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A leading chain of cheap motels, Motel 6 has its branches in more than one thousand areas of Canada and the United States. They even operate a chain of hotel for extended stay, under the name, Studio 6. They were sold to the Blackstone Group in 2012, at a lofty price of 1.9 billion US dollars. Paul Greene and William Becker established Motel 6 in the region of Santa Barbara in California. They even planned to introduce other motels where rooms could be offered at bargain price. The initial rent of the rooms of the motel was charged as 6 dollars, from where the name was conceptualized.

Address: 4001 International Pkwy, Carrollton,TX
Phone : 800-554-4555
1.2 Rating
Reviews : 18

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October 17, 2017
I want my money back. Left room 2 hours with a.c. wide open walked in and sweat my ass off. Didn't stay.
Rated: by Timothy Myers
October 12, 2017
you failure to rent a hotel room to an active duty military soldier is repulsive I will never stay in one of your hotels ever, and I will pass it along to family members, fellow workers neighbors
Rated: by pissed off
October 9, 2017
Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to stay and so very happy that this establishment is here but at the location in which I stayed the Management and staff needs training or to be replaced. (1255 Hwy 6 Houston Tx) customer service is very POOR young lady by the name of LaKechia Woodard and Employee by the name of BEBE are very unprofessional and unpolished. Please look into this swiftly as it may cause the establishment to FOLD..
1. Went to front office requested towels (Towels were Damp)/ Roaches and Rats
2. witness a lot illegal unlawful activity on property at my time of stay.
3. over heard workers stating that BEBE is sleeping with GUEST what kind of establishment is this? I was there 2 months ago will I return NO what do I wish to see happen FULL INVESTIGATION of how the site is being ran . Why is the General Manager on SITE shouldn't she be out in the field? why is the turn over rate HIGH here at this location? Just Curious
On a positive NOTE I would like to acknowledge Crissy the manager on site very professional and knowledgable
Rated: by Sasha Brown
October 8, 2017
Over the years I have respected Motel 6 for a nice place to sleep with no surprises. UNfortunately I was very surprised at my attempt to stay at your Motel 6 in Denton, Texas 76207. I went out of my way to sign in with your outside sign advertising a $55.00 room. I tried to sign in at the advertised rate of $55 and the male attemdant on duty Saturday 6-18-17 @ 8:30 PM charged me $65.00 I cancelled and returned 10 minutes later with your sign still lite at $55.00 and in my presence still would not honor your advertised rate.
It is not the $10.00 but the principle and honor that blemished my value of Motel 6.
If you have any questions on this issue please contact me at.

Rated: by Stan King
October 3, 2017
I made an online reservation for 4 people with two beds in Wenatchee, Washington. When I went to check in, I was informed it was only one bed. I stated that I had made the reservation for two beds as there were 4 people. The front desk lady was very nice and went to get the "manager". He came to the desk and stated that I had made a mistake. That it was my fault I only had one bed. I asked him how could the reservation be made for 4 people, but only one bed. Again, he told me that I made the mistake. I asked if he could give me a room with two beds. I was informed that there were no other rooms. Did I want the room? I asked him how 4 people (adults) could fit in one bed. Did he have any rollaways or cots? No, nothing.
Never once did I get an apology. I asked for the owner, he was the owner. Did I want the room? Really? Not with 4 adults.
Absolutely the worst experience. I will NEVER for to the Motel 6 in WENATCHEE, WA. I've stayed at other Motel 6 in different cites and never had a problem.
Rated: by Mandi L.
October 3, 2017
Well,we drove all,day thinking that we had a nice room but no it didnt happen they change the price and we,ask for 2 beds my bother had to sleep in the car. Because they also lie they said there no room with 2 bed and yes they had because we seen rooms empty my brother had sleep in the car because they didnt even try to help us. The employes there where rude and we calling dont pickup after 10 minutes or more im a senior i dont think anybodys mother should be treat ed, that way ok we resevefor 1 week but we left the next day
Rated: by nance
September 26, 2017
November 23, 2016

Motel 6 Ocala conference Center
3810 NW Blitchton Rd
I-75 Exit 354
Ocala, FL 34475-6762

Motel 6 Management,

I obtained reservations in advance to make sure we had somewhere to stay while in town on a family emergency. The reservation was for Friday 11/18 & Saturday 11/19 checking out Sunday morning 11/20/16. As stated above we were in town for a family emergency and when trying to look for a room in Ocala I was told a Dog Show was taking place that weekend and most all Motels were fully occupied. I had my wife, mother and sister with me. We occupied rooms 155 & 157. We all arrived very late on into the early morning hours of the 18th. Upon entering the room, we could tell right away the room did not look like the pictures I had viewed on line. My wife went to take and shower and no hot water was available. We proceeded to call the front desk; a male who didn’t give his name answered the phone and said “Sweetie, I don’t know what to tell you when we are at full capacity sometimes this happens. Maybe, we can put you in another room, but since we are at full capacity we most likely don’t have one available. You can check in the morning and it should be hot then”. So my husband tried to get hot water it seems the bath knob was on backwards and the hot and cold sides were opposite. That was the start things that only got worse from that point. The room(s) as a whole were, dirty and not cleaned properly very unsanitary. I’m not really even sure were to begin; the bathtub, bathroom shower walls, floor was nasty to the point we didn’t want to use it. The sink was falling loose from the counter top. All of the bathtub/shower fixtures and sink fixtures were rusty and unclean. The tile in the shower the grout was black mildew/mold in several different places. As I’m sure you know is not something anyone needs to be exposed to let alone breath in. As one picture will show the shower tile is actually cracking and pulling away from the wall. On to the toilet which truly maybe was a step up from a Gas station bathroom, and has not been properly cleaned in a very long time if ever. I took my shoes off when we first arrived and you will see the bottom of my socks which for a room that had wood flooring and not carpet is apparent the floors also were not clean. Next, the mattress’ in both rooms were awful one was sagging so in the middle me and my wife fell to the middle. We had a room with double beds the other wasn’t much better. The actual mattress itself also pictures attached you will see are stained and covered in filth. WE HAD TO SLEEP ON THAT FOR TWO NIGHTS. Again we were in town for a family emergency and our minds were very much wrapped around the issue at hand for our family so we couldn’t address this in the way that we normally would have, under different circumstances we would have requested and gotten a refund to go to another place. It was very embarrassing to have family come with us and then for them to have to stay in such a dirty disgusting place. Now for the extra my Mom & Sisters room had ROACHES, one in the bathroom and one under the window unit. Yes, big fat nasty disease carrying roaches were in the room where they had to lay down and sleep. The bathtub in their room was so dirty they were afraid to take a shower. Speaking of the window unit it looks as if it has never been properly cleaned out; all kinds of lent, dust and other debris were down under the blow vents this was being blown into the room every time the unit was turned on. The rooms had no clock/radio, No Kleenex but an empty hole were a box should go (picture attached) no toiletries other than to 2 very small bars of hand soap. That not so much bothers us because we bring our on things but not even a small shampoo, lotion, shower cap or hair dryer. This Motel is probably one of the top 3 WORST that I have ever had to see and deal with. Just to advise we will also be placing a review online for others to know of our experience.
This option will not allow me to upload pictures, but I have emailed this letter with all the photos to
Very displeased customer,
Missy Martin

Rated: by Missy Martin
September 16, 2017
On July 18th I stayed at your brand new 681 Blue Barn Rd Allentown, PA location. I should of known when I walked into my room, I wanted a king and was given a double. Later that evening, while being intimate with my partner a family with two kids walk in. So then the front desk ask me to come down and prove how I have that room. The girl gave me the keys and took my credit information, not to mention when I asked for the receipt (Three times) I was never given one. I go back up and was locked out of my room. I had to go back down they re did the key. Later we went to an after party, come back and were locked out again. This time the night auditor ask for my receipt and I told him I was never given one.I tried to pull it on my checking account and it is not there. At this point we were asked to go get our things and leave. It is now midnight, we live in two hours away. My partner calmly said to check the times we came in. Bingo, they find my information and gave me the wrong room. We were made to feel like it was our fault,we had a family walk in on us and we were locked out more than once. I just want to be reimbursed for my miserable experience. I do not think that is too much to ask.

Rated: by Deborah J. Grant
September 16, 2017
Motel 6 North, Country Club and the 60 in Mesa, AZ. Disappointing. No security during the week. Air let out of our back tires during the night. People sleeping in their vehicles in the parking lot at night. Reported this information to management. No response. This hotel has a safety problem with people wandering the grounds, sleeping in vehicles, asking people for money. How could Motel 6 let their brand decline to this extent? Families should never stay in this property. Their are better hotels in Phoenix (Jan 18 - 23, 2015)
Rated: by Susan
September 16, 2017
I have never been treated this bad in my life treated like trash
Rated: by william kabala
September 16, 2017
The building is very run down, The sheets were to small for the mattress and its a fitted sheet. We were surprised to find out there was no carpet on the floor. And the bathroom felt very creepy and dirty.The tub stop was lying in the tub. It just felt dirty.
Rated: by mary mitchell
September 12, 2017
I stayed in Murfreesburo Tn motel 6. It was bad. I stayed in Motel 6 for 40 years, but won't anymore. Room 121. I had to play with bathroom lightswitch to get the light to come on. The bathroom door had a broken hinge at the top of the door. couldn't open or close. Sink was slow to drain. No 0 office calls. I had to walk to office for wakeup call. No sound on NBC. Last of 4 nights I had stains on my sheets. I would like you to explain to me why should I come back to motel 6???????
Rated: by warren johnston
September 3, 2017

I am paying for a monthly stay but I’ve been interrupted several times during the daytime even though I have a sign “DO NOT DISTURB” on the door that was given to me by offfice staff with their statement that no one would bother me if I had that sign on my door, after explaining to them that I have a dog and sleep during the day. I placed the sign on my door but only two days later had someone “POUND” on the door asking me if I needed them to spray for bugs. When I showed the sign, he was defensive and said management told them to knock even if there is a sign on the door. I called the office and they denied this. A week later, the same guy did the same thing, and I then asked him for I.D., and he just walked away. Then I got a note on my door saying that they had to exchange the furniture the following day, and I called the office about that and they told me that the contractors had to do their job and I had to let them in, so I did. Another week after that, the same PEST CONTROL guy did the same thing. Then a week later another Mexican guy came by and said “Painting?”, and I told him to go away. Yesterday I got another pounding on the door and it was the Contractor saying he had to paint the strip they destroyed when they replaced the bed headboard. and after some rude difference with the office staff, I finally agreed. I then called the office to tell them it was done, and he said I wouldn’t be bothered again. 2 hours into my sleep, another pounding and an attempted FORCE ENTRY with a keycard ... this was an inspector making sure they had done the job right (even though the sign was on the door) ... I let him in and that was done. My problem with all this is it is a violation of Federal and State law (Texas) to conduct constructive activities in a Motel room when it is occupied. It is also a Federal and State offence to offer Pesticide Service without a license or I.D. or when the room is occupied. The office staff here has obviously told contractors to disobey any “Do Not Disturb” signs, and this is even after talking to them several times about this. The office answer is always the same ... “It won’t happen again” ... but it keeps happening, and the last person that painted the strip told me that they “ARE” told to disregard any signs and knock regardless, by the office manager, but also said he had personal opposition to doing so. They are just doing what they are being told to do, but they are almost all illegal aliens who cannot speak english, and it’s not their fault.

Please contact me only though the email or phone number provided below:

Douglas E. Trapp
4100 W John Carpenter Fwy
Irving, TX 75063
(972) 413-0242

P.S., I just want them to understand the rules here. No one can break into a house and not expect a lethal outcome, in Texas. That "House" includes a motel room.
Rated: by Douglas Trapp
September 2, 2017
I am staying at your location at
220 Bammel Westfields Dr
Houston, TX 77090

What does it take to get towels everyday? I like to take a shower everyday. Do I have to run away naked to dry off after I take a shower?
Who the hell is running this place? What kind of place are you running?

Do I need to contact the State of Texas?

Rated: by James Bond
August 29, 2017
My family secured a room on Oct 20, 2014 in Norfolk, Virginia. The room did not have sufficient towels and the sheets on the bed were dirty. We contacted the front desk and the person on duty said he would take note. He did not offer more towels or to change the sheets. My spouse advised the general manager of the room condition and the general manager offer us a refund. Here is the disconnect- the general manager advised that all refunds come from corporate which is Texas. My spouse did not confirm the address on file and they sent the check to an old address. I contacted the general manager and she advise that it will take 14 days to stop payment and issue a new refund check. Today is December 19, 2014, two months later and I'm getting the run around from the general manager. After many phone calls, the general manager has the nerve to state "oh, I could have given the money back from my register" . I'm still waiting on my $53 refund and now the general manager has her staff screening my calls. Please send me my $53!!!!!!!
Rated: by Garry A. Rome
August 24, 2017
Stayed at Altoona, Iowa. Mold on ceiling in bathroom. Air was on high and room smelled like urine. We turned off air to see if that would help, then room smelled like mold and wet. The high price we paid for this stay should have had a nicer and cleaner place
Rated: by Dee G
August 23, 2017
The manager herevwas rude and accused my bf of staying over every night and they wanted to charge my card even though he only comes over in the the day to see his daughter so the manager was rude to me and him.and this motel room is nasty but I have complained mainly on noiae from 5 pm tell 3am they wouldn't give me a refund for last night I have been here for 3 weeks I feel I am a target and I don't like it I feel I am owed 45.00 for Saturday June 3 2017 I am checking out of here Friday regardless they are not getting any more of my money I am upset angry and I have 2 kids that are being targeted as well come on Friday I will not return here
Rated: by dorena smith
August 22, 2017
To Mr Jim Amorosie:
Every year I take my daughter and Grandaughter to Disneyland. It's an annual trip for us that we look forward to. Usually we stay at the Ramada Anaheim Maingate and always get the connecting rooms. This year I couldn't book with them as they were full, so I looked online and booked with Motel 6 at 100 W Disney Way in Anaheim.
1. Requested Adjoining rooms, and called the Motel 3 hours prior to our arrival. I was told that it was "first come, first serve" but they had my request as a priority. When we got there......nope, no adjoining room for us! We got two rooms that were next door. Not the same.
2. No small appliances in the rooms (fridge, microwave, hairdryer). We had brought along a big ice chest with all our food in it as we are Vegan. All our food spoiled due to not being able to cool or cook it. We did get ice from the hallway, but it melted an we couldn't keep the food fresh.
3. I found strands of black curly hair in the sink...I'm blond. GROSS!
4. Defication stains in the toilet. OMG GROSS!
5. Mold on tiles around tub.
6. Roaches. I killed 2.
7. Noisy. Very noisy all night. People yelling and fighting, trucks backing up and beeping while doing so, loud music. I barely slept all three nights.
8. Horrible water pressure...took so long to take a shower.
9. At about one am on our last night (May 8) some man started trying to get into my room. I was scared to death. Finally the guy he was with told him to look at the room key, and then he started to laugh and said he had the wrong room! He had juggled the door knob and kept putting the keycard in my door. I didn't sleep at all that night.
There were a few more things, but not as bad as these.
So, this is what our stay with you was like. We won't be staying at that Motel 6 again! I do feel, though, that we should be compensated in some form I paid $281, for each room for the three nights, had to eat out instead of having our own vegan meals that we brought, didn't get any sleep...none of us. My daughter and Granddaughter were uncomfortable due to all of the above in their room also.

Thank you for letting me vent.
My name is Linda Stephan
5524 N Quail Run Road
Paradise Valley, Az 85253
Phone is 602 762 0158
Rated: by Linda Stephan