Dallas Cowboys Football Club Ltd

Dallas Cowboys Football Club Ltd operates a football club and team in Texas. The team is considered to be one of the popular teams in the National Football League. The Dallas Cowboys Football Club is the home for players such as Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and Michael Irvin, and also for head coach Tom Landry. The Dallas Cowboys Football Club Company was founded in the year 1960 by Clint Murchison Jr. and Bedford Wynne and has its headquarters located in Irving, Texas. The Dallas Cowboys Football Club team was owned by Oliman Jerry Jones since 1989.

Address: 1 Cowboys Pkwy., Irving,TX
Phone : 972-556-9900
Website: http://www.answers.com/topic/dallascowboysfootballclubltd
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October 14, 2017
Maybe not so much of a review, but more of a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan for over 40 years and can't get or understand why the NFL officiating crew continues to make up rules that don't apply in today's NFL ,unless you are AMERICAS TEAM THE DALLAS COWBOYS!! 2014 Dez caught that football no matter what angle you view it from, fast forward to 2017 & Dallas gets screwed again by officials and imagine this, against the Packers again!!
NFL admits the referees made crucial mistake , Really!!? What good comes out of it now? Why even admit it? Can Dallas do rematch? Not! But if granted, I guarantee Dallas would be super bowl LI (51) CHAMPIONS !!!
Rated: by David Mungaray
October 12, 2017
Mr Jones, nobody loves the cowboys as much as I do; living in the Pittsburgh, I have some heated conversations lol. Please take a look at Steeler free agent LB James Harrison; it would like bringing in a older Randy White; this guy is tough; sir please.
Rated: by Ahmad Sirin
August 22, 2017
dallas has sufficient personnel/redefining multiple back set with fullback set/ dbl tight end set./ crucial in defining offense that compliments weeden/ just like prior scheme worked for romo/ each offense play needs diamond 3 back set /run -opt-pass check down/
defensively- jam recievers ag line drop mlb pack for tight end /slot recivers shortcross routes/
Brandon is a good quarterback; recievers that don't go to the ball are not players that need to be on field ; too slopy receiver disciplines/
kendall hunter needs to be picked up as full back or an equal brusing runner
Rated: by dmac