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FedEx Corporation is a multinational courier delivery company founded in 1971. FedEx stands for Federal Express and provides its service worldwide and has its headquarters located at Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The company also operates subsidiaries under the brand name of FedEx Office, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Supply Chain, and FedEx Services. The company products range from Post delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics. The company operates with 300,000 employees. The company ranks among position in Fortune magazines Worlds Most Admired Companies, and in 100 Best Places to Work For.

Address: 942 S. Shady Grove Rd., Memphis,TN
Phone : 901-818-7500
1.5 Rating
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December 6, 2017
FedEx is arguably the worst package delivery system in the world. Specific arrangements for delivery of a package to me were ignored twice despite two requests for compliance.
Delivery was attempted at times when no one was on premises despite giving specific instruction when someone would be available to sign for the package.
Talking to customer service representatives was like talking to pre-programmed automatons incapable of independent thought, critical thinking or the ability to effect corrective action. They hemmed, they hawed, they said they would talk to someone and leave a message somewhere, to no avail. I still don't have my package as of this writing.
The astounding arrogance and ignorance of their operation is breathtaking. How they survive in business is incredible. Anybody who uses FedEx is a fool. The United States Postal Service is far superior in customer service.

Rated: by daniel barry moore
December 5, 2017
My package was shipped on 5/28/15 and I still have not received it and NO ONE will get back to me to tell me where it is. Horrible!!!!! Never, never, never use Fed Ex! UPS is much better.
Rated: by Kathy Hendrickson
November 25, 2017
I should have had UPS; at least they know what they are doing. The supposed "Customer Service Specialist" could not even trace my package with the door pick up number; said my address did not exist in their system; and the Fedex label was so old she had no way of checking. The label had just been left by the driver who did not know the difference between a gate and a front door!
Rated: by Anna
November 14, 2017
I have a package to return to a company to repair or replace something. Fed Ex ground sent me a label to put on the package to have the package shipped. I called Fed Ex to get the package picked up and I was told the company I was sending the package too gave me the wrong label. Fed Ex sent me the label from there web sight. They said the label should have a box in the corner with a letter in it. My label did not have that. The customer service guy from Fed Ex hung up on me. I called back and a lady answered this time and she said the label said Fed Ex ground on it so it did not need a letter in the box. The driver came to pick up the package and said the label was not correct that it needed a bar code on it. I had a copy of the e-mail from fed ex and I showed it to him and there was no bar code. He did something with his hand held computer and all of a sudden he could take the package. I check this morning with Fed Ex tracking and it only showed the label was sent. Then later today a Fed Ex driver came to get the package. I told him it was picked up yesterday and he said their system had no record of it. Another call to customer service gets me an English speaking challenged person. He could not answer anything. I asked for a supervisor and he got on the phone. He located the package in there hub and it was sitting there because of no bar code. it would sit there for years because of no bar code. The supervisor looked into his computer and agreed I was sent a wrong label. He was going to contact the hub and most likely have a new label printed and call me with the new tracking number. He was going to get back to me in 20 minutes. that was 41/2 hours ago and I do not have anything including a way to call this guy back. These people are totally incompetent.
Like · Comment · 12 hours ago · 15 Reviews · Comments Arvia I called Fed Ex customer service today hoping to get a person that had or has a clue to how to run the shipping agency. The jury is still out but The new guy today after hearing the story asked me if I still had the package????? Just how stupid is that question. Fed Ex is in denial ????? This guy did call back and said he too found the package sitting at the Ocala hub so I guess he knows I do not have it !!!!!! I am still waiting for another call back as they are trying to create a new label that is correct this time and get things moving. Just as I reminded the Fed Ex folks , it took the pony express 11 days from the midwest to California. Fed Ex has taken 7 days so far to move my package about 4 miles and it is still in Ocala Florida. You gotta love progress????
LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 6 minutes ago Arvia Just think , Fed Ex is having a hard time creating a shipping label from there own company from there own hub??? This was told to me??? Maybe they just can't get one that will work this time. The company that the package is going to paid for this crap. Time for Fed Ex to evaluate there people and get people that speak fluent ENGLISH. This is America !!!!!!!
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Al Arvia
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While on the phone with your supervisor Luis and while he was telling me Supervisor had found the package and was going to get a express number and send the package because of all the foul ups my door bell rang. It was the Fed Ex ground driver that picked up the package at my home days earlier. He had the package in his hands and said it has been on his truck. He said they would not put it on the belts because of the label. That means I was standing in my home being lied to with the package in my hands that 2 of your supervisors said the had and were going to ship for me. Fed Ex is nothing but a room of mirrors run by liars and deception kings. I took the package and had it shipped paying for it myself. Unlike you liars who like to deceive I am telling you I spent almost $40.00 for what should have been paid for shipping and I am going to file BBB complaints and whatever else I can come up with.
Rated: by Al Arvia
November 10, 2017
I will be sending documents that will help clear up my bill i already sent some information, it will becoming from Mrs Jean Huddleston UPS Store Urgent
Rated: by Jeral Durant Henderson
October 26, 2017
My packages have been on your truck for a week. I have been home every day waiting for my packages. I live in a secure complex. Your driver just has to punch my apartment number into a keypad, located by the door to the office, and I will buzz him in. He has come every day at approximately the same time, when the office is closed, and does not ring my buzzer. He just writes that the office was closed. I have called the customer service number and got no satisfaction. I have called the shipper several times and they have tried to resolve the problem with your customer service. Evidently your driver just wants to finish his route as quickly as possible by just dumping packages in the office, when it is open. I am eagerly awaiting another delivery service, such as Amazon, and shippers will start to use a service that is concerned about getting the packages delivered.
Rated: by Lela
October 4, 2017
I ordered something from Utah and I live in South Dakota and it is now in Memphis. Doesn't seem very efficient.
Rated: by Sharon smith
October 1, 2017
I think I have a better chance of finding Dorothy in the Land of Oz than I do fiinding someone at Fed-Ex HQ that will address my issues. Their customer service location, in ElSalvado to say the least, is so unqualified to address customer issues. Fed-Ex............really!!! You are such an unprofessional company.
Rated: by Johnnie Burleson
September 17, 2017
My bank paid for overnight service for an item to be delivered to me. It was Sent on Monday, Dec. 21 to arrive by 10:30am on Tuesday, Dec. 22. It was not delivered at all on Monday. I contacted customer service who claimed that an attempt was made to deliver at 7:53pm on Tuesday but customer was not home. This was not true. As a matter of fact, I was looking out the window at that time looking for the delivery as I was writing my bank to relate the non-delivery. Customer service at 10;45am Wednesday morning informed me that the item would be delivered by 10:30am...difficult to accomplish. Finally, at 3:25pm Wednesday afternoon, the item arrived. The delivery person then told me that service expectations had been "suspended" since Thursday, Dec. 17!! No promise of delivery was being offered.

Needless to say, I will never use FEDEX again and that I have informed my bank of these details for them to pursue a refund and, hopefully, to make the decision to not use FEDEX as well.
Rated: by Glen Bayless
September 6, 2017
Express envelope, tracking # 8102 8346 1957, was supposed to get to me 2 days ago. My losses are mounting by the minute. The less-than 100 block journey is missing. FedEx tells me there was an attempt to deliver, however no tags were left nor did anyone call. Automated system says address was wrong and I could not be found. When I insist on speaking with a manager, it turns out the address is correct. They assure me it's on the truck, but when I wait outside in the heat the truck arrives and they know nothing about it. When I called back the original message is played that the address was incorrect, and again I check and was assured that the address is up to date, my phone numbers are correct and that the envelope is on the truck. Only now it is two days late and still no sign.
Rated: by Balint Szent-Miklosy
August 28, 2017
The scenario for Brooklyn 11206 never fails: you are home waiting for the delivery. All of the sudden you see online that the attempt was made to deliver but you were not home. 3 times the same thing for EVERY package. Now you have to go and pick it up at the station. My package is 70LB and very wide so it will not fit in any car or truck. Now I have to rent a UHAUL to pick it up. Tell me if it makes any sense to you. They all should be fired.
Rated: by Olga