MSNBC owns and operates as a television news network. The MSNBC Company was founded in the year 1996 and has headquarters located in Secaucus, New Jersey. The subsidiary channels of MSNBC are CNBC, CNBC World, NBC, The Weather Channel, NBC Sports Network, E, Style Network, and Golf Channel. The television company also has an online website providing its television programs. The American cable news MNSBC has broadcasting facility in Canada and United states. The MSNBC operates as a subsidiary of NBC Universal, Inc. The MSNBC Company was known to be Americas Taking from the year 1994 to the year 1996.

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December 9, 2017
Too bad Al Sharpton didn't learn how to coach people in the same manner as the late and great Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Sharpton went to St. Louis and did absolutely nothing positive. I admire President Obama. Although I don't agree with the decision to send Eric Holder to Ferguson, I follow the official logic. Sharpton had no business in Ferguson other than his self-serving desire to prop ratings for his MSNBC program. Shame on him and shame on MSNBC. You've managed to set back 20 years what President Obama's election did for black citizens.
Rated: by Ben
December 7, 2017
Mr. Baldwin is not capable of being on public media without a script. Even then, his strange behaviors overshadow any possibility of him being entertaining.

Drop Baldwin. He is dead weight. His choice of insults tells us just how out of touch the old guy is; retirement seems a kind choice?

R. Walsh
Rated: by Richard Walsh
November 25, 2017
Your coverage of the political news is bias and un-American. I try to view it for information and intelligent opinions but have failed to find any proper reporting. Your refusal to report facts instead of political whirlwinds; without any bases is disgraceful. President Trump no matter how you despise him, has been voted in by a democratic process. You have embarrassed America by your inane questions at press conferences, and disrespect of the office of President. If you continue you will of further, eroded America as a world class leader and given the only hope of peace the World has. North Korea is ready to blow up anybody,Iran is unstable, and hates America, Syria is Russia's airfield in the East to launch anything. China is the Steele fist in a velvet glove. Our allies in Europe are anti-American, as with your news reporting they have lost faith in American support. You have used the news to further divided this country and stirred up trouble everywhere. Without a President that is supported and encouraged by the media you hare a broken siren going out to the world. Your newscasters want ratings and not truth. The majority of Americans want world peace, jobs, fair healthcare, understructure maintained and modernized. As much as you might have support Obama, and Hillary they have done nothing but cased division, weakened America's place in the world, made a mockery out of justice, and increased racism. The drug epidemic is killing young people everyday. Children are growing up not knowing what sex they are. The college-age people are hopeless in pursuit of their dreams. They can't afford college. Seniors have to choose between a sandwich or a pill if they have paid taxes and have never been on Medicaid. Wake-up MSNBC and smell the real news. It stinks! Let the President do his job at least He is trying why don't you?
Rated: by Jacobs Ladder
October 13, 2017
As with Joe Scarborough, Cris Matthews has good ideas but continually interrupts his guests. Could you please work with him to get this constant rudeness under control so we can hear full sentences by his guests as well as his own excellent thoughts? Thanks.
Rated: by Paula Davidson
October 7, 2017
liberal basters, Godless SOB. You might try to bring down the USA but, we the people will bring you down.
Rated: by pmwright
October 6, 2017
The Last Word with Lawrence ODonnel is my favorite!! He's the only guy that explains things, puts them in perspective and is brutally honest about it!! Yes, it's a Democratic point of view, maybe a bit to the Left, but Thank God for that!! We need him! I look forward to him commentating every single day! If you do not renew his contract I will boycott MSNBC- NBC all together. I have 10 friends, they have 10 friends, they have 10 friends , they have 10 friends....... and we all have Social Media. RENEW LAWRENCE ODONNEL CONTRACT NOW!!!
Rated: by Cynthia Stemrich
October 2, 2017
Enjoyed MSN until the last year or two. Have now moved to Google because there is nothing on MSN but ads mixed in with some news, and they do not screen the advertisers at all I am sure. I am now dealing with one of the
advertisers who offered free samples for cost of shipping and then charged my credit card for $212 for the sample. No information, receipt, nothing but the product. The ad appeared around the 9th of December, 2016 with the
picture of Megyn Kelly. Did she authorize this product? It didn't even
give the real name of the product, and wasn't until it arrived here that I knew who manufactured it. Billed me under the names Antiagingrenew and USI
Skin Light. What a scam. How many more do you advertise for?
Rated: by Kathy "Bryant
September 29, 2017
MSNBC is a racist, fear mongering, propagandist, liberal news network that spreads fear and hate throughout the country and should be taken off the air before they can continue to spread there message of hate and division and lead to more violence around the country. Anyone who is injured or has family killed by the violence caused by the media's hateful brainwashing should hold networks like MSNBC responsible and file lawsuits against them for damages.
Rated: by Chris
September 28, 2017
Please stop showing terrorist attacks as Breaking News for 12 plus hours. It is just regurgitation of the past many reports. You are giving these awful, murderous people exactly what they want. Take over our airwaves to speed fear
Rated: by Pamela Ross Reid Brewer
September 25, 2017
I cant believe you idiots consider what you spew to be news. Unfortunately for MSNBC and the so called news reporters who spew lies and hate there is something called a code of ethics for journalism that does not permit journalists to misrepresent the facts or alter them in any way, as a matter of fact there have been journalists fired for this very same disgrace, so be warned that there will be a lawsuit filed against MSNBC regarding their misrepresentation of truth, and their racial baffooning that essentially seeks to promote racism and drive it deeper into the fabric of society. Get over it stop lying and start reporting the facts there are more important issues in our country other than Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris Perry's opinions, and tell them the next time they spew opinion not fact they need to wipe their ass with their lies and opinions, and there will be a law suit filed in court I will be watching from henceforth and the moment I see a lie on MSNBC or an alteration of an audio clip I will be filing fraud and violation of journalism ethics charges you have been warned. The First Amendment to the Constitution allows the Free Press and the Free Speech for the sole purpose of holding to account the legislators that are elected to hold office in the government. Please understand that unless you stop defaming the character of the Conservative base in this country, and correctly relay the facts, you will be facing a lawsuit that even your messiah Barack Obama cannot save you from unless you have me arrested which is unlikely as the only threat I have made is a threat I am entitled to make consisting of legal recourse. It will be your gravest mistake as a network should you opt to spew just one more false statement of fact.
Rated: by Rahcel