Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill is a casual dining sea cuisine restaurant and it's headquarter is located in Florida. Chris Parker and Tim Curci founded it on 15 January 2000 and it is a wholly owned subsidiary. Presently, it is owned as well as operated by "OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC". It had been into partnership with different charitable organizations including "American Red Cross" In few markets, the restaurant is operating for full lunch service and their menu mainly focuses on wood-grilled fish. As per 2011 reports, it has operations in 158 locations across 28 states. John W. Cooper is the President of this restaurant and Elizabeth A. Smith Esq. is CEO of OSI restaurant partners.

Address: 2202 N. West Shore Blvd., 5th Floor, Tampa,FL
Phone : 813-282-1225
1.6 Rating
Reviews : 15

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October 21, 2017
did not get aarp % off of bill. food was too spicy and had to return it and ordered plain cold shrimp and had old bay seasoning on it . could not eat it. prices were high. was on credit card. on christmas or day before at wichie weecki , fl. carol kessler, 215-698-0313.
Rated: by carol kessler
October 17, 2017
Fresh food.... NO!!! they put all the vegetables, and most other things, in a plastic bag and heat them up in the microwave. Eat at the Bonefish Grill, if you want to eat your green beans full of melted plastic.
Rated: by Billy
October 13, 2017
I went to Bonefish Grill on 05/26/2017 to meet up with my coworkers for some appetizers and cocktails, I ordered a Saporo draft, after finishing my beer I realized there were 2 big pieces of glass sitting at the bottom of my empty beer. I called over management after realizing that I could have just potentially swallowed glass, and took a picture and video of the interaction I had with management. Management apologized offered to comp my 2 dollar bill for the rest of the night, and was more worried about me recording the interaction then the well being of his clients. I expect for corporate to do more than his un experienced staff or I will post it to social media so consumers are aware of the unprofessionalism of the management and ridiculous bartenders who don't notice glass at the bottom of someone's drink. I will be writing an official complaint to better business bureau and to Bonefish and Grills corporate office. Horrible experience
Rated: by Erika Montoya
October 12, 2017
We visited your Bonefish store 0054e-1 on Cortex Rd., Bradenton, FL 34210. Upon getting our water it smelled liked fish, and upon looking at the ice it had pieces of what appeared to be shrimp shell on it. The bread was cold, as were the calamari, when I got my salad it was drenched in salad dressing and then a BUG came out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since we had ordered our food and tired we stayed and received our food which was a chicken and pork dish. Both were cold undercooked and we were still looking to see if the bug was on the table. we did not finish our meal and heard the table behind us also complain. We have been to this Bonefish 3 times and have always had a issue. Will not be back. The store manager did not seem all that interested in the fact a BUG was in my food. Maybe it is a common thing at this store. The location on Universary in Sarasota will be my Bonefish location from now on. Our corporate office was not a joy to work with either.

Rated: by Linda Patterson
October 8, 2017
I received a email from Bonefish Grill. Stating your bang bang shrimp special every wednedsay. I went to my closet location with my family (5 ppl), which is a half an hour away ... To find out that Bonefish Grill has cancelled this offer. I was shocked and quite disappointed. As I was planning on enjoying the shrimp and a full meal. We ended up only having one glass of wine and leaving. There were a lot of upset people, and I would highly recommend calling tha Phoenix location to confirm my statement.

I think this is a very poor corporate decision. You will find a significant loss in your sales due to this poor call.

As a side note, I would not being sending out those emails anymore!
Rated: by Mareta cheney
October 2, 2017
drug dealing in the kitchen during work bonefish grill ft lauderdale
Rated: by josh
September 29, 2017
Kingstowne, Virginia location was off their game tonight. Bar service was less than satisfactory. Had to ask to clean bar. Did not offer bread, no mats and unorganized. Heard people complain about lamb chops undercooked (well that is the way they are suppose to be). People with salad, not the right dressing. Food, not the right potatoes. And me the Shrimp Argentine, pretty bad. (stuck and overcooked and nasty what ever thing they were cooked in). Yuk. Crab soup (where was the crab ..still on the boat I think, over spicy and NO crab...mentioned oh it is there....ok you eat it. Bartenders Flip. Think I will stay away for a while. $$$ for what I got. Took everyone long time for bread, took long time for getting food period.
Rated: by brenda stott
September 28, 2017
Your Bel Air, MD store has been going down hill the past 6 months. We have been regulars for some years and tonight was the worst. The house salad was just swimming in dressing (flooding the plate.) The Bang Bang shrimp was swimming in sauce, just not up to the quality we have enjoyed before. A few weeks ago, I tried three times to have my steak served medium and three times in came out well done. I guess we're done ordering steak at Bonefish.

WE have stopped calling ahead for reservations, seems there is no need these days; like tonight at 6:30, there were lots of empty tables.

Somebody ought to take charge of this place. And pay attention to the quality of the food. No big problems with the servers were noted.
Rated: by John R
September 25, 2017
BFG in Albuquerque N.M has the most unprofessional, disrespectful management team of any restaurant where I have ever worked. I have walked out of that job because of Key Aliya Beeley, not sure how to spell. She is so hateful to the servers and the management team, together, creates a hostile work environment. BFG prides itself on polished casual service. I suggest that BFG treat their employees in a polished casual manner and maybe that can trickle down to the way the servers treat the guest.
Rated: by Richard Robbins
September 21, 2017
Monday, May 12, 2014
I thought it would be nice to take my Mother to Bone Fish as I have in the past for Mother Day. All my past experiences have been great. Yesterdays experience was horrible. The downward spiral started when the host tried to seat us. She took us to a booth / table up front, the booth side of the table had left over food on the seats. There were napkins on the chairs and on the floor. The table was not set up with menus and setups (Silverware). Our menus were tossed on the table after the host huffed at us asking her to wipe the seat. 10 minutes later we finally saw a waiter who was nice and very courteous. He took our drinks, and then returned for our Hors d'oeuvre order. Our Hors d'oeuvre arrived and we still had no setups. We asked the hostess, who made the remark, “Oh I’m sorry we ran out and I forgot”. This was unacceptable, as there were not many people in the restaurant shortly before we were seated or at this time. I had ordered a sweet tea with little ice and when the hostess refilled my tea I had more ice than tea, I asked our waiter to rectify this and he did. Our tea and water glasses had soap stains on the tops of the glasses and our bread plates came out wet and grimy. My Mother ordered the Lobster tails, our meals were delivered at different times by different persons. My Mom’s order was missing the butter, I am not a restaurant employee, nor was I ever one past a dishwasher in my teens, yet I still know that when you serve Lobster there is supposed to be hot dipping butter that accompanies this type of dish. Again another 5 minutes pass before the butter arrives. The manager finally came over to ask how our meal was, my mother’s husband explained the unacceptable service we receive and the manager said he would take care of it. The manager subtracted $10 off of our bill, bringing the total to $96.30; this in my opinion was a slap in the face after dealing with the hassle and headache of the service. Now granted the food was excellent, this does not give reason for the service we received. Upon our departure the table next to us was very neatly set up with menu’s and setups at each seat, very professional looking, this is what I expected our table to look like upon our arrival.

Rated: by Jason
September 19, 2017
We went to BFG on Virginia Beach Blvd, virginia Beach, VA, for brunch on Sunday and upon leaving I accidentally left my prescription sun glasses in the booth. When I discovered them missing (not even 10 minutes later) I immediately called the restaurant and was told they could not find them and no one had turned them in!!! We went back to the restaurant and spoke to the manager, Chris Ray, who insisted that "he knows his people, and they could not have taken them"...!?!?!
When we were there, the restaurant was not busy at all with very few patrons inside and by the time we had returned (approximately 20 minutes later) it still was not busy and there was already another couple sitting in the booth. So either the waitress (Sara J -who avoided us when we came back to the restaurant), the hostess or whomever cleaned the table had to have seen the glasses laying there in their light blue protective sleeve! And whomever took them can't even wear them since they are prescription lenses!!!!!!! The manager took my name and number just in case they turn up, but I seriously doubt that any of "his personnel" will do the right thing and turn them in. If this was some cheap pair of sunglasses I would not be as upset but these were a $600 pair of prescription Tiffany sun glasses! We called the police and gave a report to the officer who also went in to speak to the staff. He told us that what happened is a felony and there will be an investigation.
I am very angry, frustrated and disgusted with the staff's integrity and will definitely never eat here again. I can say I should have been more aware of leaving my glasses on the table but a persons integrity speaks volumes and this restaurant's staff has none!

Rated: by S Mathis
September 16, 2017
Very DISAPOINTED that Steak Sauces have been removed from your Menu!
It was a treat to have a selection of sauces to put on Steak, but NO MORE.


Rated: by JM Wiesner
September 7, 2017
always eat at bonefish,but you sent a 10.00 coupon yesterday and no matter how i try i cant print it ?
Rated: by fred morris
August 30, 2017
On 3/5/14 I was at the bonita location with a friend and the server Vail was just rude as all get out never acknowledge us waited aleast 20mins just for water the took our order the service sucked food was warm not even hot you need to teach here how to greet and introduce herself along with taking orders in a prompt way
Rated: by disatisfied customer
August 27, 2017
This is the third time we have been to a Bonefish Grill, so we were excited to go to our daughter's wedding "Mix and Mingle" on 10/9/15 with a reserved room at the St. Louis Park location in Minnesota.
One word: Disaster!!!
The servers and hostess kept repeating, "We never do this, so don't know what we're doing."
The service was extremely slow--people did not get their 3-course prix dinners, the bills took at least 45 minutes. A few people just left after paying for their meal and it never came and others were supposed to get dessert and left after waiting an hour.
A server came out and said "we had to re ring everything!"
DO NOT go here--there are many other options in the West End in St. Louis Park.
Many guests had to go to the bar & order,since it took so long.
The manager was very defensive with my daughter and she tried to charge her more.
This was supposed to be a fun, special occasion the night before the wedding, but it really put a damper on the evening.
Rated: by Di Marx