General Motors

The company was set up on September 16, in the year 1908, in Michigan. Charles Stewart was the co-founder of the company. General Motors was declared as the world's leading company in terms of auto sales from 1931 to 2007, the longest period through which any auto making company has been able to achieve record sales in history. After this, the company saw a certain level of downward movement, but it rose again in the year 2011 and emerged as the largest among all automakers, in terms of sales of vehicles. Having it's headquarter in Detroit, the company provides employment to more than 2 million people in more than thirty one countries, where it has its production units.

Address: 300 Renaissance Center, Detroit,MI
Phone : 313-556-5000
1.7 Rating
Reviews : 7

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October 12, 2017
Previous lessee of 6 Safari/Astro vans beginning in 1996. Switched to Acadia in 2008. Had one of original Acadias' in Alaska. 1st recall was for a 'propeller'. 2008, 2010, 2014 and now a 2017 model. This 2017 is an insult to the name Acadia and all previous models. Driving it is driving a rattling, plastic, tinny car. Defrost is weak to non-exsistant (perhaps related to 4-cyl), parking brake at 3940 miles alerts me service needed. I don't use anymore. Can't handle Alaska weather. Park vehicle outside for 10 mins, back wheels freeze up, crack when I start up. Always. Obviously this model not tested for winter weather. Too light. Driving same route for 24 yrs, cruise control 45 mph, all of a sudden I'm squirming down certain areas of road that for yrs thought were no problem. Don't get me wrong, I love the 4 cyl, realize 300 lbs lost/gained by giving up six cyl. Love the 1800 lbs capacity. No doubt am going to love this in the summer. Switch to two-wheel drive, peppy, handles great dry road, excellent gas mileage, but then winter is going to reappear and I am stuck with inadequate vehicle for a 39 month lease. Today, which is reason I decided to finally write, I slow down (7-8 mph) to make a turn and turning I heard enough cracking and snapping to think windshield was exploding, looking for cracks. I imagine what I heard was due to body flex and cracking ice. Scary. Never happened before. Yeah, composites. Anyway, let me know if you want it back:) Thank you. I rated it relative to why I leased it for use. Like I said, temperate climate, its a winner.
Rated: by Edward V Woznicki
October 6, 2017
I HATE my 2014 Chevy Sonic. The gas mileage is no where near what was on the sticker. The car has not pep---going uphill is a major event for this car. I have had issues with the starting, engine turning over repeatedly but not starting. I will never buy another Chevy!!
October 1, 2017
On April 24 I helped a 84 year old friend purchase a 2012 Impala from the Ed Bozart Dealership in Topeka, KS.
The greed, incompetence, lying, and cheating I have had to deal with should never happen to anyone. I am still trying to get this mess of $5,004 in add ons straightened out so will send more details later. I only hope this is an isolated case of how GMC does business.
Rated: by Michael Allen
September 11, 2017
Just heard about your 'you buy, but you don't really own' policy. I believe in the "first sale " doctrine and I will certainly stay away from purchasing any vehicle from you. This policy will become a legal nightmare for you. Or, a business killer. You decide. Balls in your court.
Rated: by robnume
September 11, 2017
I am shocked with Gm for how they have handled this ignition problem I own a 2007 cobalt there still has been nothing done to it ,so am i driving a death trap ? I have been a loyal Chevy fan for 45 years so I think Gm should do something for the dedicated people who own this product . I feel I should be compisated for driving a defective Gm product . Now Gm what are you going to do about it ? Do what's right
Rated: by Terry bowman
September 6, 2017
look into christon swansons deal he maid with 71 olds them ideas wher mine he tied up with x wife and boss john ollerenchaw precision collision call me i will split what im o for your helpe.315 988 408 michael borruso the phone call with michelle on jun 10 2014 that will tell all.pleas call
Rated: by michael borruso
September 1, 2017
I own a 2010 Chevrolet Texas Edition Silverado purchased new I have only put on 10.800 kilometers I love this truck it has two oil changes a year synthetic oil but with all care I give it the engine has developed an oil leak I am a 76year old pensioner and cannot afford the money to repair it. The truck spends every winter in a storage not exposed to snow, we use a Chevrolet Tracs in the winter.My truck still smells like new inside Would GM be so kind to authorise repairs under warranty with Westgate Chevrolet in Edmonton Alberta Canada we are avid GM owners and would really appreciate your help its really hard living on a fixed income Thank You Brian BVANC@TELUS.NET
Rated: by Brian Van Coevorden