Git-N-Go Convenience Stores

Git-N-Go Convenience Stores is a chain of grocery stores, based in Des Moines, IA. These stores have stocks of items for everyday use and give choices in abundance to its customers, in terms of brands. The stores are conveniently located for the ease of the customers to drop in and shop for themselves. Ample space in front of the shops is reserved for the customers who are driving in, to ensure hassle free parking and convenient shopping experience. The stocks are always fresh and are changed everyday, with the new arrivals in the store. Everything, starting from grocery items, to fresh vegetables and fruits, to other kitchen items, Git-N-Go Convenience Stores has it all.

Address: 2716 Indianola Avenue, Des Moines,IA
Phone : 515-288-8565
1.0 Rating
Reviews : 3

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October 12, 2017
Devin the store clerk on e 33rd and university yells at customers. he is rude i dont stop there when his car is there. Today i stopped because i didnt see his car but he was and said to me, "Well I see you finely stopped instead of driving through." I wouldnt have stopped if i knew he was there. Very rude clerk.
Rated: by Michelle
September 15, 2017
We live in a very small town in Hartford Iowa. I used this gitngo daily until the last few months. I can't believe the racism that the people in this store condones! I was in the store on a few occasions when another person, Gary, was also in the store. There is work being done on the new store next door and some of the workers are of Hispanic descent and this person Gary was making some of the worse racist remarks and calling these workers the most horrid racial names! When I commented on this, appalled, I was told that Gary was a friend of Dennis so there is nothing that can be done!!!! I am not sure who Dennis is, they told me he is the owner, but this is the most disgusting, disrespectful, unacceptable establishment on the face of this earth. I will no longer stop at this store and I hope that when others learn of this they to will boycott. Most of the workers there are nice decent kids, but listening to the management talk about them, in front of us patrons, it's no wonder this is allowed to happen here! If I hadn't heard this myself I would never believe this is happening and someone should be taking responsibility for this and put a stop to it!
Rated: by Half the people in Hartford Iowa
August 25, 2017
I was at the Git N Go on army post and the cashier denied to sell me cigarettes due to the fact that my 12 year old daughter was with me and didn't have a valid id also. I have gone there to get my cigarettes for the past 5 years and always gotten gas there. My children are usually always with me. This cashier has seen me about every other day for a lomg time with my children. She is normally in a bad mood and not nice. She was very rude this last time. I will never go there again. Someone else will now get my business.
Rated: by Nicole