Jack In The Box

Jack in the box was founded by Robert O. Peterson in the year 1951 in San Diego, California, which is it's headquarter as well. It is an "American fast food restaurant," which operates in 2,200 locations in total. In the year 2005, the company came up with its plans for expanding nationwide by 2010. Finally, the company succeeded in its plans and opened centers in varied locations in Indianapolis. This restaurant chain enchants its customers with American version of cuisines like tacos, egg rolls, poppers, burritos, etc. Even the restaurant offers its customers with seasonal items like Oreo mint shakes, pumpkin pie shakes, eggnog shakes and more.

Address: 9330 Balboa Ave, San Diego,CA
Phone : 858-571-2121
Website: https://www.Jackinthebox.com
1.5 Rating
Reviews : 22

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December 6, 2017
This is the WORST place for customer service EVER. We were in one of their Midland stores and as we watched the kids try to put our order together in-between playing around. They had our order all messed up and then when we did finally get our order and left, we got home to our order not being complete. A call was placed to the manager and her attitude was "oh well".. I placed a call to corporate and that lady was no better to the point of hanging up on me when I was asking a question... NEVER will we eat at another one of these restaurants again.
Rated: by Rhonda Hensley
December 6, 2017
Jack in box in fallbrook ca. I called like 30 times to let them know they missed up on my order. I finally got threw to them and the women who answered my called didn't even know how to speak English and keep telling me no no no. so I told her to get me to someone else to speak to. she said wait and I waited for about 5 minutes and they hanged up on me and I called back again and no answer. very rude and unprofessional. I want this to not happen to another jack costumer. I will never go here ever again. this happen on sunday feb 7 2016 at 4:00pm. my husband went to get food here around 10:00 am that day. thanks u very much
Rated: by sabrina
December 6, 2017
Jack in the box at 3002 ming ave Bakersfield need to hire some real help, the people there are very rude! My wife ran in before me to use the restroom and i went to order and they refuse her to use the rest because the woman that worked there couldn't understand I was getting in line to make our purchase!I will never go back there and I will make sure everyone I know will never go there again!
Rated: by Murphy
December 1, 2017
to whom my corcern in pasadena ca it all good an altadena ca i think god for your worker oh get bed wait on me much love jack in box from blackpower
Rated: by lashaun payne
November 30, 2017
not so much the food but the facility located at the north east corner of beverly blvd and montebello blvd in the city of montebello, california. bathroom had no paper what so ever. seat covers or toilet paper. how does an employee going to wash up after using it. also the food counter--no one was there for awhile. terrible place. never go there again
Rated: by mitch
November 28, 2017
At about 2:00 today I was at your LONGVIEW WASHINGTON location. I stop there for a breakfast jack and usually coffee 3 to 4 times a week. Plus often a dinner for 3 once a week. Today, after placing my order while waiting the server re-opened the window and asked "Do you need something else!" I felt rushed and for a moment thought I had my food so I pulled forward. Then by the garbage can I stopped and realized NO I did not have my food. So I pulled back around and waited in line for about 7-8 minutes for my turn. It was raining so I did not want to go inside. When it was finally my turn I said "I didn't get my food." He said well you pulled off. I asked if it was cold he replied "No it's been under the warmer. Just what I want a warmed up Jack. I told the server for my inconvience I though they could give me a "free coffee" cupon to use sometime. He told me I could come in and talk with the manager. I just waited in line. Shortly the MANAGER came and asked my complaint after I told her...he remark was..."Well you drove off." First of all she dosent know that as she wasn't there at the time and second...HE was the one who was rushing me. Ya know, If they would loose a 100.00 a month (not a big amount but still a lot) over a darn coffee! Then she is a lousy manager and I am glad I do not own that franchise. That location better do some training of there people in charge. I f myself, who has been a very dedicated customer over the last couple years will not return you can bet there and many others. I usually refuse to take my time up with this kinda stuff...but this deserved the complaint. Soyy Jack,
Rated: by carolyn olsen
November 14, 2017
Jack in the box, federal way Was, corner of 312th and pacific highway.
Food safety problem, ordered a bacon ultimate cheese burger, the meat was so old it was crunchy. The staff (woman) was clearly intoxicated, slurred and slow speech. Asked for refund and she offered fries.... Someone is going to get very sick and or die with these people handling food. Please fix this very serious issue. I will be filing a complaint with the dept. Of health as soon as they open.
Rated: by Sam Lambert
November 10, 2017
It has been my experience, that the service, not just one location, but several various locations. That the drive-thru has high priority, and the walkup can be waiting 5 minutes or longer before anyone will attend to customers. And it was mentioned that this was jack's policy to serve customers in this manor. It appears there was no thought about the other
half of the customers. If the have larger vehicles in the work force, or personal. I've have been to other fast food chains, like KFC, BK, MacDonald's and others. The service was exceptional. I have asked about
their customer policy for walk-up, well they add help to serve them so no wait time to place an order. Now that service.
Rated: by ed
November 9, 2017
I just had the worst service at jack in the box Killeen, Texas Rancier ave. 76541. Terrible!! I called to speak with a manager and he acted like he could care less. Very displeased!! I will never be back!gayl77@live.com
Rated: by crissanda heflin
November 8, 2017
jackinbox has a portabello sandwhich is the begest pice of garbage we bought five of them and every body throw it in the garbage we will never go to jackinthebox again
Rated: by stanley fishman
November 5, 2017
The customer service at 900 Oakdale Rd in Modesto sucks! It's the worst customer service I ever received. The manager on the evening shift (Kayla Larson) should be fired!! Her way to deal with difficult customers is to run and hide with the rest of her staff and call the police! Really!!!??? You waste the time of the police for an order of curly fries that you forgot to include in my bag?! If Kayla is the type of employee that represents Jack in the Box,then I will never patronize a Jack in the Box ever again!!!Because customer service is not a priority! Jack you need to get out of your box and train your employees on better customer service skills. In order to be successful you have to please your customers.I GIVE THE RATING AT jACK IN THE BOX AT 900 OAKDALE RD in Modesto CA A BIG FAT "F"! I will never, ever, ever, spend a dime at that restaurant again!!!!
Rated: by Stephanie Chandler
November 3, 2017
Was @ store on Division in Arlington TX Sunday, 10/25/15. Service was less than perfect. French fries were cold, mixed types and some black. Obviously had been around for hours. Strawberry shake had a little strawberry near the top but was flavorless as we went down.
The fry cook looked like he was just released from the jail across the street and could care less about what he was doing.
Went to take the survey online after eating what we could and it asks for a 14 digit code but the receipt only has an 11 digit number.
I will never go back to Jack in the Box.
Rated: by S Lochner
November 3, 2017
I'm a night shift nurse in St. Peters MO and my choices are slim for food at night. However there is a JITB on JUngerman in St. Peters MO that we can go to. They make us go through the drive thru one time for each order we order. Needless to say, I will not give them my business anymore. It's ridiculous to have to do that
Rated: by dona trembley
October 18, 2017
went through Everett Mall way Jack in the box in Everett WA. drive-thru and had to park around the front because order wasn't ready..when it came I had to return to business because they didn't complete the order they left off the fries. Got home the bag was greasy torn and my cheesy chicken sandwich and taco were so soggy smashed and when I tried eating it was nasty hot mess of falling apart the wrapper on the sandwich was refusing to leave the sandwich side. ... False advertising the outside ordering board never mentioned it as a hot slimy soggy mess. I will not be returning anytime soon. Mc Donald's would be a step up from that experience. The worst part the kid at the counter gave half-ass help to correct the problem he looked like a deer caught in some head lights.
Rated: by johnson
October 12, 2017
I am an loyal drive thru customer at Jacks on Santa Monica Blvd off the 405 fwy, every morning at that location, Amak is always been helpful and always gets my order correct. But on the morning of Nov4 2016 he charged me $21.16 and issued an refund but it hasn't appeared in my back account today Nov 5th. I am very appalled/angry he done this. I will pay cash for now on. Please call me if possible.
Steve Nakama

Rated: by Steve Nakama
October 12, 2017
I was in St. Louis on November, 26, 2016 and stopped at Jack in the Box, located at 459 Hawk Ridge Trail Lake, Saint Louis, MO 63367. My wife and I go to the counter to order some food and there is a young W/F, behind the counter with a headset on, she asked to take my order. She is wearing a Big Dog T-Shirt and it appears nothing underneath. At least no pants or shorts. It was the most awkward moment I think I have ever experienced and very unprofessional. I sent a complaint along with a photo to corporate office on November 27, 2016, I got a response saying we are looking into this matter, yet to date I have not heard back from them.

Rated: by Concerned Patron
October 6, 2017
I have gone to Jack in the Box on Olive street in Bakersfield CA and had problems!! One day they couldn't make shakes because they were cleaning the machine. This happened 3 times. That's all I went for I was craving a milk shake. One day I asked for onion rings instead of French fries, I got home and there was neither!!! A few days ago I wanted a chicken teriyaki bowl, the said they ran out. Today I go in and order a chicken teriyaki bowl. The have no rice!! so I ask for a chicken salad, they have no chicken!!!! I will never waist my time again and I eat there all the time. You lost a good customer. Tell them to take their heads out of their asses!!
Rated: by Donna Cordova
October 1, 2017
I have been averaging 4 to 5 times a month going to Jack. And your new beverage machines really do not do justice to your customers. When your busy and there I more then two people in line by the time you get drink your food is getting cold. Today there were five people in line getting drinks. Maybe Carls Jr I need to go to from now on. I bet I spent at jack over a 1000.00 in 2015
Rated: by Steve bettencourt
September 12, 2017
The " manager " at Carlsbad Ca @ Carlsbad Village Dr is the most unproffetional " manager " I have never spok to someone that was / is in a managerial roll and shouldn't be. Silvia or Cynthia whatever her name is spoke over me and wasn't very professional as I tried to explain how they didn't place half my order in the bag at the drive up window.

Isn't what the do ?? Make food and put in the bag !?

What a disservice to their service and to the founder that placed service in jack n the box's name !!y
Rated: by Alma Danforth
August 31, 2017
Cook Street Palm Desert would not honor my receipt after answering your survey. I was offered alternative to the "2 free tacos" and they said it was only good in San Diego! The purchase was done at their store!
Rated: by Jack Stroud
August 31, 2017
My fiancé and I went to jack in the box of 4717 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA 98203 . All of the employees there had a the worst customer service THEY WAS AND STILL VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO me and my whole family. OUR whole order was cold they forgot my fiancé #7 and they forgot one jumbo jack. WE FOUND A HAIR IN MY FOOD. They wasn't wearing any gloves and hairnet they were touching the fries with no gloves while handling them and serving it to us.Just to say I reported this to the news kiro 7 and I reported to the Occupational safety and Health ADMINSTRATION https://www.osha.gov/ and Also I have reported to the USDA I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the quality and service. Your employees needs a RAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCHECCCCCCCCCCCCCK ON their Training this is insane because we can get very sick with cross contatminated food.
Rated: by Raslaie Mier
August 24, 2017
I recently was at one of your restaurants on a Sunday in the Stockton CA area. There was a crew of men doing the grounds. One of the men looked to be very professional, the others looked to be very unprofessional, borderline criminal. Wont be going back there any more
Rated: by Sue Krager