Old Time Pottery

Old Time Pottery is a renowned chain of home décor stores. The retail chain has near about 30 stores so far across Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Illinois. Old Time Pottery has an outstanding collection of home décor, floral, house wares, seasonal, linens and rugs, fabric, accessories, jewelry, and purses. Jack Peterson founded old Time Pottery in 1986. It is a family owned business. Scott Peterson serves as the chief executive officer and president of Old Time Pottery since 2010. In the summer of 2013, Old Time Pottery is going to open a new store in West Chicago.

Address: 480 River Rock Blvd., Murfreesboro,TN
Phone : 615-890-2100
Website: http://www.oldtimepottery.com/
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Reviews : 2

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October 12, 2017
OMG. The new store in Bonita Springs has the rudest employees. I went in to buy a shower curtain. Huge sign that said all shower curtains on sale. The girl at the register was SO RUDE, it rang up the original price and she acted like it was my fault. She went back and got the sign that showed the mark down price. She said well I will let you have it for the sale price. Hello? When did it become her decision to honor the sale price? I asked for a manager and a man came up held his hand over his name tag and ignored me. I am going to return the shower curtain and NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE there. They need a real manager as I will so never buy anything else there.
Rated: by Anne
September 21, 2017
This is pretty late compared to the last review but I agree with this person 100%. I live pretty far and I'm disabled even though physically I don't look it and I sure don't have to say it because everyone should be treated with respect anyway. I bought $85 worth of merchandise late Tues night not noticing it was yellow tagged because not all of these were tagged I return early next morning to return these because they did not fit my windows and like this nice lady said, they were rude. From the cashier all the way to the manager Samantha who made sure she told me her name because she was sure she was going to be backed up by her company. I asked for a corporate number and she gave me an e-mail address and told me they will take care of me right away. I e-mailed them and told them the entire story and the fact that I live so far, my disability, I have to find someone to drive me because of this, the gas and the amount of money that I would lose because they did not have tags on it. I even blamed myself for not being more careful and apologized and I e-mail again today and I have not heard anything from them. I'm at a loss of words to see how mean and how rude they are allowed to be at this store. I use to love shopping there and my friends and family too. Now I'm making sure that none of them shop there again. Trust me I do have lots of people that care for me and you will be losing lots of customers. Yes I lost a lot of money because I guess you think you can't sell this again but that is nothing compared to what you will lose in the future if you keep up with this kind of service. Good luck and I pray that this doesn't happen to one of your loved ones.
Rated: by Maria