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Michael Kors sells lifestyle products that fit aesthetic elegance, along with modern styling sense. The range of collection was introduced for the first time in 1981. The products of Kors are a simple reflection of the crux of luxury. Collection of luxury products at Michael Kors ranges from luxury sportswear to diverse accessories. They also serve as an apparel company including leather products, handbags, jewelry and even watches. The company really proves its worth in almost seventy-four countries with its splendid stores flashing the designer apparels and other elegant products. They primarily offer two kinds of collections - accessible collection of luxury and luxury collection of Kor.

Address: 11 W 42nd St, New York,NY
Phone : 800-908-1157
Website: http://www.michaelkors.com/
1.4 Rating
Reviews : 18

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October 21, 2017
I paid $295 for Michael kors riding boots and the zipper fell apart. Bough them at the Bonton store in Lancaster,pennsylvania. and Michael kors customer service style consultants do nothing, but tell me where I can ship the boots and pay the cost of repair. I would think for this kind of money, Michael kors would stand by his product. I did not ask for new boots, just that they bear the cost of the repair since the zipper was obviously defective. no such happening. six different people just kept emailing me requesting the same information over and over again and doing nothing. I am so disappointed with Michael kors! and especially the customer service.
Rated: by jacquiline welch
October 20, 2017
I must agree with the other dissatisfied customers who have rated their MK product. I purchased a pair of shoes in the winter, intending to wear them in the summer. On the second day of wear in May, the sole came apart. That day was 6 days after their warranty expired on the purchase.The store employees were very curt and direct in their refusal to try to keep a customer satisfied. I will not be a Michael Kors fan.
Rated: by paula kane
October 19, 2017
Bought a Michel Kors purse and watch in Hong Kong. Told by Hong Kong that I could return it in the US. Took the bag and watch to two Michael Kors both refuse to refund. Called customer service they initially said yes it is returnable in US. Changed there position when neither customer service nor the sales clerk at Michael Kors store in Chandler Fashion Mall, Chandler, Az knew how to convert Hong Kong dollars to US. This incompetence persisted even with the toal amount written in US and Hong Kong dollars and my volunteering to do conversion ......so sad the ignorance of Michael Kors employers and the reflection this has on Americans. Worst yet most if not all of Michael Kors purses and other products are made in China. After this experience and reading so many reviews need I say that I will not be a buyer of Michael Kors.
Rated: by Sharon V.
October 18, 2017
I have never had such a bad experience with anyone as bad as it is with Michael Kors. If it wqs not for the public he would not be very well known with the crap that he puts out and doesn't stand behind. I will be telling all my family and friends of the horrificordeal I have gone thru with this product.
Rated: by sonia lyssy
October 15, 2017
I purchase a purse from your Michigan Ave Store here in Chicago. And I change my mind about it. I return it to your store. I am still waiting on the return to be credited back to my bank card.
900 North Michigan Ave 0533

Salesperson Juan No 109626
Date 5/4/15
Tran 001984
Customer Number 888813598871

Delilah Busch
Rated: by Delilah Busch
October 12, 2017
I Purchased a Michael Kors Tote bag for $270. I only had the bag 4 months and the strap completely snapped off. I contacted Michael Kors customer service and was told I needed to send the bag in and if it could be repaired they would fix it and if not I would receive merchandise credit for the amount that I paid for my bag. I sent my bag in June 9, 2015 and never heard anything from them. I have been calling every other week to inquire about my bag and each time I call I am told someone will call me back but this never happens. I have escalated this up to a supervisor and again told they will have an answer for me in a couple of days on the status of my bag, but never hear from anyone. It is now September 9, 2015 (3 months later) and I still don't have my bag. When I finally got a supervisor to assist me she contacted SENA (the repair place for Michael Kors) and it was found that SENA never received my bag. Worst customer service I have ever received. Will not purchase anything Michael Kors again.
Rated: by Shikita Hudson
October 11, 2017
Horrible Customer Service!! I purchased a gift card for my daughter's birthday. The online gift card was purchased online on 2/24/016 at 5:00 a.m. I called customer service 5 times, twice speaking to a supervisor who assured me the gift card would be emailed in time for her birthday. Last check of my email showed the order was still "in process", since 2/24 morning?? The problem is not with my credit card. I would not purchase again and would not recommend Michael Kors to any friends.
Rated: by carol katanich
October 6, 2017
Customer service should be renamed to anything with a negative title. Even the corporate office must take classes on how to be rude and anything less than helpful.

Rated: by Nota fan
October 4, 2017
I want to say I visit very often our home store at Boca Raton Michael Kors at Boca Town Center FL. There service and attention is outstanding specially from Christine, Mellissa, Jessica, and the store manager Ellen as well as there staff. I'm probably not the easiest person to work with but the kindness and sweetness makes you want to always come back. The quality of material may not always be the best but you just need to know what to choose, but the quality of service and attention they give there customers is definitely there. Till recent had an issue and asked to speak with one of the managers since I didn't see any of the ones I Knew and this young lady by the name of Kim who had no appearance as manager and was very rude to me and didn't not want to help me until I mentioned that I have been coming here for years and I would make sure that someone knew about her rudeness. I then came back to the store and resolved my issue directly with the store manager who has been great for many years that I have been coming to the store. I don't want to make this any longer but just wanted to make sure someone knew about this and if your ever at boca stop by and see there amazing store and staff except for Kimm.
Rated: by Undisclosed
September 24, 2017
I recently purchased a pair of Michael Kors boots from Macy's priced at $198.00.Description: black with fur top, quilted middle and rain boot at the bottom with/ MK gold emblem on the back. The item#88838671147. I really loved these boots, but had to return them to the store because they were really, really hard to get on and off. I wear a size 6. Macy's said they don't come in 1/2 sizes and a size 7 is floating on my feet. My suggestion is make 1/2 sizes and or make a zip-up boot on the side or back of the boot for easier slipping on and off. I hope you can come up with a solution, if this one doesn't work, but you never know unless you try. Thanks for listening. Alberta (Cookie)Taylor email: cookietaylor64@gmail.com
Rated: by Alberta Taylor
September 23, 2017
Micheal Kira is the worst !!! I buy a lot of handbags for them and I always have a problem with each handbag!! F&&&k you
Rated: by Chrissy Mullin
September 18, 2017
Received a MK bag from the following site http://www.michaelkors-1st.com/index.php...it was a fake.....The color was faded and I could not believe the company allow this kind of representation....Attempted to contact the HQ..no luck to date...
Rated: by Kimberly Thomas
September 7, 2017
No assistance whatsoever from customer service or Corporate. You wonder where they get their work force from? I am trying to get a handbag repaired- I have even offered TO PAY FOR REPAIR! No one calls back.
Rated: by roseann
September 3, 2017
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Store Manager of DADELAND MALL (MIAMI,FL) Juan Carlos Roman is the rudest person that I have ever come across in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!! I have been shopping at MK for over a decade along with other high end designers. I had an issue with a bag that i had purchased as it was chipping very fast and when i expressed this to him he acted as if he didn't care and it wasn't his problem. He NEVER RESOLVED MY ISSUE!!! I overheard him saying some very degrading stuff to his employees and even one of his employees SECRETLY informed me that he is always mean to them and that he is STEALING INVENTORY FROM THE STORE but doesn't care as he will never get caught because he is good friends with the REGIONAL MANAGER OF MIAMI DADE COUNTY IN MIAMI,FL NAMED JEANETTE. Corporate should really go to this location and investigate with the employees and investigate the relationship that the store manager and the regional manager have. I HAVE MANY CLOSE FRIENDS THAT ARE ATTORNEYS AND I WILL BE REACHING OUT TO THEM TO ASSIST THE EMPLOYEES WITH TAKING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THE STORE MANAGER AND MICHAEL KORS!!!! HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!!!!!
Rated: by Kathy Weingberg
August 30, 2017
The store manager at Michael Kors in Fashion Outlet Mall in Niagara should be fired. That woman (don\'t know her name but she was wearing a black/white stripe shirt during my visit on March 13, 2013) is the worst customer service provider I have ever seen in my life. I wonder how she became a manager in that store. Not only did she rudely decline our \'request\' for an additional discount for the last bag with scratches behind the MK lock, she also insulted us with her reasoning that would only confirm how much of a dumbass she is. I did not end up buying that bag because of her but I feel so sorry for the salesperson, Megan who had helped me on this visit. In all seriousness, Megan should have been the manager not that dumbass. When you have this kind of manager in your store, customers would take their business somewhere else. In my case, Coach is just right across and made my purchase there. Coach\'s customer service is a topnotch. No wonder people would line up to get in the store. And of course they do have great quality products. I love MK products but after this experience, I would not be visiting this store for a while.
Rated: by Canadian
August 29, 2017
Bought a $300 watch in store at Summit Birmingham, Al and the watch face cracked. I did not hit the face on anything and the girl in the store kept trying to basically convince me that I hit the glass for it to break! The crack was on the inside of the glass! I've had this watch for less than 1 month and she would not even think about replacing it! Worst part, she hands me a sticky note with customer service address on it! I have purchased multiple items from this store and if she had looked at my record there she might would have known that I am a valued customer. Customer service is awful and I will not purchase another Michael Kors item and I will tell everyone I know about how horrible of an experience I've had! Sad for a supposedly NAME brand store!
Rated: by Jaime Mangione
August 23, 2017
I purchased a purse in August 2014. I love this navy blue and white satchel purse. The outline of the purse began to come apart. I went directly to the Michael Kors store on May 23rd to get it fixed. The manager was not to happy to assist me, maybe because of the color of my skin. Once he was able to find my purchase in the computer and saw how often I shopped his attitude changed. I have been waiting for 4 weeks for the purse to be shipped from another store. Each time I call a manager gives me another date of shipment. This has totally changed my mind about shopping at Michael Kors.
Rated: by Tiffany
August 23, 2017
I think that Michael's personality is so engaging that even if his clean, fit and beautiful designs were not as special as they are that he would still be my favorite designer. He seems like such a nice man. We ar e having a two day fashion show in Louisville, Ky. to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which has garnered an incredible $485 Million in contributions that they channel to Parkinson's research. The 2-day event is being held at the Muhammad Ali Center, which Michael visited at its opening. If anyone out there reads this who has the ability to pass it along to Michael please do so. I would love for him to participate in our event only 3 weeks before the Kentucky Derby. More details can be found on our website Getwiththecause.com Dan Baker getwiththecause@gmail.com
Rated: by Dan Baker