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ChecknGo is one of the largest payday lenders in located in the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1994 in Covington Kentucky. For the 16 years it has been operational, it has over one thousands stores in 31 different states in the USA and it employs a total of over 300 people. It has grown very rapidly since its inception to become the second largest company offering cash advances, car title loans, and short term loans to be paid in instalments and check cashing in the USA. It headquarters are located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

Address: 4824 Socialville Foster R, Mason,OH
Phone : 513-336-7735
1.3 Rating
Reviews : 7

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December 7, 2017
I like that they are here to help in the time of needs but as for as the referral program I have a problem with it. I don't like the way they do the referrals now and I have not gotten mine yet. I was told to wait on an email that has never came. It has been over a month and no referral paid to me. I feel this new referral thing is a fraud! no cards are emailed or mailed.
Rated: by Florence
November 24, 2017
Yesterday i went to 1104 Huntington drive Duarte, CA (check n go) to apply for a loan. A girl named Justin closed the store before she assist me. I waited 30 minutes before she opened the store when i got in there a guy getting a loan and she was mean and sarcastic. I thought she is not going to do the same thing to me but i was wrong she treated me like an idiot, beg and hopeless. First, she asked my invoice from work i showed her my current invoice then she said it is not good enough to qualify a loan since i need a cash i went home and got 2 invoice to complete the application. I went back because she asked me so. When i arrived she was closed the office and asked me come back after 30 minutes so i waited when i got back She look at me and she said she is unable to process my loan because she needs another invoice to make 4 but initially she mentioned 3 this girl is a liar, she treated like a yoyo i was so tired going back and fort that leads me to had panic attack because of this person has zero customer experience, bias, mean and lazy. She killed my half day for nothing. I wish you can put a person that has heart. This person is mean and helpless.
Rated: by Lori
November 7, 2017
I had a loan with the weatherford TX location, I had been paying every two weeks on that loan, you know how they make you rewrite the checks and the loan everytime? BS, by the way! However I went in on march 30 to pay my payment as due and renewed the loan, mind you that was not my payday and I had been paying on this loan before as well and none of my payments was due on my payday, but they decided to cash all my checks one week later on my payday and their excuse was \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Well thats your payday\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" my response was\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" But I had two Weeks\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" after all thats how its been this hole time, bottom line they will change it how they see fit and because they make you date the checks the day of the loan there is nothing you can do about it, My advice to you go anywhere but this company, Starve if you have too!
Rated: by Katherine Langhorst
October 10, 2017
Check n Go ran my credit report without my authorization. I requested a Payday advancement loan. I contacted this company via. Phone and ask what I would need to apply for a payday in advance loan. I was told a checking account and my current pay stub. Upon arriving into the store I ask the clerk by the name Patrick for a payday advance loan. He asks for my current pay stub and a blank check as well as my social security number. I did not qualify for a larger loan however I did qualify for a payday loan. I was shock and ask the clerk did you run my credit. I clearly ask for a payday loan. I clearly believed I was singing for a Pay day advancement loan not a credit loan. I never saw or read a credit application. The clerk completed this form. I signed on a separate paper. I was given 100.00 and told I would need to pay it back in one week. I once again in shock ask the clerk why he ran my credit. I did not authorize you to run my credit. He said that is requirement for everyone. I have inquired at several location of this same company and that is incorrect. They never run your credit for a Payday advance loan. That is one of the purpose for the payday loan they do not check your credit. I have also inquired with several other Payday advance company and they all agreed they do not do a credit check. This has caused my credit to decline 4 points immediately after this inquiry was placed on my credit report. This clearly was a violation. I have also spoken with other customers and none of which says their credit was ran for a payday loan!

Rated: by Carolyn D. King
October 4, 2017
I had taken out a loan and things have changed finacially. Not not only you have threaten me about the loan you had taken out the full amount instead of of the $100.00 something that was agreed on. Now you had put hold my writing check to pay my utility bills- so I'm left with the fact AI will send my utility bill and you can pay them because if they ever get turned off because if they do get turned off you will hear from me. I am old and you are taking an advantage of me. I have looked at other complaints and I agree with them. I know that you don't like to work with people but thats your problem not mine.
Rated: by Wilma Marek
September 11, 2017
I have real problem with this company as of now... I borrowed $1200 from them with needing to pay back $1247 and one of the females at one of the locations here in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and other surrounding areas called one of my references and left a message with all of my personal information and this was including my loan information.. And now I cant seem to get a human to talk to me other than the now harassing phone calls
Rated: by Sheila Miller
September 7, 2017
loyal customer for 13 years and got the shaft from them because I had a check returned (which I already called and told them I needed to pay it out.) The day I was suppose to begin making payments, they (as they say popped my account and cashed the check.) It went through but left me with nothing. this is the Del City Branch in Del city Oklahoma and Moore Oklahoma.......they are like loan sharks and treat customers like criminals.Make sure you get everything in writing because you cannot trust their word!
Rated: by Jan