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The company Barnes & Noble is the retailers for the book in America and they mainly operate through the chain of the bookstores in different cities. The company even operates as the chain for the small bookstores that are mainly situated in the malls of different cities until they were announced like the liquidation of chain. The company is famous for its large and very upscale outlets for the retail and many of these even contains the café that serves the coffee of Starbuck. The company even provide discount for the books and it sells a number of things like, newspapers, gifts, magazines, games and many more.

Address: 122 Fifth Avenue, New York,NY
Phone : 800-962-6177
1.1 Rating
Reviews : 15

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December 6, 2017
On Aug 1,2014,I placed an online order..When I realized that the person I ordered this item for had one,I immediately called to cancel.I was told by the gentleman on the phone that he will submit my request and I would receive an email.Forty minutes later,I received an email asking me to call immediately,to confirm.I did just that.An hour later,I received email stating my order had been shipped.Knowing that the person I sent this to would indeed keep it,and not return it,I became outraged at the negligence of how my order was mishandled.
Now,I've spoken to a supervisor,and this item should get rerouted to me,for a refund,I was never offered any form of compensation,as this caused me such anxiety,that I was taken to the ER,for breathing treatment.I missed my grandsons and granddaughter birthday,I was nauseated,I had a seizure,and have been sick all weekend..Im so distraught that my experience was so mentally anguished,and it took me 57 emails,and 5phone calls before I was offered a SOLUTION!!I feel I should be compensated for the awful way I was treated,a d the lack of concern,as well as the mishandling of my order...
Rated: by Diane Ghiggeri
December 3, 2017
I ordered online children's paperback books for my grandchildren for Christmas. Today I received a text that my order was delivered. UPS delivered a 36 LB box of books that belonged to someone else. The order had my name on the box. I opened the box and seen right away that the order was not mine. First I contacted Barnes and Nobles customer service with an online chat and was told I better return those books before my order would be replaced. Then I called Barnes and Nobel and spoke to a nice young man but evidently his supervisor instructed him to tell me to return those books to a Barnes and Nobel otherwise I would be charged twice for my order which I haven't received. I finally spoke to a supervisor who told me to lift the books and return them to the post office for delivery back to their warehouse. I explained I have a disability and can only lift 5lbs she told me to find someone else to do it. I told her that I would tape the box back up and place it on the front steps for UPS pick-up. She said that UPS won't pick up and I was supposed to call the post office for pick-up after she sends me the return label. I told her to call the post office for pick-up. I didn't ask for the order. Very RUDE!!! She acted like it was my fault that their warehouse made a mistake! This was my first time ordering and it will be my last!!!!!
Rated: by Diane Collins
November 27, 2017
I only give this rating because of the offensive magazine cover at the check out counter. At the time I was at the store there was a large group of children, with parents, attending a special time for them. I was appalled with what the children would see as they check out of the store. Kim K. was boldly on the cover with her breast almost totally exposed. This is an adult magazine and should not be viewed by children. The acting manager agreed with me. However, he said that unfortunately the store has no say so on what magazine goes where. This one could not be missed because it was directly facing you as you waited in line for check out. In my opinion, this company should make sure that all (ADULT) material should not be so prominently displayed. I will never take my grandchildren in your store ever again. Very disappointing.
Rated: by Peggy Matye
November 25, 2017
ive made several attemts to purchase a charger for nook tablet and after 6 months still unsuccessful _ the customer service reps tell me their are none in the warehouse then were the HELL do you purchase the them. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated: by ms.moore
November 18, 2017
I bought 2 nook tablet 7 for Christmas. I have been a nook owner from the beginning and are barnes and noble member. I set the tablet up for my grandson. Well 3 weeks after Christmas it was not acting right. We were told to reset it we did and called,,, chatted on a chat,,, called,, chat,,, called chat,,, it was 7 in one day. we would reset it back to factory but it would say this has been reset please put the email that is associated with this. WELL I said if we reset it and say would have sold it to someone else,,, it should not ask for email,,,,round and round... called this weekend customer service rep lied, didn't mute could hear everything she said,,, and said about me,,, said no customer service supervisors are there,,,, I said that it not true,,,, so she said she is at lunch and will be for an 1 hour,,, I said ok we meaning me and her would stay on the line and when her supervisor came back she could connect me 1 hour and 15 minutes later she just put me back in the q and I had to go thru it all. and got to a guy that helped and said no we don't need your credit card you are a member sorry for your hardship with the reps,,, he talked to sup they said good ,,,even said they would give me a cover for the tablet,,, he said I cant do all that needs but I am going to transfer you and they will do that I documented this all,,, transferred person picked up and hung up,,,, this has been hell I called today cause the guy yesterday we just need your address where it is to be sent,,, this morning same crap,,, round and round worst customer service ever I will never go to barnes and noble and I am getting rid of all my nook devices and tell all my friends and family what a joke b and n thinks of customers ,,, and did I say all the stuff I heard the rep say when she did not mute her headphone.
Rated: by cindy
November 8, 2017
Barnes & Noble is known for its ease of use, convenience, quality, and comfort. Groups Meetings, Tutorial Sessions, and Individuals meet at B&N for a variety of reasons. I personally have always thought that the prices in the Cafe were a bit pricey. After visiting the B & N in Park Slope on numerous occasions, I've become very concerned. The management has changed the rules to resemble a more extravagant type of restaurant setting. You can no longer sit in the dining area unless you are dining directly from B & N. There is also a timeframe at the Park Slope Branch. You can only sit at the tables for 30 minutes. This is not only during rush hour. It's now an all day policy. I think that management are becoming a bit too snotty. We used to be able to sit comfortably and read, study, use the internet, etc. Now everyone just rushes in and out.
Rated: by Serious
November 6, 2017
When I went into the Barnes & Nobles store on 5th Ave. near 46th St, I had to use the restroom. I was told by a woman I had to be a customer first. It was my intent to use the rest room first and then browse the store for a purchase. I couldn't believe that they employed two people at this store to stand guard over the restrooms to make sure you had a receipt that you were actually a customer. Receipts were confirmation you actually purchased something. I can understand businesses having problems with street people using the comfort facilities, perhaps leaving a bit of a mess and leaving without making purchases, but employing two people to stand guard over the restrooms to make sure you could produce a store receipt of a purchase seems ridiculous.
Fortunately, it was Tony Bennett who was my savior. I had contemplated the purchase of a Tony Bennett recording because I had met him in Central Park back in September. That day, I happened to walk into the video section after restroom denial, spotted a Tony Bennett/Lady Ga Ga CD, quickly purchased it and ran to the restroom facilities to produce my receipt. I was then allowed in. The next time I'm refused restroom facilities in New York City at a retail establishment, I think I'm just going to relieve myself right in any aisle of the store I was refused. New Yorkers are horrible when it comes to allowing tourists to use comfort facilities, and the city government of New York City does tourists no favor in making it easy to relieve themselves by providing public restrooms for tourists on the street. Wise up Barnes & Noble. Is it worth risking someone just relieving themselves in any aisle of the store because of restroom denial.Think of the mess you'll have to clean up.
Rated: by Hugh E. McGee
October 26, 2017
My wife and I have been using B&N for Nook Books. We purchase gift cards because they DOUBLE CHARGE and I will not trust them with my real credit card. We have been calling customer support for well over a YEAR and they double bill us on EVERY PURCHASE - and we have made over 100 Nook Book purchases. When we call, we are met with lies, rude responses, a lots of "I don't know" responses, "it must be a glitch", "pre-authorization wait time" excuses, accents that can not be understood - and this list is endless. The last time they TOOK our money (TWICE), we called customer support. We were told "the money will be back in your account within one hour." Over EIGHTY (that's right - 80) hours later, it has NOT been refunded. We were then told they would have someone from upper management call within SEVENTY TWO hours.

This type of "business" is absolutely unacceptable. According to the law, gift cards are legal tender, and as B&N -CONFIRMED AND AUTHORIZED- the gift cards, they BECAME United States tender. As such, NO "pre-authorization" is necessary. Simply put, in my opinion, as this was an internet transaction, they are engaging in wire fraud and literally stealing our money.

Given the above, it is no wonder that B&N is losing their market share to Kindle. That being said, as soon as our latest gift cards are expended, our business with B&N will be terminated.

Rated: by Patrick
October 22, 2017
After trying to resolve an issue directly with Barnes & Noble with no success I filed a complaint with the BBB. Below is proof the Barnes & Noble ignored my issues and then complaint. This Company does not care, lacks professionalism when there is an issue. Stay away from them.

Dear Kyle Bruening :

This is in reference to your complaint against LLC. Your complaint was assigned ID 10358952.

Your BBB has tried to present your complaint to LLC in an attempt to resolve this matter to your mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we have received no response to your complaint. We attempted to contact LLC through written correspondence twice on your behalf, but we must now close this matter in our files. This does not minimize the importance of your concerns, nor is it any reflection on the validity of your dispute.

The firm’s failure to respond to your complaint will be reflected in its BBB record. A firm’s rating may be affected by its failure to answer even one complaint. Your experience may, therefore, alert other inquirers seeking information through the BBB.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


Dispute Resolution Services

Rated: by Kyle Bruening
October 16, 2017
"However, sometimes staff from Barnes & Noble headquarters do read the reviews on this website."

Yet ANOTHER example of why Kindle is going to put you out of business.

Rated: by Patrick
October 11, 2017
I have purchased 3 nooks all a year apart and one was replaced 01/2015 well None of them work! One of them the white one only worked for a year them stopped. I feel like B&n are well awear of the life span of the nooks and will not do anything to fix the problem. there is no way I got a nook HD replaced in 01/2015 and it worked for all of three months and stopped. each of the nooks I brought all worked for one year except the HD that worked for Maybe nine months then I had it replaced then that only worked for maybe two months. Once the warranty runs out your nook no longer works so your just stuck with crap. this company is worth millions and your stealing from people selling bad products that have the life span of a warranty and that to me is bad business and its sad that we cant trust companies like B&N. Although I love the nook more then the Kindle Fire I brought A kindle for my mom 3 years ago and it still works just fine... my email is

signed a dissatisfied customer!!!
Rated: by Mortresh Wilson
October 8, 2017
if there were negative stars, that's what I'd give B&N. Over the course of a week, I spoken with or live chatted 10 different people, including 2 supervisors, about why my books haven't shipped out and each time am given a different untrue story. Further, they refused to ship OR cancel the order, just leaving it in limbo. Julius, Karen, Justine, Amy (they only helpful one), Donna, Casey, Joe, Margo, Josephine and Arleen. Customer service is non existent
Rated: by michelle ward
October 6, 2017
They will delete your account, without warning, and don't give a reason. VERY bad as far as company reliability, honesty, and integrity goes. My advice: go to Kobo Books.
Rated: by Daniel Simmons
September 12, 2017
I received a book, through Barnes & Noble (B&N) on line service, that was water damaged. Imagine my chagrin when I was told that I could NOT return the purchase to my local B&N bookstore. The reason: on line purchases aren't "the same" as in store purchases! The person that I spoke with on line (the name was Bernie) told me that the on line store and the "brick and mortar" store were two different entities, ergo the local B&N would be unable to accept the return of the book. I reminded Bernie that on the shipping receipt it did say that I could return the book to my local B&N store. Again, I was told that I could not. I would have to repackage the wet book and return it to the warehouse for a refund. Is it really hard to believe why B&N continues to lose business to Amazon? I mean really, I have NEVER purchased a book through Amazon that wasn't wrapped in plastic to prevent water damage. It's as though B&N is trying to use the cheapest way possible to fulfill an on line order. Alas the "smart" people at B&N headquarters really haven't figured out that they have and "ace in the hole" when it comes to competing with Amazon and that's the local B&N store. Why you cannot return an on line purchase to your local B&N store is beyond me. They are supposedly the same entity and yet, B&N treats them as different entities in competition with one another. I'm not a business major but even I realize that the KEY TO SUCCESS in business today is exemplary customer service. B&N has the capability to fully link on line and in store services. Heck, I could order a book on line and have it delivered to the local store but, I cannot order an item on line and receive it at my home and return it for a refund to the local store. B&N only half the cart is there! Well just as Jason has said, I too am a disgusted, disgruntled customer who intends to return my B&N membership card that I have had for over 15 years and call it quits. I can easily order the same books from Amazon, receive them as though someone really cared about making me, the customer, satisfied, and still save money. Good luck B&N in making a success of it. Look at your stock and read some of the Street pundits' comments and you will see that most believe you too will go the way of Borders Books. That's sad because at one time B&N was the best. No longer. You are now just a small potato in a big game that has lost its way and meaning. Bill
Rated: by Bill Feltner
August 26, 2017
Calling regarding the Nook tablet. Worst product on the market. I would have never bought a Nook If I had known the woul only last in 4 monthe increments. I would like to get a full refund of purchased price.
Rated: by Barbara Hardy