Long John Silvers

The Long John Silvers¬¬ Inc. is a fast food restaurant based in the United States of America. The brand name is borrowed from one of the main characters in the novel Treasure Island .The Company was a former division of Yum! Brands Inc. which bought it from Yorkshire Global Restaurants which had earlier acquired it after it went bankrupt. Its first restaurant was opened in the year 1969 located in Lexington in Kentucky. It is a private company and a subsidiary of the LJS Partners. Long John Silvers headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky and it specializes in offering seafood as the main dish with other side dishes as French fries corn and coleslaw to its customers.

Address: 1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville,KY
Phone : 502-874-3000
Website: http://www.ljsilvers.com
2.5 Rating
Reviews : 33

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December 7, 2017
i wish they come back to tennesse my family loves your food ...
Rated: by sarah
December 7, 2017
I went to the Long John Silver #444 at Southlands in Aurora, CO on 7/4/14 and the food was horrible. The fish was dry and the fries were old. I ordered two L4's. I went into the store and the first thing I noticed was the entry way was very dirty. There was only one individual eating at a table in the store and I had to wait more than 5 minutes for someone to take my order. The man at the table got up and yelled from the counter for someone to come and help me. They had messed up my previous order from several months ago and the manager told me to come back in the store and they would give me another order. I spoke with the manager on duty "Fred" and he went into the back to look through a book to see if my name was written down. While I was waiting two other men came in behind me and they also waited for at least 5 minutes. One man got frustrated and walked out. The other man with a service dog yelled from the counter into the back to see if someone could come to the counter to take his order. I called the following day on 7/5/14 to let the manager on duty "Monty" know about what had happened and he thanked me for letting him know what goes on when he is out on his mandatory lunch break that he said he was entitled to. He said he didn't want to listen to me "ranting" anymore and said goodbye. It was horrible service when I went to the store and horrible customer service when I reported it to the Manager. He didn't even apologize. WOW! I told him I would not be back.
Rated: by Jodi Duncan
December 3, 2017
Yesterday, I visited the LJS's on FT Henry Drive in Kingsport TN. I paid over 30 dollars for a 12 piece family dinner, 6 fish, 6 chicken...2 slaws and one green bean for the sides. When I got it home, it was 12 pc chicken, 7 of which were old and had been under a heat lamp and not edible. I even told the girl we had our own cocktail sauce, but to please give sweet n sour...so there should have been no confusion. Years ago, in HS, I worked at that same restaurant, and after two other failed attempts to be loyal that failed, gave it a 3rd...to my own disappointment. Even when I was 16 y/o and Fred was the manager, and two assistant managers, Scott and Vicki...we would have NEVER tried to pass that off as food fit for consumption. Truly disappointed, and hope LJS's is no longer a place that gives teens in HS a job for credit and learning opportunities...LJS's...you are not only failing your consumers, but the kids that work for you as well if you are teaching them "this is good customer service"...From now on, I will drive the extra 4 miles to go to Captain D's on Stone Drive, also located in Kingsport TN. The food is always fresh, and the service is truly a teaching tool for our youth.
Rated: by Jeffrey Persinger
December 3, 2017
your store in Pampa, TX has been close for several years now due to poor quality of service, a dirty restaurant and NO corporate concern over customers that spent money in the store even when it was nearing the end and now you have an abandoned, ugly building with weeds growing up, chipped paint, corroding signs, boarded up doors and the store sits on the busiest street in town at a very busy intersection. It shows how little concern you have for your company, customers and anything to do with other than making money for yourselves. Have to think about your corporate financial status and how close to bankrupt you must be to do nothing to desire customers visit your stores. Your ratings are in the toilet so have to imagine that it is all a reflection on corporate employees who do nothing, care nothing and just get a paycheck while disaster lays at your feet. I do not believe this will be ready by anyone--it is just a spot to vent that gets deleted and laughed about. So sorry that what was once a success FAMILY RESTAURANT is not nothing more than an ugly eyescore in many locations. Have you noticed a decline in your paychecks? You should!
Rated: by Donna Shook
November 27, 2017
ordered 2 3-pcs dinners, an 2 pcs chicken for baby. It all tasted like it had broken glass or sand in it. Had to throw it all out. This needs to be checked out by health dept. I did not go back over someones funny prank. dont know what else they will do. please contact me at 903-227-3848 Store location is hwy.20 Canton,Tx 75103
Rated: by joyce
November 25, 2017
Your Restaurant Chain serves excellent food in the Sacramento, California area. the wife and I enjoy eating at the Stockton Store location at least once each month. However, the store is 25 plus miles from where we live. We want to ask if it is feasible for you company to conduct a survey in the Rancho Cordova, California (Folsom corridor)
and possibly open a store in that location. We think the recent (last 10 years) buildup of housing and businesses would provide sufficient patrons to warrant and support a store in the US50 Rancho Cordova corridor.
Rated: by William Dora
November 24, 2017
I just came from ordering 3 dinner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s from store #31809 cashier name Arlyn G.ticket#2734 time 5:01 P.M. (It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s on the ticket right) at 3535 Altamesa Blvd. ft. worth Tx.;they shorted me a coldslaw and red sauce ! I went over the order 3 times and they still got it wrong ! We eat there 1 or 2 times a week, when I called the store (witch was no answer and busy)there was no answer ! and they weren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Busy. So I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m telling you at the home office ! I know it was just a mistake, But an un nessery one sence we went over the order 3 times ! It should not have happened ! I most likely won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t go there again ! that tell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s me there is an incontinent order taker !
Rated: by Marty Beeman
November 13, 2017
my friend and I have been going to the Plainfield IN store once a week for 6 years and the past 2 weeks we have had problems with the staff asking for no bun on a fish sandwich caused a great deal of problem and when the young man asked the manager rang me up for a meal I told her just wanted no bun on sandwich not a meal she huffed and walked away we decided to give them another try and when we walked up to the register the same young man told the manager oh its the 2 lady's with the bun issue we waited for 20 min on the food and when I got my soup it was still frozen and my friend wanted no pickle and got lots of pickle and no lettuce the crew in there now is very rude we have decided to find another place to eat
Rated: by jamie
November 12, 2017
This is a complaint about the long John silvers restaurant located in Falls Church, Virginia.

Neither door to the men's room or women's room closes closer than 6 inches from the frame, unless pushed

The men's room smells of urine

Within the men's room there is not even a spindle for the toilet paper requiring a person to use their fingers in the role

The track lighting in the service area is powered by a piece of wire coming out from the drop ceiling.

The vent above the cash register as a plant and misaligned at the end of the track lighting above the cash register area is hanging down.

On four separate visits the location was out of it either medium or large cups.

Most of the seats in the booths have actual open holes torn in them.

There is no trash can near the customer service area for straw or utensil residue.

The ice tea pots that used to be in the customer service area are missing.

Ice is being served from a separate plastic container rather than from the ice bin under the soda machine.

Today the regular Pepsi dispencer doesn't work at all, it's not that the product is gone, is that the dispenser doesn't even work.

In general this location is an absolutely disgusting example of Long John Silver's. I believe this location has undergone ownership and or management changes in the last two years none of which has been an improvement over the previous. In the last year in particular this location has deteriorated even further, even the person looking at the roof (a contractor) said he felt this place should be condemned. And that was an unsolicited comment when I asked only if he was putting a ladder up to the roof because of a leak.
Rated: by M. Robert Brown
November 9, 2017
please I live on Leonard st 49534
the standale area is great
lots of resistant's we have many pizza places way too many
no fish or chicken
please check out Wilson dr and m-45
we need more
thank you
Rated: by jack kunz
November 8, 2017
it saddens me that I love long john silver in Huntsville, tx but the 3 times I have been there lobby closed and no service due to no staff the lady couldn't take our order today because it was 4 of us in the car really close down or fix it
Rated: by cheryl monroe
November 6, 2017
We visited store # 3902 in Brandon, Florida 7/1/2013, @ 12:04 pm, today, how on earth can you be out of all your fish specials? Rude young man, when asked what fish did you have, was not a good representative for your company. Advertisements were all over the window pane, for these particular specials. My husband and I do not appreciate this unprofessional behavior. Our ticket # is as following:
31423 3 351 3902

Rated: by Mrs. Linda Pasco
November 5, 2017
Keep away from store #31210, WHEELING WV.. They are LIARS, Ad said we could choose from 9 different dishes for the 2 for $10.00 so called special, they only gave us 1 choice. Reheated greasy fries, Maybe 2 spoons full of coleslaw, and as usual, greasy fish. manager sucks..
Rated: by TONY
November 4, 2017
Please bring back the wraps that you had in the 90\\\\\\\'s. Those were the best wraps ever. I have tried to recreate them and it is not possible. In today\\\\\\\'s busy world, wraps are very convenient. Please consider bringing those back.
Rated: by Roanoke, VA
November 3, 2017
I love Long John Silver, I also love KFC. In my town(logansport,Ind) we have a combined Long John Silver and KFC in same building. My problem is the menu boards are focused mainly on KFC. I would say there's 6-7 KFC menu boards and only "2" Long John Silver. So with only 2 Long John Silver menus they can't show very much.
Here's an example, I like the popcorn shrimp combo and its not even listed on the wall menus. When I order the employee always has to call for a supervisor to find it so they can ring it up. I figure they don't know what key to click because since its not on the menu they do not sell many popcorn shrimp comboes.
My request or complaint is they need to add more Long John Silver menus so they can show most everything they offer.
Rated: by Chas Small
November 2, 2017
The Harrsionburg VA store (31762) is a filthy and poorly managed store. It is a disgrace to the LJS brand. This store is in serious need of a Corporate intervention or a bulldozer.

Detailed complaint filed separately.

William J Russell

Rated: by William J Russell
October 27, 2017
To bad you stopped the Alaska fish sandwich. The wife and I used to get 2 to 3 a week. Loved them. The new fish sandwich is more expensive and is different. Will you ever bring the other back?
Rated: by Bill O,Brien
October 24, 2017
I visited the drive-thru at LJS located in Brazil, Indiana. I ordered one item and and lady tried to give me total before I even finished my order completely. The food was awful. Chicken and fish had been made for awhile, not fresh! The french fries tasted like cardboard because of being cold. What happened to getting hot food and it tastes good. I want to know when LJS decided to quit selling hot and tasty food? What has happened to excellent customer service that should be given, after all it is the customer satisfaction that keeps your corporation in business!
Rated: by Unsatisfied Customer
October 23, 2017
SUGGESTION: Lower the salt content of your fish batter by at least half. PLEASE!!
Rated: by Lori
October 13, 2017
We like LJ's but corporate should see about building one on Sunnyside Road and Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis. There are 5 burger joints within a mile of there but not one fish shop. Help!!!
Rated: by Pete Jefferson
October 11, 2017

Rated: by Dianne Fadal
October 11, 2017
We were at St Clairsville , OH Long John Silvers today ,it was a terrible experience . We were given the wrong food. The place was filthy. The employees were yelling at each other while we are eating . One employee came in in blue jeans and tea shirt ,long hair and started working . didn't even wash his hands . One lady sat in the drive through for at least 10 minutes ,we mentioned this to 2 of the employees they said that was not there area. If you would like to contact me ,my number is 740-777-5997. We will not be returning to long Johns.
Rated: by Donna Ackerman
October 7, 2017
My husband and I went to your Long John Silvers Rest. today and was treated
like dogs by your manger. He was very rude and as a customer of this store since it opened in Las Vegas, Nv. We have never seen him working in there before, I ordered fish and more and asked for crispy fries and when the order came I said to him I don't want these they looked old and soft and he would't change them he said that's the way he cooks them and that's it!!!!
My husband went to him and asked why and he became very rude and said NO he won't change them take something else, I said I didn't want anything else and he didn't care so we asked for our money back since we didn't touch the meal and he said NO it's time for you to leave, I said I would call the police and he go ahead, then my husband said no just give us our money back! He then did and said LEAVE NOW so we left. We are senior citizens and my husband is handicapped!!!!!! We have never been treated like this from any restaurant ever.I asked who the owner was so I could make a complaint and he said he was. If this is how you feel your employees should treat your guests then don't write back but if you care then tell us.The store is located at 4675 W. Charleston LV. NV
Rated: by Mrs AJ Scalfaro
September 30, 2017
Restaurant employee setting outside on cell.We go in stinks of old grease smells like sewage.No one else in store,cust and did not see employee until she came in front door walked to counter.No hands wash etc..We had to leave, corporate needs to rethink its image.WE really used to enjoy LJS but apparently he store has been as well as patrons abandonedWe won't be back until changes are made, sorry but LJS looses business we loose our seafood.Trip prior to 9/7/14 --5.00pm doors locked.What gives ,wake up corporate desk exe.s'''''''''''

September 21, 2017
Went to store 31039 in Mentor,Ohio was met by a crude employee named Lucius.Who used racial slurs towards me.
Rated: by Anonymous
September 20, 2017
Hello : We Use To Have A Long John Silver In Tifton Ga 31794 , Several Years Ago , Yall Took it Out Or Done Away With It !!! And I Loved Long John Silvers Alot !!! Please Consider Opening Up Another Restaurant In Our Town Again , We , A Bunch Of Us All Here Miss It Very Much !! I Personally Would Eat There Everyday If Yall Would Put One Back In Our Town , Or Should I Say Build Us Another One Please !!! Ive Heard Of Several People That Would Eat There And It Would Do Good Business , Because We Have I 75 Hwy Running Thru Tifton Ga 31794 !!!
Please Consider , Talk To The Main Person In Charge Of This And Please Rebuild Us Another One !!!
Sincerely Bennie !!!!!
Rated: by Bennie
September 19, 2017
need fish and chicken place in standale
Rated: by jack
September 18, 2017
My husband and I love Long John Silvers. You closed the Pine
Bluff Arkansas location. Would you please look into opening up a place in White Hall Arkansas. They are growing so fast. Two new eating places are being build now. Would love for you to check into it. Thanks so much.
Rated: by Pam
September 9, 2017
Mt Pleasant Pa i\'m very disappointed in the Mt Pleasant Long Johns and some of the people whom run it not all but some need fired or let go I will never go their again nor will my family and I will tell all my friends about it also I have always enjoyed your food and at lent we eat a lot of fish but I will find somewhere else to go
Rated: by marian
September 6, 2017
I loved the one on5000 Sinclair lane Baltimore ,md but whenare you building one closer in belair .md thankyou please write back to509flintlockdrive belair md21015 .
Rated: by jamesmerica
September 3, 2017
We once had a LJS in LaGrange, Georgia, but they closed. We enjoyed it very much until right before they closed. I was just wondering if we will ever get another one back in LaGrange. Thank you.
Rated: by J. Davis
September 2, 2017
I love your restaurants and I always have but In the late 90s-early 2000s you had a flatbread sandwich that you could get chicken or fish and it had bacon, cheese, and a absolutely superb sauce that was by far the absolute best thing I've ever ate. I've ate at a lot of restaurants in my life but I have never had something better than that sandwich. I don't know the reader you discontinued it but I promise that was the worst decision you could've ever made. I know a lot of people that loved that sandwich and would love to have it back so please bring it back.
Rated: by Jessica
September 1, 2017
will never go to long john again.was not hcappy widthc my food and they did not treat me good.
Rated: by maria hernandez