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Steak n Shake a subsidiary of Biglari Holdings Inc is a dinner style chain of restaurant operating on its own and by franchises, was founded in 1934. The restaurants headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The products offered are burgers and milkshakes which are served around the clock. There are about 400 company owned Steak n Shake and approximately 100 franchised. The restaurant offers a sit down service and also a fast food, to go service. As Steak n Shake burgers are so famous and are commonly known as Steakburger and the ingredients are t bone, sirloin, and round steaks.

Address: 36 S. Pennsylvania St. Ste. 500, Indianapolis,IN
Phone : 317-633-4100
1.4 Rating
Reviews : 42

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October 20, 2017
Came too the on 192 in west melbourne Florida At 2:33 am waited15 mins got home and food was cold so I called the store and they never answers the phone this is not good for business feel free too call me 321-609-0033 Thank You!
Rated: by Terrence
October 19, 2017
my family and I frequently to to the steak n shake at chapel hill mall in akron ohio.this location has been getting worse and worse. anytime before 10 p.m is fine to go eat. once the shift changes its a whole different story. the employees are so loud, cussing up a storm. the milkshake guy or girl cant tell what it is. always comes in smelling like pot. it came in last night reaking of t as aalway. when my family and i left we drove around back and what looked like was you whole staff was in a circle by the dumpster smoking pot. i will never take my family there again.please take care of this problem
Rated: by kathy halloway
October 19, 2017
I use to go to the Jungerman Blvd. store is St. Peters, Missouri. My wife called three nights ago for a carry out. The phone rang 20 times and no one answered. I went to your facility tonight to order a carry out. This is by the cash register where the manager usually is at. I waited 15 minutes and still no one came. There were people behind me and in front of me. I heard Steak N' Shake was going to Calf. to take on "In and OUT Burger." Not with this extremely lousy service! I wouldn't give a gift certificate to my worst enemy at Christmas.

James Heckenkamp
Rated: by James Heckenkamp
October 19, 2017
Went to Steak n Shake in Rogers Ar today spent 30 minutes in the drive through and the fries were cold and stale, this is the 2nd time i have went there and it took this long to get through. I will not be going back there anymore.
Rated: by Rhonda
October 19, 2017
Drove from Henderson, where we live, to Southpoint Hotel in Las Vegas, roughly 20 miles, to use coupons we received in our newspaper. Was told they are a franchise and they did not have most of the items on their menu which were advertised (Cajun Burger, Garlic Burger) and they do not even serve breakfast. As it is the only store in Las Vegas, we didn't have the option of going to another one. Why would you advertise (a expense for you) in a city, which do not exist at this store? Customers don't want to hear about your franchise, Mc Donalds are franchises, also, but they honor all coupons put out by the company. Very bad public image, disappointing, wasted trip.
Rated: by S DutyeEM4
October 18, 2017
I love your royal burger. It is my 5am breakfast food, with a large sweet tea. I wish you would off 2 hotdogs on the same plate with fries. Most times I wish I had a little more to eat, or would like to try another hotdog at the same time. consistency of product is what sells, not hurry up get it out the door. I recently ate from a BBQ food truck in Lexington ky. Pulled pork sandwich, with a sweet and spicy slaw. WOW fantastic. what the lady didn't realize is that she could up her sales tremendously by SMILING, even a little bit. You must figure out what your company does well, and stay the course. Most eateries should cut their menu in half. Point in case, Mcdonalds you have to much crap on the menu, and your food is below par, no matter how much advertising you do. royale burger rules, sometimes simplicity is better!!!
Rated: by C Hortman
October 13, 2017
Rated: by Dorothy Baldwin
October 12, 2017
The Noblesville Steak n Shake, is by far the WORST restaurant I've ever worked for in my entire life!!! I quit after 3 days because of the health hazards and the terrible employee's they have. I saw a customer get seated and get the drink order and wait 20 minutes than walk out because their server thought that their cigarette break was more important. DO NOT ORDER THE CHILI, IT IS SCORCHED. Steak n Shake doesn't care about their employees either, they treat them worse then vermin !!! AVOID THIS RESTARAUNT!! AND ALSO I STILL HAVENT BEEN PAID!!!
Rated: by Zac Vandiver
October 12, 2017
We went to Cookeville tn it was the nastiest steak n shake I have every been to .

Rated: by sherry netschke
October 12, 2017
I had not eaten at one of your restaurants for years, but just this morning my filipino friend got the bright idea for breakfast and treated. We went to your restaurant at 2700 Semoran Blvd here in Orlando. I must say, I WILL NEVER
To begin with, it was colder inside than a witch's kiss. Once seated, one couldn't help but think that the restaurant was A FILTHY MESS! Trash under booths, the legs of the booths were filthy. Even the entranceway outside was filthy Does NO ONE know what a pressure washer is? And when I used the restroom, OMG! The urinal was ghastly, and when I went to dry my hands, the trash can was overflowing, with paper towels all over the sink and the floor.
Thanks to this experience, I will revert back to eating at WaWa. On warm days one can eat outside, but my orders are usually all to go and they have delicious food.
Rated: by Michael Dennewitz
October 10, 2017
I went to the one at 1501 86th st.. this is the second time iv'e had problems.. ordered sausage gravy & biscuits.. got home had just the gravy.. what am I suppose to do with that.. spoon it or drink it??I will not be back..they should ask at the window just to verify..
Rated: by diana jenkins
October 4, 2017
This review is concerning the Steak n Shake in Belleville, IL. The restaurant went under new management in the last year and a half. I really had high hopes for it since Belleville is in need of decent sit-down restaurants. Major disappointment. The old management was really bad and this management is not much better. The fries are always cold, and I don't mean a little warm, I mean cold. The burger was good but I could not eat half of the bun because it was hard as a rock. I guess it was over-warmed. I received my bill before I received any food. I had to chase the waitress down for a drink refill. About 4 years ago, they had a female assistant manager at the register and when you paid your bill, she always asked "how was everything" and she really wanted your comments. I understand they got rid of her. Now when you pay your bill, the person who waited on you is also the one to normally check you out. If he/she did not care about giving you good service when they waited on you, do you think they are going to ask "how was everything", I think they need a manager/assistant manager at the register all the time that actually cares about the service the customer received and tries to improve it. Please pass this on before this restaurant goes under. Steak n Shake used to be my favorite burger place to eat.
Rated: by Marie
October 4, 2017
I went to steak and shake in zanesville Ohio today and my waitress, her name was amber, was very disoriented. She could hardly keep her eyes open while taking our order. This isn't the first time I've seen this. She was definitely messed up on something. She has also messed up our order. I has actually seen her grab onto the computers their just to hold herself up. I come in often and every time I see her she's like this. I have never seen this in any other restaurant and I am very sickened by this and I can not believe she is still an employee their. Something needs to be done about this.
Rated: by Mrs. Mills
October 3, 2017
Local restaurant. Family been customers there for 54 years. Service is terrible. Servers wear soiled clothing and let the patrons wait too long of a time to get waited on. Servers are not trained to bring utensils or water with orders. Management does not support the staff, and terminate the best of employees. Corporate office doesn't respond to customer inquiries. Am thankful that Steak 'n Shake is no longer a restaurant that I frequent.
Rated: by John Doe
October 1, 2017
We stopped at the Steak N Shake in Nashville.
What a joke, we went in to order.
After waiting 40 minutes for our food we left with our food. But when we got on the road I realized they neglected to put the meat in my taco salad.

The shakes were so bad no one drank them-that's 4 shakes!

There excuse in the store was it's Happy Hour. Drive thru went faster than carry out.

They had an employees baby in the store and the employees were taking care of her.

I threw my receipt away, only kept the order. It was order #212404. Friday, July 29. What a awful way to run a business. If we had not been on the road for 12 hours by that time we would have turned around.

Rated: by ED
September 30, 2017
On November 23,2016 I stopped at Steak & Shake (1610 SW 13th Gainsville FL. I ordered two shakes and a cheeseburger. After 10 or 15 minutes i got my shakes and was told have a nice day. When i asked where my cheeseburger was i got the deer in headlightds look. everyone looked at each other shrugged. Now lets be clear there was know one at drive thru and one customer inside, so they weren't busy.They started running around looking for the order, i asked for money back as i had no more time to wait.Manager said i didn't have to be so demanding and finally gave my money back. This was my first time at Steak & Shake and it will be my last. If anyone ask me about this Steak & Shake location i will tell them to stay away, or for that matter away from all Steak & Shakes.
Rated: by Brian Condon
September 28, 2017
We arrive at steak and shake on 21st Newark Ohio around 645 as are server was taking are order her friend came up to the table and she stopped taking are order them her friend table got there food first because she was to busy with her friends she forgot to ring in our order..then there was a party of 12 that got Sat they everyone was arguing about who was going to take it ..I work in the restraint business and this was the worst experience I ever had
Rated: by Devonna Brazil
September 27, 2017
Restaurant receives #1 (Worst) BUT THE EMPLOYEE (SHARADA W GETS A #10 above and beyond rating!! You think I am going to change the rating NO I will call the Corp office and let them know whats going on here too!~!!!!!
Rated: by Sandra Gallo
September 25, 2017
My husband and I live in a 55 plus community in Clermont Florida. There is a Steak and Shake within 3 miles of our home.
On days when we shop we stop for breakfast due to the very good prices that you offer for breakfast. Since we are retired and on a limited income your $3.99 breakfast is a real treat for my husband and I.
My last visits have been very disappointing. I don't want to return anymore due to the service, the food and the upkeep of the location.
Our last experiences have been trash littered parking lot up to the front door with cups sitting by the door half full and spilled. We entered and was not greeted. From the back a server said we could come on in and sit in an area she pointed to We did. We had no menu and the waitress came over and asked if we needed a menu. I replied that it would be nice. She brought one. We chose our breakfast and sat for almost 30 minutes waiting for it to be served. When it came, the bacon was burnt, the hash browns were burned, the eggs were over cooked and the biscuit was cold.
I left just about all on my plate as my husband did and we went to stand for over 10 minutes at the register to pay for our bill.
This seems to be the rule of thumb for service each time we have been there in the recent weeks and have chosen not to use Steak and Shake again.
So sad. My husband and I grew up with the first Steak and Shake in Orlando when we were in high school. It has certainly changed over the years when we used to sit in our car and the curb hops would serve great food!
I just retired after 41 years with a would wide company that prides itself in customer service. I believe I know what good service and product is.
Steak and Shake really needs to take a look at the Clermont Steak and Shake on Hwy. 50. It certainly needs a wake up call.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I do believe that there is not a company that can improve unless they know what they are doing wrong
Have a wonderful day.
Sylvia Wilkerson
2622 Stargrass Circle
Clermont Florida 34715
Rated: by Sylvia Wilkerson
September 24, 2017
I went to steak and shake on Watson road in st.louis mo with my 96 year old mother-I ordered a patty melt with extra grilled onions,i received a patty melt but when I looked closer I saw a blue lettered plastic lid from something .I was so glad I didn't bite into it.I took it directly to the manager and he said he would make a new one and that was the end of that and he said I don't know how that happened.i looked at the cook and he was laughing! I also found out they recently fired a server for stealing a lot of money-Taylor is her name and she would insist on taking the bill up with my moms' money to ring up the bill,I found out she would use the managers id number to get into the cash register -even on a day when he wasn't working! You need to overhaul that store and get it back to where the public can trust you again! I found out that it happened more than once with finding foreign things in food orders-get your stores act together please.we are loyal customers and go to that store 2x a week.thanks for listening,i hope it gets fixed!
Rated: by joyce wilper
September 24, 2017
frankin an washington-indianapolis
can't say bad service,because i waited 30 got no at
res. at 10:20am left at 10:50 10/28/14 ,no waitness came to my table at
any time
Rated: by charlie
September 22, 2017
we went to steak and shake on us 192 in Melbourne store #275. The worst wait staff ever, we were with our two grandchildren ordered waited 45 minutes nothing call the waitress she didn't put our order in she lostit. Talked to the manager she acted like nothing was wrong we left
Rated: by albert sala
September 21, 2017
For several months the Steak and Shake restaurant in Brownsburg Indiana has has terrible wait times for their drive-up service. After avoiding them for most of the winter, this evening I got into the drive up line [one car] and waited 4 minutes to place my order. I was immediately told to wait and after several minutes, I drove out of line and went, again, to Arbys which is just down the street. I don't know if there are deliberate slowdowns or just an understaffed store, but I will not be back for months.
Rated: by Paul Selwa
September 19, 2017
WE don't know if it is the protesters or what is going on in Manchester and Ballwin, Missouri, but the service is terrible. It is not the waitresses or waitors, but the cooks. We spent 1 1/2 hours in Ballwin, Mo. to eat and wait on shakes.Today, the place in Manchester, Mo. The cooks only prepare food for the drive thru people and not inside. The people finally started leaving after waiting an hour without food. At least 25 people walked out and the manager wouldn't come out to address the problem. We will not go back until the problem is solved. What is going on?????????????????????? It is not the waiters or waitresses!
Rated: by Donna Parker
September 18, 2017
We went to Steak and shake in Frankfort, Kentucky Saturday April 2,2016. We have been customers at this location frequently with no complaints but on this occasion we were sadly disappointed with both the service and food. Here are but a few of the issues:
I ordered a double bacon cheese burger with pickles, onions and mayo when I received the burger it had no bacon.
My husband ordered a double burger with everything but ketchup and mustard but received a plain burger. He also ordered a cup of chilli which he had to ask the waiter for a second time and upon receiving it we requested silverware, which did not have a spoon. I had to go to the front counter and wave my arms to get someone's attention to get the spoon needed to eat the chilli.
We ordered our milkshakes at same time we ordered our food it took 30 minutes from the time we received the milkshakes to get our food.
This was the poorest service we have ever received at Steak and shake.

Rated: by REBECCA
September 17, 2017
I keep thinking one trip you may just get an order right....but NO that doesn't happen. Usually we go somewhere else if we have to order for more than two people, but everyone wanted sns. Of course it was crowed in drive through so we just glanced in the bag. After we got home, one of the kids burger was missing. I gave her my food and just fixed myself something at home. It is beyond frustrating and not about the money. You should as a company be embarrassed. The store is 239 edwardvilleaving il and ticket number 55406. Shame on you!!!
Rated: by Beverly Lovatto
September 15, 2017
I often go to a location in pleasant hills Pennsylvania because I enjoy the good. However location has made me not want to come back. While I like the food they consistently get my order wrong. Wrong drink or shake, small fry when I ordered a large. Has happened many times. On top of that, there parking lot is filthy. Dumpster over flowing with at least 20 bags sitting in parking lot because dumpster is full and trash blowing everywhere. This last trip was the final straw. I go late night with my kids on the way home and it's empty there. We go through the drive thru and there are two cooks smoking weed in the kitchen. Seriously!!! It's clear that nobody gives a shit and I promise you we won't be back
Rated: by John
September 13, 2017
We go to the Steak 'n Shake in o'fallon, IL. We frequent it several times a month and like it very much for a quick and reasonable meal. However I may have to stop going there, not because of the restaurant but because of the series of Master advertisement that your company has put into place. It is the most irritating commercial I can remember having the misfortune of viewing. It makes no sense, is not funny but is only annoying. If you are advertising to win customers, this falls short ... Very short!!!
Rated: by Joann Lipe
September 11, 2017
Steak and shake in mishawaka, Indiana and south bend Indiana are the worst! Slow service. I ordered the delux chile and got mostly cheese on it and it was Luke warm! This was in south bend, but the one in Mishawaka is even worse. They are slow in seating, slow in ordering and slow in serving! Terrible service! Never going back. Really! Where is your management! Shame on you!
Rated: by Sue heiser
September 10, 2017
I was at your Valdosta Ga location at bout 5:20pm we walked in. The guy had sat us down and said that our server would be there soon. So we sat there and waited as u had some people that was back there talking and another one out mopping the floor. Then a server came out and waited on some other people and my so had told her that we had not been waited on and she like snapped at him and said she will be with u soon. So we just walked out. I don't treat people rude and I don't like people being rude to me. My email is
Rated: by Wendy kuntz
September 9, 2017
We enjoy going to Steak n Shake several times a week.
However in our latest trip. Things got a out of hand.
I don't drink coffee, I like tea.
And it is winter time.
So I ordered hot tea. I asked for a large since I could use the warmth.
I saw the bill and it showed $2.00 (1.0 x 2) for the tea.
OK I thought this was a bit much.
Then I asked for a refill and was charged ANOTHER $2.00.
This had to be a mistake I thought.
Avery other restaurant I have been to does not charge for tea refills.
BUT NO THIS WAS NOT. I was told this was policy.
I declined to take the refill and asked to have the $2.00 removed, it was.
I stopped by Kroger's and bought 100 Lipton Tea bags for $4.00.
That is $0.04 Cents a cup !
I think Chick-Fil_A is looking better.
No Sticker Shock.

Rated: by Mr. Eric Spain
September 8, 2017
The Steak n Shake on Mercia Blvd in Hampton, Va needs to pay more attention. I was not given a kids menu at seating. I didn't think anything of it and let my 4 year old order the 3 sliders off the $4 menu. Once we were finish and I went to pay, first there was no cashier and no one seemed to be in a hurry to take my money. I asked my waitress/cashier was my son's meal free per the outside sign? She said no because he didn't order off the kids menu. What kids menu, no one gave us a kids menu?! She asked who sat me and I pointed the waitress out and then she said, " she's been here long enough to know better. He was supposed to get a hat and a menu." Thanks for telling me now because YOU were my waitress and saw that we were not provided a menu or hat! I paid without hesitation because there was no sense of urgency to get the MOD and resolve the mistake the made. Please pay more attention to the table next time! I was not happy about this unpleasant experience!
Rated: by TC
September 6, 2017
I have been going to the stake and shake on Dunn and Shakleford for years. I order the same thing steak burger with cheese with pickles, onions and a bowl of chili with extra beef, I have always felt I WAS NOT GETTING EXTRA BEEF. So today I decided to ask for my EXTRA BEEF in a side cup. what I got was a very very small serving of juice no meat just juice, When I asked them is this standard practice for extra beef I was told you get an ounce. Now for $4.00 extra I should get a pound. So respectfully I will never eat in a steak and shake again and will Advise all my friends to do the same. This went to steak and shakes corporate office today from me.
Rated: by Thomas J. Johnson
September 6, 2017
This is twice that I have gone thru the drivethru and have had my order messed up. I've ordered salt and vinegar fries twice and got regular fries. Today we got the wrong amount charged and regular fries. I was charged $9.72 for a large and small vinegar fries and a jr. coke. I questioned the amount and she said hold on. After a 5 or 6 minute wait she charged me $6.52. No apology for the wait, the inconvenience or the wrong charge and wrong fries. This is the worst service. I will not go back.
Rated: by nancy jasper
September 5, 2017
I simply can't go to Steak and Shake ever again. the corporate offices need to go to the show undercover boss. you would get an education! when you go through drive through because you don't want to dine in. the last time I went through the drive through it took an hour and a half to get my food. when it takes 15 to 20 minutes per car, well you and it up. I didn't go back for a long time and thought I would try again.... again 15 to 20 minutes per car and this was on a slow night! and the onions on my burger? 2 pieces of onion. not 2 slices, but 2 rings of a slice of onion. are the managers trying to save money? when I moved back to my home town I was glad to see steak and shake, but now I find I am really missing the culverts store where I used to live and am thinking about seeing if the can find a buyer to put in a store in this town! Steak and Shake? you suck!
Rated: by ms schleeper
September 3, 2017
my last trip to steak&shake south us 31 kokomo 50 minutes seated no food when it did get there buns were soaked all the way thru steak burger frozen cold &and you could not chew it me &AND MY WIFE COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW BAD IT WAS PEOPLE LEAVING RESTURANT WERE TALKING ABOUT IT THIS WAS ASUNDAY AFTER NOON ILL GO TO RALLYS BEFORE THIS HAPPENS AGAIN ROBERT TEDDER 32 YRS EATING OUT IN KOKOMO THIS IS THE WORST
Rated: by robert tedder
September 1, 2017
I decided to give you one last chance this morning to redeem my opinion of your operation. I went to the Georgesville Square Store in Columbus Ohio again I ordered 2 large drinks. It was raining and I had my window down and the rain was blowing in my face getting me all wet when I Placed my two drink order Cokes, I asked may I pull around cause I was getting wet, she said.. Wait a minute I am ringing in your order. So another few seconds of being drowned at the speaker and she aske me to pull around.. I am the only person in the drive thru THE ONLY ONE... I pull around and she does not even look my way and is taking pennies out of a penny roll one an time yes one at a time I sat and waited no acknowlegment on her part and finally I got tired of the penny dropping one after another and no movement on anyone's part to get my order together so I left.. I AM NEVER EVER GOING TO YOUR RESTAURANTS AGAIN.. I PULLED IN THE PLACE AT 7:48 AM AND DID NOT GET OUT OF YOUR DRIVE UNTIL 8:00AM EMPTY HANDED.. THIS IS RIDICULOUS SERVICE AND I VERY SURPRISED WHEN YOU GO ON THAT STORES WEBSITE THERE IS ONE NEGATIVE COMMENT AFTER ANOTHER IN THE REVIEWS.. DON'T YOU FOLKS LOOK AT THAT???? GREAT ADVERTISING.. ANYHOW NOT GOING BACK AND TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO GO THERE UNLESS THEY WANT THE WORSE SERVICE EVER.. I DROVE OVER TO MCDONALDS AND WAS ABOUT 8TH IN LINE THERE AND GOT OUT OF THERE IN ABOUT 3 MINUTES WITH MY TWO COKES.. PATHETIC YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.. THAT STORE IS AWFUL JUST AWFUL AND THEY BURN THE FOOD AND GET ORDERS WRONG ALL THE TIME.. WAKE UP FOLKS..
Rated: by Diane
August 30, 2017
My family wet to Steak n Shake in Frankfort,IL and the service was horrible. This is the second time we were dissatisfied. The waitress missed my order completely. The waitresses were loud at the rear of the store to the point where our family could not hear what we were saying. The manager did not reprimand them, but instead joined in the fun. Ever since new management was hired at this location, the service has gone to hell. This restaurant used to be packed, but there were a total of 4 parties there when we were there. Please return this restaurant to it's original state! We won't go there anymore.
Rated: by JK
August 29, 2017
This is a complaint about your location at 5635 W. 38th St. Indianapolis, IN location. Myself and a family member went there at 11:15pm this evening and even though the doors say you are open 24hrs a day, the doors where locked. This is not the first time this has happened. If this location is not 24hrs than proper hours should be posted on the door. Truthfully, the service at this location is half-ass at best most of the time. Waiting too long for a server to take us to a table, waiting way to long for server to come and take order, no drink refills, having to go find the check because we are fed up and leaving are the usual problems. But every once in a while we decide to give this location another try and then we remember why we hadn't been here in awhile to begin with. Get new management because we are done hoping that problems have been fixed.
Rated: by Tiffani Hanna-Heise
August 27, 2017
My daughter has worked at Steak & Shake since she was 16. She was slapped by another employee. When I contacted steak & shake I got no response. They suspended the employee, but I have worked in the service industry for 30 years & that employee should have been fired! Now, they have no lockers, and an employee stole $$500.00 from her purse. Now, I told her she should have never taken that money to work, but lets look at this realistically, employees can steal your ID, or Steak & Shake credit card, since there is no place to lock it up.
My advice, don't let your kids work there, they could have there money stolen, or identity theft, or at worse, they could get "Ray Riced" and Steak & Shake couldn't care less!
Rated: by Sandie King
August 26, 2017
To whom it may concern:

I am a snowbird staying in the Kissimmee Florida area. We go to a store on Iro Bronson Highway Route 192 in Kissimme. First of all for the most part we are satisfied with your product, however this particular store is certainly not a credit to your product. Since Jan. 1 we have eaten here at least 6 or 8 times and each time it just keeps getting worse and worse. Up to today we have put up with very very poor service but today was the worst and hence the reason for this letter. I arrived and was seated at my table at 4:45. I never received my burger until 5:15, and then I waited for another 15 minuets to recieve my milk shake and then another 7 minuets to get a spoon inorder to partake of my shake. People around me were all complaining about the service. You are losing customers hand over fist and any smart business man knows that what you strive for is repeat business. If your smart you will adress this issue post haste.

Rated: by Dutch Zellner
August 24, 2017
My wife and I had lunch at your Broken Arrow location today, July 5,2017. My order came out way ahead of my wife's order. My sandwich was greasy and the bottom of the bun was very soggy. When I went to pay using the level up system it failed to read my phone the first time and I had to repeat the process. This system has been a problem each time I have used it. Either the cashier was uncertain how to use the system or the reader at one register was out of order. Since the level up is your locality program I suggest either a different system.
Rated: by David