HSN, Inc.

HSN Inc also known as home shopping network is a shopping television network, which operates 24x7. The headquarters of the company is located in St. Petersburg Florida, and the channels owned by the network are broadcasted in many other countries. The company sells a variety of products via television network and also online through the website HSN.com. The company owns the primary channel as well as Cornerstone Brands, which is a catalog company. The list of products that are sold over the network include fashion products, jewelry, kitchen & dining products, infomercials, health & fitness products, toys, electronics, and products for home decoration as well.

Address: 1 HSN Dr., St. Petersburg,FL
Phone : 727-872-1000
Website: https://www.hsn.com
2.2 Rating
Reviews : 6

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October 17, 2017
HSN says you have a limited amount of time to return any item for a refund. I don't think a customer should keep any item if it is not what they expect it to be. Well HSN has cancelled my account because they said I returned too many items. Mind you now I've always paid my account on time. My name and address has been blocked by HSN. I think that they have the greatest items and prices. This is the only bad thing I have to complain about. So beware this could happen to you.
Rated: by Gwen
October 12, 2017
I wanted to ask if you know the company that makes the mighty jump start makes that charger for an electric bike...I am a senior and live in an area where there are a lot of electric bikes, they are 24 volt,it is a matter of the hook up to the battery. This would be a great help.
Thank you..Marietta
Rated: by Marietta Wilson
September 23, 2017
Never before have I experienced such totally negligent customer service.I bought a computer through HSN that was supposed to have lifetime Tech Support. When the Tech support people ( Vtec ) disappeared from the face of the earth, HSN had promised a quick resolution...1st it was 2 weeks..then another 2 weeks..then another. I was promised that I was put on a special list ( by Ed and Casey in the Executive Office )...well..it has now been 4 months with NOT ONE CALL FROM HSN to resolve my problem. I understand they have a new company doing tech support. I have left 2 messages with the new HSN tech support that promised to return my call in 1 business day. NOT A PEEP. I have contacted " 7 On Your Side ", The BBB and I intend to pursue this matter to the fullest.

Rated: by Karla Alldredge
September 17, 2017
I want my $95.00 refunded back to me, I purchased an item I was not happy with, I returned it with in allotted time, my money was never refunded. now I'm told I not able to get it. staff was very unprofessional, and very rude.
Rated: by Ton M.
September 5, 2017
This job DOES NOT pay $37-$47hr. More like $11 or $12 and their reps have to put up with a lot with no help from upper management. I feel sorry for them. No consistency!
Rated: by Anonymous
August 24, 2017
HSN used to be good. Through the years quality of the products have fallen. Also customer service people don't care anymore. They say there's nothing we can do. I recently ordered a pair of shoes. I was so excited to get them. When I did get them I saw that the bottom was worn and the inside of the shoe where it says size was also worn away. The bottom was worn and I can see dirt on it. Obvious the shoe has been worn. Then I contact customer service and told him I didn't know they sell used shoes. He says someone may have returned it and by accident it was put back on the shelf. I thought used shoes could not be returned. Then he says he can give me a partial credit of $2.00 or I can return them. They had none in stock left. I am so tired of returning things. No more shopping with them. HSN is for sure not the same company I started shopping with. Also when you used to return something they would pay for shipping. Now they take that too. Unreal.
Rated: by Sandra