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The Company Olive Garden is actually a multi brand of restaurants and it serves mainly as a casual type-dining restaurant like other restaurants in America. The company serves people as a full service restaurant and it has more than three thousand restaurants all over the nation. The company offers good food to the customers and you would find out a large range of items in the menu of the restaurant. The prices charged by the restaurant are also nominal and they are not too expensive ones. They provide you good food in a very nice atmosphere and the things are even pleasant. They even sell you wine.

Address: 1000 Darden Center Dr., Orlando,FL
Phone : 407-245-4000
Website: http://www.olivegarden.com/
2.0 Rating
Reviews : 56

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December 11, 2017
The Olive Garden in Horseheads is horrible ! Don't waste you money ! Our waitress spilled the wine and water twice . Got the wrong soup told Tony eat it anyways and she'd bring back the right one too . Ruined the reason we choose to go there to begin with . We had chicken pasta which was dry and like glue . Nearly no chicken in that dish. Tony had a chicken and shrimp pasta . Which was much tastier than what I had however 5 small shrimp and 2 small pieces of chicken. We won't waste our money going there again . 40 some dollars later . Oh and I nearly forgot the wine glass smelled like it had been dried on a an old wet towel. And I've been sick every since we ate there . Sore throat and chills fever at night . Don't waste your money . There are much better places to eat. I don't think the waiters and waitresses should be encouraging the sale of wine . Ours spent far too much time trying to sell wine than paying attention to her customers . When we walked into this one , there was a gentleman asking if I liked wine , I do . So he sent me to the bar to order a glass half priced . $3.00 per glass. I went in but ended up never getting my wine because there was no one there to sever me. We waiting 3 to 5 minutes . Still no one ! So I had time to change my mind and go down the road to buy an entire bottle of the same exact wine for $8.00
Rated: by Bonita
December 7, 2017
We were a party of 3 senior citizens, we visited the Olive Garden in Rockford, Ill. The hostess seated us and it took 10 minutes for a waitress, she didn't offer wine, as she did at other tables around us, she asked if we wanted coffee.we placed our order,she brought salads, never asked if we wanted more, just took bowl away, after we finished , she didn't ask if we wanted dessert or more comes. She really didn't pay much attention to us, and it wasn't that it was busy at that time. My friend was from out of town and I bragged about the Olive Garden, I was really dissatisfied with the whole visit, ill think twice about going again.
Rated: by Mary reuter
December 2, 2017
use to be good 2 years ago as of now nothing but problems ate at location happy vally rd and 17 freeway in phoenix spotted bar tender picking nose then picked up limes for drinks and never cleaned hands the spotted bus boy cleaning tables with a wet rag bare hands then he picked uo wine glasses and put them on the table very dirty for next customers,then mel came and was butnt balck and cold,manager came over and tried to give us another meal we refused,that was 2 months ago,recently went to bell dr and 101 address,i tried to order gift cards,they brought them to me and asked for a copy of my drivers licence,i refused because of id theft,i offered to show them it but manager refused to sell me cards,this is the last time I eat there,we have been going there 2 times a week but now service and food is terrible they forget 1 person tells 2 people 2 people tell 5 and it goes on and on,a real shame
Rated: by RON WALKER
November 30, 2017
My family plus another family(total of 10) went to your Hurstbourne Parkway in Louisville, KY on Saturday June 11 and had a very poor experience. We had been at a baseball tournament all day nearby and had just wanted to eat before we went back to our hotel and settles in for the night. Two of our boys were in uniforms. We were told there would be a 30-45 minute wait and at almost exactly 45 minutes they were taking us back to a table. I am 67 years old and went to the restroom as they took the rest of the party back. When I came out, everyone was back in the waiting area-saying they had seated them at the wrong table????
I use a cane and I approached a young girl who was standing there and started talking to her and asking why they had been brought out after being told they would be seated. Another young lady turned to her and didn't say excuse me or anything and told her to go to the back and finish what she had been doing. I said I am talking to her and she just told the girl to do what she told her to do and then turned away saying she is a trainee. I asked her to answer the question as , evidently, she was not a trainee is she was interrupting a conversation and was ignored. I then stepped forward and asked for a manager which also was ignored. So , yes, I did cause a scene. I told her she was ignorant and rude and asked for the manager again. Finally a manager came out and I asked why the other party of 10 who had come after us was seated and why we were removed from our seats. He tells me they had a reservation. Our table was ready. If both parties had 10 and both tables were ready, why were we removed from another table to be placed in a different room at another table for ten-was could not the other party go there? I was very angry because the young lady who caused the problem was standing there and had a smile on her face and then started laughing-how rude-yes, I did shake my cane at her and told her she was a rude and ignorant young lady. Another manager came out to remove her and she still didn't want to go. The manager apologized and offered free appetizers. I guess that settles the disrespect and moving us. I asked if it was because the other group looked fresher and we were just coming from 7 hours at a ball field.
We were seated in the back. Our waitress came out with her son who was working with her and yes we ordered 3 orders of chees sticks and one calamari for appetizers. gave our order and ordered wine. When we got our dinner salad , my daughter dished out the salad and whens he went to eat hers there was a rather good size bug in it covered with dressing. She informed the waitress and cancelled her dinner because she was now nauseated. The waitress did not get the manager nor did she remove the plate from the table. We had to put another plate on top of it so she would not get sick. We have a picture of the bug.
The rest of the meal was un-event full but no one enjoyed the meal and took almost everything home and threw it away. The ticket was over $200.00. We are from Missouri and our restaurant here is nothing like that thank goodness, you would have no business. I'm sure nothing happened to anyone and I'm sure everyone had a good laugh at an old lady shaking her cane, but I have never witnessed such disrespect, ignorance and rudeness.
Rated: by Doreen Henson
November 30, 2017
One of the nicest places to dine. The young lady who waited on us was remarkable. My daughter and I were so touched by her kindesss and sincereity. Her first name is Brianna and she works at the Middletown Ohio Olive Garden. She is definitely a special person and a keeper!
Rated: by sandra prater
November 29, 2017
Rated: by Tina Holland
November 26, 2017
To whom it may concern:

I’m sure February 22 is just another day to most people, however in our home it’s an important to 2 out of our 4 family members. Seven years ago, I was blessed to have our first daughter. She also blessed my Husband by being born on his birthday, February 22. Since then we get a good laugh about how I gave my Husband the best gift you could give a person, a baby. Nonetheless, it’s especially challenging to ensure my oldest daughter and Husband both feel equally special on their special day, as we all want to on our birthdays.
This year, their birthday fell on a Wednesday. So being that as it was, it would be difficult to have a birthday party during the middle of the week. We decided to let our Birthday Girl pick where to go out to dinner. She immediately belted out ‘OLIVE GARDEN’!!! Unfortunately our reaction was not the same. My husband and I had visited the local Olive Garden about 2 years and the service was so horrible we vowed to never return and we hadn’t. However, she literally begged us to give your establishment another try and we did.
On February 22, 2017, after work, I rushed home to get our 2 girls ready (5 years old and now 7 years old). We arrived at Olive Garden around 7:15/7:20. We were told it was about a 20 minute. Our name was called and we were seated after the wait. We sat at our table for about 15 mins before our waitress finally came over to introduce herself. From there she explained the specials and took only the adult drink orders. Another 15 minutes go by and she hasn’t returned. After 20 minutes she returns with our drinks and I promptly ask her she can please place the girls drink order. I ordered 2 kids Raspberry lemonade. Our waitress returns with (1) child cup and (1) very large glass of lemonade for my other daughter. Perplexed I looked at her and she realizes her mistake! However due to her lack of time management on her part, we took the drink as my daughter was extremely thirsty.
At this point we also placed our order for dinner. Birthday girl ordered spaghetti and meatball from the kids menu, my husband ordered the beef with mashed potatoes and I ordered lasagna as it’s the only thing my youngest child wanted. We waited about 45 mins and our waitress returns to our table with only the kids spaghetti. I don’t immediately say anything because I assume that she’ll be right out with the rest of the food. Who brings out only one dish when all the food was ordered at the same time?!!! So birthday eats and we continue to wait. Next thing we notice that all the tables seated after us have their food and we’ve yet to receive the balance of our order. It has now been another 30 minutes and our Birthday Girl HAS COMPLETED HER MEAL!
Our waitress is now speaking to the table next to us and my Husband (Birthday Man) overhears our waitress telling THE OTHER TABLE that someone ‘stole our food.’ Immediately my Husband calls over the manager. The manager that night was Steve Tauther. We explained to Steve our current frustrations and at this point my Husband was disappointed and wanted to leave. Mr. Tauther informed us at this time that we were required to ‘pay for what we ate!’ Excuse me but the only person who received a meal at our table was my daughter! Mr. Tauther then states that I HAVE TO PAY for the alcoholic beverages I consumed because it’s STATE LAW. I kindly informed Mr. Tauther that I did not have to pay for the drinks because one he was lying and secondly, I hadn’t even consumed ¼ of the margarita because I hadn’t eaten all day in anticipation of this dinner and wanted to have food in my stomach prior to having the drink. Furthermore my Husband only ordered (1) beer and had only ‘CONSUMED’ half of it because again we were waiting on our food that never arrived.
In the meantime Mr. Tauther continued to argue with us, the wait staff went into the back room to sing Happy Birthday to some apparent happy customers. THANK YOU OLIVE GARDEN FOR REALLY RUINING THEIR NIGHT. MY DAUGHTER BAWLED THE ENTIRE RIDE HOME AS TO WHY SHE DIDN’T RECEIVE THE SAME TREATMENT AS THE OTHER PEOPLE ON THEIR BIRTHDAY!!!! At this point, I decided I was taking my children to the car and proceeded to put on their coats overs their special dresses they saved for the night. Mr. Tauther walked away, however the waitress returned to apologize once again. My youngest daughter, whom had nothing to EAT except one kids cup of lemonade was crying and so I asked the waitress to refill the kids cup with some juice to at least ‘tide us over’ as I know have to look for lasagna at 9:30PM to feed her! Our waitress obliged and said it was the least she could do. However as we’re walking out, thinking we’ll meet her at the front with the cup, we see Mr. Tauther ARGUING with our waitress and REFUSING TO ALLOW HER TO GIVE US THE DRINK!
I’m not sure what type of Managerial training Mr. Tauther received but he clearly missed the mark on customer service. Mr. Tauther spoke to us in a demeaning demeanor and I’m not sure if he’s somewhat abrasive due to the location and demographics of this particular Olive Garden, or he just feels like he can treat customers as he pleases. However this incident is not expectable. It’s unfortunately that clearly this particular location, South Bay, Dorchester MA, has more than several issues and has not done anything to improve it. To me this clearly states a loud message, ‘You do not care about your customers in this location!’ Not only is this evident from Yelp reviews online, this particular location is only rated 2 on the corporate website! I would imagine with all the other successful restaurants under the Darden Restaurants family, they would ensure ALL their customers are treated fairly and respectfully.

Thank you for time in reading my horrible experience. Unfortunately I was left hungry and with a bad taste in my mouth….is that even possible.

Sadly Disappointed x 2,
Kimkya Turner

Rated: by Kimkya
November 25, 2017
This has nothing to do with the quality of the food or service, which was excellent the few other times I was in Waterloo, Iowa. This is about the Manager and his staff. My son's mother in law was an employee at the Olive Garden in Waterloo. She passed away very unexpectedly last August. It's taken me this long to write this because I don't really do this type of thing. The Manager of the store and the employees were beyond the word "Kind". They went so far out of their way to help with everything they could do to make a tragic situation easier that I to this day am amazed when I think about it. I have felt the need to say this publicly for a long time but wasn't sure how to do it.

So THANK YOU!! to all the people in Waterloo, Iowa Olive Garden for showing us that she was not just an employee but family to you too. You have set an example that I will never forget.
Rated: by Mitch
November 25, 2017
Just found out for your support of planned parenthood, you just lost mine and my families business
Rated: by leo cormier
November 24, 2017
My family and I went to an Olive Garden in Gurnee, Illinois for
Easter Sunday. Being that we lived at equal distance to this
restaurant, we decided to meet half way at this location.
Worse decision that we made.
After the order, we waited what seemed like forever. Then four
out of the six received their dinner while the other two continued
to wait. When the meal finally came, it was totally wrong and not
anything of which they ordered. The two people said to forget it
as it was already late and they didn't want to wait any longer
than what they already had.
After eating my meal of crab over chicken, I became a little ill
but nothing too serious at the time.
Upon going home, my husband became violently ill vomiting continually
and could not stop. This started around 3 a.m. in the morning and
finally around 6 a.m, I took him to the hospital and he had to be
admitted for TWO days due to food poisoning. I also was sick but
not to the extent of being hospitalized. Later our son told us
he had been vomiting also. Had I read the reviews of this olive
garden, I may have chosen another place as the reviews are not
good for the Gurnee, Illinois location. Should anyone read this
for this area, be warned. The service is terrible and the food
is beyond the worse. It's too bad that the olive garden people
don't read the reviews. Maybe if they did, they might not be
losing customers as maybe problems could be solved.
Olive garden is not on my list any longer for going out
to dinner.

Rated: by Margaret
November 22, 2017
My wife and I visited your restaurant on Midlothian Pike in Richmond, Va. on Friday night. We arrived at 5:00 PM and the waiting list was 45 minutes long. I saw a lot of customers leave. We waited and they seated us 50 minutes later. On the way to our table we counted 11 tables empty and I asked for the manager. Her response was that the cooks for late shift did not come in. I asked why she did not asked the lunch cooks to stay over. No excuse. This is poor management. This was the second time in three weeks that this happen to us. You are losing a lot of good customers because of poor management. I trust you will correct this situation as I love your food. I once owned a restaurant so O know how management is suppose to handle help. I would like a response as to how you plan on handling this situation.
Rated: by Allen Kidd
November 21, 2017
My husband just left your restaurant in Salisbury NC. HE had his dinner in the restaurant and brought mine back to our hotel. Not only is the portion miniscule, there are no eating utensils in the bag. Needless to say, I am not happy nor will I be returning to your chain until you perhaps find it possible to hire someone with a brain! Money wasted for a dinner I cannot eat.
Rated: by Sue
November 18, 2017
Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant... well it was... I went to Olive Garden maybe eights months ago and the food was so bad that I haven't returned which is very unusual (the pasta was dry - it seemed as though it had been sitting around for hours). I am so disappointed with the service and the quality of the food that when I get the coupons, I look at the food but I can't make myself return .
Rated: by Nadine Harris
November 16, 2017
I couldn't say anything at the restaurant because of imbrassing my company. I was so ashamed. They had never been to a Olive Garden. One ordered the classic shrimp scampi. He got pop corn frozen shrimp that ya get at Kroger , no scampi sauce .he moved the shrimp and in the middle of the plate was a smear of sauce about the size of a nickel . Not even enough to rub the shrimp in. He rubbed two shrimps in that smear then all that that man got for dinner was a little serving of a kids plate of pop corn shrimp. I felt so bad. His wife got shrimp scampi with pasta again no sauce she asked for sauce they brought her maybe two table spoon of sauce. I don't know why but they are very slim with putting sauce on their food. My friends are from Big Stone Va. There is no O.G. In that town. Needless to say they were very disappointed after seeing OG ads on tv. The table next to us heard us and made a comment as to. Did they serve kids frozen pop corn shrimp for a adult dinner . I said yes and no sauce. A lot of people will not go back and you know the more people who order that and get a surprise bet they also will quit OG. So so disappointed for my mom an mom in law and friends on Mother's Day bad bad dinner
Rated: by JoAnn Gibson
November 15, 2017
I sent it
Rated: by Terry Miller
November 13, 2017
I am so grateful to Olive Garden for minimizing the use of salt in their pasta water. The store I am able to use is near where I attended cardiac rehabilitation where we were warned to limit the sodium in our diets. I have congestive heart failure and more than minimal salt could kill me. I wish you would also serve a version of your ministrone soup with minimal salt. Patrons can add salt if they wish. I feel as if you value my life.

Mary Jane
41424 Hanford Road
Canton, MI 48187
734 981 4638
Rated: by Mary Jane Weidenbach
November 10, 2017
Went to get the currently tv offer of 9 something but now includes chicken.
Waiter told me I was wrong no such ad, felt called a lier.

Manager came very nice lady, advised at times this might occur
stated was sorry for the error and without asking adjusted the bill!

Great service, oh fork was dirty had paper on it!

But she made the day brighter!

Thanks (same name as our animal).
Rated: by John Glotfelty
November 8, 2017
I use to love Olive Garden Restaurants. But lately at two different places we had the worst Salads. One in Newport Beach California and the other in Cerritos Calif.The lettuce was soggy and not cold and fresh like it use to be. It use to be crisp and fresh tasting. I also ordered your Marsala Chicken and it was cold and not freshly made.We had a party of four and I had to send my chicken back and it was not pleasent to have to wait until they could correct the problem. And when you spend over $100.00 for dinner you should have better salad and fresh made to order food not something that was made ahead of time and got cold.The plate was hot but not the Chicken. We won't be returning soon.
Rated: by Mrs Carol A Winn
November 1, 2017
It should be ready by now. There were around 6 orders on the bar by the register and liquor and the to go girl wasn't calling out the names of the guests to see who was there or not and that was frustrating all the guests. One man to my right was like the service here is awful and I told him to fill out his survey. I got her attention and asked again my bag, I'm eating here and she said yes it'll be out. Well in that time the lady on the cane was getting upset, so I let her sit down next to me, we talked and when her order came out it was wrong. They gave her a chocolate dessert and she asked for lemon and the soup was wrong. She said that all of her changes to the order were approved by the manager when she called on the phone and it shouldn't have been a problem or she shouldn't have had to wait. The the to go girl comes with my food in a to go bag to go over my order and I said. It's for here. She looks puzzled and inconvenienced again and took it to the back. Chrischinda keep asking me are you ok, but at this point I'm annoyed. My order was annoyed. Glass dirty, took to long for my order to be taken, too long for the order to come out and then it was to go when I was dining in. She apologized immensely though. I then get my salad, she asked if I wanted cheese I said no, I told her that at the beginning, then she gave me my soup and it was wrong. She gave me Minestrone and I ordered Fagioli and she took it back and then came with the soup and asked if I wanted cheese.
Rated: by Mich'ele' Val'lien
October 31, 2017
On Saturday evening, my family and I were dining at your restaurant, in Tallahassee, Florida, when I overheard two white customers say to this young black server, "We don't want no 'N' word serving us". “We will not tip you ‘N’”. This was witnessed by two other white servers. When the manager was informed of his incident, he did absolutely nothing. Instead of asking them to leave, they were allowed to stay and the manager continued to serve the two customers. There server left the restaurant because of the racial slurs and no support from his co-workers or manager. The young man was allowed to work on Sunday; however, today he was suspended from his job, because the manager felt he didn't handle the situation right. I think the manager handled the situation poorly. This incident could have escalated to something else. I asked that you investigate this work place harassment and provide some training to your managers and employees.
Rated: by Barbara
October 30, 2017
We are from NY actually long Island. We never even considered or liked Olive Garden(being Italian). We are very particular about our sauce. We have to tell you the Olive Garden In Loop I think it may be considered Kissimmee or Hunters Creek. FROM THE SERVICE AND MEALS WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DISSATISFIED. The management is asset to your company, the staff are professional, friendly and we always look forward to going. It is very clean, again I have to comment the staff they are almost make you feel like family. You should let them know just how great they are.
Morreale Family 192 Rock springs Drive in Kissimmee Florida 34759 . Thank you once again for a great place to eat (like Home)
October 28, 2017
I treated my neighbors to lunch. We had two entree's I paid for and we were given only one salad. I talked to the server and then the Manager whom I thought was curt and unaccommodating. I said, we needed another salad and she said even though I was treating my neighbors they were splitting their entree and would have to pay for an additional salad. . Didn't make sense to me. If it was my business I would fine tune my staff and let them know when it's something as small as a salad to accommodate the paying customer that it's not worth losing them over, plus the bad press your store will receive. I will never recommend Conroe Olive Garden to anyone.. I spent $53.00 for lunch and 4 people had lunch with one salad. This is unreasonable, insensitive and cheap. If your organization is squeezing the nat that much I wonder what else in the kitchen is being squeezed. When my pasta came it was too dry and had very little marinara on it. I asked for more marinara and also a little alfredo sauce since the red sauce was very strong. They brought out the sauce in what looked like the size of a thimble. They charged me for that. Called manager when I got home and tried to explain about the 2 entrees. She said, she did us a favor for the other 3 people who had food should not have eaten out of the one salad bowl and should have been charged. How rude. You've lost 4 customers over a $2.89 salad, Conroe, Texas Olive Garden
Rated: by Annie Clark Cole
October 25, 2017
I have just moved to the brier creek area in Raleigh NC. Beautiful place. However there in no Olive Garden close to us. It has a huge shopping center.There was another restaurant in the area & tried once & then they went out of business.( Johnny Carino’s ) It would be wonderful if you might consider looking into that location to bring some excellent food this way. The address is : 8101 Brier Creek Pkwy
Raleigh, NC 27617-7598. I would love to have the location close by.
Please look into this area since there isn't anything on this side of town. Appreciate your time. Please enjoy the weekend.
Rated: by Joyce Nguyen
October 25, 2017
I brought my family to the Wichita Falls, TX. Olive Garden today after church. While the service is always excellent and food great, today will be our last. Today our special needs child pushed the button on their table machine which unbeknownst to us charged our bill $1.99 for a game. Our children are not allowed to play games while we eat dinner and unfortunately we did not catch the charge till our waiter brought my credit card back. When I took the bill to the Olive Garden manager, I was told that he could not take the bill off but would credit my card and recharge the difference. This credit would take about 3 days for me to see on my card but the new charge would be immediately. Very disappointed I still paid my serve 20% interest and told the manager that they could keep the $1.99 game fee and lose my families business of around $750-$1250 a year. We have 7 children and a very large extended family where we celebrate graduations, anniversaries and birthdays regularly at Olive Garden. I still give Olive Garden food and waiters a 4 star rating but disagree with their handling of a bad situation. I hope people will learn from our mistake and read their entire bill before closing out their account.

Thank You
Rated: by Ronnie
October 24, 2017

October 24, 2017
My favorite restaurant has disappointed me for the first time. My friend and I stopped at the North Olmsted restaurant on Sunday Oct 13 on his recommendation. It was about 9:00pm. He was raving about the pumpkin cheesecake which he said is the best ever! To our dismay we were told the "seasonal special" which was on the advertised board was frozen. We were determined to try this delight so we asked them to call the Middleburg Heights restaurant to see if they had the dessert available. They were happy to oblige. We drove to the other restaurant and to our delight we were treated to the best pumpkin cheesecake I have ever had! It certainly was worth the drive but if you are going to advertise a special you should have an ample supply to serve your guests.
I hat disappointment!

Candace Kane
22972 Maple Ridge Rd #102
North Olmsted Oh 44070
440 779-4642
Rated: by Candace Kane
October 24, 2017
To whom it may concern;
We had dinner at the Oro Valley AZ location last night. We had the worst service to the point of having to ask for drinks. My chicken Marsala was sitting in what might have been 2 tablespoons of Marsala sauce there was none over the chicken and dry! My husbands tour of Italy...appeared as though the chicken Parmesan had slid off the plate and the lasagna was a small puddle of sauce, no layers and was not a noticeable piece of lasagna!
The server came to the table and asked if I wanted my dinner boxed up?! I said no thank you asked if they changed the Marsala sauce? He said no why is something wrong..a little late to be asking. I said well look at the grease, he said oh yea. We paid our full bill and left never given the opportunity to meet with the manager who was rarely seen out amongst your guests. If and it's honestly a big if will we eat at that establishment, should we decide to eat at I've garden we will drive all the way to the tucson mall location. Thank you for your time! I really hope you care enough to follow up with our concerns, we have re commended this location to many of our friends @ family.
Rated: by Rose loden
October 23, 2017
We had a party of five on Saturday May 21, 2016. The problem began when we were seated at a table for four, they just put a table on one end and now there were five. Then there was the stupid little credit card tv sitting right in the way and taking up needed table space. The big problem began when they started to bring in the abundance of bread plates, salad plates, salad bowls and bread basket. Before we finished our salad, the food began to come to the table, except there was no where to put the food. Some had to give up their salad, before finishing. I wanted more salad, but could not get it because there was no where for the plate to sit on the table. I don't understand why you would sit five people at a table designed for four. Sometimes they try to put six at a four person table. This store is in Spartanburg SC. The only one in Spartanburg. This store tries to put as many people at a table as possible. If the lady sitting at the table beside me were to lean her head back, her hair would have been in my food. This is to close for comfort. Someone needs to fix the problem in this town and all towns with similar problems. email tomcooley02@yahoo.com
Rated: by Thomas Cooley
October 21, 2017
We ordered food tonight and our salad had a chewed piece of gum in it! That is all I need to say! So upset and horrified by this
Rated: by Karli
October 19, 2017
I have to say that the food was great and the service was as well, but when I got ready to pay my bill the waitress attempted to make me pay for another family's bill. Then she overcharged my debit card and the manager tried to cover up her mistake.The only thing that they did to accommodate me ad my guest was an excuse. So I felt that I was treated really unfair and with racial profile as well. Because not one time did the manager say that your meal will be on us but if I was of another race they would have been gladly to have my family's meal on the house or taken something off the bill.
Rated: by annoynous
October 18, 2017
I visited your restaurant this evening with the intentions of having a nice relaxing dinner with a couple of my close friends. My complaints: the salad and bread sticks arrived and placed on top of the menus that were left behind. After eating only a little of our salad, the sangria arrived late with all the ice melted. this tasted like koolaid. We taken only a few more bites of the salad and dinner arrived. Now where do you think that was going to go? My hot food sat to the side of my salad, only to cool more and more. When we finished the salad, We had to shuffle plates to make room for the main course. Yes the food was good, but the rush of dinner made us all decide that Olive Garden will not be a place that we will visit again. After dinner was complete, the checks came, again we had to find a place to put the booklets. The dishes weren't cleared until we insisted that they be removed. I feel this to be so unprofessional. After an agreement between my guests, we came to the conclusion that you have become a fast food chain, "Get them In, Get them Out". Congratulations, a cocktail, salad, dinner, all done in 30 minutes. I can't wait to tell everyone I know about your company. Susanna Barr Misbaedecker@yahoo.com
Rated: by Susanna Barr
October 17, 2017
Greetings, Although I did enjoy my meal at The Olive Garden, I would like to comment on the menu. It is very good that you provide the calorie count for each meal, however, I would like to see you take this one step further to also incude the sodium content. We all are aware that salt makes food taste better but I believe that the salt content in the food served at The Olive Garden is far too salty for general consumption. Perhaps your test kitchen chefs can come up with a healthier alternative to your existing guidelines. Foods can be prepared with less salt and still taste delicious. I do it all the time at home. Freh herbs deliver a lively taste when added to a plate just before serving. If that solution will not work out then try reducing the amount of salt used when preparing the water you use to cook the pasta. It truly does ot have to be as salty as the ocean for the pasta to taste good! A good sauce, also with reduced salt, can be an easy solution. When the grated cheese is added to a plate, that also greatly increases the sodium content to a meal. You can easiy reduce the salt in your salad dressing and it will still taste good.

Many people, who visit your restaurants, will benefit from the reduced sodium meals and barely notice the difference. Be a leader in the restaurant business and put the health of your customers as a priority in 2016. Another thought is that you could offer a reduced sodium menu - same foods with just a lot less salt. I would say something like. "We love our customers and want to make sure we keep them coming back time after time." Your Marketing Dept can come up with something catchy so diners get the point that eating out can be as healthful as eating at home and your restaurants want to make it a healthy and enjoyable experience for everyone.

And one last thing - please cook the pasta al dente. I find it to be over cooked.
Rated: by Susan Ventura
October 13, 2017
To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to let you know that we dined at the Roanoke, VA Olive Garden yesterday, July 23, 2015. There were three people in our party and we arrived around 3:00 pm. Two of us ordered the seafood alfredo. Both of us were ill within 2 hours with severe intestinal cramping and diarrhea. I strongly suspect something was off with the seafood alfredo as the other person in our party was fine with no symptoms. I just wanted to let someone know so you can monitor the restaurant in question. I feel like this was a definite case of food poisoning.
I sincerely hope this does not happen to someone else.Reply may be sent to kandkroanoke@cox.net
Rated: by Kathy Meador
October 13, 2017
Went to the Olive Garden today in Newington, N.H. My kids were sick so I was ordering take out. I was asked to wait at the bar, and someone would be right with me. After 10 minutes I heard the bartender ask for Rob "to deal with the woman at the bar" After 20 minutes of waiting I put my menu, back and told the hostess I could not wait any longer. She stated someone would be right on the way. Shortly after a man with a hair net came out & said "ya". No how are you? How can I help, etc.. I said I am all set, but thanks & walked out. I felt that the manager would like to know about my poor service, so I called from the parking lot. I explained my situation. I even said I ask not in return for my feedback, but I thought he should know. The manager went out of control & started yelling at me. I asked to calm down (im surprised I didn't hang up) I asked him to calm down.....He didn't. He just kept yelling at me saying "well you don't know the reason he took 20 minutes; maybe was in the bathroom?" I asked him if I could talk with him calmly, but he kept yelling. I said well I will just contact the corporate office & discuss it with them. He kept yelling, and I had to hang up. So disrespectful. I will NEVER go to Olive Garden again!! It was that bad of an experience.
Rated: by Jennifer
October 11, 2017
April 13, 2014 Olive Garden, Kenner, La
In a nut shell, the place is filthy. Carpet in the dinning area had a smell and was very dirty. Which is expected, when it's old. The chairs with material were filthy. The bathroom was filthy. The grout is so dirty, it's black. The place is dated, which would be fine, if the it is clean. The salad was too vinegary, and not very nice looking. My husband's cheese ravioli with the red sauce was the worse ever. I don't know where that red sauce came from, it was out right nasty. I had beef with Alfredo sauce. As the waitress put the plate on my table, I knew the beef was not very fresh. The sauce was bland. I think at one time Olive Garden was a nice place. They may have nicer Olive Garden's elsewhere. This one really needs a cleaning and someone to over see the food quality before paying customers get to see and taste it. The outside is very manicured. But the inside, needs to be manicured also.
Rated: by PZ
October 8, 2017

Will no longer support the Olive Garden chain do the refusal of service to law enforcement while in uniform due to service weapon. common sense or lack of as I see it one can not fix stupid. Lost my business will never walk in to business again
Rated: by Tim
October 5, 2017
My Mother and brother had dinner last night at the Buena Park, CA location.
The staff seem to be clueless and untrained to service their guests. Specifically my brother ordered a martini and my Mother ordered a scotch and soda. The serer was so confused. She had never heard of this drink, so she sought the "Bartender?) She returned to their table and said the bartender wanted to know what kind of soda (pop) she wanted with her scotch, like Coke, etc.
Are you kidding me? What fool bartender do you employ? That is one of the most classic cocktails in the book. Ignorant employees... I reported this to heir Corporate office but do not expect to hear back.
Rated: by Deborah
September 29, 2017
I have a detailed letter heading to Corporate but just wanted to send a brief message here first so the folks I am writing about can see how complimentary we are for their service both here in Punta Gorda, Florida (restaurant in Cape Coral, Fl. on Pine Island Road) and the Olive Garden on (2901 W. Radio Road in Florence, South Carolina). We appreciate the excellent service always!! We travel north for special occasions and the holidays every year and always stop in Florence, SC at the Holiday Inn and walk over to Olive Garden to see our favorite servers and a delicious meal.
Happy New Year to ALL.
The Springfields
Rated: by Audrey & Ron Springfield
September 24, 2017
the one in coonrapids mn. was over priced and under staffed. ordered coffee with cream, 10 minutes passed still no cream. spaghetti came with no sauce. That took awhile to get too. No one came back to see if we needed any thing else. bread sticks were hard. All around bad service. Then they prompt you on the machine to leave a 20 percent tip..Are you people nuts?? I will never go back
Rated: by Linda Mindrum
September 16, 2017
Earlier this evening (03/24/17) our family went to the Olive Garden in West Springfield, MA and it was a very disappointing experience to say the very least. Our son ordered Shrimp Scampi, which appears under Pesce meals on the menu, and unbeknownst to us, under the Mediterranean Lighter Fare portion of the menu. When it arrived to the table, my son expressed concern to my husband and I about the less than child size portion of angel hair. When the manager-on-duty, Denise, came over to the table she remarked in a condescending, nasty tone, "I should have known it was you; you have a reputation here for problems." I explained that we hadn't had a problem the last three times we were in the restaurant. She has become just like her trainer, Yvette. This type of negative management behavior is what closes restaurants and costs innocent workers their jobs/mainstay. Denise refused to speak to me on my way out of the restaurant. She was hiding in the office, and would not even take a phone call. Shame on Olive Garden!
Rated: by Jeanne Kuchyt
September 14, 2017
is ok
Rated: by brenda
September 14, 2017
I meant my parents for lunch at 12:30 Friday. They were passing through on way to Cleveland for my fathers cancer check up. First person at door tried to sit us in bar telling us they put old people close to door so they did not have to walk so far. INSULT!!!!!! I am 55yrs old and my parents are remarkable active. Next we sit at a table and had the worse experience ever. We ate and were talking when she came over and said can you pay your bill now and went through doing the bill process herself.
Then ask if she could take plates. Never gave us a refill on drinks and then took my parents full glass of tea and completely took everything off the table. We were in shock. It was 1:25pm at this time. Several empty tables around us. There we were with empty table my father said I guess they want us to leave. How ignorant!!!! We were only there about an hour and it was raining outside so we were talking. It was not as if we had moved in. If this is the way your wait staff is trained I am sorry. You will loose business. I intend to go back to confront her and the manager which I may say was no where to be found.
Gordon Ernst'
88 Queens way
Temple, Ga 30179
Rated: by gordon ernst
September 11, 2017
Unfortunately from the moment we were seated it was a horrible experience. It took approx 30 min before for the waitress to come by. Then we ordered wine samples. The waitress knocked over a glass of red wine spilling on top of my 9 month old granddaughter. Ruined her new outfit and highchair cover. She screamed. We ordered a bottle of wine and received it after we got our meal. We asked to speak with the manager. We heard him. Shane, yell at the waitress and told her to get us the hell out of here. He was very unprofessional. This a one of my favorite restaurants, be not sure if we'll go back again. This was in Springfield MO.
Rated: by Debra Mcilwain
September 10, 2017
The Olive Garden in Fremont CA is the best. We always get great service and the food is delicious! We have several favorite servers (I am not sure of their name spelling) Jordan, Cris and Adrianna are amazing!
Rated: by SCasey
September 8, 2017
I just read about the police officer who was kicked out of the Olive Garden in MO because he was carrying a firearm on duty! Hearing that, I just want to let you know that I will not be eating at any Olive Garden restaurants again! This P.C. crap is bogus, and you tell that hostess in MO, I hope if, God forbid, something ever happened to her and she needs police assistance, she better hope that the police officer is armed!

A former patron
Rated: by Chanin Alderete
September 6, 2017
For my son's birthday we wanted to reserve for a large party, early in the evening on a Friday night.

Manager at the store refused to make a reservation, saying only that we should inform our guests that they would have to endure a long wait. NO other options or considerations were provided. His callous attitude is the reason we won't be frequenting them anymore.

Corporate guest relations was somewhat more sympathetic and receptive, and I'd called them only to provide a training opportunity. They tried to fix the relationship but it had already been lost. My wife refuses to even consider them, so that's that for Olive Garden.
Rated: by Lawrence Smith
September 6, 2017
Absolutely Horrible.. had to flag someone down to take our drink order and did not get much better... Everything took forever.. the salad bowl had very little in it and when as for more took way too long.. Food got their and no sauce on the Pasta had to ask for more 2 times to get any flavor whatsoever.. Summoned a Manager, she stopped by and then she would be back to check on me that too took a while. Tea glass refill forget...I shot an email to their corporate Email, no response been over 24 hours.. Call the 1800 number, got the corporate response and could not explain why they could not even respond to an email in 24 hours. Call the location manager, took over 5 minutes to get to the phone and he had little explanation... Would not go back it I was paid. Service, Attitude, and good was terrible.. at all levels.. Again I have emailed and Called their Florida Corporate office. With little reaction
Rated: by kevin D
September 3, 2017
I'd rather have a root canal than buy over your website or suffer a phone call to your local restaurant.

Rated: by TG Nelson
September 2, 2017
Myself wife and 17 yr old son were in Paramus fri nite, to go to Columbia University on saturdau, as my son is being recruited for football, we decided to have dinner at the Bergen olive garden, I must say the meal for all three of us was extremely disappointing, I had the farfadelle pescatore, to call that pescatore is ridiculous, five scallops thazt were as small as a penny in size, 4 small shrimp, and 5 real small clams, my son had chicken parm with a side of spaghetti, there was nothing there, the side of spaghetti, could have fit in a regular coffee cup, so to tell you that we will never return is an understatement, if you want to respond, my email is phildi18@gmail.com
Rated: by Philip J DiWilliams
September 2, 2017
We visit several Darden restaurants many times during the month: Longhorns, olive garden, Bahama Breeze. Until I see that the person refusing service to the police officer has been fired, I will consider your company's apology to be insincere and will make dang sure that none of my money is ever spent in Daeden restaurants.
Rated: by Herb