Microsoft Corporation is a multinational software firm and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It had been incorporated on 22nd September, 1993. The corporation is engaged into developing, supporting and licensing wide variety of software products and services. It is also known for designing, selling hardware and delivering online advertising to all its customers. It operates into 5 segments - Windows Division, Online Servers Division, Server and Tools, Entertainment and Devices Division and Microsoft Business Division for phones, servers, computers and other devices. It has acquired Skype technologies in May, 2011 by paying $8.5 billion. Mr. Steve Ballmer is CEO and Mr. Bill Gates is Chairman of this corporation.

Address: One Microsoft Way, Redmond,WA
Phone : 425-882-8080
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December 10, 2017
The customer support is terrible. I called with a very basic question and spent almost 2 hours being transferred from one person to another with hold times in between. I don't have 2 hours to waste out of my day. It is disrespectful of my time and very poor customer service.
Rated: by Michelle
December 10, 2017
December 8, 2017
Just a word about about your movie and tv app in windows 10 and the store fore renting and buying movies and tv shows. THEY SUCK!!!!!!! purchasing is no problem however downloading the movies are and when you try to get help HA HA HA you make me laugh call tech support about error code, NO you need windows support I will transfer you...... blah blah NO you need XBOX help I will transfer you..... blah blah NO you need tech support I will transfer you. plus I had to yell to be heard because of the connection. Also in case You are curious I have plenty of hard drive space and my internet connection is fine.
Rated: by Allen Heacock
December 6, 2017
Microsoft began as a good company. However the larger it grows the less quality service. Customer are sent overseas on the phone to resolve matters that take up to two or more hours with a tech that has an attitude. The only want to remotely help rather than to provide service by working through the issues. Giving someone control over my computer with file from the university is not an option. They get rude when you ask for help and then chat the chat session.

I have purchased Microsoft products that I cannot use. This is becoming a real problem and upper management appears not to care to get involved.

Someone please create a new product with quality service!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated: by Margaret C.
December 6, 2017
Please contact me at ( tayyab0742 ) I am a pour student I have no bank account and credit card etc I just want a free PC for my study
Rated: by Tayyab Sajjad
November 29, 2017
Had Microsoft Keyboard & mouse The mouse did not work Spent over 1 hour on the telephone with a foreigner Which I had time understanding Hung up tried to call the office of president still frustrated I gave up will think twice buying a Microsoft product
Rated: by Joe Ancharski
November 24, 2017
I am a subscriber of Office 365 home. I also have a standalone version of Visio Professional 2013. Last month when Office 2013 moved to 2016, it removed Visio also. I tried to run Visio Disc, it removed Office 2016 when FixIt said I can resolve the issue. Then I contacted Tech support. They said Visio 2013 is incompatible with 2016. They transferred me to Sales. Sales transferred me to Tech support. In the meantime I searched Microsoft web site to find that Office 365 Home licensees are eligible for free upgrade of Visio 2016 and other standalone products.

Qualifying Office 2016 products

Qualifying standalone Office 2013 products

##Office 365 Home

##Office 365 Personal

##Office 365 University

##Office Home and Student 2016

##Office Home and Business 2016

##Office Professional 2016

##Office 365 Business

##Office 365 Business Premium

##Office 365 Small Business Premium

##Office 365 ProPlus

Qualifying standalone Office 2013 products

##Project Standard 2013

##Project Professional 2013

##Visio Standard 2013

##Visio Professional 2013

##Word 2013

##Excel 2013

##PowerPoint 2013

##Outlook 2013

##Publisher 2013

##Access 2013

Notwithstanding citing this web site article, Tech Support did not help me at all. They wanted me to downgrade to Office 2013, and wait for update. In other words, I should continue to pay fee for a lesser product. After wasting two hours with all of them, nothing happened.

I subscribe to Assure plan. And this is what happens. It is a shame for Microsoft to treat the customers like by throwing error ridden products and wasting our time, which billable at a consultant rate. Also, they don't care their staff time which has some value.

Mr. Lokesh Kumar in Jaipur India understood the issues and advised me to be patient. He is hopeful that patch will come out soon, but did not know when. Microsoft's this half hearted policy puts their employees in bad light.

Rated: by Kiran Bhayani
November 20, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam,

My account becomes unable to access after I have had a long time without to access this account. You ask me to provide information about my "recent send email to what address and/or with what subject" for processing recovering my account. However, your verifying required information is logically nonsense. I need recovery because I have had long time without access this account and you are technology guys you can check this status at your end! If I remember years ago the emails and subjects I sent, what I need to recover to check? For your nonsense performance, I can only say your service is empty cheating business performance! Never the honesty the Microsoft could be! Only destroy my intellectual property by playing me! If you unhappy my words, you can follow the Chinese communist dictatorship doing you censorship by closing the account my using currently!

Jianwei Sun

Rated: by Jianwei Sun
November 18, 2017
I have been charged for Office 365 that I don't have, never ordered and have been calling about for over 6 months. A "supervisor" by the name of Lance promised I would be receiving a full refund of $89.91 on 4/9/14 but after 3 telephone calls today I'm finding that is not the case and in fact....when I ended the last conversation I got an email from this stupid corporation saying that my subscription has been cancelled. That was supposed to have been done back in August of 2013 when I first realized they were deducting money out of my account. It has been a constant issue calling them every month....5 reference tickets and so much time on the phone that I want to jab my eyes out. The first girl today told me that they gave me a FULL REFUND on 3/18/14. I immediately signed into my online banking and guess what......there is absolutely nothing from this company from 3/1/14 - today (4/25/14). Why do the customer service reps give you their names and make promises if nobody knows who they are, cannot contact them or verify what is promised?? You would think that they would enter full and accurate notes on your case but that is not the case. This is getting extremely old and I'm fed up. Would really like to talk to someone in their Corporate Offices about the lack of customer service and all of the broken promises!!
Rated: by Tammy Harness
November 16, 2017
20 hours on the phone to date. Called for a outlook 2013 not responding. Asked to pay $149 for unlimited support. After 3 hours and tech doing something to my laptop, windows 7 pro no longer performs. Another 17 hours, shifted from tech to another tech, no closer to resolution and can't do any work. Now trying to speak to corporate to c if I can get competent support.
Rated: by Darlene Drapkin
November 15, 2017
I have tried to contact the Corporate office and get to speak to someone. I was never able to make contact and speak to anyone who would assist me. So I submitted the review that I wrote earlier today. Please have someone contact me. And for heaven's sake how many security codes to I have to submit and resubmit, etc. etc. etc. Give me a break.
Rated: by Rita Johnson
November 14, 2017
I had purchased the Lumia phone from Walmart and I have not used the media text since I purchased the phone. I have contacted this company NUMEROUS times and it seems as though once you purchase their product you no longer exist. I can't believe this is the type of service. I just want a replacement or upgrade from this raggedy phone I have been forced to keep. I wish Bill Gates would see these and find out just how poor is company is and that is a direct reflection of him. Cheryl Woolridge, 512 West 37th Street, Norfolk, VA. I don't have any service because I refuse to pay for phone service when I have a defective, worthless phone. So if I could just get an address to send this defective product back to the company I would greatly appreciate it. But I am sure this too will go just as far as the other complaints. NO WHERE
Rated: by Cheryl Woolridge
November 13, 2017
I do not like Microsoft. Your updates are not requested nor wanted. The updates are invasive and have caused me to loose e-mails. Stop sending me notices etc..
Rated: by Diana Murray-Smith
November 11, 2017
So my issue is I was NEVER informed of this subscription of $200 was paid, immediately, and which you will continue getting charge annually later.
Due to lack of public information before tonight regarding mandatory expenses that I'm now expected to pay in full right now because I can't load the desktop or get any response from items I click. The window that stays screen cannot be minimized or moved to the background and is warning to delete my hard drive if the window is closed without a solution..

If someone brought it to my attention or the laptop was REALLY $900 out the door and $200 every following month as long as I want to have a running laptop
If I was presented that information at any point during my purchase I wouldn't have went with your product. I'm hoping we can rectify this issue with a simple refund or a comped subscription for a few months seeing as how I was never told I had to pay for this feature to use the computer at all.

If we cannot come to an agreeable solution for all partyiea civilly I'll have to I'll take legal action actainst whichever company is at fault
I'm pretty sure that in a law and in fractions book I picked up somewhere I
read clekcaar as day that you CANNOT create new, or implemtent current required charges without the informing the consumer in one fashion or another. Contrary to the believe of most business owners as to the way business could or should be conducted, in truth term "hidden charges" actually pertains more towards that information in the fine print and meticulous paragraphs or sections containting intricate and very sophisticapted terminology "common man" will typically not read due to a combination of confusion and intentional misdirection by whomever is in position for the largest benefit if said contract is broken..
Rated: by Mike
November 11, 2017
Rated: by BUD
November 11, 2017
Microsoft product quality is absolutely terrible. They shift their cost of development to the customer by producing products that are unreliable and difficult to use.

Most businesses need to recognize that a significant portion of their Information Systems support cost is because of Microsoft's terrible product quality. It is the best interest of every business to reduce Information Systems support cost as much as possible. Microsoft products are actually increasing support cost and taking money away from products and services of their customers. As small business owner, I'm taking active steps to rip Microsoft products from my business and replace them with quality products that help, not hurt, my business.
Rated: by Bill Weeks
November 9, 2017
(I see nothing much has changed since 2013 at least.) Summary: I waited "on hold" at least 5 (five) times for more than hour each time I called for tech support.
On Thursday, July 20 2017, at at about 3:45 p.m. CST, I telephoned a Microsoft Office, from home in Chicago, Illinois, for technical support for a laptop purchased in March, 2017. My call was taken by a automated service. It said my call would be answered in 30 minutes to 1 hour! After waiting for what seemed like hours I ended the call then made another call right away and in about 1 hour a technician answered. He said he would try to help although he was not a trained tech support and did not work in that area. I asked to be transferred to a support tech. I was placed "on hold" again -- waiting to be transferred. I hung up and called again, this time for customer service and told the automaton my call was billing related -- I knew I'd get a human much faster this way. I did get male person in much less than 1 hour and explained that tech support was what I needed and asked if he would connect me directly to a technician without the long waits. In less than 30 minutes I was speaking with a female technician. In short order the call disconnected. She did try to reconnect but it did not work. I called back, was put "on hold" and again when 1 hour expired, hung up and called again and this went on until the automaton announced that the office was now closed. Much of my time wasted, could not use the laptop. Neither the "community" nor web sites were helpful. How I felt cannot be described.
Rated: by Mavia Fletcher
November 5, 2017
I spent over 6 hours trying to get an iso image of Windows 7 Ultimate to replace the scratched install disc from my original purchase. I have my original valid product code and only need the install media. I had a hard disc crash and am running against a deadline of April 15 for Tax related preparation. The Microsoft software recovery website returns an error saying English is not a supported language when trying to download. The technicians, and I use the term extremely loosely, in India and the Philippines were virtually useless in helping me get resolution. Microsoft should be embarrassed by the quality of their customer service and technical support. I repeatedly asked for the issue to be elevated or to speak to a manager or supervisor. These requests were refused or ignored. After about 6 hours I was connected to another department. The woman i spoke to could not understand why I had been connected to her and said that this had been happening alot lately from the call center in India. She also looked at the notes in my incident report and found after 6 hours of phone time with the techs that nothing had been entered into the incident not even a short description of the problem. I worked in tech support for a major hardware/software company. This type of omission would have been a firing offense but apparently at Microsoft it is standard operation procedure. As to the resolution; I still am with out it. I would have had more support calling a call center staffed by a troupe of monkeys.

Any attempt to call Microsoft corporate HQ and speak to someone about this problem is useless. They simply do not care. The government should have had the balls to split the company up several years ago during the monopoly case. If I were a Microsoft executive I would be embarrassed by the quality of support given to home users.
Rated: by Chris Henry
October 28, 2017
Out of nowhere we see a program called Microsoft Upload Center with no way to exit. Are you uploading all my files with no permission and no notice? WTF is wrong with MSFT. Stop it please or there will be a massive twit storm coming. You are messing with the wrong marine MSFT. Some form of explanation to the press regarding your sudden uploading of files from computers is needed in next 24 hours. Who's stupid idea was this? Fire their ass. YOU HAVE NO PERMISSION.
Rated: by BJ
October 26, 2017
Why am I receiving Microsoft upgrades for two solid straight weeks, day and night? Are these coming from M/S? If so, why? If not, please tell me. I am suspicious that hackers might be using pseudo M/S upgrades and running through my computer memories.
I am a writer, and hackers have hack into my various drives, alter my writings with mistakes. If this is M/S doing this or not.
Rated: by Ted F. Johnson
October 23, 2017
Xbox is the best console ever 10 out of 10
Rated: by awosome sauce
October 22, 2017
Another thing when they blocked me out of my Account....I don't own any fancy cell phones or otherwise. I am proud to say I have a landline phone. So when put my phone number into for where it ask for phone number they don't accept landline phone numbers. How uncourteous or should I say stupid on their part.

Rated: by Mrs. Dorothy Riekens
October 22, 2017
I had the misfortune to have buy a new laptop. This came with Windows 8 (W8). I did not buy a mobile phone. So why is W8 designed for mobile phones but installed on a computer? W8 is rubbish.
The so-called charms are anything but. They appear at anytime except when I need them.
Why did the idiots who miss-designed this abomination needed to put everything in different places. The Start screen is not the same as the old start button. It was much easier to start something under the old system.
Windows 8 is supposed to be more stable. Absolute bat crap. Virtually all of the apps etc stop responding soon after they start. It is particularly annoying because it takes several attempts to start anything the first place. The Power button works less than 20% of the time and even then it might not shut down the computer. It turns of the screen and then stops. I have to remove the battery to shut down the computer!
And why if I want to start something I have to go to the search "charm" and type the name of damn program into it. Why? What dickhead decided that that would a good idea and why hasn't he been sacked?
Furthermore, if I have a page displayed that has a vertical scroll bar, it move up and down randomly. It is incredibly difficult to put the scroll bar in the place I want it to be and have it remain there. Likewise why I do want the size of the page zooming in and out if I go anywhere near my mouse pad? The mouse pointer jumps randomly around which means if I am typing something, often I will find I am typing in the middle of what I have written before. Well done Windows 8 for being so effing annoying.It must have taken hundreds of man hours to make sure this 'feature' works properly.
One final point. How much did all those other companies pay Microsoft to have their mobile phone apps added to W8?
Rated: by Bill Murphy
October 19, 2017
I have being trying to upgrade to windows 10 an encounter trouble I call technical support an so far is being more than a week no fixed. I keep getting excuses that I will get a call back but has not happened. I am very disappointed.
Rated: by Luis A Verdejo
October 16, 2017
Microsoft has clearly created a complete nightmare with their "Wonderful" Office 2016, in particular Outlook.

This newest "Improvement" fails to open, no matter what is done. Tech support is great with "I am very sorry fro your concern, we will make everything good for you" they do an R&R, it opens once, then boom, hangs at the processing screen

The last two geniuses I spoke with simply want to get in remotely to do and R&R again.

The switchboard is great at sending you back to the tech support queue and good luck charlie
Rated: by Jed
October 15, 2017
We bought our daughter the Zune player, just after a year the warranty ended and the Zune stopped downloading. We called and it is pretty sad nobody know anything about the Zune. I was told to go hear and there on a website and then given another number and still a Zune that I wish in never bought . I was given a reference number I think only for a refund of the unlimited downloads we were auto charged the 2nd year for and could not use. We feel Microsoft dropped the ball on this product. No one could advise us where to have it fixed nor what could be wrong.
Rated: by Julie
October 13, 2017
Every time Microsoft changes something or adds something you screw up my computer and it takes a lot of time to get it back the way we (my husband and I) had it. Especially our e-mails.
Rated: by Sarah Gomoluch
October 10, 2017
The idiots at microsoft blocked my email account. I've had it for
10 years for my business. There is no phone number for me to reach microsoft personally.

They are asking for personal questions related to my account I gave them my name and credit card I use for the account. But that was not enough for them. Now I'm FUCKED. CANT GET TO MY CLIENTS. MSN Son of Bitches!!!!
Rated: by John Smith
October 9, 2017
Shame on you! But I guess from reading all of the above posts, it's expected. I have Windows 7 on my home computer, XP on 1 laptop & Vista on another laptop. My HP Scanjet G3110 was working fine till one of the Windows automatic updates came through. Now the Scanjet driver on all computers doesn't work. It's not my computers or HP. My brother-in-law tried to install the Scanjet into his Windows 7 laptop and it would not install. However, it installed in his Windows 8 computer. THANKS FOR SENDING A "BULLET" THROUGH YOUR UPDATES. Nice way to have people buy your new products....forcing us to do so. I'm not buying Windows 8 because I've heard it's a horror. I guess when you become as big as you are, you forget us who helped you get there. I don't think that I'll get a response, because you are not about us anymore, it's only you.
Rated: by Kate
October 6, 2017
I've had the worst time ever trying to get my email account back, that I have with you For three days I've tried to get technical support, and finally today did I get one of your Technique's from Indiana that took the time and walked me through on what questions to answer. I was given account recovery team with a case number 135572077, however, she didn't give very clear instructions on how to excess them. I had a problem with being able to talk with someone at your Chat Support even. For three days I've made every attempt to get this resolved. I have very important people using the email of and now I can't get into it. One is Koinonia, another is the Civil Rights Department, and my HOA and Delta College. This is a huge inconvenience. I think someone from facebook tried hacking into my email account, for some unapparent reason they're always locking me out and having me to sign in again with a new password.

Before all of this happened I got a call stating they were calling me from Microsoft to make me aware there were certain items that had been downloaded or was being downloaded to my system that was harmful, but before allowing them to go any further I hung up on them. Twice this has happened.

Something needs to be done about this and soon. It's a huge inconvenience to us who use your services. Norton caught someone trying to get access to my computer and blocked the source they were trying to use.
Rated: by Rose Mary Faciane
October 4, 2017
I have try to get the code text to my phone and every time this information will come up.

There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.

this the most craziest thing then on top of this try to call an can't reach them to explain what the problem is what kind of support this is. I will like some one to help me with this please. I need the information in my Hotmail account. thank you

Rated: by Allan
October 1, 2017
Microsoft doesn't seem to show any concern with regards to M/S users other than the sale of M/S products. I reported a problem a few months ago and has yet to received a call or letter addressing the problem. What do I need to do to get M/S attention .
Rated: by Beverley Irving
September 28, 2017
As a shareholder and customer, you service STINKS. You have wasted 2 days of my valuable time by not honoring call-back appointments for help desk services that I PAID FOR. You have not honored two commitments and I am waiting to see whether you will miss the third appointment I have today.

The fundamental premise that when you pay for a service as a customer, you receive it at the promised and expected levels of quality and timeliness apparently is not part of the Microsoft business culture from what I can observe.

Shame on Microsoft for such dreadful customer service.
Rated: by Richard Green
September 24, 2017
One should actually be able to give you a negative rating; there are countless places where you can be contacted to purchase your products but it is almost impossible for the average user to contact you for complaints.
I will not go into my dislike for Windows 8.1 but your arrogance in pushing your Windows 10 system is beyond belief, and hopefully, it will cost you a large number of users; I have cancelled my reservation for the program more than once, uninstalled your KB3035583 update countless times (because you keep reinstalling it constantly) and you absolutely ignore my wish not to be bothered by your never ending notifications.
Be assured that, as soon as Windows 8.1 will no longer be supported, I will buy a Mac - I will never purchase anything again that is connected to Microsoft (and, hopefully, countless others will do the same).
Rated: by Hans Filter
September 22, 2017
Dear Sir,

I have purchased OneDrive +50. Payment of Aus. $ 2.00 is done monthly by withdrawal the amount from my account at Suncorp Bank, Australia.

When I checked my account I was amazed, if not bewildered, to see that an additional Aus. $ 1.47 had been withdrawn by Microsoft. (See double withdrawal below !)

I want to pay for the Microsoft-OneDrive feature the fixed monthly amount of Aus. $2.00 and no extra amount(s).

I am expecting rectification of the error a.s.a.p.

Awaiting your response or rather, refund of the money mistakenly withdrawn, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Amadeo Kuijpers

Suncorp Bank
Internet Banking

Transaction Details



We're sending you this message to confirm that you have purchased the following items from Microsoft:
Purchase Date
Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Total before Tax: ‪$1.82‬
GST: ‪$0.18‬
Total for this order: ‪$2.00‬

OneDrive +50
- OneDrive +50
Price: ‪$2.00‬
Quantity: 1

The following payment option will be billed for this purchase:
Credit Card: VISA
Last four digits: ****9375

Estimated charge date: Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Rated: by Amadeo Kuijpers
September 8, 2017
This is about a person that said they from Windows. I told them at the start I was on Social Security. I have no money to spend. So he put me through to someone else. He ask if he could show more something on my computer sad and he needed a okay. Well I am very trusting and vulnerable so I said okay. He was showing me all of these things that were trying to get my information. I ask again how much was this going to cost, he said 349. I again said I do not have money like that. He said he was sorry. Next thing I know my computer has a need password. I tried everyone I could think of. I called and ask what the password was. They said they didn't know it. Then another one called with same spill. I said I need the password that was put on my computer he told me to get on my computer and he would help me. I said I was not stupid and my computer had gone in for repair. He said I could call Microsoft to get the password. That is the reason for me contacting you. Can you help. Thelma Turner / 559 8244236. I am doing this on my kindle, my grandson is repairing my computer for as I said I don't have the funds to pay for anything. Can you please help me and tell me if these people are scammers.

Rated: by Thelma Turner
September 3, 2017
Your service is really deplorable. Your technical team in Pentagon City, Arlington does not return messages left daily for the last 4 days, on a request for the Outlook passcode key installed with a Lenovo computer purchased in the past month.

Despite a 2 year service agreement, I was told to use Microsoft-certified external business service which declined to help in less than 2 weeks and would have charged almost as much as my computer.

At this rate, Microsoft will lose its vaunted standing at warp speed.
Rated: by Jan Kalicki
August 24, 2017
I am not content as how windows 10 behaves. In my experience I been using the windows software from the beginning when there were Dos software and the fist time appeared windows 3.5. I was using windows 7 ultima professional, when I was upgraded to windows 10, for free. Now I not happy but frustrated of how windows 10 has taken position to my property and has devastated my confidence above the windows 10 software. The OS windows 10 has destroy my property in this I am referent to tree motherboards and tree hard disks, which it become expensive and I have lost money due to the upgrades that are been deliver to my computer. with this in mind what your corporation is doing, are you return my financial loses or are you to make sure that windows 10 software to be more liberal and allowed my person to choose when to add only what I would like to use in my computer. Windows 10 is more like for people that do marketing, and dot help the simple person like me; that use the computer only to write a paper and saved, since the computer replaced the typewrites. In another words allow me as your customer to use my computer as I would like to operate and control my own computer, and do not interfere with my property. I thank you for your understanding in this regard.
My review is for educational purpose and I hope that may help your corporation to discover what is best not to you but to those that spend their money in purchasing your windows 10 softwere.
August 22, 2017
nice job scam my $9000 .
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refund my $9000 .
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Rated: by Mark williams