played stupid. CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated: by Clyde Cates Jr.
October 22, 2017
Rated: by DAVID L. HAAS
Princess Cruises
October 22, 2017
if you have sailed princess before be ware of their new ships regal and royal . they do not offer same things as past princess ships and many of the things ofered to do are now a sur charge including if you want a padded longe chair you are charged 39.00 a day if you want a sana you now are forsed to go co ed no privacy what so ever and if your a guy that enjoys a naked sanna steam forget it . they will be rude because the get all flustered in the past cruise ship steam room were private mens and sepreted women now they want 500.00 just to use coed sanna for 10 day and it is not 24 hr a day .they force you to watch commercial of their own in house advertsing in the disco . and if you complaine you will be told these are corpret desions and they will probley be rude as well espcialy the cruise director was allfull . so do your self a break and book another cruise line or sip stay away frome royal and the regal most borring cruise ever i have been on 60 cruises and royal is the worst one ever
Rated: by conway
October 22, 2017
Another thing when they blocked me out of my Account....I don't own any fancy cell phones or otherwise. I am proud to say I have a landline phone. So when put my phone number into for where it ask for phone number they don't accept landline phone numbers. How uncourteous or should I say stupid on their part.

Rated: by Mrs. Dorothy Riekens
I guess I have had decent luck with Fingerhut. I did purchase a net 10 phone that I sent back because when I accessed tmobile account, phone turned into an unusable brick! I apologize for all of our misfortune with FNGRHUT.
IF FINGRHUT were to read this post I would tell them of all the HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS I COULD BUY WITH MY ELITE CREDIT!! Like for instance:Organic Coconut oil, Floride free toothpaste,Organic spices-you get the picture.. But,, I'll have to go to PIPING ROCK For the coconut oil, Amazon for the Cayenne pepper, and MERCOLA.COM for the Toothpaste.
Rated: by daniel pulkrabek
Rent A Center
October 22, 2017
I've been waiting for my ice maker to be fix and they still never send a person over to fix it and it hard to take out the fridge out of the house so they where suppose to come over and fix it been two month now no call and no service men yet i spent a lot of money with you guys and now I think I'm going to some where else
Rated: by daryl sutton
Dollar General
October 22, 2017
I could not use my digital coupons at the Dollar General Store 21213 Highway 421 #5 Hyden Kentucky 41749-8554,store # 00086. The worker said she didn't know what was wrong with the machine. This makes the second time I have tried with no results.Please correct this error if you are going to advertise this coupon savings.
Rated: by Wanda Mosley
K O A Inc
October 22, 2017
We are in Wellington Co at one of your KOA there's no grass cut weeds the flys are over welming we can't cook out on the bbq will never come here again
Rated: by Neileen Tauoa
Aaron's, Inc
October 22, 2017
Dont nobody try to buy anything from the Erwin Store.Their staff are so rude and they treat people like trash.Never in my life will ever deal with Aarons neither will any member in my family
Rated: by Prince
October 22, 2017
Do any of your employees in customer service speak English?
Rated: by Todd
October 22, 2017
I had the misfortune to have buy a new laptop. This came with Windows 8 (W8). I did not buy a mobile phone. So why is W8 designed for mobile phones but installed on a computer? W8 is rubbish.
The so-called charms are anything but. They appear at anytime except when I need them.
Why did the idiots who miss-designed this abomination needed to put everything in different places. The Start screen is not the same as the old start button. It was much easier to start something under the old system.
Windows 8 is supposed to be more stable. Absolute bat crap. Virtually all of the apps etc stop responding soon after they start. It is particularly annoying because it takes several attempts to start anything the first place. The Power button works less than 20% of the time and even then it might not shut down the computer. It turns of the screen and then stops. I have to remove the battery to shut down the computer!
And why if I want to start something I have to go to the search "charm" and type the name of damn program into it. Why? What dickhead decided that that would a good idea and why hasn't he been sacked?
Furthermore, if I have a page displayed that has a vertical scroll bar, it move up and down randomly. It is incredibly difficult to put the scroll bar in the place I want it to be and have it remain there. Likewise why I do want the size of the page zooming in and out if I go anywhere near my mouse pad? The mouse pointer jumps randomly around which means if I am typing something, often I will find I am typing in the middle of what I have written before. Well done Windows 8 for being so effing annoying.It must have taken hundreds of man hours to make sure this 'feature' works properly.
One final point. How much did all those other companies pay Microsoft to have their mobile phone apps added to W8?
Rated: by Bill Murphy
Krispy Kreme
October 22, 2017
I drove to the Krispy Kreme drive through on Buford Drive, Buford GA this afternoon to order one specialty donut. A female employee took my order over the speaker. I then drove up to the window to pay and an employee by the name of Floyd took my credit card to the back register out of my view. he was gone for about one minute. When he came back I questioned him as to why he took my card out of sight when there was a register at the window that he could've used. He went on to explain that he had just come into work and didn't have his register open yet and "besides, you ain't no millionaire so you don't have nothing that I want on this credit card"! He said that he had more money than me and that he wasn't a thief. "You don't have nothing I want", he continued. I felt that this was an interesting statement as I was driving my BMW back to my clinic to do surgery while he would continue his day taking orders at the drive through. Nevertheless, I told him this should not be a common practice to breach security in this manner and that their policies needed reviewing. I pulled over up the street to call and cancel my card and order a new one, which takes 7-10 days to get. That's an inconvenience! Even if he was an honest man, his behavior towards customers represents Krispy Kreme. I just hope K. Kreme thinks enough of this incident to take action and assure that this does not happen again, as well as remove this Floyd from their establishment. I'm expecting a call back from the regional manager soon. We shall see.

Dr. M Taylor
Rated: by Dr. M. Taylor
October 22, 2017
Rated: by p.
Dunkin Donuts
October 22, 2017


A local contractor who worked on the Dunkin at State Road 207 and 95 was NOT PAID for work performed and is picketing in front of the store twice now to try to collect the $7,751.00 he's owed. He said there is a lawsuit filed in court and I hope he wins.
SAD - as much as your franchise owners all make on the crap they sell they should be able to pay people for their work. So he is suing the owner (207 Donuts LLC and the General Contractor Ticon Inc).

Your stuff isn't that good anyway.
Rated: by Lisa Jordan
Harlem Furniture
October 21, 2017
I purchased 2 rooms of furniture the delivery guys took all the furniture off the truck; loaded it on the sidewalk and grass scratching the table all across the side. I've been trying to get someone to assist in this matter for a week now. My promise is to share my story of the horrible experience at the room place with my 3000+ social media friends and to absolutely never shop at the room place again. They say you get what you pay for so we paid for poor service and they certainly delivered that.
Rated: by Leesa
Best Buy
October 21, 2017
i work in allentown pa Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest Blv 610-402-8999 12/13/14 ordered 12/14/12 pick wp we was an email 10,000 about employees of Corporeate % perks i inquired in whitehall store on Mcathur road they was no good they never heard of this I AM SO UPSET I NEED MY % AND THIS IS A LIE TO THE HOSPITAL 3 XS NOWW THEY DID THIS I WILL FILE WITH lvh CORPORATE IF THE ABIDE WITH TYEIR WORD 610-217-1957
Rated: by walterine watts
October 21, 2017
I have lived in Michigan and Florida and have never had a bad experience at Popeyes. I now reside in Hoschton Georgia and have to drive 15 miles one way to the nearest location in Winder, Georgia. I would love to see a Popeyes near me. I live in a fast growing community in Hall County. it would be an ideal location for a new Popeyes.
Rated: by John L Damore
October 21, 2017
I give you the worst ratting because of that stupid add about one president on top of the other. Very very very bad taste... I will never eat again at one of your stores because of this add. Your add make these presidents seem like homosexuals and I find it in very bad taste. I've never ever written any other business but I felt I had to say something. I just can't stress it enough. I'm trying real hard not to curse every time I here this bad add. It makes my blood boil and I'm not the only one that feels this way. I've talked to others and a lot of people hate this add and find it very offensive. F you applebees...
Rated: by John Stidam
LA Fitness
October 21, 2017
Our Santa Clarita gyms were pretty great until they decided to put in a music system which is awful to say the uses music not by the real artist who recorded it and does not allow the teachers to play their own music. Whoever suckered them into this needless expense really did the gym a disservice. Let the teachers play their sets the training path they have chosen..whether it endurance that say or training. We don't want music that is recreated by someone other than the real artist. But most importantly the songs chosen by this company are awfulL. It costs the gym nothing to allow the teachers to play their own music, you can pick or choose a class if you don't like the music a particular teacher plays. Get rid of it...we are starting petition to remove it and to allow our teachers to play their own music...thank heavens for social media...can we change this fiasco?
Rated: by Megan
October 21, 2017
Wasted more than 6 hrs on the phone with tech support trying to get my wife's phone back. After receiving the package, apple managed to lose the phone for three days, then gave me excuses why it would take another week to ship her new one. Talked to tech support and customer relations, and both were absolutely useless. These people ADMIT their corporate policies are designed to frustrate people into giving up. The products are defective, operating systems are convoluted, and the people are inefficiently trained to handle anything out side of a simplistic script.
Rated: by William Carlson
October 21, 2017
Ads on TV are lies. Say that there will be a significant improvement in customer service, but there is no change. As an Accountant, Finance Manager, and Controller, I know that Comcast thinks customers are stupid. WE ARE NOT.
Their IT department should be able to adjust their program to improve customer service, but the executives refuse to do so.
Motley Fool states that this company will go out of business due to their intransigent attitude and extremely poor customer service.

Rated: by dave
October 21, 2017
I just had a negative experience with the popeyes here in wichita falls. They told my husband and I that it would be a fifteen minute wait for the mild we ordered. Someone else got on the speaker and announced the have the twelve piece we ordered. When we got home, it was a mix of spicy and mild. What I cannot fathom is we were willing to wait for what we ordered. Customer service must be a joke at popeyes. I wont return. I have kfc, chickfila, golden chick, and chicken express closer to my home.I purposely drove across town for popeyes who disregarded that I have children and pets. I wasted my money tonight. If those jerks feel like they deserve a raise in minimum wage...I would protest. They either do not care about their customers or there is a lack of training. I think they dont care.
Rated: by missy
October 21, 2017

Rated: by BARB