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AutoNation USA is an automobile retail corporation, the biggest in the United States. It was established in 1996 by entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga, also initiator of Waste Management and Blockbuster. The headquarters of the company is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The present Chief Executive Officer and Chairman is Mike Jackson, ex CEO of Mercedes Benz, North America. The present Chief Operation Officer and President is Mike Maroone, former head of Maroone Automotive Group, South Florida. AutoNation has 215 dealerships all over America, and has 20,000 workers. It sells 32 various producers products countrywide and outsells every other automotive dealer in the United States.

Address: 110 Southeast 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale,FL
Phone : 954-769-7000
1.2 Rating
Reviews : 18

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October 20, 2017
I purchased a brand new Nissan pathfinder from Autonation in Clearwater Florida only to find out later when I had taken it in for service it was denied warranty repairs. Nissan states this vehicle was total out salvage vehicle. The dealer told me it was mistake and they would take care of the problem over 11 months ago. Well I just went to a dealership 4/3/15 for a recall and was denied the recall warranty since Nissan again stated this was a total out salvage vehicle and will not honor a warranty. It was also on carfax that this was a salvage vehicle. Looks like maybe this was not a mistake like I was told by Jason one of the general manager of Autonation in Clearwater,Florida. I called Nissan Autonation in Clearwater Florida to talk to a general manager and was told the main manager is on vacation so I asked to talk with Jason but He could not be found so I told them the problem and to please have Jason call me asap. and I never got a call back. Something fishy so since this has been going on for a year with this problem it seems time to seek an Law firm since I purchased a brand new vehicle with less then 26 miles on it and the dealership did not disclose the vehicle was a salvage vehicle without a warranty or if it was only a mistake it is causing me stress since I can not get it repaired for warranty work and all my time trying to find out whats is going on with this vehicle that is branded Salvage by the Nissan Company. I will update this once I find out what a law firm tells me concerning the issues on my brand new Nissan Pathfinder.
Rated: by walter
October 18, 2017
I bought a 500sl three weeks ago for my 65 year old wife. She really loved the hard top/ convertible The dealership told me the car had been through the mercedes bumper to bumper check. It was checked out to be in excellent condition. No identifiable defects. In less than 10 days there were problems with the air pressure pump operating the trunk, windows, seats and door locks. The next problem was the retactable roof was broken, requring a rear panel flap that brokeafter opening the roof 3 times. Then there was a problem with the transmission, needing a transmission mount. Then today the car was in the shop for service, another discovery was found by the service team. That the heat shields started rattling very loud, which the service dept. neglected. The outcome of all the issues breaking appear to be a scam, When I bought the car and drove off the lot, instantly in 2 to 3 days all the problems started falling apart. I have bought 6 mercedes from this dealership before it became autonation.My experience had been honet dealins and being of service to the customer. Now autonation denies any responsibility, I told the service rep.that it is very strange that all the car problems collectively happened in 2 weeks. It appears that the car was patched together knowing the service shouldhave been performed before selling it from the showroom. Mercedes has a reputation of being a class automotive co, Not a junkyard car operation, only to get the car sold and driven out the door. Only to find out in less than 3 weeks that all of this would break. This a throwback to old used car sales tactics. Just sale the car then deny that all the problems are inexplicable. So they have given me some discounts on parts, but should have been paid by the dealer. Very bad image problem,How can you trust the mercedes name and former reputation for quality care for valued, loyalcustomers. The company will soon ripoff enough people to ruin mercedes long dependable support, to maintain customers in the future. I am requesting help from corp. Someone has to manage this ripoff sales mentallity. I will write to Wayne the founder.I don't believe he would want to lose his good reputation over some baitand switch managers. Please contact me at 954-242-0640, This is a total disapointment.
Rated: by r.barnes
October 14, 2017
I have many reasons to say that this has to be the worst dealer in the country and the manner in which they treat their employees is even worse. They care nothing about their employees and less about their customers. All they care about is lining their own pockets.
Rated: by Nicki
October 12, 2017
Worst dealership that I have ever dealt with, I have bought 3 cars from them and I though I was considered a good customer, not,the Sales Manager and the Salesmen are all liars, don't buy a Ford from the dealership in Union City, Ga.
Rated: by George Juarez
October 10, 2017
I bought new 2014 dodge challenger and took it in for repairs on June 4 2014 and today is June 13 th and it has yet to be looked at. I talked to the general manager and he would not even shake my hand and proceeded to rant and rave that I was a problem and for me to take my car elsewhere. I contacted dodge and the dealership had provided dodge with my wrong address toby-pass the customer survey and dodge would not be able to contact me for any recalls. The name of the dealership is AutoNation dodge,26th drive and bell road phoenix Arizona. Customers beware.
Rated: by addison perkins
October 9, 2017
Bought a used car from autonation in Denver co and 5 months later they still have no title for the vehicle and want to charge $3000 for depreciation of the vehicle they sold illegally. The worst dealer I have ever dealt with. I do not recommend doing buisness with any autonation.
Rated: by Tanner L
October 7, 2017
Auto Nation SUCKS!!! You can never reach anyone there by phone!! I would NEVER go to them for service!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated: by Pissed Off
October 5, 2017
Autonation of katy ripped us off. I was backwards on a used murano that they sold me that was way to expensive to start with . Then They sold a rouge that was so bad it did not even have carpet. That 2013 car cost me 26000 dollars. Payments are to high for me to pay,but cannot get a different car cause dealers will only give me 14000 for my car. I am stuck.
Rated: by Shari Kellman Griffith
September 28, 2017
The only reason I'm giving them 2 stars because the staff was nice and professional, they deserve better than this horrible company. Just because some people have credit issues you shouldn't try to rip them off by trying to finance more than twice what the car is worth is that even legal?
Rated: by Roger Walters
September 21, 2017
Worst company to do business with , I dealt with one of their dealers , mall of ha Toyota . I bought a brand new tundra in May 2015 and it was not strong enough for me . I traded it in October with a Chevy Silverado , came to the dealer and cancelled my maintenance contract and 100k extended service contract . Never got my money back , they hang up on me several times and when I called the corporate office , you only leave voice mails with no follow up . Bad dealer
Rated: by Wael Malak
September 12, 2017
These peoples are liars....thieves that used words to steal your money. The government must strengthen the law to go after these people.
Rated: by AutoNation Honda of Miami Lakes
September 7, 2017
I used your website to schedule my appointment at auto nation Wolfchase in Bartlett, TN on Monday. I got an appointment for Thursday 0900; when I got to the dealership; Chris took my car and I went for breakfast next thing I know they are calling me that they can't honor my appointment so I had to pick-up my vehicle and figure out plan B. No one of Autonation called me telling they could not honor my online appointment because they have been backlog with service for two day to vehicles. I used 6 hours of vacation time on Thursday to get my vehicle serviced other times some service were never completed or poorly done. Two times I got recommended for expensive services I needed but when I got a second opinion it was not needed at all. You lost a customer of 12 years; I will not buy or service any of my cars with your business ever again.
Rated: by John
September 4, 2017
Went to the local Dodge Dealer for Boots for the front tie-rods. Buyers Beware!!! Because the vehicle is a 2005 Dodge Neon a "special order" was made. The mechanic that told me he did NOT need these parts. $267 worth of boots. OUCH. The dealership never called me to pick up the parts and I arrived with the receipt in hand. THEY REFUSED TO REFUND THE MONEY. They said "Special Ordered" items are NOT refundable. I looked online for the parts and they are LESS THAN HALF of what I paid.
I bought 3 brand new cars from the previous dealership and NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I go back there. I did go to O'Reilly's and other car part places for these items and they did not supply these parts.
Rated: by John Q Public
September 2, 2017
Purchased a used 2013 Silverado from Autonation Gulf Freeway Houston Texas in February 2016. They had vehicle for over a week to fix a 1 day body repair. Cancelled the warranty and Gap since I got my bank to refinance, and as of 3/24 still haven't received a refund. I've purchased many new and used vehicles from dealerships but never had even the slightest amount of dissatisfaction until I went to Autonation!
Rated: by Marcos Avalos
September 2, 2017
Autonation Chevrolet North in Colorado did not disclose at the time of purchase that there were problems with the car. I found an invoice in the car the next day indicating that there were problems with the turbo. The next day I did call the sale manager and explained that I am willing to take the car back if they are not willing to repair the car. After the repair I took the car to the emmision test which passed and did not drive the car for the next 7 weeks. When I took the car to the registration the engine light came on. I did contact the dealership indicating that there still a problem with the car. After they inspected the car I was told that Leak Evap. Pump it is not cover under their 60 days warranty.
The next day I did speak with Mr. Moling who agreed to send a check in the amount of $100.00 to help me fix the problem on my own.
I have an invoice from Sill Terhar indicating that the repair will be over $400.00. Mr. Moling failed to send me the check or respond to my e-mail.
I no longer have the confidence or believe that Autonation cares about their customers or is willing take full resposibilities.

Rated: by Mihaela S.
August 30, 2017
I purchased/leased a Nissan Ultima from Ronnie Vergara. They changed the mileage on the Original signed document to the COPY that was filed with Nissan Signature Lease. I have tried to contact the agent and the office in person and they NEVER resolved the issue. They did try to get me to BUY/Lease another car with them. I was transferred to a very rude sales manager named Tommy Sardina (indicated he was a retired 21 year POLICE officer....intimadition? NOT!) I would NEVER deal with this company again.
Rated: by John Dial
August 29, 2017
I hand a horrible experience at Autonation Honda in Hollywood Florida. I attempted to purchase a new 2015 Honda sports car, but when we reached an impass, I cancelled the deal. The manager Nick Gara snatched the documents I had out of my hands saying that If I did not get the car, I did not need there papers, I explained that some of the documents taken were my personal documents and he proceeded to look at my personal documents. Also, I was told by Gus the Finance advisor that the warranty insurance and Gap was canceelled for a return of 1520.00. I being told now that they do not have documents in place to return my money. I need to know how I get back the amount I was quoted by Gus, the 1,520.00. Also, I doubt that if I was some else, would your manager had taken papers out of my hand, especially with force.
Rated: by Lenora Allen-Johnson
August 26, 2017
I hope this information is given to the proper person.

I usually read reviews to determine if I will purchase or utilize the services of a facility. I am very dissatisfied with this location and would like to make everyone aware, if you about your life and your families safety to avoid this dealership. I purchased my vehicle used in 2013 and have allowed this location to service my vehicle since purchase. I applaud this location for having a 100 point inspection of your vehicle, even if it is a way to just make more money from you. I was advised in March of 2014 that I needed brake pads on front and rear. I gave permission for them to perform the work. I took my vehicle in for service on May 7, 2014 and request an oil change, tire rotation, inspection of my brakes to determine why they were whistling and patch a tire with a nail in it. (slow leak) (I was told I would have to pay $119.00 for inspection of brakes) I made an appointment 4 days in advance and arrived 2 minutes late. I waited for 3 hours and 48 minutes for the work to be completed. Finally I got my car back and the low tire light was still on. The mechanic came out with an attitude and got in my car, put it in reverse and stepped on the gas like he was attempting to win a race. A few minutes later my vehicle was returned to me with oil all over the steering wheel and door panel. The service manager attempted to clean the steering wheel. Lets get to the real problem. I took my car back today June 4, because I kept noticing oil spots on my driveway but the tire light had been on in my car since a 9 days after they were suppose to have repaired my tire. I realized while I was at the dealership, they never rotated my tires, didn't tighten the oil plug and never patched the tire, with the nail in it. The General Manager Jeff, admitted that they don't always rotate tires even though they put in writing the work was done. He tried to correct the problems but really messed up when he told me the reason my brakes were squeaking is because I needed rear brake pads. I paid these people 13,000 miles ago to replace my brake pads and they didn't do it. I took my vehicle elsewhere and didn't tell them anything but allowed them to inspect my brakes. I was told I had 80% pad on the front and 15%-20% pad on the rear. I called Jeff and he is refusing to acknowledge that they stole my money and didn't do the work. Auto Nation Nissan Memphis TN Hackscross

Rated: by Tarsha Moore