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Discount Tire is a wheel and tire retailing company in America. Headquarter of the organization is in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company started its journey in the year 1960 and Bruce. T. Halle is regarded as the founder of the organization. Earlier, Halle was the alumnus of Michigan University and later the university authority named its library after this famous person. Outlets of the company are in Washington, Oregon and in California. However, no services are available in San Diego County. Record says that the company serves in more than 800 location of the US. Thomas Englert is the CEO of the organization.

Address: 20225 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale,AZ
Phone : 480-606-6000
1.8 Rating
Reviews : 12

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December 6, 2017

Discount Tire doesn't want to keep their customers. Between my sister and I, we have spent over $4,000 dollars in tires from Discount Tire in Richland, WA. A person would think to do business and keep customers they would balance at a discount price. But no they refuse to give me a break on balancing 4 trailer tires. I have my own business and if I treated my customers like Discount Tire treats there customers I would have to close my doors. Now a days there is very little to none customers service from business
Rated: by Jim
December 6, 2017
I have used Discount Tire for tires on 2 different cars. The first time I had to go back a week later because of issues with how it was riding and they over torched and warped my rotor but wouldn't stand behind it. I swore I would never use them again. I made that mistake and I have used them this time....only to go back to find my rotor is now grooved and ruined. When a customer asks to have the car "hand torched" that means 100% "hand torched" and NOT partially. I don't appreciate being lied to as a customer. They need to get it together because there's too many other tire places around that are competing and social media can hurt a business.
Rated: by Kel
November 16, 2017
I was driving through Houston with a trailer towing a boat when I noticed a leak in one of my tires. I had just purchased the boat and trailer and was traveling back to NM. I stopped in at the Discount Tire on 5757 W. Grand Parkway, Richmond, TX. (TXH80). I was promptly met by Josh and John Chilo who checked the tire and discovered the valve stem was leaking. It could have stopped there with the replacement of the valve stem, but Josh and John decided to place the tire in water and discovers the rim was defective. They proceeded to check all tires to include the spare where they determined the spare was dry-rotted. The Assistant Store Manager, Mr. Lucas Leonard was exceptional in locating a new rim and tires, unfortunately they would not be delivered until later in the day. Long story short Josh and John swapped my tires around less a spare which I picked up in Kerrville, TX. The customer service I received from these three individuals was outstanding. Had it not been for their attention to detail, I have no doubt my safety would have been compromised. Lucas, Josh and John are to be commended for their exceptional customer service and expertise.
Rated: by Steve Zagar
November 2, 2017
I recently purchased my third set of tires from the Cedar Rapids, Iowa store. The people working there do an excellent job answering technical questions and explaining tire options. This is great place to go for all my tire needs. The sales person that I try to deal with is Mike. He is very polite and professional and carefully explains and answers questions. This place is very different from other tire places. I highly recommend Discount Tire to people I know.
Rated: by Ronald D.Johnson
October 26, 2017
I purchased two tires for a Lexus. After the tires were put on I was told the tire pressure indicator would go out once I drove a few miles. It didn't after I drove over 100 Miles. I took the car back after getting updates from an employee and him speaking with the Assistant Manager, I was told I would have to take the car back to the dealer as Discount Tires does not have the tool to reset it. Why didn't they tell me prior to me purchasing the tires? Lexus charges over $100.00 to reset it. If I had known prior to purchasing the tires I would not have. I was told to call back the next day and speak to the Manager. Really? I called Corporate immediately. The store had poor communication and poor customer service. Corporate immediately called the store( yes I was still in the waiting area). They refunded the cost of one tire. Better customer service is to tell people you can not reset the indicator if you cant. I will not purchase another tire from DT and will deter any of my friends from doing the same.
Rated: by Madelyn W
October 26, 2017
I bought tires from your company on 5/5/2015 to be told on 3/7/2016 they are dangerous for us to be driving on and they are no good. We opened an account with you guys when we bought a brand new set of tires with a warranty to have tires not even last but 10 months. Not only that you sold us some tires that we just found out had no type of warranty. I will be trying to see who we can contact with you guys sending us some bad tires and taking our money. Your company is horrible when it comes to customer care and resolving issues.
Rated: by Teresa Herrien
October 19, 2017
I visited your val vista and ray store 1/11/17 2.00pm guy ahead of me gold scion xb/ all bays empty. asked manager Carlos- not very friendly- how long for standard tire rotation- 40 minutes/ no cars in parking lot- none in bays. he informs me more cars ahead of me. I am frequent customer. all guys standing around with hands in pockets. I expect a call back eddie cheung/ 1506 e azalea dr gilbet/ 480/857-1880. manager blantantly lied about no evidence of back-log rotation on my 86 gmc vandura/ tires I purchased. TODD is a better manager- will not go back to this location.
Rated: by eddie cheung
October 11, 2017
The Riverton Utah Discount Tire is a really bad place to buy tires.. I waited two hours on 3 separate occasions to get my tire plugged. Other people that were waiting were so pissed off, and yelling at the Employees. One guy said he had a fleet of trucks that he brings and he would never do business with discount again...he was very load about it. The way this store is being Managed, isn't working out! Something need to change.
Rated: by Jen
September 26, 2017
Purchased new tires for Ford F150 pickup in June of 2016. Had rotation and balancing done in Tyler TX in Feb 2017, or thought they had balanced them. Prior to this, the truck was shaking so thought the balancing would solve problem but it did not. Took vehicle to mechanic thinking it could be a brake problem. Brakes are fine, everything else checked out. Took vehicle to Discount Tire in Greenville TX on 2/20/17 for balancing again, after which the shaking problem was even worse. I stopped at 3 other Discount Tire locations but was turned away because they were booked or were closing.
Today, 2/21/17 took vehicle to Ford Dealership in Mineola TX and they had to balance again, and Greenville TX overinflated the tire (45 lbs), causing more vibration. All other areas checked out ok.
I've used Discount Tire for many years but will not do so again! They need to retrain their people, and supervisors need to make sure work that is ordered is actually done, and completed properly!
Rated: by Ron Duke
September 23, 2017
In the past, the Huntsville. Texas employees have been outstanding BUT today I left mad and if someone asked about their service I would have told them don't waste your time because they sure will. I arrived a little after 11 A M with a warrantied tire that needed to be repaired. We left about 2:15 P M. I finally asked about my truck not in the bay, not parked where i had it parked or even close. I asked about my truck (name had not been called), they couldn't find my paperwork and I walked to the other end of the building and finally found my truck parked out of sight. I have been a loyal customer for many years and hope to continue to be, but our treatment today was inexcusable.
Rated: by Gene
September 15, 2017
that's about as pleasant as this is going to be. I went to your tire store on 336 N in Conroe, Texas and bought some tires. I had at first ordered the size I wanted and put down the truck I was using the tires on. the tires showed applicable to my truck and when I spoke with the salesman there he assured me there were correct and had to get the tires from another tire place.
so I went in to buy the 2 tires. I only had enough money on my account for 2. And then after waiting for about one hour, I was told that my wheels were not the right size for the new tires. I had already bought two tires somewhere else and they were already mounted. so they talked my into doing a smaller tire and I did (stupid on my part.) I had told them that I wanted my old tires. They came and got me and told me that I was ready. I paid and left. I went back to the other place to get the correct tires replaced that I had just had put on and they told me that Discount was full of crap. I also noticed at this time that I did not have my old tires. But they told me that these tires were perfectly fine for my wheels. So I did some checking including with Ford. Discount was the only place that had this forbidden size for my truck. So a few days later I went back to get the tires exchanged. I was not going to get them mounted and I wanted my old tires back. They had to go look for them and finally found them. They had white paint all over them. So I wanted my old tires mounted on the front and I was taking the new tires that I originally wanted and just put them in the bed unmounted.
well the Manager took over and started doing the exchange I thought. But instead he did a refund. He finished the refund up to the point where I had to sign, and I said I did not want a refund, I wanted the tire that I wanted. Not the tire He wanted me to have. He refused to sell the tire to me. I took my paperwork and left and I refused to sign the refund.
At this point he started hollering at me, and as I was leaving he accused me of stealing his tires. He chased me I into the parking lot making threats, and telling me I was stealing his tires. He kept hollering at me as I drove off. There was no way I was going back in there to let him take anything off my truck. I am a elderly person and also disabled veteran. I cannot defend myself if I had to so I was leaving and getting to safe ground. I kept telling him to cancel the transaction and cancel the refund. I never signed the refund.
The Manager called me on my way home. He hung up on me. So I called him back. He told me He wanted those tires back. I told him he had a charge on my credit card and that I never signed the refund. So as far as I was concerned it never happened. If he had done what we had asked for instead of taking it upon himself to do a refund without informing me at the beginning that he was not going to sell me the tires, even though I was not getting them mounted, would have saved a lot of steps. I was unaware I was dealing with a Tire NAZI establishment.
So I was humiliated beyond belief. I will pay for the tires if it has been refunded but I do not know now what is going on.
Rated: by John tEAGUE
September 5, 2017
Tires bought in Lexington SC and paperwork sent to Moore Crossing Columbus OH store for installation for my daughter on a Honda van. She made the appointment 2 weeks ago and they knew what size tires was need and paid for. She drove 60 miles one way to get the tires put on - the store did not have the tires - so her time was wasted and she had to take off work knowing she had done all the right things to get the new tires installed - now she has lost pay from work and time spent going into Columbus for nothing - hard to recommend such poor service!
Rated: by Bad Service