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Dennys Corporation formerly known as Dannys Coffee Shop is a family coffee shop and a restaurant chain in United States. This company was founded in 1953 with its headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The corporation has about 1600 restaurants in the United States which are owned or franchised. Dennys Corporation is also in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, etc. The company offers breakfast that includes hamburgers, steaks, salads and dessert, and also lunch and dinner. The company is open throughout the day and is open on holidays except if there is any enforcement of law as to close the restaurant.

Address: 203 E. Main St., Spartanburg,SC
Phone : 864-597-8000
1.7 Rating
Reviews : 23

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December 3, 2017
The Denny's in Lawrence mass, is horrible. The service is slow. It was not busy and yet service was not good. It is not the firs time this is the third time I came here and it's the same thing. And it will be the last.
Rated: by David S
December 1, 2017
The reason I give this review is the managers that attempt to run the Denny's store at the Loop 410 location in San Antonio, TX. I know 3 people, family members, that work at that store. The managers do not know how to organize or line their workers out each day. They are scheduling too many workers on shifts and if that is not bad enough, the managers are letting people come in to work that are not scheduled to work, and letting them come in 2 or 3 hours early. This stops the schedule workers from making any money. There are workers going out on break drinking beer and smoking marijuana. There are workers disrespecting customers, and creating disturbances in front of the customers. Several of your top people that the customers always request are already looking for jobs at your competitors so they can at least get their hours in without having to worry about nonscheduled workers coming in taking their tables, tips, and not letting them make enough money to even pay for the gas to get back and forth to work. I keep telling them to let corporate know what's going on at your store but it seems not too many people have much confidence in corporate to fix things and get a lot of their customers back. The managers don't even order the supplies they need to operate. They are always out of supplies. I guess I've said enough. I will call corporate and tell everyone I can that someone is dropping the ball and costing Denny's Corporation more money every day. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
Rated: by Glen Matthews
November 27, 2017
Tooele, UT: Denny's used to have a bad rap with me with customer service, which many other people can attest to.... With a certain misfourtunate incident I found myself in tooele, ut at about 1 am in the morning. It was 22 degrees, I did not have a jacket and was unable to access and funds until the bank opened in the morning. Being from out of state this caused a huge problem for me. I went into Denny's and asked if I could sit there and order coffee until the banks opened in the morning. Glenn, who was the server that night was gracious enough to buy me a cup of coffe and let me know ASAP I was more then welcome to stay. He let me use the phone to contact my wife to let her know I was safe. The next morning he was already off of work prior to me being eableto go to the bank. While I was there he treated me with much respect not even knowing who I was and I apprdciated that. Due to his kindness and respect I am actually looking into purchasing stock in the company. I can never begin to e plain hownit felt to find someone that still has compassion for human being this day and time. Glenn is the employee that you would want to represent every single Denny's whether franchise or corporate store. Kudos to Glen!! Everyone of my employees will know to stop at Dennys and expect the same great service nationwide... make it happen!!!

Have a great day,

Richard H.
Rated: by Richard Harwell
November 10, 2017
Denny's restaurant on 20015 45 north is the worst. We arrived after a concert to have dinner. What was a great night turned out to be a terrible one with the customer service at this establishment. We waited almost 20 mins if not longer until we flagged a waitress for our order to be taken and she didnt seem to happy about it but took it and brought out food and that was the last we saw of her. We then had to wait for our check and had to flag down a waiter to get it so we could pay. The table next to us had dirty napkins on the floor no one never picked up. Once i went up to pay for my meal I couldn't leave without informing the "Manager" of our experience.. Did we get an apology or empathy Hell No no we did not. Next time i will go to IHOP.
Rated: by Diana -Houston
November 4, 2017
I fell on some unexplained grease layered on the floor on the hallway to the restrooms! I had to ask who the manager was to try to fill out an accident report and she said "I was just coming over to the table to talk to you", yeah, right. She had nothing for me to fill out and only took my name, phone # and address and called the next day to see how I was and then told me that I needed to call the V.P. of the company Lupita Corbeil and I did and she asked me what happened I told her and she said my fall was on video and that she had looked at it. She assured me they would cover my medical expenses and I went to ER and had my wrist x-rayed due to such pain and that was 5/5/15 when I fell and the hospital was trying to bill for Denny's and I left 2 messages and Lupita has not returned my calls and I called the manager again at the local Denny's and was informed that she was not allowed to give out the insurance carrier's name to be billed I would have to call Lupita and I told her I had called twice and had not heard back and she said she would call and ask her to call, well, that was 5/14/15 and to date, I have not heard from any one. I saw an Orthopedic doctor and he x-rayed my tail bone area and I was given pain medicine and it did nothing. I am still in a lot of pain and I am 80 yrs. old. My husband picked me up off the floor and he was sliding all around on the greasy floor and barely could stand up to pick me up. The mgr. said the floor was probably wet and I said, "No, there is a film of grease on this floor, you can see it, now"! They put a orange sign up "wet floor" in the spot where I fell after I fell. They still had not cleaned the floor when we finished our meal. What kind of management is going on here? Do they have to get sued a few times to wake up? There is no excuse for them not calling me back. I tried to handle this in a nice way. Nice doesn't work with Corporations! Tired of being ignored and tired of this pain. Any ideas anyone???
Rated: by Anomyous
November 1, 2017
we live in Texas and went to California for Thanksgiving. while we were out there we went to the Dennys in Culver City. we had ordered our meal and we weren't given any silverware, we had to ask for it. we asked for refills on our drinks, we were told he would get them for us,but that never happened. when our food finally cameout to us (55 minutes after we ordered it) it was cold. my daughter's pancakes were so cold the butter didn't even melt on them. Service was horrible and the waiter was rude. it's a shame because we really like dennys and we frequently visit the one near our home. we were there with extended family members, 8 of us all together. Sand was really looking forward to a nice dinner with all of them after spending the day at the beach. Needless to say that we left the restaurant and decided to head back to my son's home. I have never just up and left a restaurant before but I felt that we were treated very badly. if you have any questions or comments you can contact me at
Rated: by Sean Cromwell
October 28, 2017
We went here for dinner. We were seated next to the kitchen where the food preparers and the servers were screaming at each other using very vulgar language throughout the entire meal. I noticed the manager just standing there and not doing anything about the situation. My food was served cold and the cheese omelet that I had ordered had no cheese on it. The toast was served dry and cold, no butter on it anywhere nor any around to use. When I asked for jam and ketchup the server reached over to another table and grabbed whatever had been leftover from the previous customers. The table was sticky, too. When I mentioned all this to the cashier on the way out she asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. What for? He was a big part of the problem. Never again will I go to this Denny's! Be forewarned!! I wish I could give this place a negative number.
Rated: by Tim
October 26, 2017
I used to work here I quit this hell hole and I just wanna say this place is a piece of shit and run down managers doesn't do shit you have to do everything yourself and get on trouble because they don't help serve get drinks at least or do cash the staff is alright except some because all they do is complain about the customers and talk crap customers cuse out the staff and are super rude if you tell them something you get in trouble there should be loke a thing if a customer is cussing you out and your fellow employees you can say something back without getting in trouble and honestly to the customers reading this all dennys employees hate their job and serving you guys especially you ghetto mofos that order only off the 2468 menu and the people that come in on holidays and expect perfect service on a crowded day holy cow don't mind the wait your spending time with your friends or family damn stop complaing and just suck it up and if the food is awful go ahead and complain we'll fix it or give a discount im done signed Jason Sanchez formee waiter
Rated: by jason sanchez in Jersey
October 25, 2017
I was at the Denny's on University and Stirling Road on Tuesday of this week. As I entered there were two wait staff hanging on the cash register area talking with the apparent person in charge. I was seated and had a very nice waitress. The same wait staff that was at the register approached a group of wait staff and hugged one of the staff at this point his pants fell to the point I could see part of his backside. She then jumped up on the man and wrapped her legs around this person. The entire time I was in the restaurant the wait staff was standing around in a group. There were at least 5 tables in the area where I was seated that needed to be bussed and the wait staff was arguing about whose responsibility it was to clean them. None of the tables were cleaned while I was there. Needless to say that was my final visit to Denny's.
Rated: by Sharon Dowdell
October 12, 2017
We just left Denny's in Surfside Beach SC. This by far, was the worst restaurant we have ever visited. When we entered there was a woman standing at the cash register who ignored us for 10 minutes. We sat ourselves. A male waited came over after 10 more minutes and took our order. Another 10 minutes another waitress came over and told us our waiter had finished for the night and would we re-order again. Another 10 minutes went by and our food came. Things like home fries and sausage were cold and the wrong type. Nobody came by for another 10 minutes, nobody asked to refresh coffee or to see what was wrong. I asked to see the manager, another 5 minutes went by and this rude woman came and stated " what's your problem". After explaining our experience , she said "your waiter left" I said " why would someone come and take our order and leave" she stated " why don't you just leave and grabbed our plates while we were still eating, and threw us out. I am contemplating getting an attorney...............
Rated: by Paul Murphy
October 12, 2017
I just ate at Denny's in victor, ny. I was very surprised and disappointed
that they only served oatmeal until 2:00 p.m. Denny's offers other breakfast items 24 hours a day. So, why don't they offer healthy oatmeal 24 hours a day . I pondered where to eat my dinner meal, I wanted something healthy like oatmeal to eat and I thought that Denny's would definitely
Have oatmeal. It really upsets me and I am considering not eating at Denny's anymore.
Rated: by Debbie PowellScreenshot_2014-10-17-20-56-03.png
October 11, 2017
The denny's at this location
10623 E Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85120 is the worst. the only time that was great was on the 1st week that it was open. you had other people in there training the reps. Me and my husband now have been in there 4 other times the service was poor and the food tasted like crap. went into this location yesterday around 2:00 a.m. due to having surgery and needed to get something to eat before 4:00 a.m.order a cheese omlette and toast and when the food got there the omlette tasted like fish and so greasy along with the hash browns took 1 bite had to spit it out. they had nerve to charge my husband for his coffee. denny's I'm done with this location. too bad due to apachejunction needed a good place to eat at.
Rated: by Debby Bendt
October 11, 2017
I was in your Dennys restaurant on March 31,2015 ... You have two servers at this location one who was extremely rude causing an elderly couple to leave the restaurant and the other guy who just left customers sitting waiting to be seated. Now our server Devon was awesome!!!

This establishment is on the corner of I35 and Oltorf in Austin, Tx. Restaurant #1008
Address is 2320 S. IH 35 Austin, Tx 78704

Your reviews can be the worst or best by word of mouth !!!

In the 45 minutes that we were there I heard the phone ringing quite a bit .. Now the hostess name was John only his third day I was told so still in training ... Had him running crazy ... Your manager for that store Brenda should have picked up the phone when no one else could but didn't!!
The other waitresses name was Marisella.. She was very rude not only to John her co-worker but was so rude to the elderly couple that they just turned and left the store!! I'm here to tell you I've been a waitress/bartender and that behavior was inexceptable!!!
Was also informed about how poorly the employees are treated there!!
Rated: by Maryanne Bianchi
October 8, 2017
dennys rest. in klamath falls or. food ok SERVICE SUCKS 12:30 in afternoon rest. busy only one waitress, not the first time happens all the time, takes for ever to get waited on and when you get your food its only warm from setting in window so long cause theres only one waitresst
Rated: by larry jones
October 8, 2017
Spent 8 days recently in Southern California and stayed at a motel within walking distance of the San Dimas Denny's. We ate breakfast there every morning, and after the first morning sat each time at one of Susan's tables. I'm so sorry I don't have her last name, because she was one of the nicest waitresses I've ever been served by. She called us by name when we walked in, and by the 2nd or 3rd day even knew what we were going to order! She always had a smile for us (and not just for us - for all Denny's customers), was very attentive and just a delightful person. I even had a picture taken of the two of us on our last day; it felt like we were leaving behind a good friend. You have a really good waitress there, Denny's, and I hope you treat her well. I will definitely go back to see her at the San Dimas Denny's!
Rated: by Laurie Bettis
October 5, 2017
Store #1065 here in San Jose,California does a wonderful job. I have been to a number of Dennys
here in the area and this one is clean, light, excellent service. I get excellent service from Jose M.
He is professional, fast, he has a good memory. I have been coming here because my job is close
by and I have seen the restaurant at different times of night and day. Jose is a new manager
and he has been awarded your best service person in the past. I've seen him with difficult people
and he does an excellent job of being calm and continuing to serve. I like the way he talks to
the people he is supervising. He is courteous to them and everyone else. It isn't easy working at
any restaurant. Before I became a teacher, I was a waitress and I know what it's like doing that.
I've been to the Dennys at Alma and Monterey here and that restaurant is one of the worst I've
seen. So I know how important it is for the corporate office at keep track of the restaurants.
Rated: by Marianne Delatorre
September 24, 2017
Maya Sana'a Jai added 2 new photos — feeling aggravated at Denny's (Concord, CA).
June 27 at 12:59am · Concord, CA ·
This is Renee.
This man is in charge at 12am this morning at the Denny's on Willow Pass in Concord, CA.
This man decided to berate my daughter & I when she asked for a kids menu. He took it upon himself to use the 30 seconds of knowledge he had of us, & decide that he KNEW the REAL age of my child & refused to give her a kids menu.
Trying to make light of it, I acknowledged that she does look old for her age & I asked her to tell him her grade. To which she replies 4th.
This man, Renee, then tells me I'm lying & he knows she's not 9 because it is HIS JOB to know the age of people & I'm trying to cheat them out of business by using the kids menu for a teen! He says this while trying to direct us to a table. To which I refuse & ask to speak with the manager. He tells me he's in charge. When I asked for his last name he refused to tell me, because it was none of my business...
Disgusted by his attitude & unwillingness to apologize, I told him, they didn't deserve our service & if this is what is common at Dennys, for the staff in charge to have such poor quality of care for patrons, then my family & I will NOT give our business to ANY Denny's again!

My children & I did not deserve the maltreatment & solid lack of customer service that Renee provided. He discriminated against us for no reason & mocked my daughter for being tall for her age!
What a disgraceful employee you have on your hands Denny's. And to think, This man is who represents your establishment!
‪#‎BoycottingDennys‬ ‪#‎ImTakingMyBusinessElsewhere‬
Rated: by Me
September 24, 2017
I went on August 13th at the Denny's in Atascocita and ordered a steak medium. It was under cooked. So I told the manager in charge and she got me another one. It was just as bad as the first one. I took two bites and that was it. I grew up on steak and potatoes. I know what steaks taste like. Plus the manager in charge should be replaced. The one at night there Monday through Thursday. Please do that for me. I will greatly appreciate it.
Rated: by Chris
September 22, 2017
August 14, 2013 at 1:30 PM Approximately ... I Just Left the Denny's on I-25 & Academy in Colorado Springs, CO after ordering a Lunch ... I Was VERY Disappointed by the Customer Relations from them ... Even worse, French Fries is a Cheap Item that Cost Nothing to a Chain like this ... Here's what Happened, I had in the past ordered the Chicken-Wraps and they come with chips ... I Don't Like Hard Crunchy Chips, and in the past was given French Fries in place of them from one of the Other Denny's ... This had led me to believe it was an option of chips or fries, and therefore I asked for fries and the server had not indicated to me that it was not a option ... after eating my meal, I had looked at the check and saw that a bill had also a charge for the fries ... I brought this to the attention of the server who in turn got Jeremy a acting manager for the shift to talk to me ... He in turn WAS Very RUDE to Me, and I stated that I have no problem paying for the fries but the customer satisfaction and relations mean's I won't eat there anymore and will go to Village Inn where they have treated me with excellent superior class customer relations daily ... Yes I frequent the Eating Out and Denny's in the Springs (Pete with RockyMountainHoldings, LLC.) will LOSE Out on My Future Business (Several $'s in Fact) ... This was ALL Over French Fries and a Sad Public Relations with Customer Satisfaction ... I Won't Hold this Against other Denny's in Other States ... I AM Done with the Springs though ... Very Upset Customer and Now Happy at V.I. where I AM Treated as a Human Being Should Be ... Shalom
Rated: by Robert
September 17, 2017
On may 24th my husband and i came in to ur Anderson sc location and we are regular customers. We received the worst service ever. Martha comes to our table and takes our drink orders and never brought them. Finally Becka took over because Martha disappeared.
come to find out she was in kitchen saying she didnt care and I know this because my husband over heard her. Poor Becka and Manager Destiny workes there behinds of trying to keep customers happy. One of the cooks was giving lip also. Many people got up and left.
Also we had waited almost an hour for our drink and to place our food order.
Becka was very sweer and apolgetic.
Rated: by Mequita
September 6, 2017
14600 Lakeside Sterling Heights -- I think that this location should train their waitress and staff more. Please read the following . . .

The waitress was an adult lady, She came to the table to take our order, she wrote down our food order I also ordered coffee then she came with creamers (I did like the little pitchers of cream better) She said she was making a fresh pot of coffee and would return -- later -- quite some time later she returned to our table and asked to take our order, I said that she had already taken our order and that I was waiting on my coffee -- She looked surprised and walked away -- When I did get my coffee it was cold, and so strong She had not made a fresh pot, Finally after my husband went to the cash register the manager came out and another few minutes we got our food mine was correct but my husbands was not. So I said that his order was wrong -- the waitress grabbed the plate just as he was picking up half his sandwich with his other half sandwich on it and walked away leaving Mike with no where to set his sandwich down except on the place mat, minutes passed I was almost finished my meal -- finally the french fries were replaced by the red skinned potatoes that he asked for in the first place, his other half of his toasted sandwich was cold and when the manager came by we were told we would get a % off our bill -- We are AARP card members -- at the cash we got 20& off our bill and we could not use our AARP card cause they already took 20% off --

We usually go to the Roseville Michigan location where we always have had excellent service --
Rated: by Pamela
August 30, 2017
I have been going to the Dennys restaurant in Lynnwood Washington
the service is so bad that I have found another Dennys in Edmonds Washington there you get exelent service every time that is the
dennys that I go to know
Rated: by marc austin
August 27, 2017
41196 Big Bear Blvd
Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315

Dear Sirs,
My husband and I walked into the Denny's restaurant and it had a really bad odor. Needless to say, we walked out. We used to love this particular location since this store is close to home. It has really gone downhill. Thank you.

Rated: by Denise Eldridge