Seven Counties Services Inc

Seven Countries Services Inc., offers important services related to development and behavioral health care. They are involved in delivering support services to people suffering from acute mental illness, offering community-based treatment service, and even taking proper care of children suffering from acute emotional and behavioral disorders. They are also famous for offering residential and community based treatment service to adolescents and adults with various kinds of addiction related to drug and alcohol abuse. The organization treats approximately over 32,000 patients annually. They have even introduced a hotline that receives over 25,000 visitors from different genres, including various patients and addicts every month.

Address: 3717 Taylorsville Road Suite 222, Louisville,KY
Phone : 502-473-0567
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December 7, 2017
i have going to seven counties on 1st st. both mary jean and jim stoped helping me. i need a case worker and a person like jim to help me. they keep telling me they will help me but nothing happen. i get done wrong.i would like you to know this.i have not been there because of this. they cut my bus tickets away from me also. i dont drive and i am i bad health thanks p.s i have rights also.berta 7/1/2013 you can call me at8596844709 my cell
Rated: by bertagittings