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Aron's Inc is a company that focuses on retail sales and leasing of electronics, computers, appliances and furniture. The company is divided under some major sections such as, corporate furnishings, lease ownership and manufacturing. R. Charles Loudermilk had founded the company of Aron Rents, Inc in the year 1955. Presently, the company has 1,945 stores in total, including stores of independently owned franchisees and the ones directly owned by Aron's Inc. The company was essentially marked as a pioneer in renting of furniture. The division of sales and lease ownership serves constrained consumers by leasing essential home furnishing appliances and electronic products, which is considered as the primary criteria of the company.

Address: 309 E. Paces Ferry Rd. NE, Atlanta,GA
Phone : 404-231-0011
Website: http://www.aaronsinc.com
1.3 Rating
Reviews : 35

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December 11, 2017
I signed a contract for a living room set it was made cheep and fell apart the arm rest the cushion was junk,So I turned it back in,got another living rm set. the drivers " DIDN"T" bring Any contract they just brought the things and left,I speak with the northern KY district manager Shane he tells me we don't have any agreement so you if you choose do not have to pay a dime. I recorded on my smart phone my mother in law passed had to pay for funeral bill I was planning on paying the bill but 7 months later now they're counsel is calling I've texted the area manager Shane asking to mail a contract so I could have my attorney look over it I've yet to get the agreement for my attorney to review but Aarons collection team keeps calling I'm not doing any thing till I talk to my attorney if I was a new customer I'd truly read over they're policy's that understand the small print I dought I'll ever do anymore business with Aarons ever again over this Mrs Fletcher covington Kentucky
Rated: by J Fletcher
December 10, 2017
i want to know why your store in sallisaw ok will not honor the flier that was sent in the mail,no payments until may on new accounts opened in april,i was asked for the first payment before they would even do the lease,that sounds like false advertisement to me,maybe i need to talk to an attorney about this situation
Rated: by jemmy worley
December 9, 2017
I was renting a computer I went to pay them one week and they merged with another store I had no idea where they went until I got a phone call 2 weeks after due date. I stop by pay them. Then I go online to pay a couple of weeks later where it says I have not made payments for 3 months. I called them told them I would not pay until my account was fixed. They keep calling I turned them into bbb. I will not make another payment until it is fixed. When I told the local office they said they need me to go in an sign something they are crazy. I told them I talked to Zack and Mike they acted like they did not know that. I told them I was down to 1 car and I could not stop in but I can fax proof I paid they said no I need to go in. They are 4 or 5 miles away in a bad section I will not walk there.
Rated: by tina
December 6, 2017
Well you can now add the Aaron's rents in Kansas City Kansas to the list of horrible customer service practice. I am applaud at the level of harassment. Considering I have only two payments left I don't appreciate getting called 9 times in one day about my payment. In addition, they called my brother about my payment as well. He stated they harassed him as well. My final payment will be in July and believe me I will never buy nothing else from Aarons again. Also I will discourage any friends and family from purchasing from Aarons as well. Really, I don't know if there is anything Aarons can do to resolve this matter.
Rated: by Robin
December 5, 2017
Never buy anything from the Aarons on Bells Ferry in Acworth Georgia the GM is rude never return calls and he is very rude I have spent about 6000.00 dollars in the store because before he came the store was good . I am through with Aarone
Rated: by Jdbt
November 30, 2017
I rent to own with Aarons and last week I had to give up my 55" TV and my radio and my laptop because I got sick and ended up in the hospital for over a month and guy by the name Bobby told me I didn't have to pay the later fees and the store manager said I had to pay late fees all those guys that work at Aarons at north Lamar in Austin Texas they don't know how to manage the store
Rated: by Linda Moran
November 24, 2017
I have been buying from Aaron's for any years now and never had a problem until recently it started with them calling (a few months back) about a late payment..huh?? so I called them right away with the check number and the receipt number, the item had been paid days before it was due, soo they apologized and then continued to call multiple times a day for a week after then showed up at my front door!!! So I called the main office and filed a complaint and all was resolved with what I guess the dist. manager felt was an apology to me. Then I bought recently bought a new house and no longer needed the fridge I have from them so the manager told me don't worry about the payment but we cannot pick it up until fri and then called me back to confirm between 4 and 7 pm on fri. so I left work early and they never showed!!! So I called Sat. and they said they had o record of picking up the item, really??? then why haven't you called to see where your payment is cuz now it's 4days late???? told the manager I would be at this house for the newxt hour and to come and get the item, he responded by saying they can't get it until next week...so I just told him I can't be here next week and sit and wait for them for over 4hrs!!! So now it's the store manager's problem to figure out how to get it not mine I did my part I can't help they screwed up again!!!!!!!
Rated: by pam Martin
November 20, 2017
the store in Jacksonville fl off of atlantic does not work with there customers I have been with them over a year never asked to extend payments but when asked to extend payment they said no and didn't care of the reasoning these companies are a rip off they don't explain to you from the beginning that the amount you pay monthly doesn't cover the entire balance so whenever you ask for a payoff amount the amount never changes for at least a few months its ridiculous
Rated: by liz
November 20, 2017
Our town Aaron's has been very polite and helpful as we did not like the first 3 sets of sofa and recliner. Finally with Ashley Furniture added, we found the set we really liked. Problem is that we paid over $1100 to "rent" these three sets and then had to start a new contract with the last set we got. We also did not get the 15% discount with a new contract either. I have called 3 times to get a new monthly payment and they have yet to return the call. We want to pay in 18 months instead of 24. Yes, we probably wouldn't have gotten furniture due to low credit score, but we were never late with any payments and can't understand why those three times it was the same contract and this one was new. $1100 is nothing to sneeze about, even if it is business. We live in a small town and bad publicity would hurt the business here.
Rated: by Cindy
November 18, 2017
I have been with aarons in Cheyenne Wyoming for over 3 years. I have paid off many items, 92 in tv , washer and dryer, two computers and a tv stand. I did not receive papers that I paid them off for 4 months. They have had 4 managers since I have been with them. The last one was stealing from the company. I have new merchandise that I have not sign for yet. They promised when I paid off my tv they would service it for one year. My bulb went out know I have to wait a month for a bulb. They are the worst company ever. Soon as I pay off this merchandise I will not deal with them, I have too much invested in the items or I would return them. The most unprofessional company ever.
Rated: by Nancy Clark
November 15, 2017
So we rent a washer another and couch from Aarons and they have always been super good to us ... So today August31 2015.....A couple of the girls from the store came by to wish my husband and I a Happy Anniversary....they went above and beyond and brought us flowers candy a card and a gift card for dinner.....I am so thankful they did this for us .....it's nice to be treated like family......and I just want to say thank you so so much.....I will always rent from Aaron's....
Rated: by Evelyn
November 14, 2017
I really do not like being bullied to do monthly payments. I feel that the store in fargo north Dakota needs to learn customer service and learn to work with their customers and not bully them to make auto payments when they do not want to do that at all. And when you give them a card number and then change it they need to shred the old information. Some of the employees in there are great and some of them need to learn manners and how to treat their customers.
Rated: by Molly Hirschfield
November 13, 2017
Hi my name is Yolanda Whiteside. I'm having a problem with the manager at the McLean Blvd. in Elgin Il. The old manager was there I had told him that my income have changed because my don't leave with me no more so all I get is $749 month. I'm trying my best to pay my bed off. So really why im texting you I call couple days ago to let them know cm pay on the third of next month she when of on me don't care what I'm going thought. The can't control my blood and beverage. took tests and find that a tumor. That tumor was putting my food to my lungs and not my stomach. The give me so medicine to clear the infection from my lungs and did that put a feeding tube in my stomach.I have to open up account at go fund me to rest so money to pay for my surgery open my jaw. If you want to see you soon papers to say all of this if you want. I have paid over a thousand dollars on the bed and they want come in get it. When I'm later pay 100 dollars the next following month. Can you talk to employees how to treat customers when they said they sick. If you need to call me 708-733-2426.
Rated: by Yolanda Whiteside
November 13, 2017
November 12, 2017
I have been a loyal customer of aaron\'s for years. Now they change their personnel and the treat you with little respect here in Orlando,Florida south semran store. I made a monthly payment instead of the regular semi-monthly payment on line.Now they say I had have to pay an extra amount, because I didn\'t notify them by phone.Where in the lease does it say that I have to notify the office for this kind of payment.Therefore if you pay monthly than youring paying the same amount if pay semi-monthly.I sorry but I would not buy again at Aarons.
Rated: by rafael marzan
November 1, 2017
My husband and I was a FAITHFUL CUSTOMER UNTIL HE PASSED AWAY I never had a problem until recently and i lost monye from him when he died i tried to keep things going but couldnot the manager was doing fine but the problem begine with MELANIE she is very reude and not understanding and treats people horrible and i have losy all faith in the company the manager is a special person but the other one seems to bw unprofrossonialK
Rated: by Jeanne Bell
October 24, 2017
The aarons store in Lumberton is full of rude people and I for myself as,soon as im done paying fir this over priced TV I will not be returning
Rated: by holly
October 24, 2017
i have 2 items left to pay off and at 300.00 on contract and they refused payment on account in order to get items back to resale at a bigger profit. Manager grabbed my wrist and tried to force papers on me and i had to call police and file charges against him for battery. they are the hardest to work with in muncie indiana and very unproffessional.
Rated: by tracy
October 23, 2017
I am so very disappointed with these people, having bought used appliances befor I decided to try rent to own, the washer I picked, was 69.00 a month, however when they brought it to me it worked horrible, I washed a sheet by itself five times and it still came out dirty, it was a low water washer, ok not their fault, I was told that I could get another washer, but would have to make a new lease, and pay another 100.00. Ok now I'm into them for a total of 180.00 and still no washer. They brought me a new one out of the box, and it was the exact model I said didn't work. So again I called and they brought out another one, a cheaper version of the same washer, I am going to return the washer and not get anything. And with the money I spent for nothing, I could have got a used washer or been closer to paying in full for one. Feeling ripped off. Don't try this
Rated: by Elanteigne
October 22, 2017
I am very disappointed in the way that my account is being handled at this moment. I rented a fridge and a mower from Aarons' last February and would have owned my items next month.(which is February)meaning that I had an agreement for 12 months then I would own my items. So I call (like any customer)in December to check my balanced and I'm told that I only have 300$ left to pay and I would have been finished. I was so happy. I knew the balance but I was just checking. So then I call last week and they tell me that I still have 14 payments left, I'm like excuse me you must have the wrong account so he checks again and he gives me the same information and I'm like no sir I will be finished next month. So then he proceeds to say well do you have your documents? I Don't have my documents because of my irresponsibility. So it is partially my fault, but I know what my agreement was. I am not an ignorant person, However, You would think that they would have their shtuff in line but they soooooooo do not. So now come Friday I will be without a fridge because AARONS CHOSE TO BE THIEVES AND STEAL MY MONEY THAT I DON'T HAVE TO BEGIN WITH. I feel like I have been taking advantage of and I feel very angry to think that my hands are tied because I don't have my docs. Both items were so cheap because they were both clearance supposedly. I refuse to let Aarons' steal my joy so for that they just lost a VERY good customer. SO PPL OUT THERE READING THESE REVIEWS TO MAKE YOUR FINAL DECISION, PLEASE DO NOT USE AARONS IN MEXIA TEXAS BECAUSE THEY ARE THIEVES AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL. IF YOU DON'T HAVE $$$$$ TO WASTE PLEASE DON'T GO THERE. THIS IS A REAL WARNING!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT.I will be going to rent a center from now on.
Rated: by Maricella Mcgee
October 22, 2017
Dont nobody try to buy anything from the Erwin Store.Their staff are so rude and they treat people like trash.Never in my life will ever deal with Aarons neither will any member in my family
Rated: by Prince
October 21, 2017
No one will help me resolve a situation with my account.When I use the on line method of payment it shows I have 2 accounts one with a payment amount and one without. When I pay the one with a amount the store I got my furniture from doesn't even seem to know it then hassles me about not paying the one I cant get a amount for. I think I might return this stuff and deal with rent a center they were on top of things
Rated: by Bruce Stawicki
October 20, 2017
i rented several items from aarons in okmulgee ok. i had a family emergency and had a funeral in california and could only pay half a payment. after i came back i made arrangements to pay 500 a month til the past due was paid. i paid the 500 which would have covered all my merchandise full payments and some on past due every month. however, they didn't put down that i made full payments... so every month it put me farther behind. now they are saying i am trying to steal their merchandis even tho i pay every month full payments plus extra. so i would not reccommend aarons in okmulgee to anyone. in fact i know a lot of people that have returned their stuff.
Rated: by geraldine smith
October 16, 2017
I have been going to Aaron's for over two years, even paid off my first lease. Now I made my last payment on this lease, and the so called manager said I still owe for a half a month? I told him I don't, because I have taken care of that with my 50% coupon, that they give you. I even told him that the other manager admitted himself that HE forgot to give it to me when I paid off my first lease. also they gave me the 50% coupon which is your reward as being a preferred customer. I showd him the papers, both that said the same , plus with my receipts attached to it, HE claimed I don't understand, I cannot read, very seriously insulting, won't shut up and let me get a word in edgewise, still hollowing about the computer don't lie, and I still owe a half a month, when it is written there in black and white that you get FULL 50% off your payment, and it don't expire for a whole year, signed off approved. so before I left I asked him, so what you are saying is I still have to pay a half a month? just to get my ownership papers that I asked about when I made my last payment? No answer? Came back the next day, and wanted to talk with him privately,about yesterdays issue, and we went into the little office, and first thing HE came off with is THAT'S MY CHAIR. Trying to talk again, and still can"t get a word in edgewise, so I drop the envelope, which had co[pies of the papers that HE did not read, then HE got up going willy nilly, walking out boasting and say, first OH NO HE DID NOT THROW NO ENVELOPE IN FRONT OF ME, then walked out saying SOMEBODY BETTER COME GET HIM, so I left the envelope right by there by the computer the girl stands at and left. 50% coupon for a preferred customer, IS THIS SUPPOSE TO BE SOME KIND OF JOKE? If they won't honor it or post it, IT'S LIKE WRITTING A BAD CHECK, NOT WORTH THE PAPER IT'S PRINTED ON,then why do they give it to people when they pay off their lease? You got a whole year to use it, then if I would have used it to make my last payment, still I would have to pay the half a month, because somebody who is married to the computer that don't lie says so? when I got the paper written in black and white? there is nothing written on there that says you have to pay the other half of the month. That so called coupon is your authorization to get full benefits and 50% off means you only pay half, with the coupon, does't take a rocket science to know that. I am here in South Carolina, and I would tell anybody to stay out of Aaron's, because you would not like the climate. I have been insulted twice, very pissed off, still pissed off for the rest of the month to go back and make this half a month payment because this no name manager, refused and won't give me my papers until. HE won't shut up, He won't listen, He don't know what he is talking about, He said I DON'T UNDERSTAND AND I CAN NOT EVEN READ, HE BEEN THERE SINCE JULY, I BEEN COMING THERE FOR OVER TWO YEARS, HE WAS NOT EVEN THERE. So to anybody, STAY AWAY FROM AARON'S, YOU WONT LIKE THE CLIMATE. All I asked was for mmy ownership papers, NOT to be intimidateded and insulted like I am some mindless child. A serious insult to my intelligence.
Rated: by charles
October 14, 2017
I Was Visiting Aarons Thinking About Purchasing An Item But To My Surprise I Over Heard The Supervisor Was Talking To One Of Their Customer In An Unprofessional Manner. Very Disrespectful, Unprofessional, And Not Called For. If He Talks To His Customers Like That Makes Me Wonder If I Got In A Rut Would He Talk To Me In That Way. Lost A Customer.
Rated: by Unprofessional Service
October 4, 2017
I will never Rent anything From Aarons again. They have taken it upon their selves to illegally charge my bank card for 160.73. I have contacted their corporate head quarters about this matter because when
you call the store In Saginaw Texas the Manager is always in a meeting.
Lets see what they do,I would hate to have to get a lawyer but this is something i'm also going to look into.
Rated: by Jamie Peterson
October 1, 2017
if ron allen works there i will never set foot in an aarons
Rated: by charlie
September 30, 2017
I have used Aarons for years, I have purchased refrigerator, stove, furniture. And never had any issues. Until this past 2 months, I purchased a front loader washer and dryer paid cash. It took 2 weeks to get it delivered and I have had it right at a month and the dryer quit all together.I have called aarons several times to see if they will at least come and look at it or fix it. Keep stating a manager will call me back. Still no call and no fixed dryer. If I purchase something and pay cash I expect it to last longer then a month. This is the Abilene Texas Area.. So I will never purchase from them again.
Rated: by Crystal
September 26, 2017
I had leased a living room set from Aarons here in Oregon. In December of 2013 I was 32 weeks pregnant; beginning of December a pipe burst in the apartment of my living room and the whole place got flooded. The roof then collapsed all on the furniture and my children. This happened on a Sunday so I called aarons on Monday in regards to the situation, I even brought them pictures of the damaged furniture. They showed no sympathy what so ever about our situation, the kids, or even the fact that I was pregnant. I spoke with the manager there and they did nothing to help us with the situation. Even though it was not our fault and it states in the contract that we will not be responsible for furniture if it's loss, damaged, due to flood or other acts of God. They still wanted there payments. I lost my job and still no sympathy or no help in working with us on the situation. We now pay for something that we will never own or see in our home. The furniture was soaked and damaged and no longer could be used. I will never do business with Aarons again. Thanks for nothing.
Rated: by Christina
September 16, 2017
I have bedbugs and I paying 2400for a use bed and I am very unhappy and there taking there time fixing the promble
Rated: by jane
September 8, 2017
I initially visited the store on Cicero ave in Chicago back in March of this year and began the application process. The rep Roz called my references and employer and was very rude to say the least. I opted not ot start the contract then as was considering relocating to TX. I stayed in Chicago and returned to the store and started the lease..fastforward the item was received damaged, and I sought help through the service agreement and the problem has not and seemingly cannot be resolved BUT the store tells me they can't change out the merchandise despite the damages happening while the product wasin their possession. Lets just say i cut my losses quickly and ended the contract less than 4months in. NEVER again
Rated: by Lisa Herron
September 7, 2017
I will never deal with Aarons ever again. They told me six months agreement on my bed but they will not take it back . I will never deal with them again. sign unhappy camper
Rated: by Kim Watson
September 1, 2017
Imagine receiving a phone call, and hearing someone say, Mrs. Brown, this is a sales manager at Aaron's and we have you on video taking a x box 360.I want to inform you that the police have been contacted, and charges will be filed against you. After talking with this manager to no avail, you ask to speak to the manager in charge. He again states the same thing and informs you that it was you he saw and knew, as a regular customer. The fact of this incident was, I went into the store and picked up my laptop I purchased from them, that had been sent off for repair. I did not have the case, the employee handed me the laptop. I carried it and my purse, as I browsed thru the store. It was storming so I stood at the exit door, with another employee till the rain let up approx. 5 min. I then exited the store with my laptop, and my purse being the only thing in my hands. I sat in my car for at least 10 minutes directly in front of the store till the storm let up. 1 week later I get a call from a sales manager that flat out accused me of being a thief. The police viewed the tape and the manager in charge, got quiet, as he uttered an apology to me. I can't explain, how upset I was. I was up half the night, distraught about the accusations. I am waiting to hear from the police dept. to see if a incident report was made, and pending on that, whether or not I obtain a attorney.

Rated: by Patsy
August 27, 2017
oh gee same issue months later..supposedly they fixed the problem with my tv and again having issues and just mad as hell .blown speaker once again
Rated: by kim bishop
August 25, 2017
I was interested in rentng a printer but was told by staff that the ink in the cartridge would not be full.Poor customer service considering I would be paying 3 times the going rate for the HP printer.Also they would not supply me with n would.not supply withany paper. Aarons Lyell ave Rochester ny.
Rated: by sheldon Lopatin