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Miami Subs Grill is one of the leading chains of restaurants. The chain consists of more than 70 restaurants located in different region so far across North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. This privately held restaurant offers service since 1988. The company offers wide variety of menus that include submarine sandwiches, gyros, wings, pizza and cheese steaks along with items from Nathan's Famous and Arthur's Treacher's hot dogs. More than 600 personnel are employed by the company. Recently, Miami Subs declared an agreement to open new branches in Hawaii and in the Middle East GCC countries including Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Address: 6300 NW 31st Ave, Fort Lauderdale,FL
Phone : 305-947-8508
2.0 Rating
Reviews : 2

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December 7, 2017
I love Miami sub food and I believe that they deserve a 5 star rating from me... But cause if the horrible customer service I get from some of the employees at the Miami location located on 167th and 6ave... I wasn't able to get their names cause they weren't wearing a name tag...this is the only issue that has to get fix from both employees a Hispanic woman working the drive thru on Saturday July 4th at 8:15pm....hopefully something gets done....hopefully
Rated: by Nat T.
September 24, 2017
I visited The New Miami Grill on February 25, 2017 at 22:18 no address on receipt phone 954 782 1270. I had a taste for a Gyro so I decided to try New Miami Grill, I went inside to place my order, while I was waiting on my food cook was very nasty how about he kept wiping nose rubbing his hands on his shirt then he go back and repeat same pattern, so I walk back to counter and to request a refund, the other guy that was working with saw what I saw and went fix my Gyro but I still was not happy with that I couldn't eat that sandwich, he should have change his gloves, I will never visit Miami Grill again. If you going to have a open kitchen my sure employees where your customers is watching them. Don't eat at NEW MIAMI GRILL on Sample Road. They like wiping there NOSE
Rated: by Tina