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Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer, which offers products from a variety of brands at a discounted brand to make the products more affordable and make them available for customers at convenient locations. With its corporate office and headquarters located in Goodlettsville TN, this company offer products from different and top brands, which include Unilever, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, and Nabisco. It offers products through stores situated across forty stores and eleven distribution centers. This company is categorized under the head of variety stores. The company mainly deals in food items, household, apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, and seasonal products.

Address: 100 Mission Rdg, Goodlettsville,TN
Phone : 615-855-4000
1.6 Rating
Reviews : 203

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December 11, 2017
There is a Dollar General store in Hayneville Ala . That store is so congested , they have boxes all in in the aisle , which is very dangerous , a customer can fall over them and then there goes a Lawsuit . Outside and on the back of the store look like a dumping ground for trash. Something should be done about that very soon.That store need to be reorganized for better customer services.
Rated: by Callie
December 11, 2017
It is VERY DISGUSTING when you go into the dollar general store in Saukvillage Il....In the refrigeration area~!!!, YOU WILL FIND MOLDED, OUT DATED food from Eckrich,>>>> SAUSAGE,BOLOGNA,HOT DOG'S,HAM ECT~!

Rated: by unknowen
December 10, 2017
The west newton pa dollar General store is terrible you can't get threw half the isles most of the time because of all the boxes sitting on the floor . But all the employees except cashier are all Sitting outside the entrance door smoking cigarettes . Meanwhile there is a line at the register. The place is always filthy , garbage all over outside , the people working there spend more time sitting. On the front walkway smoking than anything else. You should not have to walk threw clouds of smoke to get into the store it stinks and so do the employees when they come in just like ash trays. This store is terrible.
Rated: by frustrated shopper
December 8, 2017
Please have someone from corporate office in regards to an incident that just occurred involving myself and my fiancé after paying for our items and leaving.
Store #11171
Employee # name unknow. A young black female
We were detained and searched after exiting the store.
I am embarrassed and was hifghly inconvenienced over the whole ordeal. The officer return to the store reviewed the tape and called to assure us that we have done nothing wrong. The employee that I speak of is very rude and makes comments to other employees each time we entered the store. I demand that this problem be taken care of. And I would like to be notified when something has happened. They have issued a no trespassing order against us which I will grant and obey willingly. As far as I'm concerned I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere from now on. I make at least four or five trips to that store a week, and have never been so embarrassed in my life by what happened this evening.
Rated: by Courtenay Starr
December 7, 2017
I filled out one and you did not post it.
Rated: by A.jones
December 6, 2017
Store in Hamilton, TX total wreck. Shelves bare, isles are blocked with carts of stock that needs put on the shelves. This store is always this way. You can not walk due to the carts in the way. Fire Marshall should be closing the store.
Rated: by Logan
December 6, 2017
STORE 4509 is the nastiest store that I have been to. It wasn't always this bad. Seems like it has gotten worse over the last couple months. The store is disgustingly dirty. there is trash all over the parking lot. The manager is a very rude person. They don't train their employees well enough. There is always a long line and other employees never open the other register. They ignore the staff that needs help. Customers are constantly complaining. The bathroom is disgusting. Someone needs to come down from corporate and get this store and these people together!!!!!!!!!
Rated: by Disappointed former employee
December 6, 2017
I was just in your Corydon Iowa store ~~~the temperature out side is around 90 and it is just as hot inside if not hotter as there is no air moving~~~~~ What kind of employer OR Business would ask customers and employees to work or shop in this kind of heat~~~ I understand that it has been out for several days and the heat index is been over 110 degrees~~~~~ lets see if you could do something for these people and YOUE CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
Rated: by LLOYD
December 5, 2017
The Powderly Texas store is a lacking in people that work. The employee by the name of Dylan great however when you see 10 to 15 people standing in line and only 1 checker something not right.... This happens every time I go and I go at least once a week. I have talked to other customers and this happens to them as well.
Rated: by Kay
December 5, 2017
I have been going to the Dollar General store in Odum, Georgia since it opened. Recently I went in and it was so hot every customer in the store was complaining about how hot the store was. I finally quit shopping and went to the register to check out and made a comment to the cashier about how Hot it was in the store, there were several people in line trying to do just like me and get out of there. She told us that the Corporate Office told them what they had to have the thermostat on...I don't know where the Corporate Office is but if this is true, they need to check the temperature in South Georgia. Later in the week I returned to the store again,this time at night,it was so hot the manager had the front door standing wide open with a fan in the doorway blowing cooler air into the store. You would think the manager of the store should be able to adjust the temperature in the store. I can understand if there was a problem with the thermostat on one of the times I was there,but I feel the manager could have gotten a approval to get it fixed or at least tell Corporate they had a problem. This isn't the first times they have had problems that went it the Manager or Corporate? Where does the problems lie????? We will be using another store to purchase the tings we need for a while, maybe we will try it again. Dollar General, Rayonier Rd in Jesup is much cleaner and the employees and Management is alot nicer anyway.
Rated: by Darlene
December 5, 2017
the store in Lindsay Oklahoma is the worst store ive been in they keep there stock in the middle of the aisles where you cant get down well I tripped and fell down and got hurt had to go to the emergency room have to use a cane cause I hurt my knee well they are not wanting to pay my medical bills I am pissed they say if I take pictures of the store they will have me banned from the store I hard to miss two dialysis treatments cause of not being able to get up and around cause of my knee I don't get it if u cant go to a store to get what u need and have to search for it through everything its bullshit im confused a big corporation like this and wont pay and injury that is caused by the store aint been back in but one time to turn in my bill from emergency room and they have not even sent it in well that was from the 4th of this month im so confused I need some help on what to do any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 405-207-1486 I really need some advice on this don't want to drag this to court we could settle this out of court PAY MY DAMN BILLS OFFER ME A SETTLEMENT CLEAN UP YOUR STORE GET A NEW MANAGER SHE IS NOT A FRIENDLY PERSON
Rated: by sherre thornburg
December 4, 2017
I went into the store located in Beaver Dam, WI with my husband and there was a young girl trying to get stocking done and another girl by the name of Teresa sitting behind the counter with a UNLIT cigarette in her mouth texting on her phone, she yells at the young girl to get up here to help us while she sits there, 2 days later we go in there and the same rude cashier (Teresa) is chatting with 4 young teens and they got cigarettes, she never asked for an id, I know for a fact that the one was only 16 cause she is my neighbor's daughter. I guess we will take our business elsewhere seeing this is what kind of trash works there now. UNBELIEVABLE!!
Rated: by Patty
December 4, 2017
Your store in Germantown, Illinois. What happened? I worked there when it was the most organized DG around. You walk in and it looks like a bomb went off. Dirty, disorganized, chaos, and unknowable. You ask a question where something is and the have no clue. The manager is never there.Michelle was hard but she ran a tight ship. Whoever is the district manager now needs to step up the game. He is giving DG a bad name in Clinton County, I'll. STEP UP AND CLEAN UP GERMANTOWN DOLLAR GENERAL.


Rated: by carolyn varady
December 4, 2017
Well first of all I love shopping at the dollar store .but haven't been alble to go in store bout 2 years. cant walk very good at all I don't see why they don't have a wheel chair or 2 or maybe a mobil chair where people can go in and shop I can afford a wheel chair but its not just me that don't get to shop lots people like me I am speaking for all people that's handicap its just not right that the dollarstores doesn't have wheel chairs we like to shop to
Rated: by Brenda
December 4, 2017
Our store in Reform is the worst Dollar General I've ever been in. It's dirty, shelves are under stocked, cashiers not friendly, waiting time is awful at the checkout counter, isles are blocked by carts, too many other things to mention. The store hasn't been the same since Anita left!!! We enjoyed going in when she was manager. We knew we could find what we normally buy. I'm not trying to get her back. Just saying it's been in bad shape since she left... If I could get what I needed from another store I wouldn't go back in the Reform store. Thank you so much for allowing me to post my concerns!!
Rated: by Benny Newell
December 2, 2017
First, the manager of store 16279-03
Is a couponer. Never have what's on sale
Because she has already had her
Boyfriend come buy it.
Rated: by Fed up customer
December 1, 2017
The store on George II Hwy, Boiling Spring Lakes, NC 28461. So tired of Manager Adrian standing outside of store smoking, knowing a customer has entered store and have to wait for him to finish his cigarette before he rang me up. Today, my husband was in store and the cashier (who is manager Adrian's baby mama), was on her cell phone (on speaker!) talking to Adrian (because she said his name) telling him to get the baby diapers, talking about other personal stuff, while waiting on customers! There are boxes of products all in the aisles with no one stocking them, making it difficult and hazardous to maneuver through the store. These employees need some retraining in customer service etiquette. This is an on-going problem in this store, not just an isolated incident.
Rated: by Patricia Johnson
November 30, 2017
Store not open again, had to make an additional stop because of this. 2310 Cunningham Road, INDPLS, IN.
Rated: by Bill
November 30, 2017
Store number 00908...I have come in to this store many of times and every time I have been disappointed. There is always one of the employees that is working inside with long lines of customers and the other one is out side smoking and having a good time with her friends. I have stopped here on many nights and saw this girl only come in to the store to take care of her own friends. The ones that are under age that can not buy cigs , so she will let them come to her and she well sell them to the under age customers. I have seen her in the trucks of some of the vendors that are suppose to be working in the store but they are making out in the parking lot. She was seen number of times with different male customers making out with them in the parking lot. The others girls has complained about this and nothing has been done to change this problem.
Rated: by Benny
November 30, 2017
Coolidge, Arizona
We have a new Dollar General in our small town of Coolidge. We were very glad to see it being placed on the other side of town for convenience. It is less than a year old. Already the parking lot and grounds are starting to look like the rest of the stores. (Bad)
The employees seem to change every week and no loss. I forsee already this place will be like all the others people complain about in their towns. How can a company continue to let this happen? If the company can sponsor a NASCAR race car (millions) and have their name plastered all over it, but continue to let their businesses across the country rundown, then YOU in the corporate office need to wake up , read these reviews, clean house in corporate headquarters and get out there and look at these eyesores. While your at it, look at the store in Carbon Hill, Alabama. Nasty.
Rated: by Evie
November 29, 2017
we have been trying to get our local monster energy rep to leave some new flavors of monster java...Today 5-21-15 I was told by a store rep that since dollor general corp DID not order this flavor that it would cost the vendor money to stock it...The last time I checked it is not about what dollor general wants BUT WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS....Thanks dollor general I will go shop someplace eles to get my items....THANKS FOR DROPPING THE BALL AND SHITTING ON THE CUSTOMERS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.........
Rated: by larry ahrndt
November 29, 2017
On Saturday 7-29-2017 I went to the store on 1143 E lexington ave in High Point NC and the store had a sign on door be right back I waited for 10 minutes no one opened door. Isn't it supposed to be open all time,I would like a response
Rated: by Carol Joyce
November 28, 2017
Don't know how to contact someone interested in prime location for a Dollar General. I have a piece of property located in Maple community outside of Conway, SC. Would like for someone to take a look at it and see if you would like to locate there, as there isn't a store within several miles. Can be contacted at
Rated: by Joe Rabon
November 28, 2017
I was very excited when they put 2 Dollar General stores in my town of Apple Valley CA. I had just spent almost a year living in Paris TN, and enjoyed the store there. Well, they opened the stores here and looked very nice for a while, now the one on Navajo St is in such a sorry state that I no longer go in there EVER. You can't find prices on anything, not even on the shelves. Stuff is cluttered and the whole vicinity of the store inside and out is dirty. It is obviously understaffed, I can't imagine why because we have a serious unemployment rate out here, and I have personally applied to no effect. I had been going into the store on Bear Valley Rd for some time and got to know the folks who worked there by name. The manager Don was on top of everything. It was clean, orderly and the staff was ever so helpful, and pointed out sales and I was happy going in there. I spend a lot of money there. However, all of a sudden there is just one person working there, the previous girls and Don are missing. I ask about them an just got a response that they are no longer with the company. I pointed out that the store was a wreck an the guy just replied "I am sorry you feel that way". What is going on with Dollar General? It's like no one cares anymore. I am sorry to see this once friendly clean, well stocked stroe go straight down the tubes.
Rated: by Marilyn James
November 28, 2017
For the past month the store located on Montgomery Ave., Sheffield Al has been a complete mess nothing is stocked hardly, items in the floor, nothing hardly is straighten. Just in a mess. I know there is a lot of new people that work there. Please bring back the previous workers to that store - least was clean. Plus the red headed cashier cannot leave her cell phone alone. She will text while you waiting to pay or before she bags your items or before she checks you out. I stated something about the mess in the store and lady at cashier and the manager stated "oh, I do that to". My place of employment does not allow cell phones when you are working. Maybe Dollar General should change there cell phone policy. Without customers there would be no Dollar General.
Rated: by Ann
November 27, 2017
The Dollar General in Homosassa Florida does not have very good customer service employees. I went into the store to return some items, the cashier had me slide me debit card to refund me my money instead it ran through as a purchase. She refunded me the proper amount of $18.36 in return the money she was supposed to return me originally off of my debit card is still not on my card.
Rated: by chad Seeman
November 27, 2017
I'm writing from Ramsey Il.We have a good store here but,my complaint is simple.There is a wonderful hard working girl there and she wants to be manager,She's done the job for several month now and your store here has a great rating.She took the test and failed ,but didn't want to cheat,which seems to be the your stores.Says she can't retry till five more month.Their are several people here in our small town that want her to get this position .I come into your store often.Please,give her another try.Her name is Jenny.Jennifer.
Rated: by Kathy
November 27, 2017
It amazes me that a organization as yours, expect consumers to patronize your establishments, spending their hard earned money in your stores, but you charge them for getting cash back at the register. We have enough entities in this country who take advantage of the consumer already..Now you're doing it too! It's ironic that major retail and food chains can allow their patrons cash back with charging them. This is a loss poor move on your part. Why don't you just do away with the cash back option all together. I like using your stoires..but find it very hard to go back..when I can buy what I need someplace else, even if I have to pay more..and get cash back if I need it (Without being charged)..especially after I spent my hard earned money in said establishment. Thumbs Down Dollar General !!!
Rated: by Samuel Gilliard
November 25, 2017
Is it your store's policy to treat employees like dirt? My grandson was
hired your store in May 2015. He worked at 4 different stores. Was always on time, worked any hours you needed, and was never out. After 2 months of work the phone calls to come in ceased. He tried calling the store where he was hired. They never answered his calls. Trying to
get in touch with the corporate store is like calling the president of the U.S. He eventually gave up. Do you hire folks and then let them go
when you no longer need them like sweeping up trash and discarding it? I am disappointed in Dollar General. He at least deserves an explanation. He goes to a local college now and has put the episode behind him. As his grandmother and the one who he lives with, I am
still pissed at the way you did him. Shopping at Dollar General is not
where you will find this dissatisfied grandmother anymore. I'm telling
everyone who will listen how your store treated my grandson. This is not what I would expect from such a large corporation. This is not the
first time I've heard of your dealings with employees. Shame on you!
Think you are top dog? REALLY!

November 25, 2017
If you wonder why there are ten people in line at the check out at DG, it's company policy. That checker you see is likely the manager that has been given no payroll and is in the store by herself. I know of a regional manager in Arkansas griping out his manager at the checkout between customers about the shape of the store even though she is the only employee in the store. What a company. Ted Vasos must be like pharaoh in the Bible. Slaves you will produce more with less. I cannot conceive of a company that would hold a manager responsible for a stores inventory while forcing them to work by themselves daily for up to half a day before any help comes into work. It's just what shoplifters want, one person checking and the store is mine to steal. Stockholder's need to know that this policy contributes to shrink big time. Shoplifters likely think, go early and steal big. Imagine a Walmart store with two or three employees running the whole store. DG thinks it can do what other retailers can't. The manager is basically told to do without payroll and do it all or be fired. Dollar General employees need a UNION to protect them. I was never a union person but in this case DG employees need one to have a voice and be treated fairly.
Rated: by Big Phil
November 22, 2017
Refused bathroom, and I am disabled with bladder condition.
The business was DG in downtown, O'Fallon, IL.
Rated: by Exum
November 20, 2017
I use to work for the Dollar General in Freeman, SD. The turnover there is high, they cannot keep employees there due to the manager, she is rude and disrespectful to other employees. Someone from the corporate office should take a look at the number of employees who have started and left shortly after. The store has some deep issues there. I would suggest for corporate to look into this information.
Rated: by Megan
November 19, 2017
I was in your store today in 42003 area and it was in a terrible mess. I believe my neighbor has called also. The parking lot and floors inside need care, notice spots on floor, seemed to be only 1 person working the store. This community is a nice area to let this fairly new store to go down in appearance as it is. I hope more people let you know so it's conditions can be taking care of. Most of the older associates has transferred to other stores. They seer to have more pride . I hate to complaint but I hate for this store to become an eyesore for our community. Thanks for your time and my concerns. Have a wonderful day.
Rated: by j byerly
November 18, 2017
I stopped into the Dollar General in Montrose Pa on 2/23/2017. I overheard an employee mention she could not leave the building to go use another establishments restroom since the one at Dollar General had not been working for a substantial time. I mentioned it was illegal for the company to not allow an employee to use the restroom. I also mentioned if the restroom is inoperable, then the company (dollar General) would need to supply some sort of facility to use the restroom (port-a-potty) I can not believe a company the size of Dollar General to not have this condition repaired. Also if I was the the district manager of this location, I would fire the manager of this location, unless the District Manager is are already aware of it, and if he is, then he should be fired.
Rated: by Larry
November 18, 2017
I have shopped at your store for years. But the one in Hildebran, NC is unreal. You have a man from coroperate and he refuses to help the other casheries when they are backed up. He just sits in the office. There is nothing on the shelves and then there is another truck tomorrow. And if I ever fall because of trash and cardboard in the floor there will be a law suite. The store is nasty. also if the manger had been on the floor the shop lifter would have been caught tonight. I hope dollar tree puts your store under. If something is not done I will take it to a higher level.
Rated: by Collins
November 17, 2017
I live in Greensboro NC, There no dollar general close by.
THERE is a mall at one time there was a grocery store Key Food ,they moved out because Food Lion was across the street That spot will be perfect
for a dollar general, this is on Alamance Church Road. Please look at this spot.
Rated: by Delores Davis
November 17, 2017
The Dollar Store in Lake Village, AR is so congested; with boxes, carts of inventory to be put on the shelves. You can't get down the aisles to even shop. I'm talking about just nearly every aisle is blocked.
Why can't the corporate office do anything about this. Someone is going to fall and get hurt and then maybe you will see to it that YOUR stores are fit going into w/o any danger of getting hurt. Do YOUR job! Keep your stores crewed with enough people to the job can get done.
Rated: by Jillian
November 17, 2017
The Dollar store here in st.joseph Missouri is one of the dirtest stores I have ever been in. someone from corporate should drop in unexpected and check it out
Rated: by Carol Thomas
November 17, 2017
Cmo, Ms restroom door still not fixed correct, and also I no there has been some complaints made but they are not getting posted of course6HsBeg
Rated: by Rita
November 16, 2017
The store in McQueeny the cleanest and most stocked Dollar General,that I have ever been in......the store has a following,and the manager Stephanie Barry is the best at dealing with for the bad part.......there are times when Stephanie and others are there by them selves,and they say it is because Corparate wants the stores to cut hours,so DG can show more profit......if the ass-wipes in the head office would look at the sales from that store,I think they would see that the store is doing better than most ......if Stephanie leaves,you might as well shut this store down.....BM
Rated: by Bob Makeet
November 15, 2017
I purchased (2) gift cards, totaling 63.75 on 8/4/2016. The cards were activited and minutes
later deactivated. The manager kept insisting the cards were activated, but in fact
they were not. all I asking for you to do is to activate the cards so that my
granddaughter can use them because they were a birthdy gift for her.
November 15, 2017
There are several DG stores in our town. I cannot walk through any one of them because the aisles are so blocked with boxes of merchandise. I used to shop there 2-3 times a week with my sister. We don't go there any longer. Many friends have the same opinion. Hire more people to stock.
Rated: by Maureen Reese
November 15, 2017
Segregation in 2014!!!
I was just a little taken aback by the fact that the Dollar General (on Lake Oconee in Eatonton, GA) does not sell ETHNIC hair products. Just talked to the manager & she gave me a number to call with complaints. We in an uproar about Ferguson & there is obvious racism in our own back yards. Someone mentioned they couldn't find any Ambi products or relaxers & I thought well maybe these particular brands weren't sold at this store, but I spoke to a cashier & manager & before the words were out of my mouth good they said, "we know"! SMH! I frequent Dollar General in many areas and I find it strange that this particular doesn't see products for Ethinic races whereas the others do, even the one that is in Downtown Eatonton, GA. I will be calling on today in addition to this complaint & best believe they let the cat out the bag to the wrong one. As many African American, Biracial, & other ethnic groups out here on Lake Oconee, what gives them the right to pick & choose to only cater to a certain ethnicity over others. I want them to try & justify this mess. It is like segregation in 2014 and there is no excuse. What are we saying to the people who live in this community and need this store? I revisited the store cause I thought maybe I overlooked, but NO relaxers, hair grease, oils, shampoos, gels, head scarfs, do rags, or dyes for ethnic hair, and only one shade of makeup for darker complexion individuals, etc. I am praying this is an oversight and that now that it has been brought to their attention, they correct this situation. If not I plan to not only go to our local media, but statewide, and even the NAACP. I will not sweep this under the run. ‪#‎MrsA‬
Rated: by Chequita A.
November 15, 2017
on 03/01/2016 I went to store location #14975 I shopped for about 20minutes...every isle is a mess nothing is organized but that was not the issue...the issue is that the cashier auth#175297 reference#201100071 was very rude and had an attitude from the start of the check out...I had ice trays to purchase that per the tag in the store 3/2.00 when she got to the item she looked at them rolled her eyes and put them to the side I said ohh there 3 for 2.00 she ignored me as she continued to ring my things out I was very disgusted by her attitude and dealing with my 10year old daughter I grabbed my bag and my recite and was on my way...once I got home I notice that she did not ring my ice trays up nor check and see how much they were and I was with out my item that I wanted to purchase from your store..i called 678-619-1817 and a rep who I assume was her answered I asked to speak with a manager she put me on hold for 4minutes and hung up all while I herd her personal conversations and not once did she request a manager...I called back and finally got a manager who I believe she said her name was either veronica or Victoria I advised her my issue and the only thing she had to say was drive back and get them...being that I was already home and I just had teeth removed which I needed the ice trays for I was not going to waste my gas nor time to go back to a dirty store and deal with rude people...I called corporate and spoke with Bart id#740017368 who took down my complaint and told me I had 24-48 hours to wait for a district manager to return my call...I have no idea what is going to be done but I am very upset and can not believe the service or how dirty the store was...I am send this in hopes to resolve my issue and im also going to report this to the better business bough as well...thank you!
Rated: by deberial michie
November 13, 2017
Customers in Gurdon, AR deserve to have 2 checkouts open on Saturdays. When Family Dollar opens soon I'm sure 1 will be enough. A lot of us are disgusted with your service.
Rated: by Rob Ric
November 13, 2017
Visited our local Dollar Store here in Mascot, Tennessee as I usually due because the working class has to shop at places like this because of money so tight. As usual the store is nasty and unkempt. Shelves empty...Tried to use my five dollar off coupon that I got from my last vist just a few days ago and of course the scanning procedure won't recognize it and the manager doesn't know why...Why do you offer shoppers the discount if you system and your employees don't recognize them? Of course you guys don't really care about anything but the money because complaints have come in for years with no results. Unfortunately poor people have to shop at places like yours and family dollars, and you guys know it....
Rated: by Jim
November 11, 2017
the manager at the Ellet store is very unorganized and has a turn-over rate that makes it very hard to get any assistance.
she is very prejudicial and tends to "BABY' employees that have No work ethic and no desire to learn, but will ride a good employee till they BREAK and resign.
I have shopped at this store for quite a long time, and regret the day that the big red headed male manager resigned.

November 10, 2017
The dollar general in Virginia kempsville rd and Volvo parkway is the best and gives. Customers good service I love them like family but i do have one complaint the manager on duty doesn't do her job ....i asked the girl in the front if she has back up and the manager on duty never came up and the poor girl had a hard time
Rated: by kiaya
November 10, 2017
I loved the digital coupons and still do but... I make my list and know exactly what I'm going for, I'm on a budget so I plan carefully. But what good does it do me to plan and then get to the store and NONE of my digital work. It is 're a lot embarrassing when that happens and you have yo put stuff back because you don't have enough money to pay :( please fix these machines. My past 5 visits digital have n it worked
Rated: by Wanda
November 10, 2017
DG in Troup, TX is the dirtiest, most unorganized store I've ever seen. You can't walked down the isles or even see most of the shelves for the clutter and carts. It seems to be poorly managed. I've shopped in a lot of DGs but that one is the worst. It looks like no one cares. I'm sure shoplifting must be high at that store. No one would see them with the boxes stacked around. It appears the floors haven't been swept or mopped in a very long time. Someone should really take a look at that store.
Rated: by lulu