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Rooms To Go is a popular furniture store in Seffner, Florida that operates near about 106 stores in different US states like Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Mississippi, and many other states as well. The company started its journey in September of 1990. Mr. Morty and Jeffrey Seaman are known as the founder fathers of the organization. Stephen Buckley is the present CEO of the organization and in 2007, the company employed near about 7000 full time employees. Record says that the company earns revenue of 1.75 billion US dollars per year. Earlier Rooms To Go was known as Seaman Furniture Company.

Address: 11540 USHighway 92 East, Tampa,FL
Phone : 813-623-5400
1.1 Rating
Reviews : 27

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December 6, 2017
Absolutely the worst customer service. This is the Rooms To Go Express located in Gainesville Florida. The manager Tyler is no manager, if he was a manager he would have taken care of me (the customer). I guess losing out on the order was no big deal to them, I cancelled my order and will NEVER shop at any Rooms To Go establishment again. I will also spread the word to all my friends about how horrible this establishment is!
Rated: by Shanon Spears
November 28, 2017
Bought from Pembroke Pines, FL. Rooms to Go is awful with there policies. When our chair came the 1st time is was damaged from a box cutter in 3 different places. Went into store to maybe select a better recliner did so, then the delivery came 2nd chair damaged again now from wrapped to tight with straps, ordered a replacement 3rd chair now comes its even worst asked the driver to leave 2nd chair since it was in better condition, he said he could not. Talked to customer service again and explained we wanted a full credit now. Said on the back of your order from says refunds are in 48 hours, its been weeks to they won't even bring a 4th chair, there sending a technician out. The moral of this story don't buy from Rooms to Go. I am very disatified customer.
Rated: by Brenda
November 27, 2017
Subject: Customer service
I really don’t expect to receive a reply from anyone at RTG due to the poor customer service I have already received. Customer service is obviously not a priority with your company. I live in Columbus, MS and went to Birmingham, Al to look at a bedroom suite for my 16 year old daughter. I was told they could not get the suite she wanted. When I called RTG they couldn’t tell me where I could get this suite so I shopped online. Your closes distribution center that could deliver the suite she wanted was in Florida. I was told I needed a home address in Alabama to save on shipping. I have friends that live in Grand Bay, Al so I had it delivered there. I told the RTG sales agent that I would be picking it up on a trailer to bring back to MS. When the driver’s arrived they unloaded the furniture and loaded it onto my trailer. They put the mirror in my Tahoe. They thanked me and said I saved them some time cause they worked Dec 3, 2015 from 830 am to 1130 that night. After they loaded it I asked them what was in all the boxes and they had loaded up an extra mirror and headboard, another customer’s items. I noticed these items and brought it to their attention because they were in a hurry to go. When I drove home and unloaded it I was pleased with the quality of the furniture but the mirror that goes to the dresser was cracked. I called the delivery guys and they told me customer service was closed and they were still working but was assured they would take care of me. I spent $2000 on this order. I never thought I would experience the lack of concern or just pure “I don’t care attitude “by your RTG customer service and internet sales reps. Caitlyn and Michelle two of your internet sales reps told me they would exchange the mirror but I had to exchange it in Grand Bay, Al where it was delivered. I wanted to know why they just couldn’t ship one by UPS. She told me because it might get damaged by UPS but it was already damaged by the RTG delivery crew or by someone prior to that in the shipping. My oldest daughter purchased a bedroom suite from RTG $3200 that I am picking up in Temple, GA on Dec 12, 2015. I asked could they send the replacement mirror on that same shipment and I would bring the damaged mirror and exchange it. They told me I could not do that that it had to be exchanged in Grand Bay which puts me driving over 500 miles round trip out of the way when they could simply ship it to the Temple, GA address. I do not understand why this can’t be done. Your customer service and internet sales employees I talked to made it sound like I was trying to get over on the company. Between Nov 27and Dec 12 I would have spent over $5000 with your company but yet I’m trying to con RTG out of a $200 mirror??? Where has the concern for the customer gone? It obviously leaves once a customer buys something then there is no more concern. I know RTG doesn’t need my money and I’m just one person but it’s a shame for people to be treated this way when a there is a simple solution to solve it and take care of a customer.

Clyde Jackson

Rated: by Clyde Jackson
November 14, 2017
I purchased a dresser, mirror, full size bed, pillow top mattress, box spring and because sales person Jose Rivera at store #485 told me I needed it a bun lie board (which I found out was not necessary). When the delivery came 06/10/15, it was the wrong stuff. Needless to say, I refused some of the items. When I called the store, I reached the sales manager Cammy-she was very rude. It has been a week, they have sent refund letters but not my money. I would not refer Rooms To Go to any of my friends nor will I shop there again! Poooor service and disrespectful to customers.
Rated: by M Birts
November 12, 2017
Don't order from Rooms to Go!! Consider yourself warned. Wish I would have read the reviews first.
We were willing to pay extra to have good customer service. Will just stick with discount stores from now on after the experience we had.
Purchased bedroom set for daughter. All the pieces weren't going to be in at the same time so we decided to wait until they were all ready (people coming into the house to deliver just once). She had to wait over 3 weeks. Delivery people came in with boxes knocking into walls and dropping boxes - they didn't use any care with the furniture or in regards to my house - left marks all of the wall and even dirty finger and palm marks. They assembled furniture and then told me dresser had legs but missing attachments for them so I needed to call customer service to have them exchange it! Great - more people having to come back into the house. They didn't even move it into place - I had to ask if they could removed the old bedframe because they wanted to just set it up next to it! (I would have had it removed if I knew they were coming over and hour before their delivery time - and they didn't even call before.) I had just gotten home luckily (or unluckily). Maybe if I wasn't there a different crew would have come back and maybe would have had a better outcome?!?
They left the door open when they left - because it wouldn't close! They somehow knocked the door out of whack so it wouldn't close!
Later I noticed the desk had a huge noticeable mark on the front - so called again. Husband got home and was shocked at the wall marks/damage. Then we all noticed the bookshelf wasn't fitting properly on the bed!
I was so upset. I called sales rep today and she said the manager would be in tomorrow and he will call me. I said I wasn't happy and wanted resolution now. She gave me the corporate number (never could reach a live person) and the regional manager (left a message but have not heard back yet).
Tempted to just take all of the furniture out to the driveway and call them to pick it up and get all of my money back- and order from somewhere else. I do not want these delivery people back in my house again!!
Rated: by Mary
November 10, 2017
We purchased a loveseat along with an extended warranty. We believed product was made to meet highest standard possible. Two years later the right arm separated from piece with springs visible from back. Called for repair end of March and told because of where we lived we had to wait a month for a service call. After trying for another time, the only date available was April 7 which turned out we would be out of town. So we patiently waited a month. Service person flipped over loveseat and in less than 15 minutes got up, asked if he could take pictures explaining he could not do repair because it would take more time than he had available. Service person said we would hear from someone within a week and left without putting moved furniture back.

After a week, we received a call from R2Go stating that our claim was denied because damage was not due to product defect. My immediate question to representative was, "what would you call it?" After we exchanged comments and raised questions, representative suggested calling extended warranty department 1-800-867-2216. Of course, I had to wait until Monday morning.

Extended warranty representative was kind and offered a 2nd evaluation as an option and another date was rescheduled.

I truly believe if a service call was made sooner than one month, the damage might not have been as severe.

There is only my husband, myself (both 66 yrs of age) and our grand-daughter who just turned five in our home.

I'm almost inclined to believe they train their repair personnel to find any reason possible not to repair or replace damaged items covered under warranties.
Rated: by Ann
November 8, 2017
Over the years I have purchased close to 10,000.00 dollars worth of furniture and I can say never again. This is the poorest customer service place I have ever encountered. Case, over the past weekend I purchase over 1000.00 worth of office furniture for my wife. During the sales, I was told if I wanted RTG to setup and deliver, and there would be a charge, and they would set up and place the furniture where I wanted, so I paid the setup fee. They delivered the furniture but left the desk in the boxes. I called and was told the customer has to put that together, or bring it back and we will put it together; if so I could have saved my money and placed in the back of my truck. A call to corporate office was even less productive. In a nutshell in simple elementary terms, this place sucks, poor customer service.
Rated: by Howard Brown
November 3, 2017
I have never had such a bad experience with any of the customer service agents as with " ROOMSTOGO". Thank you so much for cutting my call while I was speaking , that was the last thing that I would have expected . Thank you!!

The quality of the furniture's is bad but still I would not have complained if the customer service was polite and patiently would have understood what I was trying to say. I am so disappointed by the customer service.They are very rude. Thank you so much for the service efficient service. The customer service is very very RUDE. I will NEVER EVER buy anything or recommend it to any one.
I bought a table,console and a cocktail table .The paper on the console ( I never knew that a big store like "roomstogo" would stick paper on the furnitures instead of painting it) has come off. Refer the attached pictures . The cocktail table frame was broken and glass chipped . The glass was exchanged but the frame was not.

I am very Disappointed and angry with the way the calls are handled at the online customer support.

281 513 6456
Rated: by Puja
November 2, 2017
October 28, 2017
I have been trying to get the customer service department to email me the form to order the accent pillows from a different couch then what I ordered. These accent pillows match the accent chair that I purchased. The first time that I called the CS rep told me that she would email me the forms after 3 hours I never got the email so I called back and spoke to another CS rep. This person also promised that they would email the forms. TO my amazement NO FORMS (this was on a Saturday) So by this time Cust service had closed. I then called on Monday and was then told that only the supervisor can send out emails and I asked why did the other 2 people not tell me this information. The rep said she did not know why. I then asked to speak with a Customer Service supervisor and was told that they were at lunch. I was told that I needed someone to contact me ASAP and they told me that the standard call back from a supervisor is 24 to 48 hours.

I am a supervisor in a call center and all of the above is not the way things should be handled. If my furniture had not already been delivered I would cancel and tell everyone I know to NEVER order from Rooms to go.
Rated: by D Ford
October 27, 2017
Purchased a Queen bedroom set and 4/6/10 and delivered on 4/10. All of the pieces were damaged!! Called the Store(Grapevine Mills, TX) and was told to call CS. Called CS stated this issue, got a call back from Brent (Supv.) on 4/11. Sent him pictures of the damaged goods and never received any feedback/ Called CS on 4/14 to see how things were going on replacing the furniture, Brent advised that he never got the pictures, sent them again to find out a day later you can only send them 3 pictures at a time through their email?? So if resent the pictures in separate emails (11).After 2 more days of no feedback, called the CS again, they stated they still didn't receive the pictures, then after being on the phone for 45 minutes for the 4th time. The CS person says, I see they received the pictures and will replace the items. Great! But they could not deliver until 4/24, I advised them that I had been sleeping on the floor, because the guys in stalled the bed rails wrong and the bed rails and frame were not "bowed" out!! They had installed the planks wrong not even putting them in the cutout slots. I told them that the 4/24 was unacceptable for a delivery for being inconvenienced, once I was put on hold for another 15 minutes for them to come back and tell me, they could try to find a spot on the truck, if I accepted that the furniture could be damaged in process being that the truck was full!!I said that not right and didn't accept. I advised the CS to just cancel the order and he told me the only way to cancel is to call the store. I told the CS to hold on while I call the store on the other phone. As soon as I got a person on the phone from the store the CS just hung up the phone for no reason and no call back. Talked to the GM, Khang very "RUDE" and didn't let me talked at all!! I told him I want to cancel the order and for them to pick up the damaged furniture, he advised that I would have to pay another delivery fee of $124.99 plus tax for them to pick their damaged furniture!! I was totally in shock by this attitude and scam!!!But the kicker is that they are not "Picking"their "Damaged" furniture from my home until 4/24. So basically I am storing their furniture for them and paying them too!!! I am out of the almost $300.00 and no "FURNITURE"!! Oh yea! my refund doesn't come until they pick up their furniture from me!!!I have never felt sooooo taken/scam/robbed.... Rooms To Go you have got the market cornered on this scam!!! Just think about it $300 times a hundred people not getting their items and wanting a refund is $30,000 what a good side con!!! I have filed a BBB complaint against Rooms To Go!! I even tried to talk to the GM superior got the run around, asked for email address, he said she didn't have one, Really. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ROOMS TO GO!!!!!!
Rated: by You Got Me!!!
October 26, 2017
I purchased a headboard and side table. When they were delivered I was told that the required down hooks weren't included so they could not connect the bed to the headboard. Also, the quality is poor. It is a wood headboard and has white paint spots on it. The side table has glue on it. Today the tech came to hook up the bed (after I returned to the store to buy down hooks) and he hooks it up using what appears to be one screw and the headboard moves back and forth! I cannot get anyone to assist me. Never shop here!

Rated: by Kat
October 26, 2017
Purchased two bedroom suites, dining room table and chairs, sectional sleeper sofa, and outdoor patio furniture at the Gulfport MS store to furnish a rental condo. Salesperson and delivery went well. I decided not to rent the condo furnished so called to ask Manager to refund all but the mattresses (even though nothing had been used) and was told they don't offer refunds. Worked in retail early in career and have never heard of a reputable store not taking items back for refunds - with receipt one week later. Will repurchase anything from there again and in reading some of these other reviews I would suggest you shop elsewhere as well. It's a shame they have such a bad business policy because I am fortunate to have investment properties that require furniture and I will never purchase from them again. Additionally I am going to spread the word across the other property investors that I work with. Your loss rooms to go.
Rated: by John Waddell
October 15, 2017
I paid for a bed room set. The furniture was no long wanted and. It never left the store now i called for a refund i was told i could get one buy the manger.but i was also advised to speak to the owner and its been two weeks and they haven't. Returned my call yet. And now i pursuing a lawyer. Thats alot rooma to go in Florence. S.c.
Rated: by romana parker
October 13, 2017
I have been working with a salesperson in Pensacola Florida. I was looking for a livingroom suite and a king bedroom suite. I went when it was presidents dale sale. I am disabled and since I was working over the phone with a salesperson I waited about 40 minutes before she could help me. I picked out ths bedroom suite and there ws a coupon for 200.00"get a King bed for the price of a queen bed" Also a free 32 inch TV. I thought this was great. I also found a living room suite. When she was ringing it up the 1st time she forgot to put in the ottoman this was at 8:49 pm. The bedroom suite was 2999.99 for a king headboard,the slat for under bed, dresser, mirror,nightstand and ligerie chest and a free TV. The living room set was a couch, loveset she forgot the ottoman. I was also buying a daybed. She was so nice and sweet that night. The sales order was wrong because she forgot ottoman.the 2nd time she put in the sales order it was 9:03 the bed was increased to 3199.99, the 4th time 9:09, and the last time was 9:12. I gor to looking at all of the sales tickets and the bedroom price was now 3199.00 and a FREE 43\" TV. I have called and sent numerous messages to her and finally faxed her the paperwork and explained it to her. She said I was wrong and there was no coupon for a king bed for the price of a queen bed. Even though I have the paper. She said she was the best sales person there for the last 5 years and she knows that I would not of gotten a free TV and use a coupon. I asked her if that was not false advertisement she said no. She proceeded to tell me that she knows what she is talking about and it does't work that way. I still have not heard back so that is why I am writing this. I will be cancelling this order because of how I was treated and for the false information on the TV because it is not free according to her it doesn't work that way.
Rated: by B Bingaman
October 11, 2017
I am not happy with my purchase, It does not fit in my living room. It is a monstrosity, Not comfortable and I feel like I'm about to "take-off" I want a recliner that I can sink into and be comfortable. This one makes be feel like I'm siting on the roof. I want to exchange it for something else. Please place an order to come pick it up pronto (Like your delivery)
store #204 order #20317982
You say "Customer Satisfaction" so prove it. I will come in to select something else.
Rated: by MJ Turpin
October 10, 2017
Was told so many different exuses from different people about the 2,000 dollar furniture i purchased they couldn't even give me a care package showing me how to treat the leather and delivery lied to me about delivery times and it also took 3 weeks to get it.
Rated: by Todd Brantley
October 5, 2017
I am a tired military and iraq Vet my money came hard. Our experience has been from hell. I moved from the mid west to east coast We thought we were getting exactly what was on the showroom(even went back with the salesman to go over everything before we left) but when our furniture arrived (part of it damages and someone try to paint over it. It's only been 2 1/2 months sense the order was made in the storeI AM STILL HAVING PROBLEM So we are talking to mISS or MRS, Groves after they delivered our furniture Big mistake!!! A manager . GROVES"as very rude and pretty much CLUELESS There were around 3 FAMILY SETTING AROUND LISTENING TO MY CALL THEY SAID COULD NOT BELIEF.....THEY CLOSE THERE ODER I wouldn't recommend doing business with rooms to go . Horrible!!! We spent 3,000 dollars in that store THANK YOU MISS GROVE... BUYER BEWARE because they do not care.
Rated: by Earl Shuford
October 3, 2017
I spent approx 4 hrs over the past 7 days picking out a 'room', as a gift to a family member 2 hrs away. I made a decision after getting a written quote on Monday, and went today, Wednesday (same week), to make the purchase.

The price for the package had increased $200+ since my original written quote due to expire the day I was there to make the purchase. Ha!

The salesperson informed me that the console for the tv had been discontinued. I was free to purchase the next bigger size for an additional $100. No compromise. She showed me several others, and I picked one.

All shipping info etc was logged in to the computer and I was asked if I would be paying w credit or debit. I said credit and was told the entire amt would be charged the same day. No compromise. I spoke w the manager. No compromise. I have never pd the entire amt, sight unseen, on a purchase like this before. When I asked how I would be protected if there were a problem, the manager just said, refuse the piece! Hey duh! Then I AM THE ONE W THE PROBLEM,

I had never dealt w RTG before and will not again. I could never rec the business. I am sincerely shocked that customer service can be that poor. I was ready to spend $3600+.
Rated: by Beverly Jennings
October 2, 2017
If you go to woodlands tx store see night shift mgr he tried to help. The general mgr does not give a shit.
Rated: by Charles Gray
September 25, 2017
The customer service department is exceedingly poor. I ordered a part, my check cashed on June 10, 2015 and to date I have not received the part I ordered. The Customer Service telephone people are of not help. Today when I called I got the run around. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told none was available. The person assured me a supervisor would return my call. The was about 1:00 Central Time. I have not received a call from a supervisor. You cashed my check and it has been more than 90 days. Can someone please tell me when I will get my part. On a different topic your customer service website is beyond primitive. I should have been able to enter my request online and pay by credit card. Instead they sent me a form to fill out and return by snail mail. If you cant get into the 21st century at least upgrade to late 20th century technology.
Rated: by Tom Perdue
September 20, 2017
I purchased a leather sofa sectional from rooms2go, so I thought. Within the first year the Sectional was repaired twice within in 3 years the sectional was repaired more than 6 times and now the so called Leather is peeling just like the previous customer stated. After contacting rooms2go I was offered the same deal to take a prorate amount of $675.00 towards another sectional . I paid $2000.00 and get offered 1/3 or less for what I paid after only three years and the sectional was defective within the first year and you won't acknowledge that you have a serious problem with the quality of your product. Rooms2go has 2 go neither I , family or friends will not be doing business with them anymore.
Rated: by Mark D. Porche
September 16, 2017
In the process of getting them to take their junk back. Terrible customer service and quality. After the 4th flawed couch was delivered, they wouldn't even refund the delivery fee.

Somehow they feel it is acceptable to deliver damaged furniture (4 times)and treat us rude because we want it right. If I wanted scratch and dent, I would have gone to an outlet store!

It is sad. Almost like going to a used car lot.
Rated: by Shannon Leslie
September 8, 2017
We ordered furniture from Rooms to Go in Arlington,TX. We originally were going to p/u the furniture on 6/14/13 because they said they could not deliver to Amarillo. Then we were told they could ship it to Lubbock and we could p/u at that location, so we decided to have it shipped to Lubbock,TX (closer to our home). We were told it was going to ready for p/u on 6/21/13 to find out on 6/20/13 (from the LUBBOCK store) that it wouldnt be there and the paperwork wasnt even turned in to them (Lubbock). NO ONE at the Arlington store knew what was going on, everyone was blaming everyone else & we kept getting \\\\\\\'accidentally\\\\\\\' hung up on. We also were told in the midst of all of this that there was only partial furniture to pick up because of it being on back order which we were NEVER told that up front. Only our coffee table & end tables were on back order. For TWO days talking to everyone but someone that could help, a manager finally gets on the phone to say there was nothing he could do and that the conversation was over and to not call the store again. He was talking to my finace in a very unprofessional way and called him \\\\\\\'dude\\\\\\\'. We said to just refund what money we put down and cancel the order and the \\\\\\\"manager\\\\\\\" said there would be a 20% fee and we wouldnt receive all of our money. We do not have ONE piece of furniture and have been treated with disrespect! That is the worst customer service and unorganized store we have ever dealt with!! They are rude and could careless that THEY made many mistakes in this sale. Our saleman kept getting the blame for the mistakes which is wrong! He did his part and because of everyone else, he lost his sale (which we know is commission). There needs to be more training on how each person should handle customers and exactly what their job title is and what their job discription entails. We have calls in to corporate and to the district manager....and of course no one has returned them!
Rated: by C. Tucker & J. Escamilla
September 4, 2017
Influenced by Bombardment of Rooms To Go's December Mattresss sale of $567.00 for queen size mattress & box spring by various manufacturers, my wife and I visited Rooms To Go on Abercorn St. in Savannah, GA.
When we arrived, we were met by a salesman who to told us to ignore "those Yankee commercials" since "they were no count". He then proceeded to tell us that the store had no queen mattress sets for $567.00 and we "would be better off to buy top of the line sets".

This is no more than blatant "bait and switch". It seems that Rooms To Go is nothing more than a nationwide unscrupulous business with no integrity.

Rated: by George Edwards
September 1, 2017
The sales people at the Baybrook store was really nice but that's as far as it goes. The delivery service really needs work. I cannot understand how you rely solely on calling the customer rather than just a call you come to the door to see who maybe waiting for delivery to happen. I waited all day for them to come and because they were to lazy to get out of their vehicle and come knock at the door they did not deliver my sister's sofa set all because she didn't answer their call. So, they left and will not redeliver. I can't believe how lazy people can be. I don't think I will recommend anyone to buy furniture from here.
Rated: by MLS
August 22, 2017
Amongst other things we bought a sleeper sofa last year. The front leg has broken off because the entire sofa was poorly made with weak framing. There are no kids or obese people in the house so it is safe to say that after a year a poorly made sofa failed.

Customer service was unable to help so I asked if it was OK to take the sofa down to the store and display it on Memorial day...they hung up.
Rated: by Alastair & Susan Bell