Applebee's is a company, which deals in restaurant chain and it develop, operates as well as franchises restaurant chain. It offers casual dining set up in its chain of restaurants located at different locations and headquarters situated at in Lenexa, Kansas. It serves many American dishes including shrimp, salads, pasta, and chicken coupled with alcoholic drinks at its featured bar area in all the restaurants operated by the company. The restaurant chain opens late at night and offer take back lunch offer, in which customers can select from different items, included in the menu and can take back the lunch to their home.

Address: 11201 Renner Blvd., Lenexa,KS
Phone : 913-890-0100
1.5 Rating
Reviews : 40

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December 10, 2017
We went with 8 people the crew and family we went in and then tables open 18.30 waited at bar til 19.30 then they called us .the wife went to see about the table,then I went up and they said that they made a mistake and back to the bar all this time a table was open behind us ,and then 15 mins passed
Then they gave us the table ,we ordered and got are serviced and we asked for spoons and knives,they said they had none.after waiting for over one hour .we got to eat poor service, call Corp office never heard back ,this is the lat time we go there
Rated: by Kirsch builders
December 7, 2017
We order a 2 for 25 meal half the 2 for 25 was completely cold so it was return only to get a 10 dollar credit - first of all half of 25 is 1 2.50 and they charged me 2 dollars more for a loaded baked potato which was not disclosed when he was giving me a list of side items to choose from so this simple math the minimum credit should have been 14.50 but when I tried to explain this to the manager he did not care nor did he care how poor the service was or the fact that the service itself was awful or the fact that they ran out of food

I have left a message with their corp office to get a call back as this was the worst experience ever
Rated: by Joe Rinaldi
December 7, 2017
1st year of my 65 years, my Thanksgiving was completely ruined by Applebees of Pensacola Florida--Nine mile rd. the waitress was rude, the food was not edible. Under the ADA I was not accommodated, after telling them the corn burnt my mouth with its spice.... I was disrespected after we left to go to car, when the waitress accused my husband of owing her money, and grabed on to him and making a play for him. the worst experience of my life!~
Rated: by The Exons
December 7, 2017
I was in applebees in mccomb ms there was two young ladies which ARE employees cars was broken into the girls stated that it happens a lot do to where they are forced to park they stated that their manager parks next to building while they are forced to park on side street with very little lightening security and have to cross a ditch just to get to the building just to work somebody in upper manger needs to look into the safety of there employees and their property because it not being looked into locally young people that do work are having to spend what they make just repair their car /truck and what about the young ladies that have to walk out alone at night to the same area the crimes are taking place applebees needs safer parking and security
Rated: by lynn
December 5, 2017
An hour between arrival and ordering,which is o.k.While ordering we learn no ribs of any kind are available.HELLO signature dish??Really surprised to see many more guest seated,given drinks,then getting bad news upon ordering.[nice trap]Worst experience ever??Oh Springboro,Ohio St. Rte.73 location.
Rated: by Ken
December 5, 2017
We were at valley station Applebee's in Louisville ky on Saturday march 7 we had to wait 20 to30minutes for are food . Then when it came out my wife's food was cold had to send back and had to wait another 10 to 15 minutes for it to come back . It was the new nacho appetizer. You should not have to wait long for that. Never did a manger come around and ask if your food was good.

Rated: by Mike oleary
December 3, 2017
Went to Coeur d Alene, I'd. Location today. It was 47 degrees outside and they had the air condition on, we asked if they could turn it off and the server said he was about to because he had other complaints. It went off and some heat came on for about 5 seconds and then here came the cold air was 2:00 pm so it was not that busy, I looked over and even a young man in the bar had his coat on. The food was not that good and hasn't been for the past few years, we will not go back again.
Rated: by L. Palmer
December 3, 2017
My husband & I went to Applebees in Marysville, OH with our daughter, son in law & 2 grandchildren. The children were served & finished eating while the 4 of us never did get our food. People who came after us got their order & yet we never did get ours. After seeking the manager, he told us the kids were served first because it "entertains" them. Really? I thought their children's menus & crayons did that. What about the electronics children use today - phones, ipads, ipods etc. What is going to entertain the children while the adults eat? Applebees concern should be serving hot food in a timely manner. He also stated we only waited 23 minutes. Really? The children were served & finished eating while we continued to wait - all in 23 min? He didn't care nor offered an apology. This is not the first time this has happened but it will be the last. We left the money on the table & walked out, never to return. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Close your doors & put the public out of their misery.
Rated: by Linda
December 1, 2017
In Irwin PA
Rated: by Christy
November 28, 2017
I use the to go a lot and always been treated with respect until today I was told I didnt have to come back by Tyler at 6:10 on this Thursday evening. I came to pick my order up and I noticed that the place was not busy at all. I observe a worked texting on his phone and other just walking around. I paid for my order and the young man said he would get my change. I waited about five minutes the finally he came back and I made the statement I had to wait a long time for my change being they were not busy the young man apologized and the other one Tyler told me well you dont have to come back. I was floored. I ask for a manager and she came to the counter and I told her what happen she apologized and then someone busted out laughing and I peered around the corner and and a customer I guess who was in on was rude sitting at the bar. I have never been treated that way there and I honestly dont know if I will go back. Thank you for your time.

Rated: by Sandra Whitten
November 25, 2017
Applebee's on bell and 27th ave.The waitress was really nice and really cute.But the food was really gross and really salty I don't understand it always taste like it has been microwaved or sat out and got dry and hard.Or like tons of Salt is poured on even the fries, I can make homemade cut potato fries without adding all that salt and people love them.I just don't get what you use the cook with a grill or stove everything taste cheap dry and microwaved.sorry but your food should be changed and cooking there definitely should.I mean I went a couple times or so and everytime has been same thing no good.Went for the all you can eat riblets gross it was as if there was as much meat on it as eating a leaf off of a artichoke,they were little flat bone things really dry really salty and just gross.Your businesses need to eathier learn how to cook or maybe you should close down cause my opinion a hot dog at a gas station taste better then your food.
Rated: by shawn
November 19, 2017
I went to the Applebee's at 11120 Abercorn St. in Savannah, GA. I ordered an appetizer during the 1/2 off time and an entrée. When I received my bill I was charged full price for the appetizer. I was then informed by my waitress that I had to pay full price because I did not sit at or near the bar. I asked to speak to the manager. The manager had an attitude from the beginning of the conversation. I tried to explain that I ordered appetizers all the time and never heard that I had to sit in a certain area. She explained that it was policy and then proceeded to ask me, "What do you want me to do about it?" I told her that I should be allowed to pay half off because I didn't know. She told me that it was printed on the beverage menu. I told her I didn't look at that menu because I don't drink. Her attitude never did improve. I explained to her that if that was policy there should be a sign up as you walk in the door. She asked me again what I wanted her to do about it and I repeated I would like half off. She finally said she would take it off this time but next time I had to sit in the right place and then she walked off. She never apologized for the policy not being clear or said that my server should have mentioned it to me. I was just looking for a little bit of customer service.

If this is policy, there should e a clear sign in the restaurant and the server should make it clear to customers.

Rated: by Crystal
November 19, 2017
On Jan 10 went to have dinner at Applebee's in NYC (47524766 3rd Ave. Bornx, NY 10458), had the special 2 for $20! got a drink, and the app was ready in like 10 min! while enjoying the app after just 1 min the bartender is bringing the main course! Told her that im still enjoying the app and to keep it warm! She gave me that FACE and turned around! Terrible attitude from a person that is working in F&B industry! When she brought the main course was dry and v salty....ate it, but without pleasure at all! if i would say smth about the salty dish they would spit in my food probably!
the most important is still coming! i paid the check and left!
when i checked my credit card, i saw that was charged more on my Credit card statement than i left tip!!!!! called the Applebee's Phone #, talked with the manager and as a result on my complain about STEALING from me, she is just "you can come back and we will give u the difference and appologiesed for that". like i would spend my time and money to go back to that place and take the difference.....terrible, horrible customer service and very sad that workers from that place STEAL from customers!
Rated: by Sergiu
November 19, 2017
june 23rd ate or should I say tried to eat a disgusting steak dinner///appitiser came to table wrong/ after sending steak back wife got salad and then bill came and was charged for the steak we never ate manager called me after a complaint was made and promised a gift card that was 3 weeks ago don't hold your breath!!! customer service is as bad as their food!!!!
Rated: by jeff
November 16, 2017
We ( our office staff) have been eating at Applebees in Panama City, Florida for years and have been satisfied. I know that the economy is bad, however, the change of menu and the increase in prices have turned us away from Applebees. There are other restaurants, in town, who have more reasonable prices and have more choices of food. Actually we ate at Applebees today and our meals were not of the girls had to return her food and get something else. It is not your staff or the local management. I feel that Corporate has made some choices that should have been given more thought to the Publics preference in dining.
Rated: by jan zehnder
November 14, 2017
We visited one of your establishments (i.e. 3690 Cascade
Rd SW, Atlanta, Ga. 30331) on Saturday May 31, 2014 between the hours of 2:00 and 3:30 pm.. The experience we had was the worst I have seen in a very long time.
1. We opened the menus and they were plain down right filthy, nasty to look at and touch. You could see all the bacteria and germs creeping around. The reason for the heavy duty, quality plastic the menus are printed on is so they can be sanitized after each usage and reused again. I had to ask for a clean menu.
2. I ordered the salmon/plank with what I thought the menu said would be served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. I received a strip of salmon no plank but burned to a crisp, 6 pieces of cubed boiled red potatoes o seasoning was on them, 1 very thin asparagus spear diced into 6 pcs. and 2 tablespoons of boiled spinach. The salmon had the sauce on it which was suppose to cover up the burnt salmon. I stated to the server "You must know that I am not going to eat this". She graciously received the plate back and asked did I want to re-order a meal. I told her "NO"
3. The manager(which I did not know at that time was the mgr.) that brought our plates to us was very much over weight. Stomach over lapping his pants, out of breath, cloths, nasty just looking unrefined and disgusting.
4. In fact we took note of a total of 3 obese individuals working the floor (2) in red shirts 1 lady and 1 gentleman and the manager who had on a blue shirt. All had the overlapping stomach issue going on. The lady server had weave hair pull in a very long pony tail which she really should have had it in a ball. Weave hair sheds very easily and all over every thing. They just looked unkept.
5. I went to the restroom. Bad mistake. It was horrible, stinking gave the appearance that it had not been cleaned in weeks. Something all over the walls in the handicap stall, trash cans running over, toilet paper all over the toilet seats, the yellow stand to advise the floor is wet laying on the floor near the inside of the door; just despicable, deplorable and gross terrible smell was in that place.
6. I had enough by that time so on my way out I asked for the manager and out came the gentleman in the blue shirt. There were customers coming in the door and he wanted to talk in front of them. I had to ask him if we cold step aside to discuss my concerns. He did not extend his had to me nor introduce himself to me. I had to ask him for his name. (I don 't remember it now) A well groomed manager or a seasoned manager would have at less introduced himself. I proceeded to share with him my disgusting experience with his establishment. He showed no real interest in what I was saying. In fact he lacked a genuine concern and showed a lack of discernment in receiving my words.It was like talking TO THE HAND.

I usually look for the health department score but I failed to do so on yesterday. All I know is that corporate needs to do something to clean this restaurant up. I don't want to see anyone fired but they need to take a refresher coarse in how to keep the place clean and how to present a plate of food to the customer. People eat by eye sight then taste buds. I am a caterer and I know first hand how important presentation is when it comes to presenting food.

I left a voice message June 1, 2014, for Joe Hollodore (not sure of the spelling) who I was told was the area manager. I guess he will call at least I hope so. My number is 770-482-5884
Rated: by Juanita Brown
November 5, 2017
Applebee's, Cathcart Way in Mill Creek is great. The wait staff is top rate. We will continue to visit this one. Thanks for great service and the friendliness.
Rated: by lynn s
November 4, 2017
Jess Rode Island, went to Hershey and stopped at apples in Hershey. things where not good. Ask to see the major. here it was a blond major who just sat at the bar and talked to the employee the whole time we where there. I never seen her get out of the sit, even when ask for help.
Rated: by Jess
October 27, 2017
This is not a review. I somehow didn't get my birthday text . I usually spend my birthday dinner with you. And my family .
Rated: by Sandra Rusinek
October 27, 2017
I am curious about an app i have ordered frequently. Last last when I stopped by, I ordered the meatball appetizer. I have done this 4-5 times at least in the past. This time though, when i got home later...hadnt eaten anything else but a slice of watermelon the whole day, about 5 hrs later, i couldnt stop with the dry heaves, was sick for about 24 hrs. I need to know if this particular app is made ahead of time and then heated up as a customer orders them. I know I had food posioning, and other than the meatballs, hadnt eaten anything else that day.
Rated: by Dan Basile
October 25, 2017
Just thought you should know. Applebee's in Ft Smith, AR use to be my favorite place to eat. The last few times I've eaten there the food is just awful. It's always luke warm and best and never looks like the picture that is presented on the menu or on the tv ads. Saturday night, tried one of the new menu items (4 oz sirloin and wedge salad with potatoes) I was thinking that the potaotes would be hot, they were not. Thought it was bacon on the salad, not sure what it was. Just awful. Would have sent it back but was going to the movies and didn't have the time. And really, should you have to send your food back for it to come hot. Applebee's french fries use to be the best in town. But, once again they always come cold!! Nasty!!!
Rated: by TRINA
October 21, 2017
I give you the worst ratting because of that stupid add about one president on top of the other. Very very very bad taste... I will never eat again at one of your stores because of this add. Your add make these presidents seem like homosexuals and I find it in very bad taste. I've never ever written any other business but I felt I had to say something. I just can't stress it enough. I'm trying real hard not to curse every time I here this bad add. It makes my blood boil and I'm not the only one that feels this way. I've talked to others and a lot of people hate this add and find it very offensive. F you applebees...
Rated: by John Stidam
October 19, 2017
Justin Barrientes
April 24, 2016
Applebee’s Review (April 24, 2016)
Today's visit was beyond unacceptable. The service I had received was so horrendous, I will make sure that every acquaintance of mine will not visit this Applebee's establishment until this issue has been resolved. To begin, I was seated at table #12. It took 5-10 min. for my server (Kayla L.) to even take mine, and my wife's drink order. To say the least, she seemed like she did not want to be there. After waiting another 10 min. to receive my first beer I ordered, my wife then placed her drink order, which Kayla came back and politely told us that they did not carry the liquor for the drink that was just ordered (NOTE: Kayla told us that they had just got new menus within the past two weeks, not even a few minutes before). My wife then proceeded to order a beer, for time sake. We then placed our order, I originally tried to order the 6oz top sirloin, with a "loaded" baked potato (I was informed that they were out for the night), and I then ordered a "loaded" mash potatoes, no sour cream, and fresh veggies. Seated at table #21 were servers Crystal Gonzalez, Andre Brown, and Karina Ramirez. Overhearing their conversation, Karina was complaining about how we were "bitching" about our food. I then went to put some extra money in my wallet from wife, when the comment was made by Karina R. "look how much money he has, why the fuck is he bitching". I received my food equivalent to the same time my wife was receiving her beer. ALLL of the food was cold!
*Continuation* after establishing with my wife that because of the service and quality of food, we did not want to eat at Apple-bee's anymore, I asked for a manager. Shortly after, manager Aurelio Vargaz showed up and proceeded to explain that "quality of service definitely needs to improve, and that the service provided was simply unacceptable". I than proceeded to inform him that it was ok, however my family and i are regulars visiting Applebee’s at least twice a week and that I would just like the food voided and the bill for the two beers. After a little conversation, he informed me that he would take off all food items and just charge for the alcohol consumed. A few minutes after, Karina R. then proceeds to let Andre B and Crystal G know, that because her mother told her that "she better be home before she wakes up", she is going to get "fucked up tonight" straight out of work. After she informs both Andre and Crystal that she is going to change her clothes, she disappears for a time equivalent to around 5-10 min. During this time i ask the server Crystal G., whom happened to be walking past my table, who the other female server was that she was sitting with. She replied "Karina", but that she did not know her last name. I wrote her name down solely for the purposes of writing a complaint, when the unthinkable happens. I over-hear Karina R. talking to Kayla L. at the P.O.S station stating " I don't give a fuck, what is the worst that is going to happen".
**Continuation 2** I then reply "I used to work at this establishment and during this time i happened to become acquainted with the regional manager "Alex", when i was greeted with the reply under her breath “I don't give a fuck"! I than asked "Are you serious, I am a customer, matter of fact, please let me talk to your manager AGAIN", where Karina R. replied “I’m not on the fucking clock". Then server Fernie Herrera, whom was directly behind the wall, then proceeded to take Karina R. into his arms and basically drag her into the kitchen through the left side (closest to the dishwasher). After this Andre B. comes to my table and asks "Is everything good?” in turn, I replied "It is being handled, thank you bro". Manager Aurelio Vargaz than shows up to the table a few minutes thereafter, in which he proceeds continuously apologize and sits down and basically asks me to give this establishment a second chance. I told him that "because of the continuous despicable service i get at this location, i refuse to bring my family or any of my friends to a restaurant that does not instill work ethics in their employees". "For reasons like this, my family and I will not even consider this location until something is done about this horrible customer service. This type of language pertaining to customer is completely unacceptable. I believe that the management of EL APPLE will bring this continuous problem of the complete disregard for customer satisfaction into the "spotlight"!
***Continuation 3*** The fact that i visit an El APPLE establishment well over 2 times a week, yet I can not visit the restaurant 5 min. down from my house, because of the continuous lack of service and management, is completely absurd. I hope as a regular, that this problem will be addressed as soon as possible, and accordingly.

Thank You,

Justin & Alejandra Barrientes

Rated: by Justin Barrientes
October 12, 2017
Never go to Gainesville Florida Applebees. The staff is sloppy dressed, they would rather watch the games on TV than take care of their customers. The waitress we had looked like she had just gotten out of bed and came to work. The manager was even watching the game on TV and not even noticing his staff wasn\'t doing their job. One waitress took our order, another came and said she was our waitress, and when the food came it was cold. The \"herb potatoes\" had no herb, they were just plain with nothing, the steamed veggies were even cold in the middle, I tried to cut a carrot with the steak knife and the end of it flew off the plate, RAW.
Nasty place, sorry help, and bad cooks.
Rated: by Kateri Stevens
October 9, 2017
My husband and I went into the Applebee's in University City, WA on Bridgeport RD. While we were in there, we noticed two women come in. One of them was carrying a little dog on a pillow. We were absolutely shocked when the hostess sat the women with their dog. My husband asked to speak to the manager because it was against health regulations to bring a dog into a eating establishment. The manager strolled around and wasn't even looking because I watched her. She then came over an smugglie told us that this little rat of a dog was a service dog. When we told her that there was no way a service dog, she asked US to leave. My husband attempted to take a picture of the little thing but the manager said to get out. So we left. If this is really Applebee's policy to allow, non-service dogs to sit in a booth where people eat. I will never go into another Applebee's.
Rated: by Sue
October 9, 2017
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Mark A. Dennis
Rated: by Mark Dennis
October 3, 2017
Last Thursday night, I tried to dine at your restaurant on City Ave. in Philadelphia. There were two persons in my party and numerous empty tables in the restaurant, but I was told there would be a 15 to 20 minute wait. After half an hour, I questioned the time and was told that the servers were taking a break because they were overworked. There were several large parties in the waiting area; most of them left after waiting half an hour or more. When we were the only 2 people left in the waiting area, the manager indicated that he would have to see where we were on the list before we could be seated. We finally left also.
Rated: by Helen
September 29, 2017
I\'m sitting in he Applebee\'s location in Corpus Christi Tx and I have had the worse service. I have been here over and hour and it took an hour for two sandwiches that did not require any cooking along 2 cups of soup. When I asked for the manager Ernesto came to the table and said he knows it took an hour then proceeds to ask if we needed anything else. Completely blew me off. So I am sitting her at dinner with friends writing this instead of enjoying their company! I will not be visiting Applebee\'s again.
Rated: by Sandra Lynch
September 28, 2017
I tried to to order on the web site on August 8...the site was not working... I called the restaurant and told the site was not working...on a Friday card was charged....I never got our food...when I called the manager...Mark...said they had no record of the charge on their end...he told me if I brought the bank statement in he would call corporate and have them look into it. When I went on Monday August 11,Mark told me he had. O recollection of the phone call..I talked to him twice. The bank won't return the money intill next Monday...I will never eat at any applebees ever again
Rated: by Ms Bunnie
September 20, 2017
Me and my husband love Applebee's but lately every time we try an order we have nothing but problems. I called to order by food and they answer the phone quickly but leave you on hold. I was on the phone for over 10 min. I finally gave up and called back. When I went to place my order the lady said they where out of the festa lime chicken. The Applebee's in hammond louisiana has to be the worst one.
One time we went to eat and I needed drink and looked over my waitress was over talking to a guy in the corner. Is this really how you run a business.
Rated: by kristie
September 18, 2017
Our visit here was lets just say unacceptable. Our table of four ordered their meal. the girl who took our order must have been at end of shift or just quit on the spot. never saw her again. I ordered a sirloin with baked potato. loaded. staff came by and told me they were out of baked potatoes. I chose mashed no big deal. I told said that I needed silverware. Then after about 10 min. the other 3 at the table got their food and I didn't. Then manager brings a baked potato .. he found one more, sits it down and leaves. this is just a potato. no butter or any toppings. Still no silverware no steak. My party is finished eating and my steak comes out about the size of a silver dollar. I am very pissed by now. still no silverware or toppings for my cold potato. A new waitress pops up and is very apologetic. too late my whole family ate but me. I told her my problem and to take my plate off bill. She did. I expressed my concern to the manager and his only response was I know I need to do better. Really??!! Worst experience ever at any restaurant. Actually we were looking up restaurants in Meridian Ms while driving down there on a website and it said store closed. I said that's gotta be wrong I have never heard of applebees closing. The website must of had such a negative review of this store they just marked it closed. I wish I had not pursued to see for myself. I hope someone reads this and does something to fix the problems in this place.

Michael Mullens

640 Lakewood Rd

Bonner Springs,Ks.



Rated: by michael mullens
September 18, 2017
Trying to take the online survey upon server request ( Melissa at the Northville MI location who was excellent !!! )
The survey takes way too long to fill out on the receipt data entry part . Further more the website keeps defaulting to the point ehere I spend 10 minutes.
It seems that if applebee's values the feedback they would make this process easier.
Bob S Northville MI
Rated: by Bob Schoemaker
September 14, 2017
I accidentally gave our waitress a 100.00 bill, it was stuck in with about 10 one's our party put on the table.. This was in Westminster Maryland on Saturday the 22 of February... When I discovered the mistake we all went back about 15 minutes later we went back and we asked for the manager, as soon as we told her what happened she started to give us some hateful remarks, then she said she went and talked to the waitress and she didn't have a hundred... She never had the waitress come and talk to us, and when the manager came back she as much called all of us a liar..

It is sad that was the way this was handled, now I will never be back to Aplebee's there again, and I am passing word Ln to all the members
At my work place, friends, and family not to get there again.. I am sorry this happened But making you aware that not only was the manager hateful to us and that this situation could have been handled differently...
Rated: by Angie Wantz
September 14, 2017
It used to be personable but now with the pay at the table machines I will never come back that is what the problem is,if it not broke don't fix it.
Brian Baron
Rated: by Brian Baron
September 9, 2017
we ate this past weekend near Binghamton ny
food tasted like pure salt
waitress when told about the food
told us a there was a new cook
last trip to this chain
Rated: by paul damato
September 8, 2017
Worst AppleBees on Rittenberg Blvd. in Charleston, Sc. I am very disappointed because AppleBee\\\\\\\'s happened to be my favorite restaurant. The service there is very slow, my Piña Colada was watery. I sent it back and the bartender took 15 minutes making me another one. My order was incorrect twice, and the waiter was very slow and Ms. Kaylin, the manager would not accommodate me for the bad service. I will never patronize AppleBee\\\\\\\'s again.
Rated: by Darryl
September 6, 2017
Tried to pull up your menu tonight, all I could get was the window talking about foods and drinks that may contain things that may have allergens or alcohol in it. what a disappointment, so you lost my business tonight, good job!
Rated: by Eugene Krafft
September 2, 2017
5/14/14 Tried returning to apple bees after experiencing the waitress blowing bubbles from her tongue ring about 5 years ago. Unfortunately, NO CHANGE. The manager sends the waiter to tell me that they are no longer serving lemonade on the kids menu and that she took it off my bill, I was stunned since lemonade is on the the KIDS MENU. So why are you telling me, as if you did me a favor of as if I did something wrong. I asked to speak to her and she informed me that corporate told her to inform customers of this so when they come back. Really do you remember all the customers (NO) I spent $58.00 and you're complaining about $1.49 come on. WHY IS IT STILL ON YOUR KIDS MENU. I WILL STAY AWAY THIS TIME. BUTT HOLES
Rated: by Beverly Bostic
August 30, 2017
I have been going to your Eden Prairie, Minnesota since 1989. I suppose you could call me a regular there. I am now retired with a healthy income, so I spend a fair amount of money at your establishment there seeing friends and supporting young bartenders and servers. I estimate that I spend at least $200 per week there consistently. Well, not any more. You hired what could possibly be the WORST employee I have ever encountered in a restaurant. Her name is Jamie, and she needs to be eradicated. She frequently has temper tantrums and outbursts about her fellow employees. She creates a toxic atmosphere among co-bartenders by accusing them of "taking her regulars", making unveiled threats and posting social media rants about them. I have seen several other good employees and regulars move on to different establishments, and I will be doing the same. Your establishment will have to suffer lost revenue until you get rid of this moron behind the bar. She caters to her friends and leaves other customers practically begging for service. Enough is enough. Please get rid of this cancer for the sake of your restaurant and the good, loyal regulars that are leaving in droves because of her.
Rated: by BA Luchtheri
August 23, 2017
We support the Houston Applebee manager who called the Sheriffs Office about ferral kids running amok in the restaurant. Rugrats like that ruin a quiet evening out for everyone else.
Rated: by Chief