A private company, Ikea indulges in designing and selling furniture that are ready-to-assemble in nature. As world's largest retailer of furniture, they provide furniture parts that can be assembled together in order to produce desks, beds, home accessories and appliances and even chairs. It is highly reputed for coming up with advanced architectural designs of a number of furniture and appliances that are used in homes. A 17 year old Swedish national, named Ingvar Kamprad founded the company in 1943. Their business is spread across thirty-eight countries of the world and has over three hundred stores. Working Mothers magazine ranked them among 100 Best Companies in 2004-05.

Address: 496 West Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting,PA
Phone : 610-834-0180
Website: http://www.ikea.com/
1.8 Rating
Reviews : 6

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October 18, 2017
I fell in one of their stores due to ice on the floor. I had to go to ER, lots of bills. Filed a report at the store. Was told someone would get back to me. Been a long time and I havent heard anything. All I have is a big bill and sore muscles. What?!
Rated: by Lyla
October 12, 2017
I have been an Ikea customer for a long time, first in Maryland when they first opened there (well over 8 years ago). Recently visited Ikea store in Charlotte, NC (now living in Tenn). There seems to be a recurring problem which doesn't ever get resolved. Reduced items or clearance item prices are NOT honored. Instead, I have been repeatedly been charged the regular price. Since the trip to Charlotte took me close to 3 hrs., I wrote to the manager about the problem and asked him to rectify the price discrepancy along with receipt, item description and label. I never received a response nor did I get any adjustment on my credit card. This just seems to be a problem that management sanctions since nothing is ever done and the customer is inconvenienced. Why should they care?
Rated: by Margo
October 4, 2017
If you are intending on purchasing a complete kitchen from IKEA.....please think twice and look local first. We are going into our seventh week without a kitchen and it is taking four weeks just to get the counter-top installed. I have been in contact with my local store manager and still we have no resolution to this situation. I will no longer do business with IKEA and expect no answers from all the mail I have sent to them. We thought we would get some support from IKEA, but they have done absolutely nothing to resolve our problem, other than to offer us a gift card....which 'frankly' was insulting.

Mad in Tucson....
Rated: by Mike
October 4, 2017
It has been brought to my attention that you do not support the 2nd amendment and are anti-gun. Because of this I will no longer have any business to do with your company. I hope you reconsider your policies.
Rated: by Roger Waterhouse
September 2, 2017
I'm giving Ikea for ranking highest in bad customer reviews. I have never seen a company with so many bad reviews - not just here - but across many other websites.
Rated: by John Anderson
August 24, 2017
Purchased item about 2 weeks ago. Took home and assembled totally, except for back of cabinet. Tried all possibilities to no avail. Called Brooklyn Ikea where purchased. Told to bring it in and either get a replacement part or representative would help fix the problem. After standing in line for 2 hours, told no replacement part available, no one to help solve the problem. Given a refund and purchased another one. Took home, built, same problem. Called customer service who contacted store. Asked to speak to floor clerk who could tell me if i did some thing wrong. Told clerks are all with pre-purchase customers. Told to bring it in and if there was a defective part, would get some type of gift card for my troubles, but if not, would get nothing. Asked to speak to a supervisor who forwarded my complaint over to the after sales manager. Have phoned IKEA Brooklyn daily since 6/13/14, never reaching a live person, leaving messages each time, all unanswered!!

This is the most frustrating, aggravating, incomprehensible and unbelievable situation that i have ever had dealing with a supposedly major business company!!!!

I am over 71 years of age. My wife just had knee replacement surgery and requires my presence on an ongoing basis.
We are both retired on fixed incomes. We do not live right around the corner from Ikea. It would probably cost a third of the item's cost just in gas, round trip, not to mention my time just to go back with no promise of a different outcome.

Ikea should be ashamed the way they treat, really mean mistreat their customers!

Rated: by mel