The 1800 flowers is a company, which distributes and retails gifts and flowers. The company is the foremost retailer that have used round the clock toll free number for solving the different problems and it also opt for direct sales over the internet for satisfying their consumer needs. The headquarters of the company is situated in Carle Place, New York. This company was established in the year 1980, it fulfills their commitments in two ways the first one is by a network of different florists, and the other one is drop shipment. The company also puts forward gift baskets, collectibles, gourmet food, and plants.

Address: 1 Old Country Rd.,Ste. 500, Carle Place,NY
Phone : 516-237-6000
Website: http://www.1800flowers.com/
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Reviews : 10

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December 8, 2017
I love Harry & David. Too bad they are now part of this "conglomerate". The Passport is a joke - it is impossible to get credit for this purchase on line. Also purchased a group of different gifts from Baskets - and was embarrassed when the gifts came. Melted product, token boxes filled with junk. Will never, ever buy from them again. I want to know who runs this company. You can be sure they are running it into the ground. The affiliates including Stockyard are a joke. The website is a disaster. I like to send gifts to my family and friends. Will only send Harry & David til they, too, are trashed by bad management.
Rated: by june
December 6, 2017
Valentines Day 2014 son ordered 2/13 received dead flowers 2/17. Not just dead black curled up buds. Now they cant do anything until my son calls and waits on eternal hold like I did to get someone that cant speak english. You will NEVER get my business and as many people as I can tell. This order was to be delivered 2/14 2 day delivery. Why do you take money if you cannot deliver the goods.
Rated: by jSR
December 6, 2017
Placed and order on 2-6-17 for valentine s day and it didnt show up called them they had the order and my money but couldnt tell me nothing on the tracking was not helpfull at all said would de dilivered from 9am to 8 pm its the next day still no show so my wife didnt get nothing the sent me and email telling me i have a full refund this is unacceptable i want to know who is responsible this is the first time ive used this company and will be the last they say on there add they give smiles do you think im smiling i will tell everyone i know not to buy from them will put it on every social media site i know of and i hope someone high in corporate sees this somebody owes my wife big time
Rated: by Landon hughes
December 3, 2017
My flowers never got delivered on the promised date, customer service people are rude and can't even speak English! I paid for these flowers and still waiting for my refund my flowers were never delivered! You can tell Cris that his undercover boss is a crock of BS! Will never order from you again how can you take my money and never deliver my order? I know I will not get a phone call from you people but I'm leaving my number anyway 973-271-0262 Monica jewell
Rated: by Monica jewell
November 3, 2017
They have the worst service that you can ask for. They can't follow directions, neither can they provide customers service. Please do not use them.
Rated: by Felicia Kent
October 15, 2017
I have read the reviews here and now it is time to add my review in 2015. Things are just as bad now as the other reviews given years earlier. I ordered three arrangements in the last year, and all three went wrong. 1) billing issue that took a lot of my time on the phone to resolved. The offered me a credit toward a future order that I never received, 2) Flowers delivered were the basic arrangement and not the $20 extra "deluxe" version that was paid for. 3) Flowers not delivered on Mother's Day. Promised late-night delivery. Promised delivery on the Monday after Mother's day.. didn't happen. Unpleasant experience on the phone. Avoid 1-800 flowers.. call your local florist directly, and be sure to tell a friend to avoid this company
Rated: by Frustrated
September 28, 2017
I would give ZERO stars. I ordered two floral arrangements for my brother\'s funeral. The flowers were NEVER delivered from me (brother) or from my father (for his son). THIS IS HORRIBLE! One of the saddest moments for us and I had to deal with Customer Service Reps who barely speak English and were of NO assistance.
I forwarded the confirmation e-mail directly to Mr. McCann, CEO, and Bibi Brown, whose name is on the e-mail, along with our sad story. NO REPLY! Stunning! NEVER ORDER FROM 1-800-FLOWERS!
You would not want your loved one treated in this manner. TOTALLY UNRELIABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL!
Rated: by LT
September 4, 2017
Horrible company to work with. made several orders through Cheryl's brownies and cookies. the orders were not delivered and are still not scheduled for delivery three days after they were to be delivered.

customer service has been outsourced to individuals who have no knowledge or way to help the customer. customer service is horrible with this company. calls to customer service are regularly dropped or worse, never answered.

the company has no one who takes responsibility for mistakes or errors.

stay away from any of the companies owned by 1-800-flowers.
Rated: by Brian
August 25, 2017
Flowers ordered for delivery by 12/24 have still not arrived as of 12PM on 1/6/15 after 5 calls to 1800FLW and two complaints handled by their "VIP" reps at their Long Island Corporate Head Quarters. The standard customer service people did not call the florist they engaged or return calls to us as they repeatedly committed. Multiple commits by VIP reps to fix the issue have still not produced a delivery now 13 days overdue to this Philadelphia suburb. Both of my calls were dropped by receptionists during transfer attempts. No follow-up calls have been made by anyone at 1800FLW to ensure our satisfaction. I'm a Divisional Escalation Manager for a $23B corporation with 38 years in customer service. This is the worst product and customer management performance I've ever witnessed by an Enterprise corporation. Their competitors in this annual multi-billion dollar on-line market such as Bloomex, Pro Flowers (FTD) and Amazon will be our future choices. We've committed to never again associate any future floral purchases, both private and business controled, be associated with 1800 Flowers.
Rated: by Michael / Doreen Welsh
August 24, 2017
This is hands down the worst customer service oriented company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. After placing and order for Valentine's Day which was not delivered, they ensured me the order would be delivered 2 days later. It wasn't. I called back and they then promised for Tuesday. It wasn't. I then waited an hour and a half for a supervisor which they told me could not answer the call for me. Flowers were supposed to be delivered today, and once again nothing delivered as promised. This is the most insincere company I've ever experienced. I will never order a single thing from 1-800 Flowers again. They obviously don't value customer loyalty. I'm sure I will not have a problem ordering from Pro Flowers. I have spread the word to all of my friends and family to stay away from this terrible company who can't even take a simple flower order without managing to screw it up and ruin someone's holiday experience.
Rated: by Michael