Sea World

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns a chain of parks on the theme of animals, oceanariums and marine mammals. Special entertaining shows with animals like dolphin, sea lion and captive orca constitute major attraction of the theme park. There are other zoological displays including other species of marine creatures also. They operate in the regions of San Diego, Florida, Orlando, Texas and San Antonio. In 2008, they even announced to include a water park of Aquatica. George Millay, David Demott, Ken Norris and Milton C. Shedd share the credit to bring the theme park into life. There are various joyrides including Manta and Kraken roller coaster ones. Originally, Busch Entertainment Corp owned them. However, in 2009, they were renamed as SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment after Blackstone Group acquired them.

Address: 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando,FL
Phone : 800-327-2424
1.5 Rating
Reviews : 2

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October 12, 2017
tried to talk to a rep.but no way to get thru.i guerentee your co. that I will never go to any of shows or events because of your horrible treatment of your whales.i will spread the word. jrr
Rated: by john rondinella
September 3, 2017
My wife daughter in-law and two Granddaughter's went to Sea World Orlando this morning. I purchased a year long ticket for my wife as well as a one day ticket for my Granddaughter. Upon arrival my wife did not have her drivers license. I text her a picture of it, the license was expired. same picture birthday etc. They then wanted a picture of my license I sent it that worked. Then my daughter in law was told my granddaughter was 6 not 5. this was after the guy was looking at her birth certificate. She had to explain the the guy that the certificate proved she was 5. long story short. two hours wasted. The guy (Mike) who was hendurring them was a complete ass.