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Dollar Tree Inc. is the chain of variety stores (discount) in America that offers different items in just one dollar only. Dollar Tree is a part of Fortune 500 companies and has its headquarters located in Chesapeake, Virginia. At present, the chain is operating near about 4,400 stores in different regions that include 48 contiguous locations in Canada and in the US. The stores operating by the chain are supported by Logistic Networks that again works under 9 distribution centers in the mentioned regions. The company also operates the popular 1-dollar store under the banner of Dollar Bills and Dollar Tree.

Address: 500 Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake,VA
Phone : 757-321-5000
1.4 Rating
Reviews : 31

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October 20, 2017
Rated: by Eileen
October 19, 2017
4/2/17 My granddaughter worked at a Dollar Tree store for several months in 2015. She has tried and tried to get her W-2 from them and still does not have it. She even sent a $7.00 money order at their request and she still has not received it. Next call: IRS.
Rated: by Dale Grahm
October 14, 2017
This isn't my first experience like this and I know it seems like nothing will ever come of it. Every other time my husband, my 4 year old and myself are in store #3155 we treated like thieves and people that destroy their store. We've never given them any reason. We don't even carry my purse in there for this reason. Then they get on the loud speaker and tell my kid to get right beside us for his so called safety. He's not even 4 ft away from us. I don't appreciate it and feel like your company really likes this in your employees after my own research and experiences. I spend more money than I'd like to admit in your stores to be treated like this. The cashiers name was Lucinda and again the store # 3155 Jeffersonville in.
Rated: by Krista Hedrick
October 13, 2017
I was just at the Dollar Tees in San Antonio, Tx., store #1804. I was treated very rudly by the store manager who refused to give me her name. She YELLED at me saying "Get back in line, there is only one line and I wil tell you when you are next!" I tolder her loudly how rude she was and she said "Just get back!" I told my husband "she is so rude, in front of all the other customers" again she yelled I hear you talking about me. I said "Stop yelling at me, and get me the mamager" The other cashier said "She is the manages" I asked ehat is your name and she refused to tell me. THe other cahsier said "She is under lots of stress" That is no excuse to be continually rude. I am a Nurse, RN, I have a stessful job but I do not go around yelling and demanding people to GET BACK, I am a professional! Something must be doneabout this person and her rude, harsh behavior especially to customers. I will NEVER shop at Dollar Tree again and I will spread the word to anyone who will listen to not shop there, EVER! I demand a written and verbal apology and that she be fired! If she is so stresse out she needs to not work there or anywhere else.
Rated: by Roseann Kawazoe
October 11, 2017
Revere ma furlong drive, terrible unprofessional management outside Pliny most of the time . Complaining about customers in front of them.
Rated: by David
October 6, 2017
i use my debt card at your store on hwy 69 south Tuscaloosa Alabama it took all my money off my card I talk to the store mgr. she theres nothing she can do about
Rated: by scott lollar
September 27, 2017
I love dollar tree,but I wish your corporation would see fit to put one in bulverde tx. We could really use one. Think about it. Thank you for your time. Becky Baird
Rated: by Becky Baird
September 27, 2017
Recently while visiting the dollar tree in Monticello, Ky I was shopping with my 5year old son, we were near the back of the store where two young guys were working to stock shelves, both of these young men were using bad language while talking to each other, and seem to be discussing a party that had occured the night before, I hurried my son along cause I did not want him hearing that kind of language. When I reached the front of the store to purchase my items I decided to ask for the manager and say something about what I had overheard while shopping, the older lady at the front called for the manager and when he got to the front of the store he was one of the young men in which I had heard using all the bad language. I did say something to him and he was just rude and said Oh I will deal with it, then turned and walked into the little room near the registers that says \"Employees only\" I feel that dollar tree needs to check into this issue soon. I will not be shoppping here anymore due to this issue.
Rated: by Kimberly
September 27, 2017
I had a very bad esperiencia the shop # 5220 .. the cashier was rude ,, he said bad words to my daughter and nephews, they just played the candy machine. I guess all kids do .. I can say we were verbally abused .. she is a racist, he told me that if I did not like, did not return to the store apart ,, she said I did not speak English.
Rated: by Evelia
September 26, 2017
The cashier was rude and shouldn't work with the public in Apple Valley MN. I was asking about a purchase I made earlier that day which she wasn't helpful at all I couldn't get a word in as she continue to talk over me, I decided to purchase several items also four Christmas hat ornaments which was near the register as she continue being rude and loud calling me an ugly person I paid for my merchandise when I got in my vehicle I checked my bag an notice the cashier only put three Christmas hat ornaments in my bag in stead of four maybe she wanted it more than I did. I call that stealing. I will not return to that store.
Rated: by Not please with service
September 25, 2017
poor customer service at dollar tree at 26932 cherry hills blvd. Menifee,ca 92586
had problem with checking out in line the register crashed the assistant mgr. re-did the my sales order paid her cash at check out my debit went through my bank now I have to fight to get my money back and no reply from corporate office, sales associate didn't care that I lost my money either very rude lady she shouldn't be working for this store.My husband tried to assist me he went into this store she treated him badly and called me a liar!!. Conclusion to many other discount stores to shop at with better customer care, wrote a letter certified mail for response now I am waiting for their response. Shopped at other Dollar Tree stores they are better and Family Dollar is great!
Rated: by michele suzanne ball
September 22, 2017
I just left the Dollar Tree in Clarksville Indiana. A I approached the door, there was a man sitting on the sidewalk about 15 feet from the door. He began cussing loudly and as I closer to him, looked directly at me and said "I am going to punch you in the f@@@ing face you stragely hair bit@@. I gathered up my merchandise and went to the manager and asked if I was the only person complaining about the man threatening people. She replied yes, he is homeless and mentally challenged. I asked, so you know he is not going to hit me? She said, I will watch you walk to your car. REALLY?????? Why not just ask him to leave the area? I certainly will not be back in there if I see him sitting there again. I think, you will loose a lot of business, you have lost mine if he is there next time.
Rated: by ReBecca Worth
September 22, 2017
Well here I go again trying to get someone to read my complaint,
probably no such luck. The Dollar Tree in Greenwood, SC, near Wal-Mart.
It is impossible to shop with so much merchandise in the aisles, can't
see if anything is on the shelves and no one was stocking. From what I was told the DM won't allow it. Trying to act like a dummy not giving
the hours to the stockers. I not sure what she is trying to prove. It
is not helping the store at all. I guess she is trying to make a big showing for the wheels in Virginia. This is bad for stores sales and
the stockers and cashiers.

Rated: by mr me
September 20, 2017
The Black Manager with the red/orange hair with the Louisiana accent is sooo damn rude. I've been going there since they opened but now I'm going to shop at another location because she's rude and too ghetto. If she's the Manager, I would hate to meet her regional manager. She's always on the phone at the register and ringing the customers at the same time. She's so unprofessional. The loud ghetto conversation she was having, she should had been on break for that language and loudest. You can hear her in the back of the store. I was thinking more keeping the shelves full and less gossiping. OMG, this was one of my worst guest satisfaction at this location on 2618 Eldridge Store #4088 according to my receipt..
Rated: by Diane Williams
September 18, 2017
One of your store managers name Kimla at store # 1900 the French market 2800 NW 63rd Street is acting like she is on drugs or very uncaring or disrespectful. She interviewed my son on July 3 and told him to come back the following week for onboarding. she proceeded to continue to lead him on like he had the job . Lie # 2 are computers are down and I will be on vacation the 4th thru rest of week call me on July 11th . He did and Lie #3 Oh call me on the 14th of July. He did. Lie #4 Oh Corporate is here all day in my Store come in Tuesday July 18th after 1pm. He rode his bike in 90 degree weather to be there and Lie #6 You have to go to the other store on may and 63rd and talk with that manager on July 19 at 7am. He rode his bike to that location in 90 degree weather and that manager stated she already had her people and for him to go back to Kimla at sore 1900. I told him no , I'll call and ask why all the lies and the run around why hurt someone's self-esteem this way. I can't believe the type of management you allow to run your stores treating people like they have no dignity. Your managers have no integrity or respect for the human kind let alone young adults trying to do the right thing in their live only to have Adults like this treat them this way. You really need to investigate and retrain your managers of your mission statement. I will be tweeting and blogging about this experience. So sad dollar tree! Treat human beings with respect and dignity. Say what you mean and mean what u say. I called after giving my son the run around and she proceeded to say we are going through changes and we are being retrained and what doe that have to do with all the lies and misinformation. Does he have the opportunity to work there or not . Manager response I have five people in my store right now call me back. I'm thinking for what Lie #9. I feel corporate needs to know this and should deal with this Manager.
Rated: by Bernita Mallett
September 15, 2017
Parmatown Dollar Tree, Line down the isle while manager and workers discussing schedules and other stuff. when one and only cashier called for help they still continued to chat. we could hear them at register. one lady yelled hello we need help at front. they then came to front and said well go ahead call our boss then maybe we would get help. while I checked out I find out one of ppl making smart ass comments was manager on duty. She was grumbling because the other lady said she was calling 800 number and cashier told boss ppl in line gonna call and complain. how dare a manager talk back to customers in line and blame company for short staffing her. I kid you not. this all took place at 3:55 today store # 214. Stella told me the lady who was blowing steam was a boss. Stella and the boss and two ppl who I assume worked there all stood in the back by freezer while ppl waited in line. pull your camera"s between 3:50 to 3:58 look at the lines and check cooler area.
Rated: by sherry
September 11, 2017
Wow on 03-07-2017 I had the displeasure of going into the 29 palms dollar general, I was looking for the key to the restroom which 20 minutes later was located. To my surprise no toilet paper , 3 employees were standing around one in particular was discussing her home life and her kids. I was standing about 12 feet away, as one of the women went on about her landlady and what a B---- she was, she had called the cops are her kids can you believe the F----- Cops.... This went on for about 2 min, I walked over and said hey, as they continued talking and continuing to throw F-Bombs. She looked at me I said you have little ears and a lot of customers in here watch your words! she said oh sorry.. As I walked away, she continued to go on and on , I was so up set I asked which one of them were in charge The taller of the three brown hair walked over to me, I asked her was that very professional to let her continue cursing . She said I'm only the key holder. as I was talking to her she started to fix things on the shelf, I asked her to look at me as I was talking to her, she could have cared less what I had to say. The other women blonde that just listened to their conversation and a little shorter stature brown hair tatted up loud mouth was the one that continued with her filthy mouth. I guess dollar general doesn't care who they hire. I will never go into another dollar general again disgust is the impression I was left with. Shame on these three little children, elders were all around NO CLASS none at all.......
Rated: by Denise
September 9, 2017
Dollar Tree used to carry a good variety of fresh bread and rolls; several name brands. Now, they only have one brand I've never heard of and they only carry plain white bread; no choice at all. Now, I just go back to my grocery store and purchase what I want; used to do most of my purchasing at Dollar Tree..
Rated: by Linda
September 8, 2017
I was shopping in the store at 4896 Inglewood on December 31th the store was a mess its dirty and nasty. The store is empty where is the merchandise. The Assistant Manager Chey was in front of the store smoking weed with some people hanging out in Front of the store. The cashier Janikka was loud and rude. This is not an professional way to act and I sure this is not your company policy. This store has never looking like this when the other store manager was there. The Assistant Manager and Associates are loud and ghetto in front of the store. You can hear there conversation all the way in the back of the store. When you let them know someone in the store is stealing they said we can't do anything about that. I went to visit the store on today it is in the same condition Floors are dirty they haven't been moped in weeks the storages containers are all thrown down on the floor. its been that way since my first visit. You can smell weed on associates that work in the store. What type of image is your company showing the community people who shop in your stores. The 99cent store now post that they are a drug free Company. I will not be shopping in this store any more
Rated: by Customer
September 8, 2017
I visited your store on Franklin Street in Michigan City Indiana on February 13 of this year. I noticed an employee who looked very distraught, it bothered me because it was obvious something was troubling this girl.
Another employee confronted her, asking what was wrong. The girls response sent chills up my spine.
She told the employee..I buried my 2 week old Baby today, and was told if I called off I would be fired.
What kind of business are you people running? If your manager made this decision she should be fired immediately because I would hope your policy doesn't allow an employee to take off for a death of a child.
I myself will never shop at another Family Tree.
Rated: by sherry mougros
September 8, 2017
Being a current employee for dollar tree, I would like to remain anonymous. As far as the deals go, it's great. Working there is a whole different story. And it's not just the retail it's the way the company treats you. I have been an ast. Manager for 4 years now and still haven't managed to get $1.00 raise. $0.15 raise each year for all my hard work. I dedicated so much of my time to this company and they say thank you with $.15cents. I work 40hours a week, and it is not enough to support myself none the less a family. It's a
Constant struggle to pay the bills. The associates at dollar tree get a standard raise! So another associate doing half the work is getting the same raise as someone like myself who is working twice as hard, taking on more responsibility; it's unfair! I work @ a very successful store, where we always strive for higher standards. It's just disappointing to know that we are
Rated: by Susie Que
September 6, 2017
I went into a store that you merged with family dollar I will address my concerns with the FTC maybe I can get more out of the FTC than family Dollar or Dollar. I am not impressed with how the company is !!
Rated: by Margaret J.Lopez
September 6, 2017
The Newest store in my area has got to be the worse dollar tree in history, as my kids say you are the only person I know that can spend a 100.00 in dollar tree. The stupid manager there Marie in Florida the Welleby plaza near Publix off Oakland park blvd,said you can't take the buggy out. She told me I had to go to Publix and get one, shopping there is not a pleasure. They are discriminating, when she is not there I have taken the buggy out and no one says a word, she is an idiot. I saw a white older man take the buggy out and not a word was said, She also shakes when she walks don't know why someone has to look into that, let's say something keeps her high strum. It's a shame I have to go out of my area just because I spend my hard earn money and I need to shop with a buggy :(
Rated: by Mary
September 5, 2017
Now I can see why your employees act the way they do, becasue if the Corporate offices don't care, neither will they. You hide from your customers. You make mit very hard to reach you when they have an issue, you have no email address, because you don't want to be bother, you just want the money. I could report the abuse/rude treatment we endure within your stores to BBB, but I'm (we) try to contact you first, the right thing to do. You can see obviously, your employees do not have porper training in how to treat customers, becasue you (as their leaders) don't know how to treat a customer. I went into one of your stores again on today, which I usually try to avoid, because your store employees are the worse when it comes to helping/checking our customers, but you were the first $1 I ran across when I thought of a couple of things I needed, and this locaiton that I visited today 10/3/16, is the worse of all the locations/Dollar tree I've been in and I hadn't been in this one for close to two months (@10964 Westheimer Rd, Houston @2pm). When I walked into the store, the line was all the way down the candy isle and you had x1 employee checking out, but I thought by the time I get up to the register, it would either be shorter and/or another employee would have come to open another register. So when I got in line almost at the end of the isle, I walked up to the cashier and ask, if there was more help, and "that we shouldn't have to stand this long inside of this store". She stated that she was alone. Then others began saying something about how long they had been stadning in line. Suddenly the cashier paged someone. It took a few mins and all of a sudden this "black girl/woman) and I'm not prejudice, because I'm black (I just want you to know who it was) and I guess she was suppose to be a manager, because she comes out of this room at the front of the store, and if she's the manager (that would be a shame), she walks out as slow as a snail, as if she's upset that she was paged, and she page someone to come up front to check out. Now, I'm thinking (and I'm sure others are as well), why is she upset, she's not the one about to check us out, she's calling for someone else to check us out, so how is it causing her any harm? Is that too much work for her? Why is she upset? Why want "our money" that paids their salary and keep your stores open, if you don't want to collect "our money" for your registers? So it's OK if we stand in long line for up to 15-25mins, because you dont' feel like working, but yet at the end of the week, you feel like getting "your check", that comes "from and through our money, who stood for long periods of time in your long lines. Now does that sound fair? I know damn well it doesn't.
Rated: by Karen
September 5, 2017
I am referring to your store in Orange,Texas. This store is the junkiest, nastiest and very accidental. There is always junk, from the shelves, always on the floor. This is suppose to be a business for people to shop in, it is NOT safe to shop in this store. It just needs to be closed permanently. It is a disgrace to the business world. I am so ashamed, as others are, it is disgusting. When I go in there, not by myself, but to take others in, I get so upset and disgusted. I will NEVER, as well as a lot of my friends, step foot in this accident place. Someone is going to fall on the crap on the floor, when they do, I would NOT be surprise if you get sued. You need someone from the corporate office to come to Orange, NOT TELLING THE LAZY AND RUDE EMPLOYEES, surprise them with a visit and see the real truth. I am going to call the inspector and get a hold of the BBB and turn this store in, it is a dangerous place. We live in Orange, but we shop in the Bridge City store, which is always clean, well stocked and always, has bascarts, NOT the hand baskets.
Rated: by Phyllis McCall
September 4, 2017
AFTER WASTING AT LEAST 1 HOUR OF LISTENING TO COMMERCIALS ON YOUR 1-800-530-8733 NUMBER AND NOT ABLE TO PLACE A ORDER I CONTACTED THIS SITE AND RECEIVED A LIVE PERSON IMMEDIATELY AND WAS ABLE TO PLACE MY ORDER. I APPRECIATED HER HELP AND WILL PLACE ALL FUTURE ORDERS THRU THIS SITE. I would suggest that you review your policy of pushing other products NOT carried by you. As a customer this is a TURN OFF and a good way to LOSE CUSTOMERS. I would appreciate a response to this Email.
James Harrington
5872 Antigua Drive
San Jose, CA 95120-1707
September 4, 2017
I have always respected Dollar tree, but the stores are becoming unhealthy and unclean.
There is no reason that you can't mop the floors nightly. YOU are showing your customers disrespect. It's getting worst. I almost walked out my last visit because your entry door is filthy.
This company makes big money, now your store looks like the slums and 3rd world countries.
Rated: by Ethel DeSuze
August 30, 2017
I've decided to show the public what your tampered poisoned assured brand tussin dm cough syrup that I purchased at dollar tree store in Plainfield ,Indiana #739' .the damages that it caused to my esophagus when I swallowed some of it! I have pictures of the esophageal burned epithelial necrotic tissue sediment that I'm still coughing up till this day,my throat and neck is still pertruding large goiter and thyroid gland enlargement,bloody mucous! So that anyone who purchased this poison like I did can also pursue pain and suffering,I know I'm not the only victim here! I want compensation, FDA should've made a public recall when fda forensic lab tested mine positive ,instead they had the nerve to deny me access to the the true findings of crushed glass,amorphous nano particulate solid material in it ,also synthetic chemically toxic adulterated fibers that it also contained as told to me in a document that was acknowledged by an analist that I spoke to at the forensic crime lab in Cincinnati,it is my right to know exactly what techs found in my cough syrup ,that I turned over to them! In some way,in order to test it ,I'm the one who purchased it ,how can you take it hostage! And don't give my attorneys a right to test it possitve on my behalf ,so I could've been treated with an antidote as soon as I ingested it but FDA and forensic FDA lab techs denied me that chance ,now I'm sitting here still wondering what my kidneys would've been like with immediate response From some one that gave a damn ,about if it kills me or not! Now my only chance to save my life at this moment is dialysis,and still you or the FDA refuse to grant me written chemical analysis findings, instead they send me a letter saying that they have deleted this important information and it's not appropriate for me or the public to KNOW! WELL THATS ABOUT TO CHANGE! Oh! I forgot the fact that detective bill,mc Kenna at office of criminal investigations went after me and threatened my life and said that he was sending some of his people to take me to prison ! Instead of investigating manufacture bio pharm inc and apprehending the real attempted murderer inside bio pharm inc itself,HOW CAN THIS BE? The World Wide Web of consumers are not going to like this,knowing if they ever come in contact with some of your adulterarated cough syrup ,like I did ! That you would do absolutely nothing,in which you would be with these innocent consumer-buyers! Shame on you!
Rated: by RUBY
August 28, 2017
I really enjoy going to Dollar Tree Stores.
Today I went into the store on 14700 Crenshaw Blvd in Gardena,Ca.
The staff were pleasant but the store was not kept up. I like to go to a store that is clean and organize
It so much more inviting when the floors are clean and merchandise is in place.
Rated: by miley
August 27, 2017
I called roller tree store to ask if vthey had the solar e i they said yes they did we went down and it wax not true.

They said that the person confused it with ball . Wow I will never shop here again you lost a customer

Rated: by Helen Nakamura
August 26, 2017
Instead of opening new stores all the time, maybe you should focus on your current stores. The store on West 86th Street, Indianapolis is the dirtiest store I have ever been in. The carpet squares are dirty, stained and not swept. The aisles are crowded with large boxes and not wheelchair accessible. I'm sure The American Disability Act and the Indiana State Board of Health would not approve of these conditions.
Rated: by yvonne