KFC is the chain of food restaurant with it's headquarter in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and they primarily sell different variation of snacks made of chicken. KFC stands as an American icon and is regarded as world's largest food chain for fried chicken. At present, the company is holding second position after McDonald's by running food chain business in more than 105 countries. Number of outlets being operated by the authority is near about 17000. According to December 2011 report, owners are planning to start more outlets in south Asian countries. Harland Sanders is the founder of this world famous company.

Address: 1441 Gardiner Ln., Louisville,KY
Phone : 502-874-8300
Website: http://kfc.com
1.3 Rating
Reviews : 41

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December 11, 2017
finger licking good. wayne and vince and barb
Rated: by madam president
December 10, 2017
very poor runned store in etters pennslyvania ,... i can see kfc and taco bell don't care what kind of managers they hire .. i called today to get a contact number for the district manager the manager said hold on .. i waited and the same person was on the phone now saying they were district manager so its ok to lie to your customers ??? well no need to lie to me or anyone i know because i will definitly pass the word to all i know for sure ... very poor runned business .. shame on kfc and taco bell ...
Rated: by budd
December 9, 2017
Rated: by Colonel L.A. Thayer
December 6, 2017
My review is not about the quality of the food at KFC. I am appalled by the choice of actor who portrays Colonel Sanders for your TV commercials and You Tube videos. This actor strikes me as a squirrely, dirty old man, not a southern gentleman serving up the best fried chicken of any restaurant around. I haven't been able to stomach going to KFC ever since I first saw this man on TV. Whoever chose him and his lecherous voice must have it out for the South. I'm very disappointed in your marketing strategy.
Rated: by Bonnie
December 6, 2017
KFC Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL -- My husband and I went through the drive thru on 3/13/2014 at about 7:00pm after not being there for 6 months we thought we will give it another try and he ordered a 2 piece breast meal extra crispy. We get to the window and same thing as before we have to wait 5 minutes for extra crispy so we drive around and wait 5 minutes. Finally get our meal the lady said she would put a extra piece of breast being we had to wait ok fine. So we get home and the order is a breast and wing, cold potatoes and Cole slaw so my husband called the manager not only is she rude with him she tells him to go up there and they will fix it. He goes all the way back there for her to ask for the receipt he just told her the number and his name on the phone. He told her to keep her chicken and we will never be there again. The people that work there including the manager is not very professional and they get the order wrong every time we go. You always have to wait for extra crispy. This is one customer that will never go back!
Rated: by Shannon
December 4, 2017
Where did you get the new KFC spokesman on TV ads? He is positively creepy. NOT a good advertisement for your company!!!!!!
Rated: by kathy white
December 4, 2017
Saukville Wisconsin KFC long John silver the manager Craig very racist so racist I quit the job in 3 days I'm black and he feels black people are Riff Raff's
Rated: by Selena Martin
December 3, 2017
The food and service were fine, but the A/C in the restaurant was SO cold that I had to get my jacket out of my car to wear while I was eating! I thought I'd have a warm drink to warm me up a bit, but you don't sell hot coffee or tea? Then I remembered WHY I hadn't been in there for six months! In the winter I like the choice of a hot or cold drink.........and in the summer when the A/C is set to sub-zero!!! I suggest you have dual temperatures: one for the employee/kitchen area and one for the customers! This was in Cave City, KY. You might even have more repeat customers if it felt more comfortable in there!
Rated: by Sandra Kindred
December 3, 2017
After recently visiting KFC in Corydon, Indiana I found feathers attached to my thigh (image and videos posted on FB under Nickie Poteet). Upon my return visit I spoke with Nick a male manager. I explained I had called and was asked to bring it back, I was told without the chicken they couldn't do anything and that I was lying as he bobbles his head with extreme attitude and no manager had told me to come back without telling me to bring the piece of chicken. He finally went and got a female manager I assume was the GM she came up with a shitty attitude as well and claimed she never said that so I informed them I record my phone calls and I replayed our conversation for them. At this time the manager Nick screaming at me now said and I quote (Get the fuck out of my store. I don't have to wait on you and can refuse service to anyone) he then told me I had an attitude I informed him I don't give one unless I get one. My friend told him he was rude and highly unprofessional. I have no plans on ever visiting another KFC as the video/pic will show how nasty the store and employee attitudes were. I did receive a replacement thigh during this visit but I threw it in the trash where it deserved to be. Since this incident I have been told Nick is the grandson of the owners and this is not a corporate store, my opinion is no matter if it is franchised or corporate owned it still has the KFC logo and something needs to be done and quick before someone dies from ignorant, unprofessional, and negligent staff of the KFC in Corydon, IN.
Rated: by nickie
November 28, 2017
I am sick and tired of your corporation airing these racist commercials. I think if I here that so called kernel squeal finger licking good again I'm going to throw my tv out the window. Please discontinue these commercials!
Rated: by Rossyln
November 26, 2017
your new Hartford, ny store is worst managed store ever been to. EVERY time stop to get you supposed regular menu item of "grilled" chicken.. the common response is "Have to wait at least 17 min" then you have to take only the mixed selection of white and dark meat they cook. Keep trying off and on to stop and get the grilled chicken, BUT end up walking out empty handed. Others are also walking out too. Really need to take a personal look at this place. Like KFC, but more and more getting really frustrated.
Rated: by jackie
November 20, 2017
On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 I ordered the 16 piece bucket with 4 large sides. I used my debit card so KFC had access to the money immediately. While I was in line at the drive thru there was considerable confusion with the orders. When I ordered 16 piece original the employee (a man) thought I said 60 piece. Then there was an irate customer in front of me because their order was wrong and they almost backed into the car behind them. When I got to the window they swiped my card thru the machine before they handed me the food. When I arrived at the window, the SUV behind me was mad and wanted out of line but he was trapped by my red and white van and the car behind him....he began honking and throwing a fit. When the manager came to the window to give me the order, (Christy), I informed her that there was a drive-off. She cussed and was evidently mad. She handed me on sack of food. I asked Christy if this was the complete order. She replied yes. I asked for honey. Christy gave me four packs of honey and then said, "Oh, you ordered a 16 piece, so here is another handful of honey." I drove off.
When I got home, I saw that we were short SEVEN pieces of chicken. Only NINE pieces of chicken were in the one bucket. I called KFC immediately and left a message and said I would be back in the next day, Thursday, for the rest of the order. No one called me back or acknowledged my call in any way.
On Thursday, March 3`, I drove back to KFC and asked for the other 7 pieces of chicken. Christy said she was the manager and had not heard my message. I called the number I dialed yesterday and Christy answered the phone. She said she couldn't discuss restitution with me without a receipt. I reminded her of what happened yesterday with the drive-off, the bumped car, the honey....she said she did remember but corporate would not allow restitution without the receipt. OK, she what is the policy for a half filled order? She had my debit card number she could look up but she refused. I called PNC and asked for the pending post to be held up as a theft. I am called the police to fill an incident report on theft (oh, by the way, when I snapped a photo of Christy she ran to get the phone to call the police. I am also filing a claim with corporate for theft.
KFC? Why bother, Popeye is in town now! We no longer can be held hostage! by rude, uncaring managers who treat us like criminals!
Avon, Indiana

Rated: by Teri Sheckles
November 19, 2017
We ate at the KFC in Lafollette/Jacksboro, Tn restaurant on Monday 7/25/16 at 5PM. The potatoes were dried out as well as the Extra Crispy Chicken and had been on the bar forever.

We sat down in one of the booths and it amazed me at how dirty the window sills were as well as the cushions. There were food all down the window sills as well as it looked liked fly droppings or something to that affect as well. It did not look like the creases in the cushions had been cleaned for such a long time. It was hard for us to eat our food because a fly(s) keep buzzing around our food.

This restaurant does not meet your standards. The "Manager" was sitting and visiting with one of the employees instead of having the place cleaned. We will not return to this restaurant until is cleaned, (PLEASE), (PLEASE).
Rated: by Sara Hensley
November 17, 2017
The Ottawa location is very UNSANTIZED and RACIST. The employees including the managers are very unprofessional and requires additional training. They need food hygiene training and they need to learn, to maintain good practice in order to run a safe and clean kitchen. The staff and management team also need ethics and customer service training. They need to learn to remain professional at all times. I was in the store one day and I was ordering and the cashier asked the cook, a short lady with a blonde ponytail. "Do you have any dark chicken, she was so rude and said loudly, " I have what I have." Me and the gentleman behind me just looked and shook our heads. I later complained to a second assistant manager and she said, " O, I know who that is and she is always that way." It appears that it is ok for the staff to be rude. After a certain hour, the food is always horrible and the kitchen is nasty just like the employees. I have witness employees going out to smoke a cigarette and walk right in the kitchen without washing their hands. Never go there when it is dark, because your chicken is sure to be unhealthy. Someone is going to get salmonella poison eating at this restaurant.
Rated: by God is real
November 11, 2017
I'm writing about my experience today at the KFC in Suncheon, Cholla-Namdo, Korea. I was accompanied by my fellow coworker Nate Sarvis. I attempted to order food when I was informed by the young lady that I could only order carryout and not dine in the restaurant. Which was strange since there were at least 3 groups of Korean customers dining in. I've previous dined in at this location as recently as the day before. Today is Sunday March 6th around 5:00pm local time when the incident took place. The only logical reason that Nate and I were told we couldn't dine in was that we are both African American. The reason I'm in Suncheon, Korea is that we are both US government civil service employees here to support a Marine Corps training exercise. I'm a retired Marine of 20 years active service now working for the United States Department of Defense with nearly 21 years of total government service. Nate is also a retired Marine and civil service employee with over 45 years of government service to the country. I feel that this matter is a gross representation of your corporation. So I wanted to inform you of the type of prejudice service that your employees at this franchise in Korea are giving to your customers. Since arriving in Suncheon on February 26th I've purchased food from that franchise on 3 occasions. It would be greatly appreciated if I received some sort of correspondence from your corporation on this matter. If you don't feel the need to respond I will share this experience on all of my social media outlets. Informing people of the prejudice treatment of Nate and I by KFC employees in Korea.I can be reached by email at mlbaker.usmc@gmail.com or by phone at (928) 257-8796. Thank you.
Rated: by Marquis Baker
November 10, 2017
I just saw the piece on your loyal employee who has worked for KFC 52 years in Michigan
Your manager and corporate headquarters rewards such service with a plaque and a dinner

You guys really out did yourselves
I would be ashamed
Rated: by PKuemmel
November 9, 2017
your manager at moonville store named sue is very hateful and nasty to her employees ive heard how she screams at them you need a different manager there but food is good
Rated: by debbie
November 5, 2017
Why did the KFC store close in CARO,MIchigan? I just got coupons in the mail & was going to get chicken yesterday. A sign on front said CLOSED, no explanation or nothing. I need an answer please.
Rated: by Linda Wheeler
November 2, 2017
I am sorry to report that your KFC store on Gandy and Manhattan is the worst - I mean that from the bottom of my heart - this is the Third time probably the last time I will ever go to that KFC store to eat ever - the tray was broken on the end of the tray which has mold and I have caught a real bad cold from this - that is a Health hazard in my book ...A lot of time there is no chicken in the buffet which is uncalled for - on a numerous amount of times I have went there and I have received a call from the new manager there that told me he has problems with his staff stealing from him and from your company - I think you now need to send in an undercover boss to investigate this as soon as you can before this gets too far out of hand...yours truly ... RG of Tampa Bay
Rated: by RG
October 31, 2017
I will not ever eat at another KFC because of the way their employees in Jackson MS treated a three (3) year old girl. Discriminated against a 3 yr old girl... What is KFC thinking..... evidently they weren't thinking. To bad I have forced to give up KFC when there is one three blocks away and the closest Popeye's is a couple of miles.
Rated: by JAS
October 28, 2017
iam a kfc employee and they over work us underpay us im looking for another job plus they dont give breaks294Smh
Rated: by lisa
October 24, 2017
My wife and I visited the KFC store at 6130 E Mockingbird Lane Dallas TX 75214 on May 20, 2017. The door showed that the restaurant opens at 10:30 AM. My wife has been waiting for about 5 minutes and nobody opened the door her. I confronted the guy guarding one of the doors and he said they were not ready. I know they have 2 hours to prep the store. These crew looked incompetent. The should have opened the store, ready or not because they have an obligation to accept customers in instead of letting them wait outside.

We are senior citizens aged 69. These employees should be fired for gross incompetence and poor customer service practice.
Rated: by jun pinoy
October 22, 2017
I paid for a 10 piece meal, when I got home I found out KFC had only given me 5 pieces. Crooks!!!!!!!!!! The leadership of this store should be fired! When I called KFC 232 Se 1st Ave, Florida City, FL 33034
Phone: (305) 248-1509
They played stupid. CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated: by Clyde Cates Jr.
October 21, 2017
Not one to complain. Stopped in at the KFC on Livernois in Clawson ,MI . By far the worst chicken I have ever had from your corp. Way to salty dried out and
uneatable. Bought an 8 piece bucket at the drive thru. When I arrived home I dug right in. Needless to say it went into the garbage. I don't think I will have a craving for KFC in a long while.
Rated: by Fred Stapula
October 21, 2017
On Thursday, May 8, 2014 my husband and I went to a KFC in Philadelphia, PA. As I had to use the restroom a KFC associate told my husband I would have to use the men's room; as the women's restroom was out of service. Upon entering the men's room there was a man inside with his penis fully exposed. When the man did exit the restroom he apologized explaining that the door did not lock. When the manager, Will, finally came to the counter upon my request he simply shrugged his shoulders and said,(quote)"I'm sorry you saw a penis, what do you want a free soda?" End quote. Then walked away. At this time a female KFC associate went to the women's restroom, unlocked the door with a key, used the restroom, relocked the door followed by another KFC female worker who did the exact same thing. I was horrified and could not believe the KFC corporation would condone this blatant disregard for its customers especially someone's mother and grandmother. I can't seem to get a working phone number to contact headquarters. I am still very much upset and traumatized that our society has reached this all time low at the hands of KFC.
Rated: by Bonita Logan
October 21, 2017
We keep trying the KFC in Sherwood, OR but it actually gets worse each
time. They almost never get our order right. This time, the chicken was greasy and over-cooked. Apparently, they do not care about quality
at this place. They take good money for a product that is unacceptable.
Save your money. Go somewhere else. Or, put your money back in your
pocket and eat at home. The KFC in Sherwood sucks! We have given up on
the place.
Rated: by Bill P.
October 20, 2017
Are you guys reading these reviews?? I travel across the country and as most that travel frequently, we look for places that are local and those that are staples. Like KFC, across the board is consistantly the worst run, managed out there here. From PA, FL, GA VA the worst and your ATLANTA MARKET COACH, Joe Schmidt 813-956-2726 is part of the problem!!!!Here is an idea close them all!!the expectation will then be met = No customer service and non responsive. Joe has my number feel free to call me.

A Former Customer
Rated: by JMS
October 17, 2017
Please, please take your new rep on your TV ads off. He is awful. I haven't talked to anyone who likes him. This includes friends, family and work. Just thought you would like the feedback.
Rated: by Darlene Murray
October 17, 2017
i went to kfc yesterday with a couple of co-workers at noon and was told there was no crispy chicken availble and that i would have to wait until they made some, the cashier was very rude and acted like she would rather be somewhere else. once we received our meal the biscuit was hard, the maccaroni & cheese had water inside the container so we took it up to the counter and told a guy named Casey, what did he do he just scooped the water out and handed back to us. i will never go back to that kfc again!!!! i will let everyone know of my experience there so hopefully it will save them from the rude people and terrable food. this kfc is located at 7120 N.W Highway St. in Oklahoma City
Rated: by Shannon
October 9, 2017
Your new colonel for your TV commercials is a FLOP. I will no longer patronize your restaurant as his laugh is sickening!

Rated: by Joan Yirga
October 8, 2017
Your corporate managed store at 1970 Stringtown Road, Grove City, Ohio is the worst place I have ever encountered for accuracy. Over a period of years we used to get KFC at least weekly, the carryout bags seldom contained the correct items. Now, after a year of bypassing KFC I again tried it today. A simple request: one crispy chicken breast, one (small) coleslaw, one biscuit. The chicken was correct, the coleslaw was masked potatoes and the biscuit was hard as a rock. The manager, Daniel, apologized over the phone and then got irritated because that was not relieving my irritation. This place is the worst.
Unfortunately it is the closest to my location so I will be doing without your products.
Rated: by Bonnie Cain
October 5, 2017
Rated: by Dee
October 3, 2017
I must say if it is true that you are caving to Muslims at KFC stores and not handing out hand wipes because they contain alcohol, I'm afraid that I may have to find someplace else to satisfy my hunger. I'm sorry but I find it VERY unpatriotic. They are taking over this great country and you are helping them to do so. Get a backbone.. Good bye KFC. !!
Rated: by Gary K
October 3, 2017
Well now where do i start,had to pay extra for my barbaque sauce .no no no that is not right, the place was so hot inside could not eat in comfort not happy.should of ask for my money back.if u are cutting cost maybe look at your help taking long breaks and talking to custermer while on break.this is located at winchester, ky.
Rated: by john
October 1, 2017
Some one in Desert Hot Springs CA had better let KFC in on the secret, Chicken Tenders are just that, and come from under the breast of the chicken NOT CUT FROM ANY OTHER PART. The store in DHS apparently charges for tenders, but you never get what you order, and the meat is so tough it is impossible to chew it. Someone had better inform them that there is truth in advertising, and perhaps the media should (if they care) inform the public that K F C is using false advertising. The last order was just that, my last purchase from these rascals.
Rated: by Johnny Cross
September 20, 2017
I went to KFC locate at 223 E Foothill Blvd Rialto, ca 92376 on 7-30-14. I order 12 chicken stripe family meal. It came with two
side and four biscuit. I also order 20 wings total $35.62. I was disappointed the chicken stripe was thin and dry and the wings was dry too. I love KFC wing and ck stripe. Never had a problem with my order. The ck stripe was moist and meaty . I will never order ck stripe there again not for 21.00 plus tax.
Rated: by kim
September 12, 2017
I have loved KFC for years, but the one in Galt, CA is the worst. Took forever to get my order correct with the girl, OK must be new give her a break, Drove to the window which was so gross, dirty, smudged with a million fingerprints, maybe only a hundred, I wonder how clean the kitchen is, do I really want to eat from here? How dirty is the kitchen?I had to drive around to the front to wait for food, only 10 minutes. Biscuits so hard, no one is eating those, coleslaw was so watery, chicken was greasy not crisp, it had been hanging around for a while. Oh hey potato wedges were edible. Corn on cob was so old it was brown not yellow. And the 8 chocolate chip cookies I ordered and paid for were not in the sack. I am no going back until I hear they have improved the entire situation to the way it used to be.
Rated: by Loretta
September 7, 2017
Here in Mountain Home, Arkansas, the KFC is in violation of OSHA standards whereby they are requiring both the workers and guests to incur possible trip hazards in handling food to and from the buffet line and in general walking on a half complete floor. Flooring not finished off, missing flooring etc.
Rated: by John M
September 4, 2017
You need to get rid of those "God awful" commercials with the new Colonel Sanders! If I didn't like your chicken I certainly never buy from those commercials! They are insulting to an intelligent person!
Rated: by Susan Armstrong
August 30, 2017
This complaint is in regards to the newest ad campaign featuring an actor portraying Colonel Sanders. There are many Americans who DO Remember the real Colonel Sanders. This new campaign is a travesty to his memory and an insult to the intelligence of the public. It rates right up there with the plastic, scary Burgerking King.
Rated: by Darlene Gatlin
August 24, 2017
My family had a horrible meal there..It was wrong and the chicken was very cold.I called up and complained and they sent us a 5 dollar coupon.The neal was over 25?Thats horrible customer service and my family wont be going back
Rated: by sean