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Food Lion LLC is a grocery store in America that is popular for operating near about 1,300 super markets in almost 11 South Atlantic and Mid- Atlantic venues. Headquarter of the company is in Salisbury, North America. The company also supervises supermarkets in other US states like West Virginia, Tennessee and in Kentucky as well. They employ more than 73,000 employees in their various centers. Record says that this organization is the biggest subsidiary of the popular Delhaize Group. This company was founded in the year 1957. Beth Newlands Campbell is the vice president and James Egan is the president of this organization at present.

Address: 2110 Executive Dr., Salisbury,NC
Phone : 704-633-8250
2.4 Rating
Reviews : 8

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October 16, 2017
8 months ago, I was informed when I went to pickup my paystub that Food Lion had "gone paperless," and that these would no longer be issued to the employees on payday. I have direct deposit, but I inquired how I was to confirm my gross hours paid and the deductions made. I was told I would need to access an online "associate account," using my Employee ID # and a pre-determined username and password, to view my paystub each payday, as no further paper paystubs would be forthcoming for any employees. What, I asked, if I don't have a computer or internet access? I was basically told no provisions beyond this access had been made or was available. How do I set up a username and password I inquired, but no one could tell me exactly where to go or what to do to proceed to the information I apparently can get in no other way.
I asked my sister, who has a computer and internet to took her literally hours to find the right portal, and then when she entered the correct info requested, it refused to accept it, and denied access, claiming it was "invalid information," and just kept her in an endless loop until frustration ended her attempts. She did find an 866 # associated with the site/portal, but when she called she was told they were closed (9a-5p M-F only). The next day she called during those hours, explaining the problems logging in, she was told they couldn't discuss any of this without my permission. I called and gave my permission and her Email address so they might send her instructions or links to the site. Nothing has ever arrived. When she called to verify if they had the correct Email address, or if indeed they had followed through and sent the instructions requested, she was told they could not discuss any of this under "mandate of Federal law." So the only way I have to see my paystub each week is to trust the people in the office at the store to access my private information with my private information on the company-networked computer (they have absolutely no trouble accessing and obviously think I'm an idiot because I have trouble using a private, un-networked computer that cannot access even with all the same info entered, and it's a big favor they're doing me, printing me out what most people in the workaday world get on payday--a paystub declaring what they were paid and what was withheld. I only know what I was paid on payday by having to call my question is WHO IS THIS A BENEFIT FOR? Certainly not the employee, we were never given the option to "go-paperless,"someone there at corporate made that decision without our input, without an alternate option, and I'm not sure, but, in effect, requiring an employee to have a computer and internet access, when it is none of the job descriptions, is probably against any number of Federal statutes.
Rated: by George Mason
October 12, 2017
I have tried for 3 years to get Food Lion to buy local retail ready produce. My brother's produce farm raises and sells retail ready produce to Wal-Mart and other grocery outlets. We submitted paperwork 3 times to Toby Pentecost at our Glasgow, Ky store; twice he threw it in the garbage. Finally, we submitted the paperwork to the produce buyer and she said all was in order; yet Bobby Tranham and Toby Pentecost have refused to purchase the produce. They say it is too high to make any profit, but after reviewing the shelves at Food Lion here in Glasgow, Ky; that is not so. I have been there when customers have ask Toby for fresh produce, yet the shelves are still stocked with produce from Mexico.
I have been spearheading a reunion, in our town, for Midway Island Veterans, which is bringing some Battle of Midway Survivors to our area. Every other grocery outlet in our area has gave a donation to help with this reunion; but Food Lion. Once again their manager of the local store refuses to reach out to locals. Being the leader of this reunion has put me in contact with many in the media, and I have been able to mention to all of those (local newspapers, state-wide newspapers, and a couple of television stations) about this, and after this reunion is over (this week) some are going to start looking in to why Food Lion refuses to buy locally grown retail ready produse.
Rated: by mike wilson
October 5, 2017
i live in supply N.C. and shop at our local food lion, it is by far better then wal-mart, they go out of their way to help you. i just came back from there after talking on the phone with someone who said they had cigerettes for around $3+ dollars a pack. the check out girl went thru every no name brand they had and all were $4+. so i told her i talked with someone on the phone just 15-minutes ago and she pointed out the lady who also went thru several packs and came up with 2-packs of baileys for $4+. now thats service. bought them. i hatted being a pain but i never spend much on cigerettes. they did their job and i was greatful they did going out of their way. keep up the good work, food lions in MD+PA arn't that nice.
Rated: by john mason
October 1, 2017
i have been a weekly shopper of food lion, however i have lost all respect for your company in the midst of this blizzard, you refuse to close your doors ,which mean any employee ,teen agers women men must be there until closing, this shows no respect for their lives,having to attemp to drive to and from ,at midnight hours when the entire area has closed everything around the area. this shows you do not care about endangering their lives , all for a dollar. people have been informed and warned against traveling and being prepared days in advance,
one or two idiots coming to buy snacks is not worth endangering peoples lives. i will no longer shop at any of your stores but will shop in the ones that closed for dangerous weather
Rated: by jackie
September 16, 2017

September 12, 2017
Seriously Jeremy!!! I spoke with you last Wed/Thurs while on vacation. Had a lovely chat; thought everything was taken care of with the product issue. Guess that's what I get for believing in you!! Today I go into Food Lion on Yadkinville all excited just knowing I won't have any problem getting my items...ok so now I'm a fool!! NO Rave Gold 100s, so I ask for you...your day off. They send up another guy that just stood there and then came Larry. He's telling me that the day you talked to me you ordered 5 CASES! That's about 60 cartons, then he tells me you ordered 2 cases, 24 cartons. I'm not sure he even knew what he was talking about I asked him which one it was; couldn't answer. I asked him how often the truck came in, never answered. He just said he didn't know why they weren't in. Come on seriously!!! I might be old, but I'm not stupid. Now my phone just rang it was Larry. He went to another store and bought the Rave Gold 100s I assumed you would have had. He said he would met me somewhere..REALLY!
I'm not going out to meet someone I don't know, plus I have been at work since 7:30 am tried to get all my running around before I went home and by the way your Food Lion is out of my way, but it's the closest one to my home. I told him I would just not shop there anymore. One more thing, before I left the store Larry told me he was going to look into it...what? I told him I was going to make another compliant and in a very sarcastic voice he said "have a nice day!" TWICE! Now I know that's why he went and bought the Rave Gold 100s and wanted to meet me! You know I would not be writing, but seriously this has been going on for 5-6 months!!!! If you can't figure out how to order product for the store by now find someone to teach you...take an inventory and when you get to the Rave Gold 100s and see you HAD 2-3 cartons and now you have NONE..order some.... just a suggestion. You know I'm just so frustrated over the fact that I believed you were going to do what you said to me last week and take care of the problem and YOU DIDN'T!!!
Rated: by Karn
September 3, 2017
would not accept my coupons because they were printed at home from internet food but they would not scan so I don't know if store problem or internet problem but if I cant use coupons from you I will shop at Walmart who will match prices anyway and take your coupons.very disappointed
Rated: by judy peterson
August 29, 2017
I just felt a need to contact you all to let you know what a true treasure of an employee Food Lion has lost. Juan Starrett, manager at the College Park shopping center in High Point's Food Lion, was one of the most wonderful people to work with I have met in a long time. I work for Habitat for Humanity in High Point and had the privilege of working with him to schedule build days with Habitat for the store managers and assistant managers in his district. He will be sorely missed.

Joyce Fish, Volunteer and Outreach Specialist
Habitat for Humanity of High Point, Archdale, and Trinity

Rated: by Joyce Fish