Petsmart is a company that deals in retail chain of stores specializing in pet services and supplies. It also includes services such as dog training and grooming as well. It offers cat and dog boarding facilities and day care for dogs too. The company has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and it also sells animals like guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, fish and snakes. The company was founded in 1986 and from then onwards the company grew to become a publicly owned company, which is listed on NASDAQ stock exchange. It also offers products for small animals, fishes, and birds too.

Address: 19601 N. 27th Ave, Phoenix,AZ
Phone : 623-580-6100
1.5 Rating
Reviews : 41

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December 9, 2017
I brought my dog to the Conyers, GA location for grooming yesterday. I was offered a 1:30pm appointment, but didn't know if I could make that so I made a 5:30pm appointment. Well, my husband got the dog there at 3pm. My husband said no one was doing anything and he thought they were starting on him right away. I didn't go home after work because I knew Petsmart would be calling any minute. Finally, I called Petsmart at 7:35pm thinking that I'd just missed the call or something. I was advised that he didn't like the dryer so it was taking longer than anticipated and he should be done by 8:30pm. About 8:15pm I was sitting in the parking lot watching my dog be groomed. The girl couldn't groom the dog for talking! My issue is not with the talking, but that she stopped grooming EVERY TIME she was talking! She was unable to multitask therefore she shouldn't have tried! What's worse is that she was talking to another employee AND the manager. I did complain to him, but I told him that I'd just take my complaint to the corporate level because obviously he wasn't in a position to get anything in order! He did not respond. I did not leave Petsmart until 8:45pm and the dog wasn't even cut correctly! His hair was not as low as it was supposed to be. I didn't receive the pamphlet telling me how he behaved or who the groomer was either. Petsmart is the only place that I can find the food for my dog so I cannot avoid going in, but I will NEVER go to the groomers again! I've had issues in the past, but nothing to complain about. Yesterday was just unbelievable as I WATCHED her stand there and just talk. Maybe my dog would've been done and I could've gotten home at a reasonable time if she had her mouth shut and if the manager didn't encourage the conversation!
Rated: by Aggravated
December 4, 2017
I have shopped at this Mays Landing, Petsmart since it opened. And with 5 dogs. I can't imagine the money, I have spent at this store. On September 26th, our Beloved White Husky named Nanook went Missing. Out of our backyard in Galloway Twp. When going to this store. We asked to hang a Flyer with our Lost Senior Dogs picture who is Half Blind and Deaf. They refused to hang the Flyer...because of their Company Policy. Then when asked if we could give Flyers to Their Employee's they told us no. We were appalled by their lack of Compassion. That's why I'm giving this Petsmart 1 Star. And we will not be giving them our Business. Also, we do a collection drive for Alley Cat Allies and a no kill shelter in our area. Where we collect Dry Cat and Dog food. During Halloween. When asking if they would consider donating food for this cause...we were completely blown off. You run a Pet Store how could your managers and associates have no interest in helping me find my Lost Dog. Or in helping with a Food Drive for helpless animal's? I left this Store sick to my stomach!
Rated: by Sharon Doughty
December 3, 2017
Yesterday I went into the petsmart in layton utah at first the service was ok and helpful but as I was checking out the computers were down so after our long 30 min wait to get to the front of the register the manager Craig had us move to another register to help check out then he dissapeared and the other guy Brandon started helping the man in the back of the line and ignored us we had to go all the way back in line and I wasn't the only one they did that too there was another lady behind me that it happened to as. to top it off the first guy Brandon didn't invite us back over to be helped he saw the manager dissapear on us and did nothing and kept rude remarks to me after I was like what's going on I still haven't been helped and you helped the guy behind me and th lady behind me.that's a joke for a employee to treat a customer that way. I love petsmart but after this experience I will never go to petsmart again the was I was treated was unexceptionable.
Rated: by Zoe petit
December 2, 2017
Petsmart"s appointment process for grooming and their corporate customer service lack in a manner that is unrivaled in customer service. I booked an appointment for my mother's dog to be groomed. I was able to select a specific day, time of day and groomer. I had an appointment for her dog to be groomed at 11AM. After checking the dog in we were told she would be ready in 3-4 HOURS! Why choose a specific time? We were also told it is stated in Petsmart's terms and conditions. My fault I didn't read several paragraphs of terms and conditions to book an appointment. Called the corporate office to complain and after 41 minutes of off and on hold time and "I understand" comments NEVER EVER got a reply or email from the company. Gives new meaning to one and done. Social media blitz to follow in Hilliard OH have fun Petsmart
Rated: by KenB
November 29, 2017
Customer service is a lie at pet smart. Does not exist at the coporate office.
Rated: by Sheldon needle
November 26, 2017
I have read the PETA expose of one of PetSmart reptile suppliers named Mac Corp. The cruelty associated with the shipping and housing of these unfortunate creatures by this company is beyond belief. Suggest that other stores that do not sell live animals would be more humane places to shop at for pet supplies.
Rated: by Joe Morse
November 23, 2017
The manager at your mommuuth juct store rt one in nj is trying to make one of her employees to leave , because that person had to find another full time job. That person had to because she was only giving this part time manager 13 to16hrs a week . if she needed this employee to fill in for others on vacation. She has been trying to make this employee to step down from his part time managers position since she has taken over the store. She. Is not very nice Toto her employees. I would like to know when she is sopose to do any work.
Rated: by Sharon. T
November 21, 2017
This one pet smart out and Lancaster has a beautiful sand boa thats been there for very long and one of the employees keeps telling me to get it but the thing is you guys charge a arm and a leg for it. You have it priced at 100$ then put it on sale for 95$ like that makes a big difference when I go online and find ones for 40$. But I'm going to hang in there a little longer because its a beautiful snake and im not goinh to give up on it to easily
Rated: by Nelson Santiago
November 20, 2017
I've been on hold for 14 minutes so far with just shitty music to listen to, horrible company I'll not do business with them again,
Rated: by Todd Shotts
November 17, 2017
Petsmart Employee Cut Off the Toe of My Parakeet.
I purchased a parakeet yesterday from the Aventura, FL PetSmart store. The employee trimmed the flight feathers for me, which they appear to only do after a purchase. Most pet stores have the breeders do it professionally before delivery to the store.

Employee gave bird to me in a carry pet box and it seemed to me to be making a lot of noise for a parakeet. I've had many birds including parakeets. Turns out the bird was crying.

When I got home 30 minutes later and opened the box I thought they had put red straw in the bottom for the bird's comfort. It was blood. A lot of blood. The employee trimming the flight feathers had cut off one of the toes.

I sure the employee did not mean to; but here is my problem. If you trim the toenails of a bird too high up they bleed immediately and profusely. The employee had to know he had caused the bird to bleed. There is a lot of handling of the bird when you trim it's flight feathers. Maybe he though he just nicked something and the bird would be alright. Wrong. He put it in the box bleeding and gave it to me.

This is a case of cruelty to animals at the very least. There is no way he did not know the bird was bleeding. The entire bottom of the box was covered in blood. PetSmart needs to train their employees better. Or better yet, pay the few cents more to have the breeder of the birds trim the flight feathers like most every other pet store.

The attitude of the manager when I returned with the bird was, "the kid didn't mean was an accident." No sympathy, no empathy. To them it's just a $20 throw away pet.
Rated: by Jim
November 11, 2017
Made an appointment for my dogs grooming here in New Braunfels,for 07:00. four (4) hours later they called me to tell me he was ready to go. I asked them why it took 4 hours. They said they had a lot of dogs at that time. My question is, why make appointments if you can't do the grooming at that time.
I would also like to state that they did a pathetic job on cutting his nails.
My only comment is "Good bye PetSmart".
Rated: by Dave Hofmeister
November 5, 2017
I have just heard that you are opening a store in Tullahoma TN , I think that you need to do some investigating . Tullahoma has 8 groom shops 2 kennels with 40 runs 7 vet offices and 2 supply stores. also a pet sense we do not need another pet store try one of the other small towns in this area(Manchester,Shelbyville,Winchester.ect.) Pet sense in not doing good so you might want to check this out first. I have a groom shop and I will not welcome another pet shop. It is stupid to open another one here. Thought you might want to know this.
Rated: by GAil Smith
November 5, 2017
Your stores are terrible after reading all of these poor reviews I know I will never go there again, you never responded to our first emailYou should be ashamed to call yourself a pet store I think it,s time to contact the local t.v. station, maybe that will put a candle under your butt and at least make an effort to respond to all of complaints you have received.It doesn,t look to me like u have

Rated: by Madeline D.
November 5, 2017
I have purchased my pet supplies for several years for my two dogs. I also frequent the vet and groomer. While I was putting my cart away in the entrance way of the store I noticed below the no smoking sign a no weapons sign. This is a violation of my God given right. I have a CCW permit and carry full time. If I can't carry in a pet shop I will find one that will. I will also notify Blue of this policy you have. By the way. It is NOT properly posted and the sun has almost removed all the printing. Sorry PetSmart. Oh by the way I am also the webmaster of and will post my finding. I will also ask that any other Marine that shops there look elsewhere. I am a combat Veteran and have never had thoughts of robbing a darn pet shop.
Rated: by Allen Higgins
October 27, 2017
I do not shop at Petsmart. It is on social media that the Johnson City location groomers are abusive to the animals they groom. One groomer has been known to punch the animals with the clippers if they are not cooperative. This has been brought to the attention of Petsmart , and never any word back to that person. They are many other groomers in this area that will groom them, without abuse. Shame on you Petsmart!
Rated: by SD Russ
October 25, 2017
I am usually at PetSmart once or twice a week for crickets and fish. The last three weeks in a row there was advanced ick in at least three of their fish tanks. The first time I told a worker about it and then left. The next week I was there I found even more fish with ick. So, I questioned them. The one working in the area told me that they were aware and they are under treatment in the back. She explained to me that they are just brought up here at certain times. But that there were still a lot in the back that were being heavily medicated. She told me that they came from the manufacturer this way and they are truly doing everything they can to treat the fish but as far as changing the manufacturer it's not likely and not up to them anyway but corporate. And it has already been three times in the last couple of years that they had to change. I left it at that. The following week I came in forgetting basically all about their fish issues when I was looking for a certain fish. When I found the fish I wanted I looked up into their tanks there was advanced ick all over them. As well as the two tanks on either side of them. I was not going to buy the fish even though they were still selling them like this and in fact they now had a sale on them. These same fish were never on sale before.However, they were not saying why they were now at a low price. So once again I brought it up. But first I told her those were the ones I wanted and before I could finish she was getting ready to scoop them out for me. She said nothing so I then interrupted her and said but I am not going to because they have ick all over them. She looked in and agreed and then said she didn't know. Every time I would say something to the ones working in the back, all different, they act surprised. as if I had to tell them or they would have never known. That is except the one who explained the treatment process to me. I think in total I brought it up to 5 different customer service people. I cannot believe they are selling fish with this disease. And it seemed as if they were not even going to say anything. They appeared to not even know so how could they say anything? I did not want to buy any fish from here during this time because I wasn't sure how many of the fish actually had this disease. For me I have to travel from out of town to go to PetSmart and it just isn't realistic to then go find another at the time. This and the long wait in the aquatics area for any service is unacceptable. And customer service has been the same in all the different PetSmart stores in other town and cities I have been to in this department. There is something about the Aquatics area not being as important to them. Or so it seems.
Rated: by Ellen S.
October 22, 2017
October 21, 2017
I took my elderly mother's toy poodle to Petsmart grooming yesterday. After almost 7 hours we called to check on her. Lacey had been ready for almost 3 hours, they emailed my email address to inform me. They never mentioned they'd notify us via email and my mother doesn't even know how to use a computer. Lacey was also covered in fleas when she got home. Lacey is an elderly white toy poodle that had been groomed there every 6 weeks for several years. I found a new groomer as soon as I got her home. Mom can't walk all the way from the parking lot to the back of the store, so I take and deliver her dog. The groomers tip got Lacey a new toy.
Rated: by Laura Hasley
October 16, 2017
My name is Farrah Reyes on 1/20/2016 I dropped my English Bull Dog puppy to the pet smart Hotel in seacacus Nj when I picked her up on 1/27/2016 she had a soar on her head and face. The girl at the front Desk tried to tell me it was normal for my kind of dog to get these things, who was she kidding. I tried to get an appointment at Banfield but it was booked so I took my dog to a private VET. My puppy had contracted a parasite from their facility she is now on a long regimen of antibiotics and nystatin. What was sad is there was another dog who was barking loudly and when I looked to see it was sitting in several puddles of urine never being cleaned you could imagine how long the poor dog was like this. I immediately called the corporate office in Arizona on the 27th of January and made a complaint I was given a complaint tracking number and was told some one would call me. Again I called on the 28th in which they added my new call in and received another complaint number no one ever returned my call. I called again on February 1st was given another complaint number and told some one would get back to me no call no email again I call in today and was given another complaint number I was told that when they don't get back to you with in 3-5 business day they have to start over and give you a new complaint number. This goes to show you how much we as clients mean to this company. It's ashamed that their videos on hotel and pet care is false advertisement and not even the corporate office cares. I am disgusted with pet smart hotel and pet smart corporate office.

Rated: by Farrah Reyes
October 15, 2017
I gave you a 1 star because every time we buy fish at your store (Walpole, Massachusetts) they die and also kill every other fish in our tank. I would say over the last four months you have killed our entire tank 4 times. That's a total of over 35 fish. This store does not have experienced fish caretakers to work there. This store needs to be investigated.
Rated: by Barbara J. Mullaley
October 12, 2017
I was recently telephoned by your Farmingdale, NY for dog grooming by the Academy. I have never gone to this store for any pet services, but I'm in the company base. I use the Levittown, NY store only. Upon making an appointment, and going to the store, I told your representative I usually get the $60.00 bath, haircut, ear cleaning, and nail grinding treatment for my Golden Retiever. Your representative told me the charge for my dog would be $85.00 with a $10.00 off because the Academy was there. How dare you give out my personal info! I drive out of my way to help your new trainees to groom my dog. Then get a ridiculous groom fee $85.00. I think this action by your company is wrong. I left your store without a grooming. A $10.00 off for grooming to train your staff is silly, unacceptable, and intolerable. If you want to train your staff, you need to do a better job. You have my info, my previous grooming visits, and you want to charge me more to train new groomers. Stealing me from another store is funny at best, but charging me more the the same services is pathetic. Please give me a reason to shop at Pet Smart again! This is bad business! You have lost my confidence!
Rated: by John kampa
October 12, 2017
Dear Petsmart Corporate Team, I was at the Petsmart in Brier Creek (Raleigh) North Carolina this week on Wednesday and wanted to share my experience. One of your employees by the name of Anna went out of her way to help me to ensure I was getting what I needed. In addition when I notice one of the cats in the pet adoption center was having breathing difficulties, I pointed this out to Anna and she immediately went into action to address the needs of this cat. She reached out to the Banfield staff who told her they had "No time" to help this cat out. I offered to pay for getting the cat checked out at Banfield but they still declined to see this cat that was potentially in respiratory arrest. Anna took an extra step to reach out to her manager and get approval to leave and take the cat to emergency to get checked out. This dedication to the well-being of animals that Anna demonstrated showed is what ALL employees of Petsmart should strive to mirror. Her concern for my feelings of concern of this animal was priority and the health of this kitty was a priority. I would like to see some type of recognition given to Anna...I am sorry but I did not get her last name! I am a very frequent shopper at Petsmart and spend at least $500.00 a month at your company - so a dedicated consumer at Petsmart.

Thank you,
Kathy Rice
Rated: by Kathy Rice
October 11, 2017
This is my second review, Ive typed in 1 day. The funny thing is why my first review somehow never post to your web site. This thing has bothered me for a couple of weeks, I started to leave it alone ,but I couldn't stand looking at the individual in which it all stared. As I stated I'm not a dog owner, but I do love all animals and I do love being truthful /honest with people about whats right /wrong. So to hear an individual that works at your company that would take advantage of a business/corporation needs to be reprimanded. As I stated in my last review...I work at a hospital in Virgina as a RN and one day, I over heard our contractual security guard (Skinny Afro American (M) and Tall) talking to someone on the other end of the phone on how they got the company to give them funds because they found out something. I really couldn't make out what was said because people were coming in and out of the area I was standing in and talking loudly. The one thing that made me upset is that he was so excited that he was going to received the funds himself and use them for his personal use and not for what it was meant for(I guess). Now I have a saying that I use on a regular bases (stupid is as stupid does) and these applies to Company (PETSMART). How can you allow a Company of your caliber who invest so much money in advertisement and promotion to out beat the competitors,be so blind and not check and verify or even do a follow up to see if the funds you distribute went to the assign place of business or whoever.I don't get it, with all the terrorist attacks and killings everywhere, I have to wonder what type of personnel your company is hiring that doesn't check an individual integrity. I hope this opens your eyes and hope I you do an investigation in this matter to get your funds back if need be.
Rated: by Ms. Gertrude
October 7, 2017
I had my dog groomed at Petsmart on 5/29 and later on that day my dog began showing symptoms of an infection on his under-carriage, Petsmart took NO responsibility whatsoever! My dog was completely fine and healthy before getting groomed here! I took my dog to our vet and had a $100 to pay due to Petsmart negligence! I will NEVER buy anything or use any Petsmart service in the future and I am making sure to tell everyone about my experience there! The store # is 2407! NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Staff brushed it off as if it had nothing to do with them!
Rated: by Sonya
September 29, 2017
I am a senior citizen that and I have made several purchase from Petsmart and recently I started making orders online I am disabled and on dialysis I contacted petsmart about about how I was dissatisfied some food I purchased two dogs because ill with a rash welts on their stomachs throwing up diarrhea from eating the food one dog passed away I told Petsmart who didn't seem to care no apology or anything I began trying to return the food I was placed in contact with a supervisor name Mary who seem like she wanted to help and refuse after one month of going back in forth due to me having dialysis three days a week several hospital stays surgery etc I the cost of buying food several a week became to much in may I made another purchase totaling $850 dollars replacing the dog food and some other items ...I recently contacted Petsmart about replacing the food that was purchased and they refused to help I am at a lost to spend thousands of dollars over the years and with three recent purchase this is the way I am being treated to lose money and have food to to waste
Rated: by A. Smith
September 29, 2017
Over the weekend my brother-in-law and I visited the Northbrook Illinois Petsmart to look for a cat to possibly adopt. The "cat room" was absolutely disgusting. The stench of urine and filthy litter boxes was truly repulsive. I believe there were six cats in the room. The cat cages were open for playtime. All the cats were listless. None 'were interacting! A pet smart employee and another individual were standing outside the room chit chatting. We could not stay in the room longer than a minute. It was so repulsive that I intend on filing a report with animal control.

I have visited this same store a couple of times before. The cat room was always in need of cleaning but this time was obvious animal neglect! I know that the cats are placed there by a rescue organization but that in no way relieves Petcos responsibilities to assure proper care for these animals!!

I have been a cat owner all of my life and I am well aware of the minimal standard requirements of simple pet care. As I review the current list of Petco executives there is not any mention of any animal expertise in any individual's profile. It is obvious that the "adoptions" are nothing more than a marketing ploy.

I am truly deeply disturbed.
Rated: by John
September 27, 2017
This is more of a comment/complaint than a review. I am writing this in hopes that someone from the company will care enough about customer satisfaction to try to improve their business.
I take my dog to the PetSmart doggy day camp in LA 5 days a week. So far, my experience has been pretty good. The receptionists are NOT very friendly, but they seem to get the job done and my dog doesn't seem distressed when I pick her up.
However, my complaint is about the grooming services. I recently wanted to have my dog groomed while at day camp, and I had to cancel her appointment after reading all of the horrible reviews on-line. Overall, the Petsmart grooming salon in Los Angeles has a horrible reputation, and I do not trust them to groom my dog. I really hope that this corporation takes customer complaints seriously and does something to improve the image and reputation of their grooming salon.

PetSmart please improve the quality of your services! You are losing customers due to negative reviews.
Rated: by suzi zambori
September 25, 2017
I went into the store to buy dog food. They asked for my email, I didn't want to give but they said that I would get coupons. Instead I'm being blasted with emails after emails. I have talked to other people and they are experiencing the same thing! I know that the cashiers have to get so many emails a day! This is very bad customer service!
Rated: by Ann
September 24, 2017
I am amazed that you and petco do not offer a senior discount.
10 % is such a small amount but the senior population is on a fixed income and they are the largest group/s to keep pets for companions.
talk about corporate greed.

also0 military discounts
Rated: by edie murphy
September 23, 2017
I would like to comment on a excellent job on the petsmart grooming salon store#0321 tampa fl. All the groomers are excellent & caring for all of the dogs.especially my westie.I always request the same groomer. Her name is Cindy & she does an excellent job on my westy. Cindy is very sweet & caring. Always makes recommendation on the paw grass report & always takes the time to answer any questions I may have.i highly recommend all my family members & friends to this petsmart grooming salon location.thank you
Rated: by Toni Villarosa
September 21, 2017
I heard that Petsmart is now selling Bernese pythons.
If this is true I can not believe that you are doing this.
Have you not heard about the problem Florida is having with this problem.
I would think you would have your customers best interest in mind.
I know that people can get them through the mail but, why make it easy for them.
I have always shopped with Petsmart but, now I will have to rethink where I shop for my pets.
Rated: by Michalene Talton
September 20, 2017
all i can say is that the store i go to is friendly and helpful which surprises me since the corporate office just blows you off with a form letter i received several of these for the same complaint. when you call noone can help you. i have tried for almost a month to enter one of their contests and my entry is not accepted. it says it is but it isnt. i think they are scamming the public.

Rated: by valrae prevost
September 20, 2017
i was in your s.i. nyc store an was very displeased, they ppl working in the back with the dog/cat food were not helpful at all. some person toni was of no help, just down right unhelpful. going to another pet store
Rated: by fred 0shea
September 13, 2017
How can you have a store manager that does not know how to work the register and cannot compute 10%. Argues with a customer I think I may go back to PetCo . At the Monrovia Ca store.
Rated: by Carson
September 13, 2017
Rated: by TERRY
September 9, 2017
Yesterday I brought my dog, Teddy, to be groomed. He is 11 months old, and a 73 pound German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. I have brought him to my local Petsmart groomers (on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC) several times, and usually it is a pleasant experience. However, lately there have been nothing but issues when bringing him. The last time I brought him, I was lectured by the groomers and was told to "bring him in more often" and "on a day when we can spend more time on him". First of all, I do not feel that I should be lectured as to when and how often to bring my dog to be groomed, aren't I the customer? I work normal, full time hours and bringing him on a weekday just typically is not convenient for me. They are well aware of the amount of time it takes for Teddy to be groomed, and should have advised me when making the appointment to maybe reconsider another day. Anyway, I kept my mouth shut and politely thanked the groomers for their advice. I made the appointment for Teddy to be groomed yesterday, on a Monday, as I was advised to do, thinking that they would be able to spend ample time grooming him. When I came to pick Teddy up, I was advised that he would not be completely dry because he did not like the dryer. I understand that he usually does not like the dryer, but they typically are able to get him completely dry. Then, the groomer warned me that he had given her a fight on concrete (why was he on concrete to begin with..?) and in the process of resisting he managed to split three of his nails open. This sounded quite odd to me, considering for the past year that I have had him he has never done anything comparable. She asked if I had gotten his nails clipped recently, and I said about a month ago I brought him in here. It was as though she was insinuating we had trimmed them too short, but they were the ones who did the trimming. Also, why was her question regarding this relevant to begin with? This seemed odd and left me to think she attempted to clip his nails not realizing they had recently been done, and cut them to the quick. She advised me that his nails were bleeding and she washed them off. When she brought him out, not only was he extremely damp still and his ears had clearly not been cleaned, his nails were bleeding profusely and leaving drips all over the floor of the store. My husband and I were quite concerned and asked her what we could do. She, and the other groomers, told us to simply put cornstarch on them to stop the bleeding, and told us “You can take him over to Banfield if you want”. I felt that not only was this situation already unacceptable, but their seemingly careless responses were, as well. My husband calmly contacted the manager: Brian, who met us over at Banfield. He attempted to convince us that this could definitely have happened on concrete and that he has 2 dogs that have done the same thing. Again, I told Brian that this has never happened. He instructed the Banfield vet to examine Teddy for free, which was nice. I explained to the vet what “apparently” had happened and they seemed skeptical. After examining Teddy and putting quick stop on his nails and bringing him back out to us, they confirmed that it appeared as though someone had clipped his nails too short. So clearly, we had been lied to by the groomers. Another manager, David, called me at home after we left and was very attentive and polite. He advised me that he had given me a free Top Dog Package for our next visit, and that the Vets confirmed with him that the groomers had clearly lied to us. This is quite unacceptable. It was very nice for him to give us a Top Dog Package, but I will not be using it. I do not trust my dog in the care of these groomers now. His offering of a free service was wonderful, but I am left questioning if the groomer will be reprimanded for not only her clear lack of knowledge of grooming dogs, but also for her flat out lying to the customer. I am highly disappointed in the unprofessionalism that I witnessed yesterday. Everyone seemed to insinuate that we were lying or unsure of our accusations, but these were clearly confirmed by Banfield. I just wanted to let the company know how upset this made us, and that we will not be returning to the groomers here.
Rated: by Mary Welker
September 4, 2017
im goingto consolt a lawyer couse theres a groomer who blantly discriminated aginst me and my service animal and nobody from the pet smart has contacted me or even done anything about this insadent
Rated: by ted crane
September 1, 2017
I was harassed by a police officer in PetSmart on Sept. 26th, 2015 around 5:00 PM an alerted the cashier about 5:10-30. I was so scared I informed the clerk at the check out, she said this officer was acting odd a lot and she was also concerned. I asked her to inform a manager and she said she would but everyone was busy. I was puzzled on why she did not immediately get a manager and I was told when my husband and I went back to PetSmart to file an official complaint that the manager ( he told us this) was TOO BUSY and she said he was too busy to notice! TOO BUSY TO NOTICE A WOMEN YELLING FOR HELP? ( sounds like to me that one of your staff informed the cop I was or someone like me in the store was stealing and they got the wrong person! I was so scared and upset because my husband was not on this isle, I was lone and people where just standing looking at this cop. Many people heard me call for assistance and saw this officer slam into me while I was walking. He came up to me while I was shopping, and was so close to me i tucked my purse close to me because he was so close I could hear him breathing! ( I was comparing chain collars, I noticed some companies chains are made longer than others according to Small, Med and large so I was comparing a lot of chains and was struggling with what to buy because my new puppy now 45 lb. at 7 months old was getting out of all the harnesses I was buying!) . He barely touched me and I said hey what are you doing and he said, he had a right to shop. I said not when you're touching another shopper, so then and he moved over to my right side and an off duty cop blocked me from leaving on the left side. I left the isle and while I was walking directly to the cashier I realized I had not gotten my flea and tick med for my dogs. So I stopped to turnt around when the police officer rammed me in my back with his front of his body! I yelled out while turning around to face him, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME? He yelled at me " WHY DID YOU STOP WALKING?" I told him why and I said why are you doing this stay away from me or something like that and he said " I(HE) had the right to shop and went to the back of the store. I went to the Bainfield Vet to pick up the flea and tick med, I placed the chain on the counter, and took my phone out of my purse to check the time and because no one was behind the counter. Unfortunately for me ( I needed the flea med for my dogs) it was past 5, everyone at the vet had left so I went up to the cashier to pay for my dogs chain.( My husband and I have hoped this store and your stores for as long as I can remember and they know me at least most of them know us because we ask for help and also comment on good service) On the way to the cashier after the vet was closed, I noticed this same police officer standing in the same isle but right at the end so he could see the middle isle and he was looking at the shelves and said " why the F**k am I ( the officer not me) doing this for? I kept walking to the cashier. Your store called these police on me, why else was he still watching me ? I was visibly shaken and customers all around where talking about this. I asked her to report this to the manager and according to the manager when my husband questioned him, the manager was too busy to notice. He has to know, I was certainly loud enough. Your stores have no camera's and this day was one day you needed to have security for me and have cameras rolling. As a customer I find PetSmart a dangerous place to shop and I will never shop alone or in your Matthews store without someone. This places me in a terrible situation since I assume the clerk and the manager did not report this was because they make a bad call on me thinking I was stealing while I was comparing chains. Your manager also said your name is Donna right? I said yes, she knew my name before I gave it to her because on that day she heard it. And she knew I returned a harness for my dog because he could slip out of it. Why did your store put two cops on me? I never stole from you, I have a PERFECT back ground, and I have never broken the law in your store or any store. I was basically attacked and scared to death I was in a store with a rogue cop or your store made a huge mistake because I as comparing chains. In fact, the plain closed African American police women who blocked me in, I said to her, " boy, its hard to do this without my dog. the different companies have small med and large but they are all not make the same lengths and I showed them to her and said, laughing, now you (she did not have to go thru standing there like I was for so long! Or something close to that) . Explain to me why your store did this? They did not see me steal ever not that day or another. There I there will be an investigation and I want a formal apology. I want to be satisfied or I am going to the media and retaining a lawyer. Please respond in 24 hours.
Donna C Ginn 980 237 6491
Rated: by Donna C. Ginn
September 1, 2017
Went into Petsmart on 5/25/17 to purchase some toy for my new adopted dog. Frist of all the adoption starter kit that they give out is out date everything in the book expires on 3/31/17. Had to fight with a manger to stand by the date. Moving forward I purchase a Dino stuff animal the listed price was 5.99 before I left the store I check my receipt and saw that I was charge $9.59. Went back into spoke to the store manger Shelly explained to her the price issue then I showed her where I got item from there were 20 of the same Dino's hanging in this spot she got really nasty with me told me that she couldn't give it to me for that price Then hold on to your hat I was called out my name. I called the customer service number told them my issue and no one has called me back yet. I am a African American women who was treated badly in Petsmart.
Rated: by Mad as Hell
August 30, 2017
Dear Petsmart corporate office,

I am a returning customer to the Pet Hotel, boarding two or three times a year. When I board over the Christmas Holidays, I know you have holiday rates in effect. I recently boarded in July, and inquired about the summer rate, the employee said the rates were on the sheet on the counter, which indicated that dogs were $27 per day and cats $18 per day. I was very surprised when I picked up my dog to find out you have summer rates, same as holiday rates. There was no indication of this. You should have signs which state summer rates or holiday rates apply during that time. I had budgeted my vacation, including dog hotel, and was very unhappy to find out Petsmart increased the rate and did not inform me when I made the reservation.
I would like feed back on this, and you can contact me at, or call me at 585-247-6558.


Kathryn Nemeth
Rated: by Kathryn Nemeth
August 29, 2017
I applied and got hired on at the store in bowling green ky. Called about when to start new job and got told the manager had hired somebody else for the same postion. I was told tough luck thanks for coming. I had turned down several job offer for this job and now no job
Rated: by Rainey Whitaker