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Home Depot is a well-known home improvement retailer, which is known for its DIY products for home improvement. With its headquarters and corporate office located in Atlanta Georgia, this company operates through many stores that offer thousands of home improvement supplies, building materials, lawn and garden appliances, and it even offers supplies and tools straight to the job site for trades people and contractors. It operates from over two thousand locations and has stores around the world. It offers merchandize customized according to the needs of a specific area. The company offer home services and contractor services and offer kids workshops as well.

Address: 2455 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta,GA
Phone : 770-433-8211
Website: http://www.homedepot.com/site-directory/index.html
1.6 Rating
Reviews : 27

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December 9, 2017
I have worked for more than 2 years at Home Depot Carrollton Texas. I need to work 20 hours a week, but only getting 16 or 12. I am 62 I need and want 20 hours per week.MOD says yes,but HR person will not redo or look at my time. I ca not live on less than 20 hours,we do not have enough worker and here I am need 20 hours per week.
Rated: by some one
December 6, 2017
this is the worst service worst people just the worst.
Rated: by kathleen
December 3, 2017
Someone need to call me from the Corporate office so I can explain this mess Iam going through with Home Depot. No one will believe the nightmare I and my sick wife have be going through since we paid a 1/3 down payment on 8/29/15 and just found out that my window has not even ordered. I received an email on Saturday that my window were ready to be installed. They first told me it will be installed on 9/18/15 causing me to cancel a very doctor important doctor appointment.There is a lot more to this drama.
Rated: by George Fitzgerald
December 2, 2017
The only reason I gave them a one star rating is because both Home Depot and Lowes give discounts to military veterans. Lowes gives discounts to ALL veterans with proper Identification (Retiree, VA, VFW or American Legion ID cards). Home Depot gives discounts only to active or retired (20+ years service) veterans AND their families that are not either active or retired military. They obviously don't value the military service of the vets that served their country honorably but decided not to make it their career. I am cutting ties with Home Depot and will shop there ONLY if Lowes doesn't have something that I need immediately which is very seldom. I am returning my Home Depot credit card to their corporate office.
Rated: by James E Bailey
November 28, 2017
notification by the television and press for the hurricane expo just came out today for the expo to be held at both locations for home depot in savannah ga, very poor planning, no notification to the public until the day of the event, somebody really dropped the ball on this one, since I live outside of savannah it would have taken me time to get there for the expo, truly disappointed in home depot for not notifying the public sooner
Rated: by leila bell
November 26, 2017
We came into the PROVO Utah Home Depot. We ordered $500 worth of metal roofing. It was supposed to be in in 2 weeks and we called 5 different days and was told it would be in in a couple of days. When I called a few days later they finally told us that it never got ordered! We already sheeted roof with the plywood and now we have to wait another 2 weeks to get the tin! hopefully the weather holds out or w Will have to replace the wood. That is the last time we will deal with them ..
Rated: by Dan Worthen
November 22, 2017
You should not sale appliances if you do not back up the warranty. I would be ashamed to take peoples money, letting them assume you are going to stand behind the product just to refer them in less than 90 days to 3rd party. Why do you even sale them? It's a disgrace for your employees to have to cover up for your short comings. Home Depot...shame on you. I'm glad I don't work for you.
Rated: by Debi Puckett
November 14, 2017
I am a 67 year old male and as of last night I was an employee of home depot. I will not give out the store name or number because I don't feel it has any bearing on what I want to say.

While home depot has many outstanding characteristics, it also has flaws. The one I want to address is in store management. Before I begin I want to say that I was a manager in another company for 38 years. This company is located and known world wide and in my opinion equal too or larger than home depot. The difference I see between company's is that there was two way communication in my old company. I not only was the decision making factor in the people and area I managed but also was allowed to voice my opinion to upper management (corporate) about what I felt was interfering or hurting my everyday performance. In some areas of in store management this does not exist with home depot. Take for instance the freight area.

In this area I feel that home depot does not allow each individual to manage their product line. The store receives what is sent to them. If that particular store is inundated with that product, meaning the shelves are full, and the overhead is full to the point that this product is put also on pallet the in store manager has to accept same. Looking at only one item this isn't an issue. but when this happens to many items frustration occurs. This frustration eventually affects the whole store its like a virus. The manager is frustrated because corporate won't listen to their issues, the assistant managers won't voice their opinion: supervisors the same and so on down the line.

Looking at myself up to the fall of last year working in my store was very enjoyable. At home with the death of my wife I was alone. Working at home depot gave me friendship, a feeling of accomplishment, a way to keep active, and at the same time satisfied with how I was getting on with my life. I wanted to work in freight because we have a terrific bunch of people who are very close and willing to help each other get the job done while at the same time allowing me to achieve my goals.

During the fall of last year everything started to change when the truck in truck out practice was put into effect. Without going into specifics a time table was put together by corporate stating that with this quantity of freight you should be able to pack it out totally in this amount of time. Above the truck a clock was installed and we are timed on the amount of time it takes us to unload. This then is imputed to who I think is in some area of corporate. From there I don't know what they do with the data I only know that if we don't get it done in the time frame allotted, we hear about it. Then the remainder of the night we are expected to have all the freight distributed throughout the store before we leave. Hence the term one truck in, one truck out. NOTE: we have been able to empty the truck in the allotted time on many occasions... but have never be able to distribute the whole truck by end of tour. There are many reasons for this that at this time I don't feel is necessary to state.

To continue on with me. Slowly my frustration level has increased dramatically. Because of other changes I see people quarreling amongst themselves, placing blame on each other, etc. They don't say can I help you, especially with the freight crew. It's what we are NOT doing that is mentioned. Example: Last week we were going to have a major walk through. Freight along with two garden people stayed until 2 or 2:30 in the morning to make sure everything was in its place. The store looked great and from what I understand we did well. Not one person thanked freight or our supervisor for a job well done: But the next night they told us that we need to clean up the break room....

So where am I going with this. Last night my frustration level elevated to even a higher level. I felt that the new manager was reading the riot act to my supervisor. I felt that she didn't deserve it. When going back to the truck an issue was present that I felt needed attention. I wanted my supervisor to see it along with the manager to see some of the frustration that we go through daily. While waiting for them to respond the manager said that if we went by the SOP, Paul wouldn't be standing there like this. That I must admit put me up over the top. I said some expletives and exchanged some conversation with the manager and then excused myself with the understanding that my employment with Home Depot was over.

Looking at this today, in some instances I know that I was wrong in what I said and did. Freight team to me means TEAM and I will protect everyone and anyone associated with it... I also feel the manager was wrong in taking issues out on a supervisor with his/her staff present. I am sure that there has been a lot of pressure put on him to make the truck in truck out a reality. In my way of thinking there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. In this instance I felt that he was wrong. Criticizing a supervisor in front of their staff is a No NO in any company. Along with this people should not be afraid to come to work and speak out. If allowed maybe good ideas will present themselves instead of excuses. If Home Depot truly believes in team work than it should apply it to all aspects of the job. Store managers know what is and is not selling at their particular location. Their input I feel is crucial to the success of their particular store. Give them a chance... If they can't handle it then maybe they shouldn't be one. In the long run Home Depot's success will continue and maybe even progress further that it has up to today..
Finally I have to end with this .... one person may be able to complete a job in 40 hours..... that doesn't mean that 40 people will get it done in one hour.
Thank you home depot for all the good times that I had, helping tremendously during my wife's illness and death, and finally the ability to move on. I wish I was able to send this through our employee page but my login and password seem to have been removed....

Rated: by Paul Koohout
November 13, 2017
Hi, i am on hold 45 minutes in West Roxbury Mass, June 10th, 2016 and NO one can help me , so I can not go to the store for help, as your 'voicemail ' says. It friday night, I was on hold 35 minutes to speak to someone in LUMBER. And Front desk said 'it can not help me as Lumbar is busy". She then connected me to Flooring, but and I quote' he is at lunch and has no replacement. It is now 45 minutes. How can Regional and Corporate allow this to happen? 20 yr customer. Their is no staff. My carpenter has been there one hour for few 2 x 4 wood. I am calling for price question. And......... it is a nightmare. The phone lines (on hold for lumbar 45 mins) do NOT transfer to main customer service desk, whom has 2 people ringing returns and taking phones.
Rated: by Anne Margaret
November 11, 2017
I went to the flowery branch location to buy 2 Christmas decorations and the guy in that department didn't want to sale me a Santa and snow man 3 ft figure. He said they were for black Friday sale. I previously purchased 2 nut crackers the night before with no problems. So I told this guy this an he told me that it shouldn't been sold to me an this was a mistake. So I guess that if he's like this to others I feel bad for this store. But I wasn't looking for a sale just wanted to get decor for my family. We have been threw a rough year with my father and father in law heart surgeries. So just trying to get my house ready for the holidays for there my kids and there grandparents. To brighten up there faces an bring us as one for the holidays. That's all. So sorry for people who will experience this type of employees at this location. But my kids were going to give each grandparent 1 of these at thanksgiving to make them feel that Christmas is to be merry an remember family.
Rated: by Jason
November 2, 2017
I've been shopping at the Lake Park, FL Home Depot for years. In June we bought a $400 LG brand free-standing A/C unit. I'm a 64-year-old female. It took me about 2 hours to install. The instructions don't tell you you need duct tape or a drill to drill holes in the window sill to install the so-called security latch. We rent an old duplex and the landlord won't install a new A/C so it's been 85 degrees in the house. A family member with a medical conditioncy needs to have it cooler. Anyhow, the LG unit was okay until we went to clean the filter and empty the water pan. The collar on the exhaust hose broke off. I emailed and called LG Electronics, which sent me a form to include information to replace the hose, but when I got to send I get nothing but error messages and an invalid email address. I called their Customer Service, which seems to be in India and the young woman can speak English but can't understand it. I wasted 20 minutes of my 30-minute lunch time. They're only open M - F. LG obviously doesn't want to honor their 1 yr parts & labor warranty. I called HD and there is no general manager just daily MICs. The one I talked to said I'd have to bring the whole thing in and they'd replace it. All we want/need is the hose!!!!I'd have to tear the whole unit out and then put it back in. HD needs to be more selective in their choice of vendors, not just in product quality, but also customer service.
Rated: by Chris
November 1, 2017
Home Depot Customer Service and Frigidare Customer Service is horrible. I have an ongoing issue with my refrigerator purchased 4-17-15. NO ONE seems to care or will fix the problem. Repairman says oder is coming from insulation and needs to be replaced - Frigidare says warranty doesn't cover order that SPOILS all your food, wants to send an "air freshner" to COVER UP THE ODER. Home Depot Online is where I purchased the product, they won't back up the product, do a return or an exchange...looking into now. Been without use of the refrigerator going on 3 weeks now. Customer Service, Home Depot refused to give me the CEO's number or email, refused to give me the District managers phone number or email address, they have to contact. I'm still waiting for my call from yesterday 11-3-15! Susan Courtland 912-660-4096, courtlandpeach@aol.com
Rated: by Susan Courtland
November 1, 2017
I purchased a lawn mower from Home Depot in Jan of this year. The electric start worked three time so I took it for repairs since it was under warranty. It took me 45 minutes just to get a repair tag from the person waiting on me. He didn't know how to run the computer or how to enter anything. The mower was under warranty so I was not expecting to pay anything,but I was charged $18.95 just for them to check it and had to sign a paper saying I would pay up to $100 without them calling me. I ask them to call me before doing any repairs and they refused.
They kept the mower for two weeks and then called everyday for a week for me to come get it. When I went to get it, they couldn't find it. It took them 45 minutes to find the mower. I will never buy from home depot again. Their customer service it lousy.
Rated: by Joan Gibbs
October 30, 2017
I placed an order, and cancelled it the next day. I was told by the employee that I spoke with, the order was cancelled. Four days later I receive an email stateing my order has shipped. I immediately contacted Home Depot. Com to tell them of this mistake. I am now told by this employee she would contact the shipper, and get it stopped, which I believed she had done. A week later I receive a call from the carrier, in Farmington, New Mexico, telling me he was delivering my order the next day. I explained that this order was cancelled, and I was refusing it. He said, this is why they call, this happens all the time. Now I receive my statement from Home Depot, showing I owe this money, and it's been reported to the credit bueres that I owe Home Depot this money!!! I again contacted Home Depot. Com and explained this should not be on my credit report, I don't, nor have I owed this money to Home Depot. I don't even have the merchandise they are charging me for. This employee tells me, they won't credit my account until the merchandise is received by the shipper!!! Telling me to call them and see if it's been returned! She said that's the policy.... I said that's the policy if I hadn't cancelled this order before it ever shipped.I then asked to speak to a supervisor, she said ok, and left me on hold for 15 minutes, no one ever got on the line, so I hung up. No one ever called me back. And as of today, a month later, this is still being billed to me, and remains on my credit report! I even contacted Citi, and explained what had happened, and he said he would dispute the charge for me. I guess I need to contact legal counsel to get this resolved.
Rated: by Rita Seay
October 22, 2017
Home Depot sent two people to the Carrier Mills Legion to try and get our Post a grant for repairs we needed. They had two E-mail addresses to contact to give us the decision. Every time I went into the Marion, IL. store, I inquired about the status of the grant and every time I was informed it was still being processed. A year and a half later when one of our board members went to the Marion store to purchase materials to replace a floor, he asked about the status of the grant again. After several phone calls, He was informed the grant had been denied a while ago. We have no problem with the grant being denied but we do have a problem that they didn't have the common courtesy to at least inform us! We could have started these necessary repairs a lot sooner.
Rated: by Bill Bardos
October 20, 2017
greatest service ever at the Bayshore NY Store from the front to the rear of the store needed parts for my Rigid shop vac got it needed regulator for my BBQ grill got it needed a mailbox got it needed pullies for my ceiling fan got it and the most important the VIP toilet seat elongated your Saturday door greeters and staff are amazing and I got everything I went there for thank you to the twins Paulina and Paula!!
Rated: by Catherine
October 16, 2017
i had a HD credit card and my due date was coming up but i was in the hospital so i missed my due date. i asked to be forgiven for the lateness and have the late fee removed. rather then keep my account ative I was told that i could only recieve 2 per 12 calender year. if this is how they treat the customers I don't need it. I closed my account and I'm done.
Rated: by sweet
October 14, 2017
Patrick McDonald
616 S Casey Key Rd
Nokomis, FL 34275
941-488-3522 Home
941-003-9956 Cell
July 3, 2017

Home Depot
Attention: Ellen
5475 University Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34201

Dear Home Depot Customer Service,

I am writing this letter to complain about one of your Room Air Conditioning Technician’s. Let me explain. I called Home Depot on University Parkway to find out how to get Service and or Repair on my G.E. 24,000 BTU A/C and was given this phone number; 877-946-0943.

I called that number on June 26 and was given an appointment for the following day June 27, between 1:00 - 5:00 PM and told “someone must be home during that time frame”. I agreed. My mother lives at this address (24/7) and I am personally providing and also employ a Professional to provide Long Term Care for her because she is 95 years old. I left the house at 8:00 AM and returned at 12:15 PM. My mother said, “the service man came at 11:30 and has already left”. She also said he told her, “I will be back next Thursday and someone must be here all day”. Next Thursday was June 29, 2017 and no one showed up.

On either Friday or Saturday, our neighbor from 620 S Casey Key Rd., Mr. Heath said that he had a compression delivered from FedEx with Marian McDonald’s name on it. I went back to his house and carried it to the front door of our house. It became somewhat clear your technician was planning on returning to repair our unit on July 5 which was unacceptable.

I called Home Depot, University Parkway, Sarasota and Ellen explained to me how to order a new room Air Conditioner on line from Home Depot; another GE, 24,000 BTU, 230 volt unit with free delivery and Ellen accepted and completed the sale while she was on the phone with me. The new unit arrived on Friday at 8:30 AM, as scheduled and I had the unit installed in one hour. It works perfectly.

Here is my complaint: the service technician, who came to the house, knocked on the door and as soon as my mother unlocked it, simply walked inside.
-he did not introduce himself
-he did not provide any identification
-he did not hand her a business card or even tell her his name.
-he unscrewed four screws, took the front off the A/C, and looked inside the unit.
-he went outside and talked to another service truck technician who drove up, then came back into the house.
-he then put the front back on, left the four screws lose on top of the unit, turned to my mother and said, “I will be back next Thursday and someone needs to be home all day.


Had she been told it needed a new Compressor, she would have declined further service and paid him the base service charge we were told was $99.95. Had he arrived between 1:00 - 5:30 P.M., I would have been at the house with my mother to know exactly what happened. Instead, when I got home for the service call, mother was frightened and said, “I have never seen anything like this man before”. That’s when I asked her all of the questions listed above and she could not answer any of them. However, I said describe this height, weight and color compared to me. She described a white male, about 5’ 7” and 180 lbs. THAT’S IT. She was so frightened and upset; she continued to talk about this experience until bed time, 8:30 P.M.

Conclusion: First. Cancel the follow-up service call and pick up your compressor (I have called 4 times since this incident without success to cancel). Second. My mother believes this man either should be reprimanded or at least send her a written explanation including an apology for his behavior. I have already purchased Home Depot (with the help of Ellen) a new GE, 24,000 BTU, 230 volt Air Conditioner for $599.00 with Free Delivery and installed it and it is performing perfectly.

This family likes Home Depot a great deal. We do a great deal of business with you. However, this Service Technician failed every possible Customer Service satisfaction test you maintain.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Patrick McDonald
616 S Casey Key Rd
Nokomis, FL 34275
941-488-3522 Home
941-993-9956 Cell

Rated: by Patrick H McDonald
October 7, 2017
The home depot in Abbotsford BC Canada, has the worst staff members. They have extremely bad attitude when it comes to looking after the customer. I have complained to the manager numerous of times and nothing is done. Why do we keep going back to this store you may wonder, it is just because it is more convenient. But we will no longer be going to this store and will be going to the competition and yes, we will be paying a higher price, but we will get wonderful service. Today we took our business to Home Hardware. We will soon have a Lowes as well as our Rona Store. So we do have choice. I have called the complaint department who say they have to call the manager of the store and I told him that the manager doesn't care. Customer care is a joke and so is Home Depot Abbotsford.
Rated: by T R
September 20, 2017
Home Depot sole my money, my bank sent a payment to their home office in ATL, now they have lost the payment and does not want to return it or apply the payment to my bill. I have faxed paper work for the bank to the ATL. office and the Ohio office, still no help.

There's nothing like honest people. (Good job home depot)
Rated: by jAMES bRANHAM
September 18, 2017
I had so much trouble with them. My son bought his father a lawn mower, but we had to return it. They would NOT exchange it for a better one with the gift card to purchase one on line in store. So we had to charge it on another credit card. My son bitch about it because his dad had to go thru all this shit. My son called the store and talked to manager and said he would give the cash from the gift card. Well we went yesterday and the girl had an attitude with us and kept helping other people while helping us. We were their for 45 minutes trying to get out money back. This is store sucks
Rated: by Teri Stana
September 18, 2017
I love Home Depot and I just spent $65,000.00 at several of their stores. I am a retired vet who is building a retirement (handicap accessible) home in Wisconsin. I presently live in Texas but I traveled to Wis to build the house with my sons and I forgot to bring with me my veterans ID card to get the 10% veterans discount. The manager at the store said to save my receipts and send them to the Home Depot Corporate office and they will figure out a way to get the 10% applied to my purchases. I just sent the letter so I will keep you posted as to how they treat me.
Rated: by Glenn Erickson
September 10, 2017
I am a DAV and the Lowes and Home Depot give a 10% discount for my prior service. When I apply my Ag. Exemption to get tax relief at Loews no problem it is honored but here in Austin, TX the Home Depot will not allow such. Why is this. One is a discount an the other is a tax relief for Ag usage.
Frank Bowers, FIC, 100% DAV, Austin, TX
Rated: by Frank Bowers, DAV
August 31, 2017
We have used Home Depot for all of our DIY needs, and have been very happy with the local store. However, on 1/9/14, at the suggestion of the Kitchen/Bathroom remodel area of that local store, we made an appointment with, what we were told, LOCAL Home Depot employees to discuss remodeling our bathroom to ADA (American Disability Act) standards. Very kind salesperson came on 1/10/14 and assured us everything we required would be done. A contract was signed and, after two months of phone calls and emails,here it is 3/13/14 and our remodel has not been started! When we asked for some assistance from Home Depot, we ended up correspnding with a man from US Remodelors (NOT LOCAL), who was of no assistance at all. Unfortunately, after HD gets your name on the contract,they "sell" the contract to an outside vendor. DO NOT USE THE HOME DEPOT REMODELING SERVICE. HOME DEPOT DOES NOT TAKE OWNERSHIP OF ANYTHING EXCEPT THE MONEY, WHICH THEY GET UP FRONT!!! Very disappointed and would love for someone in the Corporate Office to call or email us. Show you really care about good customer service, please!
Rated: by Diane
August 31, 2017
my name is Jannie Williams, I am writing this review because I am trying to get my money back on 3 items that was purchased this year. The only thing That was told to me when I purchased these items is to keep my receipt in case I need to returned these items. Yes it has been over 90 days since I purchased these items but was purchased with cash. They offered store credit but I have no desire to pur chase any thing at this moment and not in the future, Will u please consider me returning these items for cash or debit. Two of the items were never opened also. My experience with company is a big headache and I have purchased items over 10,000 dollars in the past to remodel my kitchen. I need this matter taken care of ASAP. By the way, I did call your support system and someone hung up the phone on me. They did have my phone number if it was accidently. So, I did call back but the store was closed. Is that how your company treat their customers. Iof taking these to a person in charge of the company if I dont hear a reply soon I am also in the process of taking this fur My home # is 2818931985. Please call soon so that matter can be resolve.
Rated: by jannie williams
August 25, 2017
well would have gave top rating that\'s where i spent 1800.00 on a cub cadet at calhoun ga store with saleperson telling me that if i needed service that while it was under warranty that repair service would come to residence to repair it at home if was\'nt something major it would be repaired here well that sure was\'nt the case a guy came by here to pick my mower up to take to ft oglethorpe ga ssss4/19/2013 supposed been back today4/26/2013 now i\'m told it will be monday maybe i taqlk to manager in calhoun store 4hrs. ago she said she would check it out call me back well that has\'nt happened either so i\'ll be sure to let everyone know about the great service you\'ll get when you buy your lawnmower here at home depot i\'ll even run ads in news papers facebook twitter be sure get the message thank you
Rated: by billy ray
August 23, 2017
This Ratting needs to go out you a employee name Adam that works at the home Depot in St-Henri, Montreal, QC Canada. I was so pleased with the professionalism that this young man had towards me when i visited the paint department that i could not keep this to myself. He went out of his way to make sure that i had everything that i needed to do the painting job i was doing, always smiling and making me fell important. I am 45 years of age and have never been served with such professionalism.
Some one has to take the time and thank this employee for his more then great customer service.

Adam your number one in my book.

Truly yours
B. Hachey
Rated: by Bruce Hachey