DineEquity owns IHOP, which is an American-based chain of restaurant that specializes in food for breakfast. However, majority of the restaurants under the chain runs under independent franchises. It mainly prepares breakfast food including French toast, pancakes and even omelettes. The restaurant chain also has provision for dinner and lunch menu. Their first ever franchise was established in Dubai, in 2012. Other than this, it has around one thousand and five hundred stores across America. It came into business holding the hands of Jerry Lapin, Albert Kallis and Al Lapin, in 1958. Contribution of William Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg is also worthy of mention in this regard. Initially, the restaurant was inaugurated in California.

Address: 9225 Dowdy Drive Suite 105, San Diego,CA
Phone : 858-695-2440
Website: http://www.ihop.com/
1.4 Rating
Reviews : 9

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October 12, 2017
Hi My family and I was in your restaurant today and we did not like the services we received. It was the worst customer services we have ever seen, The manager name Tariq Sallaq need to take a class on customer services. one thing you don't do is to argue with a customer he did not try to fix the problem, We had a I hop coupon and he did not honor it. the coupon date was good he said when you get it from the internet he don't honor it. I replied we never had this problem before with IHOP COUPON, I ask him for Corporate number and he gave me a 832-729-5022 was not the right number,This is the worst customer services ever,I can take my Business to another Restaurant.
Rated: by renee
September 30, 2017
The subject IHop is in Front Royal Va. The dtae was April 14th. There were four servers in the entire facility with very little guidance as best we could see the service was slow. The food took so long to come out of the kitchen that several of the talbes went to the door to see if anyone was still working. But the final straw was waiting at the entrance for 10 minutes until someone came to take our checks. There was enogh complaining going on that I was determined not to write this note. However when my bank statement came and my credit receipt had been altered to include an on desired tip My fingers began writing. You can be assured there is no way during the rest of my life time I will enter another I Hop and if lawyers weren't so expensive I'd get one to handle the fraud. I will ask the credit card company to stop payment if possible.
Rated: by John Spengler
September 28, 2017
Just left I hop in christiansburg Va.
We waited with 15 other people at the door for 20 minutes without anyone greeting us. When the girl finally came she said we are backed up and it's going to be 40 minutes more to get our food. All 15 people left.
We understand things happen at times but not greeting us and explaining at the time we arrived is wrong!
IHOP is a favorite breakfast spot for many but you will be loosing a lot of families if this continues.
Tom Johnson
Rated: by T johnson
September 24, 2017
Beware of using a groupon. Some locations won\'t take them. Example, the Lee\'s Summit MO location. I\'m pretty disapointed.
Rated: by Cherie Reese
September 22, 2017
I am a single father and do not eat out very often. My daughter and I went to IHOP in alamogordo nm. The server was great. But as usual the menu was an inconvenience. They were out of grilled chicken, crispy chicken. Iced Tea and lemonade. I am not sure what else. The only reason we stayed was because our server was very good at directing us to other items that would satisfy our palets. Her name is shianne. Please have the items on the menu.
Rated: by Jason Goodman
September 19, 2017
Been sitting in the Aberdeen Sd branch for 20min with no service . Has to be the worst service I\\\\\\\'ve had in 10 yrs. no apology no anything just ( oh your so quiet over here) I have my own business and if I treated my customers like this I would be jobless.
Rated: by Bob Bosworth
September 15, 2017
Ate at I-hop in Hays, Kansas (#2045). It was the worst. Food was cold and hashbrowns so crisp and burned could not be consumed. Swedisch crepes had no filling (I-hop is famous for their fruit and cheese filling), half a teaspoon of jam (supposed to be warm fruit). waitress very unfriendly, didn't care to correct the problem and manager ignored us and left while we talked.
Rated: by Angela
September 4, 2017
So here's my story about blueberry pancakes (BBp for short). About a month ago we stopped at ihop in okc at i44 and meridian about 9 a.m before attending a funeral. I told the waiter, who was having problems with his English, that I wanted one buckwheat BBP....no eggs no meat no whipped cream no bb sauce. He said ,I think, that he couldn't do that but I could get the order with 2 . I said ok..2 BBP but no whipped cream or bb sauce. Well I got two BBP with all the stuff I asked to not have. We were running late so I decided I would just scrape off the stuff and eat one . Couldn't do that because both of them were raw...not cooked. First of all you are pancake place! So told him we didn't want them and to take it off our bill. All we had was two cups of coffee. My husband still put a tip on the table. The waiter still tried to charge us for the pancakes that we sent back and could not get it that we sent them back. My husband was trying to pay him for the coffee and he could not get the change correct. Anyway, we leave.

two weeks ago we stop at ihop in Tulsa on a Saturday morning about 11am. We sit down and again I attempt to order...1 buckwheat BBP...nice waiter ..but he seems confused that I only want 1 so I just order the item on the menu...2buckwheat BBP,no whipped cream or sauce...fine. Now hold the eggs. While we are waiting there is an annoying b clown with a big Packard doing balloon animals for tips. Really? Can't he do that in the lobby? Well here comes my meal...I do have BBP ...with eggs. Whatever.

Today I try again in Muskogee okla. I ask the nice new waitress if I can get 1 buckwheat BBP. No eggs. Great answer..sure ,this is ihop, you can get whatever you want. It's 10am on a Thursday and it is not at all busy. 25 minutes later here come by order. She does apologize but I got 2 pancakes. No problem..I cut into the cake.guess what? No blueberries! I wait a minute or so for her ,or anyone, to come by my table. Nothing. I have to eat and get on about my day so I proceed to try to eat the cake. Not only did it not have the berries, this one was overlooked. I finish about half of one cake. Finally the waitress and her team member come by to check Nd I tell them the bad news. Surprise and apology. I wait for my check until I if ally have to waive the hostess over.
Of course no allowance on the check . Again, whatever.

So just sayin...I will stop searching for my best blueberry pancake at ihop...anywhere. I am really disappointed as it seems the level of service And customer insight has greatly diminished. You are a pancake house. Should be able to get a pancake order right at least once. Now I am not typically a picky guest. But this just seems to be a trend overall. Cut the morning clown stuff. It's annoying if you don't have kids. Get cooks to pay attention to the order and wait staff to listen.
Rated: by Janiece
August 24, 2017
My daughter and I went to the IHOP on S orange Blossom trail in Orlando FLfor St. patty's day $1pancakes. The advertisement said wear green to get $1pancakes. We each found our only green shirts and went to the restaurant. The server informed us we werent wearing green and
went to get her manager. The manager came over and informed us we wern't wearing green.I pointed out our shirts and he told me that our shirts were not green. I said your ad doesn't say we had to wear a certain color green. He pointed to lime green shirts hanging from the ceiling and said we had to wear that color green! Then he said "We could get mad if we wanted to, but we were not wearing green and could not get the $1 pancakes. really!?
Rated: by Debbie Zmorenski