Dell Inc. is the popular multinational technology company in America. Headquarter of this organization is in Dell Way, near Round Rock in Texas, US. The company at a time sell, repairs and develops computer (and similar other) services and products. It has been named after the company's founder father Mr. Michael Dell. Dell is now world's largest technology corporation that employs near about 103,300 people across the world. In Fortune 500 list, the company is holding 44th position. After Lenovo and HP, this company is known as the third largest vendor of world class PCs and in Texas it is the 6th largest company.

Address: 1 Dell Way, Round Rock,TX
Phone : 512-338-4400
1.3 Rating
Reviews : 29

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October 22, 2017
I purchased a laptop from on Dec.2016 less than 5 moths old the hard drive went out and that's where the problems began. I sent IT in to be repaired and the techs damaged my laptop. Upon getting it home and discovering the damage they sent a tech out to repair the damage they caused in the first place. The tech damaged the laptop even further, left screws out, and tore it up so bad it wouldn't even power on so I had to send it again. For over a week now and a total of almost a month they have had the laptop I have asked for a replacement laptop the advanced tech team said no, I have asked several times in chat, on phone and in email to speak to someone in the main Dell office about the problems I am having and have basically been told no. They don't care about the customer concerns all they seem to care about is getting your laptop to the depot where they seem to do very poor work. I paid extra to on my warranty to have my product serviced in my home so now I haft to send it to the depot waste of my money and time on a service that I have not seemed worth it. This will be the last Dell product I ever buy if this is how they treat a customer
Rated: by Randy
October 20, 2017
I am on hold for the 8th time in 2 1/2 hours, my whole afternoon. This is the second time dealing with Dell that I have ordered ONE computer and received TWO computers. I guess I see why this company has one star. I have now been transferred 9 times and placed on hold about 20 times! These complaints seem to go on and on for years and the company could care less! Go figure!!!!!!
Rated: by Stacie
October 19, 2017
Look at the above comments, Dell you are joking!
I spent 5K on a computer recently which was supposed to be preloaded with Office. Apparently someone took the activation key and used it before it arrived to me.

After speaking with foreigners for 2 hours and after Dell bouncing me to and from Microsoft, now it takes 2-3 days to get a key.

Buy an Apple, great service, no problems easy to work with, things sorted out by a local who speaks English and is equipped to help.

Dell, go an rot, the people will rise one day and punish you.
Rated: by Brad Swarbrick
October 17, 2017
Tech support is horrible!! After being promised resolution of my printer and computer issues and allowing the tech permission to come on my computer it was 8 hours with NO RESOLUTION and the tech said there was NOTHING he could do, he hung up on me!!!!!!#
I'm furious with Dell!!!!!!
Rated: by Susan beck
October 17, 2017
You don't deserve even ONE star. You have lost me as a customer over a $15.00 coupon that you refuse to or do not know how to honor and blowing me off for 3 hours. You have obviously gotten too big for your customers and WILL FAIL due to this! Read all the complaints about dell and I totally agree with them all! Worst company EVER!
Rated: by Mr. Landrum
October 16, 2017
I have had the worst cust service since day one, I bought my computer back in 2011 and had it fix more than 20xs and I have it replaced with a refurbished computer when I bought a new one, they refused to give me a new one , even then the refurbished one didn't work, the cust service is the worst , I been put on hold for over 1hr then when I do get someone they claim they can not help me and transfer me to a different department, each department tries to sell me something because they claim that the problem I have is not covered under my warranty, now my warranty is out and I have spoken to someone who claims to be from corporate who is from India who is very rude claims there is noting they can do and what I am asking for is impossible, when I ask to speak to someone in the states he refuses and tells me to do what I have to do .
Rated: by Juventino Ortiz
October 14, 2017
I purchased a computer from dell it was stated as being delivered, I never received it, they give fedex permission to leave it at my home with no signature, I had an issue with a printer last year not being delivered and asked them to please DO NOT LEAVE WITH ANY SIGNATURE, any items without a signature as I live in the HOOD if you get my meaning. BUT Dell refuse to comply now they want me to make a police report the 113th precent in my area explained they don't take complaints for this matter I explained this to dell but they are still trying to make me pay for an item I never received. I have been a Loyal Customer for over 10 years with many dell products and can't believe the Treatment I am getting as a loyal customer. This is some Bull.....
Rated: by cscranton
October 13, 2017
The out sourcing of your customer service is really bad. When ordering my computer I was speaking with someone who spoke broken English and couldn't understand them. I had to go through 5 people before I got someone who speak actual English. Talking to someone in India or another country that can not speak English is painful. I'd rather go through root canal surgery with out anesthetic than to put anyone else through what I went through. what you offer is customer no service. Should have gone to a store and bought an HP. Not because of quality but because of service.
Rated: by Ron Begley
October 10, 2017
Spent 2k on a new XPS laptop received it with defective touchpad which is a reoccurring defect all over the net.

Customer service sucks, tech support sucks, Dell refuses at all costs to issue refunds the India mafic tech support tried to bribe me with $100 to keep defective laptop VS a refund just so dell can keep the sale alive.

I refuse to do business with any company that would rather hire a foreign work force & still provide shit service and crappy defective products.

I will take my 2k and spend my $$ elsewhere!
Rated: by pissed off customer
September 29, 2017
i have bought three dell computers and i must say that i have never had a prblom until i got this one after i had the computer for about 7 months the volume went out on the computer after staying on the phone with them 3 weeks and about 30 hrs they still dinn't fix the volume after three months the volume came back on just like it went out no thank to dell .three months later the same thing happened again i called dell again (i dont know why ) THEY TOLD ME THAT MY COMPUTER WAS OUT OF WARRANTY and that its nothing that they could dosdo they put me through the exclation department man are they a joke they were rude and they were bigger idiots than the ones before i have bought thoushands of dollars of dell products and i have to say i will never ever buy another dell product they need someone that people can understand and someone that cAN UNDERSTAND THEM BYE-BYE DELL
Rated: by rosie wade
September 29, 2017
Tried to reach Accounting to request information on a refund that we have been trying to get since 2014. Dell keeps telling us we have a credit in our account but won't act on our refund request. Your automated phone system is the worst - can't ever get to a live person. 1 star is too high a rating.
Rated: by Ron Van Dole
September 27, 2017
My computer mouse pad does not work, it freezes up. They sent me a replacement and it had the same problem. Since tech support had tried three times to repair it, the cursor still freezes up and I need to use an external mouse. IF you have not yet bought a Dell computer I have some good advice, DON'T.
Rated: by George Toth
September 23, 2017
You know the service will be bad after your receive your Dell Computer when you cannot get the sales to even place your order. I will never purchase another Dell Computer!

I give Dell Customer Service a one star rating only because there is no lower designation. It is virtually impossible to speak to a person that can speak english. Each time I call, I have to listen to the music for over 1 hour. It is extremely frustrating when all you have is a billing question. If I never have to call Dell again, it will be too soon. The best way to escape is to never buy a Dell product again. Dell must be proud to have the worst customer service in the world because they have done nothing to improve it. I purchased a Dell XPS10 tablet with an extended warranty 3 years ago. After speaking with 6 different people that couldn't speak English well and being told, they will not replace my tablet, they discovered that I did not have the type of warranty that would replace my tablet. I will never ever purchase anything else from Dell. You all suck in a major kind of way
Rated: by eddie tiggs
September 16, 2017
Been waiting for a replacement of a new computer for over 2 weeks and now they cancelled the order because they needed additional parts. When I contacted them, I was told another new order had been initiated on a "priority" basis but it now would still take 7 to 10 business days. If the parts weren't available then, how can they be available in the next 7-10 days. They are a total bunch of LIARS. I am so fed up with Dell, it's pathetic and now want my money back which I paid on the original order. Also going to social media with these issues to make people aware of how Dell operates, which is LOUSY. Can never get a direct line for any one and never know where in the WORLD your call is going, but it's certainly not in America!!!!
Rated: by Kathy
September 12, 2017
I bought a computer on Black Friday and the hard drive crashed. I called and they sent me a box to mail in my laptop since it was under warranty. It has been 6 weeks and Dell can't find my laptop! Each time I call, they bounce me around to other people to try and locate my information and can't find it. If they didn't outsource their call center, maybe my information would have been properly entered on their end. DON'T BUY FROM DELL!!
Rated: by Jaime
September 9, 2017
Never owned a dell...never will. I called in an effort to make a purchase of the latitude tablet. It was an horrendous experience. You'd think that making it easy for a customer to buy a product would be a priority?! My first call, I was told I would need to be transferred to sales...upon transferring me I got a recording that this was no longer a working number...great job! It went down hill from there. Like I said I've never owned a dell and never will.
Rated: by john digiovanni
September 8, 2017
have listened to at least 10 different people in service - tec. support not a one of them spoke english almost usless to call them
i have always liked dell i have purchased desk top-2 laptops- 3 tablets i have a problem with one of the tablets that i have sent to them 2 times the 1st time sent back told me it was all ok did same thing as before so sent back now they have had it over 2 weeks and still not fixed
this is un called for
Rated: by Whitehead
September 7, 2017
If you want to waste your money, buy a Dell computer. You would be better off going to a big box store and getting one for half the price, and if something goes wrong, you just throw it away and buy another. From Dell you will get to order from someone in India, have someone who can't fix your computer in India. Try calling back and you get someone in the Philippines who can't speak decent English either. Such a respected company gone down the drain. No customer service!
Rated: by TEEDOFF
September 7, 2017
Since Dell outsourced their Customer Service the quality of that service has dropped tremendously. I've dealt with Dell for years as a satisfied customer. No longer. Not only is the quality of the customer service low, it's difficult to understand anyone you speak with. Apparently no one is in the US any longer.
Rated: by Linda Morrison
September 7, 2017
Dell is horrible! I ordered a monitor in October with a PC for my son for Xmas. The monitor was not delivered. Ive been calling since Dec to have it shipped. I am constantly told it will be shipped and then it isn't. When I call to inquire they say it is on shortage and hasn't been manufactured. I can only get through to a support center in India that barely speaks English and clearly has a scripted response. They refuse to transfer me to a supervisor or anyone else.
I will never buy from Dell again.
I would rather carve on a stone tablet than use their products.
Rated: by Dana
September 7, 2017
We purchased a Dell printer and tower. We were unable to get any type of assistance from your customer service department, tech support department or your complaint line. They were very rude and unprofessional. I will never purchase another Dell product either for professional or personal use.
Rated: by Long Life Truck & Auto Spring Company
August 31, 2017
this is the very worst company ever to order from. the DONT care about the CONSUMER at all. IF you want problem after problem and if you like being hung up on please order a computer from this company.
Rated: by sad
August 30, 2017
Rated: by Stephanie
August 27, 2017
I purchased a laptop with customer sales on the telephone. My former laptop had Windows vista 7 as an operating system and the sales person told me that Windows 8.1 was a fixed version of the program and that it was the operating system of this laptop. I do not have a touch screen and the computer is unstable. I have had it since OCT 14 and tried several times to see if I can get DELL to load Windows 7 into my laptop. They cannot and will not. They want me to buy a copy. I already have one but it would void my warranty. The corp heads need to see this complaint.
Rated: by James Fitzhugh
August 27, 2017
I give Dell Customer Service a one star rating only because there is no lower designation. It is virtually impossible to speak to a live person. Trying to navigate the maze of prompts puts you in a circular spin of computer generated options that is nearly impossible to break free. These prompts kept me in the que for over 15 minutes. It is extremely frustrating when all you have is a billing question. If I never have to call Dell again, it will be too soon. The best way to escape is to never buy a Dell product again. When I fiaally reached a live person, the problem was resolved. I asked that a supervisor contact me about the lack of customer service and was told that one would contact me within 24 hrs. This has not happened.
Rated: by Mike Tamberella
August 26, 2017
Having been a proud owner of Dell systems for the last 18 yrs I find it hard to believe that there service personnel are lacking in basic common sense answers to simple questions. I wanted to purchase two Dell systems and have them delivered to family overseas, the simple answer I got was "We don't do international shipping", then a hangup. They just lost a loyal customer, I was willing to spend a couple of grand on two systems but they only deal with the area of North America,anything else is screwed.
Rated: by James MacCarthy USN Ret.
August 24, 2017
I want to send my Dell Venue 11 pro back for support. I cannot find an address, no on line support and no phone support.. I live in Texas and would like someone who lives here to reply.
Rated: by Denis Cox
August 23, 2017
Worst company to ever try to deal with!! After just thirteen 13 months (three weeks out of warranty)my laptop was not charging the battery.
After contacting Dell and speaking to several different people and having to repeat the issue each time I was sent to the Out of Warranty Dept.( If the product is that great why does it need a whole department?)After explaining the issue once again I was told the battery must be bad and since there is not a replacement through Dell I would need a third party battery. After searching for two days with the part number given I was not able to locate a battery because the number given does not exist. Again I contacted Dell about the problem and after being hung up on three time and being place on hold for thirty-nine minutes I was told that the battery is not available because they do not go bad and it is a software problem. So, Dell attempted to troubleshoot it by running tests. after ten minutes and screen went blank and it shut off. Now the tech says that the motherboard is bad. 265.00+ to repair (all this on a 2800.00 Laptop only thirteen months old. (before the tech started I was able to run it on the cord the whole week before). WILL NEVER BUY OR RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AGAIN.
Rated: by Matthew
August 22, 2017
I can not say enough good things about the help I have received from the Dell Concierge team. They are very knowledgeable about what they do.
Rated: by A Marks