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Credo Mobile is one of the renowned brands of the nation providing telephony services. Credo Mobile, formerly known as Working Assets, is working as subsidiary of Working Assets since 2007. Laura Scher and Michael Kieschnick are cofounders of this company. They have a wide variety of mobile phones including smart phones, Android, Blackberry. Credo Mobile offers various kinds of mobile accessories, easy-to-use phones, and messaging phones according to the preference of customers. Solar charged phone is the most popular phone offered by them, This company has its operation across the nation and almost 3 million customers are benefited with their service.

Address: 101 Market Street, San Francisco,CA
Phone : 415-369-2000
1.2 Rating
Reviews : 6

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December 7, 2017
I have spent 5 hours over a perios of 2 weeks trying to unlock my phone so I could transfer my pnone # to a cheaper carrier. I got customer service tell me they needed to transfer me to tech support who tell me that they can't do anything because I owe money on my account which in reality has a credit. Bookkeeping told me what I already know and transfered me back to customer support who transfered me back to teck support who still could not unlock my phone. I kept getting the same runaround every time I called back over the next week. What in hell does a guy have to do to get his smartphone unlocked so I can use it on a different carrier?
Rated: by Iain Young
November 6, 2017
I wish it were possible to give a five star negative rating to Credo Mobile. Suffice it to say that Credo ported in my three lines from Sprint before we were able to use their service due to their error in sending us incorrect phones that had to be sent back. Bottom line, we have now been without any phone service for almost 24 hours. Lesson learned...if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
Rated: by Patricia
October 14, 2017
We have been customers for many years. It's always been a challenge dealing with your customer service reps, but we've hung in there because of your support for progressive causes. However, the last few days we have spent hours on the phone with your customer service reps, who are technically unable to solve a problem. Neither they nor we can log in to the Credo Mobile website and add a fifth line. This has nothing to do with credit scores, this has to do with a technical glitch ... which, apparently, no one is capable of solving.

We expect this to be resolved or we expect that Credo Mobile will let us out of our contract so that we can go with a carrier who can actually deliver a 5-line plan.
Rated: by Holli Henry
October 10, 2017
I have been a customer of Credo mobile since Janury '13 until I finally threw in the towel in August. To say the service was poor (frequent dropped calls, poor area coverage, frequent inability to get emails and internet coverage, etc., etc.)is to give Credo Mobile a complement. It was terrible! I used to call for tech support and get very sympathetic and even helpful service from the technicians, but the problems kept recurring. I am now faced with a $750 penalty for leaving Credo with no sympathy at all. The customer service reps sympathize and acqnowledge my many, many complaints to no avail.
Sprint service, through Credo is just terrible in Las Vegas. So a warning to those who want this service here in the Valley. Words to the wise....?
Rated: by Richard Mannis
September 20, 2017
I had no problems for years with Credo long distance service on my land line. But now attempting to take advantage of their mobile "service" I am furious, disgusted, discouraged. Easy enough to sign on for a free phone and a $15 a month plan. Sounds good. The phone arrived on time. Could not and still after 14 days cannot get the phone activated. Seems there is NO tech support. Calling the number results in an eternity on hold. Emails to and from customer service - had to fight through endless form letters that didnt' address my problem and finally found a human being in the system who actually read my emails and responded - result in nothing nothing nothing but being referred to the phone "support" which does not exist. Solid wall of incompetence, disdain for the customer, useless pretenses of "help" by sending non-applicable form emails- what a disaster.
I want to return the goddamn phone now. But I'm supposed to call the number that doesn't work to get the instructions. Activation page says my activation is "pending" but has been so for 14 days. The one contact I had told me there were "problems" but did not nor evidently would not tell me what the hell the "problems" were. And the non-existent tech support never sent me any notice.
If I can't get instructions for returning the goddam phone, I will send it to Corporate Headquarters.
It is truly shocking that a company that revels in self-congratulation over their philanthropic image should treat its customers like crap.
Rated: by Trish Swain
September 14, 2017
I love where the company stands politically and the fact that they put a lot of money to good causes.

That said, there is much they fall down on. First their coverage is marginal; they contract all coverage with Sprint but when we signed up the representative said they had additional contracts for coverage with other carriers in areas their cover was poor. That has proven to be a bald face lie. Next we moved and the coverage at our new home was really bad they provided and AirRave (a micro-cell tower for the house to provide service via the Internet). This was good, but when it quit working I needed to exchange it for a new one. I was traveling at the time so I told them to send next month. They didn't and because of this I didn't get the device changed out in time and the old one returned until it was a bit late. But they had a record of it being returned and within the "grace period". So even though they got the unit back because it crossed of a billing cycle the charged me for it - $350. I didn't see the charge until two months later when it was tax time. After tax time we traveled again and while traveling I called them about it. I spoke with several customer service people about this and they said "yes, we see it was returned within the grace period and they would issue credit for it." At the same time I had them getting one of the two lines I had with them changed to a different carrier because the cell service in the areas were were was (northern and mountain areas of California). They said the would do this but they couldn't guarantee that the phone would work with a different carrier. We said OK and told them to go ahead and change it they said 2-3 days to get this done. It took 6 so during that time we had no coverage at all because their network didn't work where we were and they couldn't get the phone we had changed to a carrier that did work there released by them. First they said no 2-3 days for this when they couldn't get they changed this to 2-3 day for them and 2-3 days for Sprint to do there part of releasing the phone. Eventually it comes out that customer service doesn't do this technical service does and they only do half of it Sprint does the other half. While this is going on and since I am talking with customer service representatives I pursue the issue of getting my $350 back with three different customer service people and finally after 6 days of wrangling with them about this and getting the other phone switched they say they cannot return the money because it is "policy" to disallow any bill claim after 6 months. Let me tell you that policy is not published anywhere and most of their customer service representatives know nothing about it so after telling me I'd get it back the say no and don't even tell me. In order to find this out I had to finally get angry with the rep and insist I talk to a supervisor. The first on of them didn't know and had to research it but then found out "our policy". So while I still like their politics and the fact that a significant portion of their profits are used for good causes I am done with their poor coverage and ill informed customer service representatives. I'll change to a service that I know suck politically but that their coverage is good and that I expect them to rip me off at every legitimate opportunity but not to do with "policy disallows" you getting credit even though I lived up to my end of the deal.
Rated: by Michael Goldberg