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A public owned retailer in America, dealing in home appliances and consumer electronics, hhgregg Inc., operates through eighteen states of the country. They were established in 1955 at Princeton in Indiana. They deal in almost all kinds of electronic goods ranging from televisions, DVD recorders, television, refrigerators, freezers and other appliances. In 2008, they even declared their plan to sell a variety of popular and advanced gaming systems, including those of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. They have the origin seeded in a storefront that was set up by Fansy Gregg and Henry Harold in 1955, in Indianapolis. In 2009, they did a business amounting to $1.4 billion as revenue.

Address: 4151 E. 96th St., Indianapolis,IN
Phone : 317-848-8710
Website: http://www.hhgregg.com/
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October 20, 2017
To whom it may concern,

On Saturday, June 27, 2015 around 2 o'clock pm. I purchase a 55" HD TV from HHGregg Appliance Store. In the process of bringing the TV home it started to pull-down raining to my surprise. I took the TV in the house, as quickly as, possible. Only to find that the TV screen was damage.

I called the store manager back to inform him of the damage TV but, I was met with an unreasonable and very aggressive manager that focus on every excuse of why he could not salvage this enigma. Also, He offered no resolution nor option that could create a win-win situation.

I am requesting an exchange.

HH Gregg Appliance Store
1020 Shoppers Way
Landover, MD. 20774

Thank you ahead of time,

Carolyn Vincent
Direct: (202)469-9091
Rated: by Carolyn Vincent
October 12, 2017
Very hard to get any information on purchased product which hasn't arrived, ( been 6 weeks ) Sorry top end management ~
Rated: by Dan
October 2, 2017
I purchased a Bosch dishwasher from Hhgregg in 2012 and bought the extended guarantee. The d,w, failed and after four attempts to fix it (The contract says it must be replaced after three attempts). the repairman notified the Warrantech who carried their warrantee. After 3 attempts to contact them, two tries to Customer Service, and two to the store itself, the best I have been told is that Warrantech is arguing with Bosch as to who owes the money. This is not my problem and is very irresponsible and unprofessional treatment. I would never buy another extended warrantee from Hhgregg.
Rated: by C. Stoll
September 24, 2017
On august 29 2015 I purchased an rca hd tv for $650.00.
On Monday the 30th the cable company came to install my cable
box and told me the tv was no good and had a cracked inside screen.
We had brought the tv home and handled it very carefully to make
sure it would be ok when we got it home. I called the store
in Clearwater fla and was told unless I could provide the original box
that the tv came in that they would not repair, replace the tv or
refund my money and the manager told me it was just my bad luck and
loss and he would do nothing. While I knew about the box I still should
be under the one year warranty. After if the tv stopped working 9 months down the road was I supposed to maintain a 5 foot long 3 foot
tall box forever. I am a retired senior with very limited income
and have saved for over 3 years to buy my dream tv and now they are
doing this to me. The manager claims he will check with his supervisor
and let me know if they will do anything to honor what I thought was
a good functioning tv. I intend to file a small claims law suit
if they do not honor their warranty. Warning do not buy anyting at HHGREGG
Rated: by roland wilson
September 8, 2017
I bought a wash machine picked it up today and paid for rental truck to bring out since it was cheaper than HH Gregg fee.
Husband set it up and started laundry and machine is leaking from under the bottom. We called and ask them to get another one and we were not paying for a delivery fee since we had paid to have it picked up. We did not intend on it being broke and should not have to pay your 70.00 fee to bring me a new one and pick up the other one. I am taking it back getting a refund and will got to Home Depot or Lowes by my house and get one. First time shopping with your company and will be the last.
Kathy Hammacher
Rated: by Kathy Hammacher
August 27, 2017
got lg plasma tv with 5 year Premium warranty. TV breaks within a year and a half call HH Gregg And file for repair. They say they will call back 3 to 5 business days I have never in 3 weeks had anyone called me back. I have called every other day and with no response. 3 weeks later they say there gonna give me a store credit instead of fixing my TV I still have nothing. I have a feeling. There never going to stand by their premium Warranty. I don't understand why. I have never been so disgusted with a company in my whole life I do not know how they stay in business. It just beats me. I have been hung up on I have been told call the store they had my credit I have been told they were closed in the middle Of The day at 1 o'clock. I have no respect for liars cheats and thieves. HH Gregg is the worst company in the history of electronics can someone please help me get justice against HH Gregg. Sincerely James.
Rated: by james
August 23, 2017
HH Gregg makes appoints that they can not keep. Because thing being out stock in their warehouse,two orders with them in the last four months and five appoints for them to be brought out to my home and still have not gotten them!!! Truck get there late and was not unloaded so they could not bring a loveseat out to me ,that love was on back order from 6/28/2014 ,and has had three other appointments made ,with it not even there!!!I still have not gotten my loveseat and it is 7/16/2014!the last appointment day!!And all they can Sat "I'm Sorry" It's not good way to treat a person who has given you another try do treat her right!!VARRY UNHAPPY They need to do something with how they do orders and stop treating people this was !!!
Rated: by Kathleen Harrod