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Kmart Corporation serves as the most attractive discount retailing service in the United States. More than two hundred and seventy stores of Kmart sells innumerable equipments of top brands and other private leveled companies. There are about one thousand and three hundred small stores of the company in around forty-nine states across the US. The store also houses in-store pharmacies, selling huge stock of essential and life saving drugs. Kmart emerged from Kresge Corporation when the later was rechristened in 1977. However, they started to see the dark times during 1980s. It was only after its focus-shift to other sports accessories and the likes from the onset of 1990s, they emerged as an important business group in the United States.

Address: 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates,IL
Phone : 847-286-2500
1.4 Rating
Reviews : 34

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December 10, 2017
Your 30 day return policy is ridiculous. Your store should be able to give a store credit and you would still be making out and pleasing your customers. I tried to return a pair of shoes I was told according to our 30 day policy we can't take them back instead of me shopping I walked out. I do shop on line not anymore at Kmart only Sears.
I will make it a point to share this policy with others.
Very upset customer
Rated: by carm
December 7, 2017
I completely understand now why Kmart Stores are closing. Your customer service SUCKS!! I have ordered online not once or twice but many times only to have the orders cancelled. The items show in stock in my area. When you call the so called corporate number to speak to someone its always the same thing...the item is no longer available. My question...Why do it show in stock? Why does it show in my zip code? Customer Service...It may be a glitch with the computer (always). They will speak to someone and get it straightened out...NOT!! You need to fire from the top down and start over or close all the doors. My advise...DON'T PURCHASE FROM KMART!!!
Rated: by Dawn Hardwick
December 4, 2017
Are you serious with your new commercials???? What are you really trying to say when you have a kid saying \\\\\\\" he can ship his pants\\\\\\\". That\\\\\\\'s disgusting!!!!
Rated: by Wendy
November 26, 2017
I am not one to publicly bash a company, but in my opinion Kmart deserves this one . Kmart has the worst customer service I’ve every encountered and I’m 62 yrs old.It will be 2 months the 8th of Oct.that I made a final payment on my online layaway and I still have not received my merchandise or a refund. Not one person is willing do anything to help they just past the problem off to another person, they keep you pacified by telling you they'll check back in a few days and they do, but I get another excuse and they need a few more days.My layaway is still in processing status after 2 months,There is a error on the website that no one wants to fix, my understanding is that I will not get a refund until it's fixed, is any one working on it?. This error was of no fault of mine but yet your holding my money, this is unbelievable and unacceptable. All the online merchants that I've ever ordered from simply would refund my money. Especially since I have all the documents as proof.That's not the way Kmart does business and maybe that's a good reason why people have lost the trust they had in Kmart. I've shopped at Kmart for over 40 yrs. this is the first time I've ever had a problem,unfortunately it's not a isolated problem.
I continue to call the corp. office and leave messages but no one gets back to me.I am very frustrated, but I will not give up. I WANT MY REFUND IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT.
Rated: by Patricia Webber
November 24, 2017
On 10/28/13 I went to Kmart to purchase some jeans for my children. Some how the jeans was coming up for .49 cent a pair. How about the manager refused to sell me the jeans because of the price. I called corporate office and they was talking about we are sorry about problem but there nothing we can do. Kmart on Manatee Ave in Bradenton Florida is worst store in visited in Florida
Rated: by mildred
November 22, 2017
I think your Joe boxer Christmas ad is gross and obscene. Not very flattering. disgusting in my opinion
Rated: by Kim Basler
November 22, 2017
I am a Inventor, I received a Patent no. 8,622,667 from the Patent Office in Jan. 7, 2014.
What I invented was a device that turns a Drill Motor into a Screw Gun while retaining the drill bit.
A short demonstration can be seen by Googling Earl Seay and clicking on to:
What I am seeking is a comprehensive Licensing Partner that would have product development, supply chain and distribution capabilities.
Please review my Patent and my U-tube Video, if you are interested in my Product E-Mail me or call (760)356-5318.
Thank You
Earl Seay---Inventor
Rated: by Earl Seay Inventor
November 21, 2017
Forget the fact your stores are untidy and disorganized compared to the Kmarts I grew up with. My review is leveled at your current back to school ad portraying young children as disrespectful, trash talking, gang bangers. I am shocked that corporate America has stooped so low at a time when our country needs to be lifted out of it's moral decay. Shame on you.
Rated: by Gary Chournos
November 20, 2017
Your commercials portraying kids as gangster rappers on the bus and school yard bullies is absolutely appalling to me. The first commercial with the mini hoodlums in the play ground talking like their illiterate hoodlum punks was horrible enough and then you did worse in the second commercial where you seem to glorify gangster rapping with children. What's even worse is K-Mart doesn't see just how wrong it is. I'm teaching my kids respectable values and to be good citizens and K-Mart tries to teach our kids that it's Okay to be a low-life gangster rapper and school yard bullies. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
Rated: by Daryl
November 19, 2017
On Saturday 8/21/2016 I went to Kmart Rotterdam Ny to purchase shock cholrine Tabs pool cover mens socks and boxers I was rang out at reg 2.the reg crashed so customer service said I had to ring out again .I asked question in reguards to being billed twice on my debt card.customer service reps were very rude and disrespectfull to my reguest. I got a answere from Them telling me to bring my receipt in the next day and they would take care of it .I went to the Kmart with my receipt and was treated very disrespectful by the same woman who said she would rip up the 2nd chage for the same items they refused to set my account right.On top of all of this the cashier over charged me the first amount of withdrawn from reg 2 was 70.72 when I cashed at customer service the amount was 61.37. I never been to a retail that can not correct a debt withdrawl immediately on the Now Thursday and have not received my 70.72 back .I am not sure what kind of scam your customers service people are running .They assured me they would not process the both debit charge but did on the 8/22/2016 .The woman behind the counter knew she was wrong .I spoke to the store manager who also was of no help.I have a large family 5 brothers and sister 5 children and grandchildren will never shop at Kmart or Sears again .Your customer service rep even hung up on me. Ramona did call me I told her this same discussion,she told me I had to wait 5 days for my money, I had to cancel some of my vacation plans because of this and use that money for my groceries.I have returned items to other retail store and my debt was automatically reimbursed. I think you need to investigate this store and hire customer service reps who want to do their job,starting with your store manager. This should not have been a issue going on for 5 days.
Rated: by Cathy Maul
November 16, 2017
I would definitely give this store a zero. I place a Christmas layaway for my children. I have paid this out in full last Friday 12-4-15. I had the items sent to my local VA store but had the address of Kileen TX. I immediately call .com to see if they coul re'do the order and ship to my VA store was told nothing they could do to contact the Texas store. I did and waited the line for over an hour to hear nothing the store can do. I call back to .com and was told she was putting in a request for csncellation snd refund. I received an emsil about Tuesday saying they can't cancel to go to my profile to cancel but this option was not available to me.I callled both .com and the Tx store to see what's going on. Store said no to transferring tocket to my local store to fill order or refund. And I would have to be in store to pick up my items with an id. The lady that I spoke to assured me that this was going to be taken care of but has not. I need a solution to this never ending from. I am really disgusted and unsatified by the behavior and lack of help Kmart has given or provided. I want my money back so that I can be done with this store. Their response and customer care is terrible.
Rated: by Latisha
November 7, 2017
Wow.. what an insult against teachers with your recent commercials. You make it seem that we can not teach children correct English.... cause "YO MAMA" is not taught in our school systems. Shame on you for profiling also. Your advertisement department needs to "re-think" their ads. Most people are offended and you WILL loose a lot of business to competitors. Once again SHAME ON YOU for not giving our teachers more credit than what you did... I am done with you and Sears...
Rated: by Debbie
November 7, 2017
My visit today to Kmart was the worst! Left there and went to Walmart! We dropped in with only a short amount of time to shop and quickly found some clothing items we wished to purchase. There were only 2 check-out lines open. The checkers at both lanes were carrying on lengthy personal conversations with customers in line. We, and others, went from line to line, trying to get checked out. No luck. Went to the Return desk and asked if they could please check us out since those lines were not moving. No, that could not happen. So after standing in line for what was a totally ridiculous amount of time for it to have been no busier than it was we left. Purchased nothing. So Kmart is willing to turn paying customers away so their employees can visit! What a joke! What will they do at Christmas time when the store actually is filled with customers? Will they be willing to allow them to just leave and go to Walmart as we did today? This was at the store on Noland Rd in Independence, MO. So unless you have the entire day to spend standing in line you may want to think again before shopping there my friend.
Rated: by Larry Milligan
November 2, 2017
What are you thinking? How in the world do you think that using male genitals as bells is going to get people into your store to buy anything? This is by far the most disgusting add I have ever seen. If this is the best your advertising department can come up with, you need to get rid of it and get people that can use common since and good taste.
Rated: by bob
October 31, 2017
I recently made 2 layaway purchases # 80151897 and 80151575. I made payments when due. On 10/17/14, My Mother became ill and I was forced to leave town. The extra expense made me unable to make my payment. I contacted Kmart to have the payment extended to my next pay date on 10/31/14. This chat took place on 10/25/14, as I did not want to lose my layaway. I was advised that if the payment was not made by close of business on 10/25/14 the layaway would cancel. I was further notified that it would take 10-14 days to see my credit. I have been a Customer Service Rep for 15 years and I have never treated my customers this way. Things happen, and sometimes adjustments have to be made. Kmart needs to recognize that the Customer drives the business. There is nothing in your store that I cannot get anywhere else, and receive good service and appreciation for my business. I will never purchase anything from Sears/Kmart again. Furthermore I will tell everyone I know of the bad customer service I received and since I don't control people, I will strongly suggest that the shop anywhere else. I am very disappointed with this entire situation. I will expect my money to be credited back to my cards in a timely manner, or you will be hearing from my attorney. I will as well be posting on Social Media this entire situation. You have lost a lifelong customer on the basis of a few days.
Rated: by Cecilia Leon
October 25, 2017
I would like to say that the commercial for back to school on a bus with these kids doing rap is the dumbest commercial I have see in along time. You can't understand one single word they are even saying. Very annoying!!
Rated: by Cynthia
October 19, 2017
Just a note to say that we have shoped at the kmart in nn va 23606 for over 35 years went in today to get frames have all meds filled there and shop all the time. went thru the line used a gift card and was accosted by a sercurity guard who watched us check out then when we could not find the ereciept made us walk all the way back to the cashier who rang us up are you kidding me then the store manager tells me he has to check really check your video he was letting people go left and right charla burgos 757-223-9495 I expect a call today from someone concerning this
Rated: by charla burgos
October 14, 2017
It is Sad that I am giving Kmart this review, I have been a dedicated Kmart/Sears shopper for 40 years. This Kmart was horrible yesterday. I went to Kmart to shop and to pick up a pizza to eat at lil Caesars restaurant in the store. My wife also had to pick up a prescription. They make over $1000 a month on our prescriptions. While she waited for the Pizza , which on this day took longer than usual and we saw an employee eat cheese off the pizza before putting one in the oven. (gross and illegal) I went to pay for a fw items I purchased and was literally on line for over a 1/2 hour. They closed the first register because the credit card terminal was not working and they had to reboot the register. I and others went to 2nd register line and that terminal did not work. When I complained that the register on the first line was now working and I wanted to go back to be rang up there. We were told we would have to go to the back of the end of line. I did not wanna do that so he said I would be rang up at customer service. So now disabled me has to take my stuff to customer service and they were too busy to ring it up. The Assistant Manager of the front end actually got frustrated with me and told me to leave. i was bringing negativity to the store. I asked for the store manager and a disgruntled employee told me his name was (Tom Munchkin) It doesn't matter that his last name wasn't "Munchkin". He never came over anyways. So by now my family had the pizza, ate the pizza and was ready to leave . I had to go over to a 4th register to finally get rang up. I briefly talked to the store manager and he told me that the registers had problems and it was not their fault. (What?-Is it my fault) Funny, how myself and another olive colored skinned person were treated worse than anyone else. I will now transfer all my prescriptions to "Rosauers" and will trash my rewards card. No wonder Kmart is having problems keeping customers. I gave you 40 years worth of chances! You are lucky if I do not sue!
Rated: by donakd iarussi
October 13, 2017
My wife and I have been married many years, and during that time have spent many dollars with your corporation. However, that may be coming to an end due to at least 3 very bad business decisions we feel you have made recently:
1. you were one of the first to try to sell us "holiday" decorations, instead of the obvious Christmas season;
2. you opted to be one of the first to open early on Thanksgiving day in spite of the disruption caused in your employee's celebrations with family;
3. and finally, this 'almost lewd' tv commercial that is being aired under your name for the Christmas (or is it "holiday") shopping season showing a line of men in their undershorts ringing bells placed somewhere in the genital region is absolutely in the poorest taste of most any commercial I've EVER seen!!!! Please! You can offer much better than that - at least I hope your Corporate mentality exceeds that....
Rated: by Richard Duncan
October 10, 2017
Just bought an item that was listed for $14. After a very unfriendly cashier rung up my order, i realized they charged me $50 for the $14 item. When I showed an associate on the floor what the tag said, she told me i could not go by that price. Because the store is closing, they would not refund me. Very unhappy, no wonder they are going out of business.
Rated: by terry
October 10, 2017
I was very disappointed and outraged over the Christmas TV advertisement where the men are in their underwear shaking to a Christmas song. I don't think that commercial was professional or family friendly. It implied men were ringing their private part and to me was close to pornographic. I truly hope you will discontinue that commercial.
Rated: by Ms Bosley
October 9, 2017
y day return policyI bought my son a pair of jeans in November for is birthday in feb I got the wrong size he went to return them and they wont let him exchange them because of the thirty day return policy. which is bull I shopped there all the time I will never shopped there again, I always buy gifts early when they are on sale for future birthdays. no wonder they are all going out of busuness
Rated: by ann collins
October 9, 2017
Your Christmas adds we're discussing this year . Men jingling their balls . Then the other adds people acting stupid . Well guess what I didn't buy one thing at Kmart this year due to your stupid adds. Fire your add agency. Zevhdn
Rated: by Betty
September 22, 2017
My wife and I are disgusted with our efforts to actually contact someone, with a clue at Sears Holdings.

Needless to say, I have been hung up on and treated rudely, for asking to speak to someone in management.

Is this a Business Corporation or a Call Center nightmare world?

It is this type of thing, that has kept me from staying with Sears for almost all of my shopping needs.

If it isn't too much to ask, would you please provide me with real management contact information

Rated: by David Marchetti
September 15, 2017
For Immediate Release: June 29, 2016


Dear Community Partners:

Fire season is upon us and as you can imagine with the sweltering heat this summer, Southwest Lincoln County volunteer firefighters are facing these dangerous temperatures while they race to protect and serve our community from the destruction of fire which can be unleashed at a moment’s notice.

Southwest Lincoln County Fire and EMS is comprised of three volunteer stations with 16 volunteer firefighters that serves businesses, families, homes and farms, including parts of Highway 102 for a total of 65 square miles of rural Lincoln County. These brave men and women are in need of bottled water to continue to serve the county in a safe way. Often firefighters become dehydrated and suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Without the community support, it is difficult for these men and women to keep up with the need. For this reason we ask for your generous support through the donation of bottled water.

SW Lincoln County Fire and EMS is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. All in-kind donations are tax-exempt. Thank you in advance for supporting your local firefighters. Your donations will make a huge difference. For additional information or to make arrangements for pick up of your donations of bottled water for firefighters, please contact me at or text to (405) 990-2731.

Thank you,

Anita Smith
Board of Directors

Rated: by Anita Smith
September 14, 2017
If, I could address this to the advertising dept. Regarding your TV commercial for the Joe Boxer men's underwear. I find this a distasteful ad and is one reason I will not shop the Kmart stores.
Rated: by Carol Kane
September 12, 2017
My rating is related to your minority "YO MAMMA" commercial. My wife and I find it offensive, would promote racism, and simply TOTALLY BAD TASTE. If I were you, I would fire the ad agency that came up with this commercial and the previous ones I have complained about, all involving what would be called "socially bad behavior" by black students. Why would you air an ad that promotes and glorifies this type of behavior???

My wife and I are loyal Kmart & Sears customers. This offensive promotion MAY prompt us to start shopping at one of your main competitors, that does not advertise in this way. That is how strongly we feel about the subject.

Additionally, we feel that if OBAMA were not in the office he occupies, this type commercial would not have even been considered.
Rated: by Brad Tipton
September 11, 2017
I was on Kmart's website and saw where baby and toddlers clothes were BOGO FREE.. I tried for an hour and a half to take advantage of the sale but could not get pricing to reflect in cart. I tried at least 4 times during the 10 o'clock hour at night. Tried calling customer service at 11 pm. but they were closed. I do not know if the sale was placed site in error or it was a tech issue, but at any rate I will like to take advantage of the discount.
Rated: by lakeia crump
September 10, 2017
think you guys could are not very nice i did not what to do so i called some out to fix the knemow freezer thank a lot for not refund me the money i will people even a corporation cant help me wow 99.26 bill want thanks a lot for sear anf the the kmart iam am so sad you guys are the worst raing i gaive
Rated: by anna zelenyj
September 3, 2017
Your latest commercial is probably one of the worst I've ever seen. Telling another person to "shut up" twice is horrible. No wonder the youth of today have no respect for anyone. How are we suppose to teach manners band respect when this is what you see on tv. If you paid for this commercial you were overcharged.

Thank you.
Rated: by lori
August 31, 2017
Hello Kmart,

Good Afternoon,

Sorry to be a bother. I am getting together with the following people:

- CB #2 (Bronx)
- PAL (Longwood Avenue)
- Councilman Rafael
   Salamanca (Hunts Point)
- 41st Precinct (Bronx)
- Casita Maria School For
   Writers & Artists
- The Explorers Youth
   Group (41st Pct.)
- The 41st Pct. Community
- Urban Health Plan -
   The Bronx

And I plan to reach out to other organizations, businesses and companies plus individuals like yourself in regards to being part of my Saturday (August 13th) event in front of the Casita Maria School For Writers and Artists.

Casita Maria is located at 928 Simpson Street
Bronx, NY 10459

The theme or title of the event is "Back To School Give Away Day".  On this day we plan to give the kids back to school supplies and book bags. That is also along with the food that we also plan to distribute) (mostly franks and hamburgers) with water or health oriented juices as a part of the community being so proud of them via staying in school and working hard to better themselves.

Let me know if this is something that you would like to be involved with or participate in even if it is just setting up a table for a future event by your own organization or informational material that can help the community?  

Someone may even want to do or start a "Voters' Registration" signature campaign?

Please note that we are also accepting "DONATIONS" no matter how big or small.

I would also like to inform you that District 17 that I live in is one of the poorest districts in the nation and poorer than some of our 3rd world countries.  We are looking for volunteers also.

Thank you,

Larry Robinson
CB #2
Chairperson Youth Services

Rated: by Larry Robinson
August 30, 2017
the kmart store in Lemoore ca 93245 there services they are getting bad store 3982 if you will like some answers call me at 5594235141 if not hear from any corporation supervisor I will start shopping at Walmart and tell the fresno bee and the sentenial paper that kmart is not serving customers with fair and honest that goes for the manager there well wait for your call
Rated: by leda m farias
August 29, 2017
I loved Kmart all my life they gave my brother job after he made a mistake 6 years ago. He worked for 5.5 years at Kmart. Then to be told his job eliminated but do another application no problem will be rehired. He worked hard did great job . But suddenly Kmart says no you made mistake not been 7 years yet we can't bring you back. Kmart been aware whole time. They would rather throw away a good employee than admit this was wrong, nasty, mean, and unforgivable. I had spoke highly of company giving him chance to prove self again. He regained some self esteem. They worked with him to switch days to work when I was sick and he took me to appointments and trearments. I thought how wonderful they were. To hold a mistake against someone who already worked there is the lowest. Karma Kmart.
Rated: by Sister
August 23, 2017
on 11-30-2014 I purchase a Westinghouse 39"tv from the kmart store in sayre,pa. and it stop working with in 27day I took it back to the store they said they did not have one like it .so their was nothing they could do for me .I have called Kmart,Sears@westinghouse and no one has fixed it yet.and I purchased a2yr. service plan. I will never buy a Westinghouse product or a thing from Kmart
Rated: by phillip short