FedEx Kinkos is a business services and document solution provider. The company offers number of facilities such as copying and digital printing, computer rentals, videoconferencing, finishing, document creation, Internet access, signs and graphics, notary, direct mail, Web-based printing, ground shipping, and shipping services. The company provides its services in Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The company was founded in the year 1970 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The document solution provider offers letterhead and matching envelopes, note cards, address labels, flyers, folders, brochures, note pads, postcards, and promotional magnets.

Address: 13155 Noel Road, Suite 1600, Dallas,TX
Phone : 800-463-3339
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October 12, 2017
Rated: by Felicia B
October 4, 2017
Fedex, has the worst fucking service ever. They keep on pushing off the Scheduled delivery date for my stuff everyday. and i run a computer company and when they push out the Scheduled delivery date. that means i lose money, then there drivers are so fucking lazy they dont get out of there truck if there are stairs to climb. so people trust me if you need something on time please please trust me go with UPS they are a million times better the fucking fedex.
Rated: by Rocker Computers
October 2, 2017
Based on service from both the Citrus Heights, CA and Rancho Cordova, CA in which both offices participated illegally in an illegal surveillance verbally assaulting me with use of profanic language:"bitch," "cunt" "fucking bitch"--setting up their own surveillance teams and surveillance that should be interconnected or disturbed with a witness protection surveillance that I am under facilitated by The Federal government; these branches are also participating as paid/comp surveillance by Nichol/Nicol Day, Mark MaKieve, and Jodie Hallowes. Legal action has been taken to solidify protection from these people and will be taken accordingly to protect myself from them. The Rancho Cordova Police department was called on Sunday September 14,2014 on a woman who immediately threatened ne with her own surveillance or the company's surveillance or Mark MaKieve's surveillance paid for by his mother Julie Makepeace. Investigation is underway in containing still these people and court dates have been set and criminal legal action will ensue. I would also like to receive my Staples card back left, I believe, at the Fed Ex location: 3161Data Drive, Ste.#1 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916-858-1900.Vivki Snyder is the manager at the Citrus Heights, CA office in which she treated me horribly as she also illegally participated with another associate and a girl with long brown hair roughly mid-twenties to possibly late twenties brown eyes brown hair lunged at me and became very aggressive when I was told, as she knew already, that I was in a witness protection surveillance. I want to return to get my card back as there my be funding still on the card. She took my card to a Staples to try and identify me possibly use the remainder of what's left on the card. I am told she has been fired--I would like for someone at Corporate to contact me at 916-749-2691--as I will call law authorities to be able to re-enter the location if need be. All communication and phone calls as this girl knew was under surveillance--and that being a witness protection surveillance. The city of Rancho Cordova, CA is under scrutiny for those like her participating illegal in a surveillance that should have never been surveillance. Those involved who are responsible have and will be named and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. I am "an illegal" and/or"illegal-surveillant," one of 106 in the country. These individuals in your company can also answer to a judge. People as well in West Sacramento,CA whose involvement connects to the parties in question will be liable for the same--answering to a judge in court cases civil, criminal and or the highest courts state and/or Federal. Thank you, Brenda Bowen
Rated: by Benda Bowen
September 11, 2017
I walked in at 10:50 pm Thursday, May 9th. I was greeted with a Hello and then a \'we close in 10 min\'. I said I know and hoped my fax would not take that long. She replied with it depends on how many pages I have and that it may take that long if not more. The first fax machine failed to dial at all to send my fax, then your 2nd machine decided it was going to fax all my sheets at once, then I decided to hand feed, almost done, the fax machine thought I was done, I actually had 3 more sheets. As I am trying to fax my last couple of sheets, I am informed that I have to leave that we are closed. REALLY, I needed one more lousy minute to finish my fax. I told her that I thought she could stay another min or two for a customer and that I have been on the other side when I have had to stay for customers. I was told that Kinko’s is strict with payroll (not in those exact words, I am paraphrasing). I will choose to go to the UPS store from here on out. I understand why my company now only does business with UPS and no longer FedEx.
Rated: by Chris M