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Steak n Shake a subsidiary of Biglari Holdings Inc is a dinner style chain of restaurant operating on its own and by franchises, was founded in 1934. The restaurants headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The products offered are burgers and milkshakes which are served around the clock. There are about 400 company owned Steak n Shake and approximately 100 franchised. The restaurant offers a sit down service and also a fast food, to go service. As Steak n Shake burgers are so famous and are commonly known as Steakburger and the ingredients are t bone, sirloin, and round steaks.

Address: 36 S. Pennsylvania St. Ste. 500, Indianapolis,IN
Phone : 317-633-4100
1.4 Rating
Reviews : 75

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December 11, 2017
I witnessed a shift manager in your Brunswick Ga location being abusive to employees. She threatened to slap one young lady. I will not return to a place that condones this type behavior.
Rated: by Laura
December 8, 2017
My mother and i went into the Steak and Shake in Monaca Pa yesterday and she wanted the silver dollar pancakes..In a couple weeks she will be 90 years old and doesn't eat much. We have been there previously and she liked them...The waitress said we couldn't have them because they were on the children's menu....WE left and i doubt if i'll ever go back..Seems to me this is a case of discrimination....
Rated: by Rick
December 2, 2017
I just wanted to say that all the times I have been going to this steak & shake fast food. This has been my second worst experience, first I drove up too the drive thru the lights were out for the menu, you could not see anything on the menu. Then we the person on the intercom I her that the lights were out. No one came out and check the lights, so what I did was order shakes for my family in which they mess up the order. I waited over 30 minutes to get my order the store number is 334 in Richmond Kentucky. I will tell all my friends and followers on twitter and Instagram, at this time I would not recommend any of them not too eat at this location, I have been going too this fast food place for the past 10 years, this will be my last time going too eat there. I talked with the manager she seemed like she didn't care, so if that's way you get treated then I don't need to go their.
December 1, 2017
My son works at the Steak and Shake in Covington LA. Last night he was disciplined by the Manager in front of a number of employees and customers. The manager sent my son home. If my son was wrong and needed to be disciplined there are correct ways to handle this type of situation. Disciplining an employee in front of other employees as well as customers is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! The manager needs a refresher course on managing employees to include the proper way to discipline an employee. After disciplining my son the manager took two employees that she "likes" out for a snowball while they were still on the clock. This does not seem fair to me. It shows a type of discrimination that can not be tolerated. If this should happen again, I will immediately begin to take legal action against the store manager who by chance claims to "own the store". I don't care if she is the owner or not. She is a total disgrace to the Steak and Shake franchise! She should receive corrective actions by the corporate representative that oversees this store. Again, this manager needs a remedial course on managing employees, and how to properly discipline an employee. I have no problem in taking legal action against this manager if this type of situation ever occurs again!
Rated: by Thomas Wooton Sr.
December 1, 2017
I have been to steak n shake many times but this last time I was at the Lynchburg VA one and there was know waiting to get in, good but after we sat down and ordered it took 20 minutes to get are meal. There very view people in there to wait on but there was a lot of bull going on behind in the back. The manager was just standing and watching it all happen at the cash register. Bad management was know help,for them to work. My food was just a little warm. Some was cold. Need some big time training or fired.
Rated: by don
November 26, 2017
Drive thru service time is always horrible in Vienna WV. Great food, horrible service. I waited 26 minutes (with only 2 cars in front of me) to get a salad!
Rated: by Sarah Gregg
November 25, 2017
What the hell have you done to the chili. We are old steak& shake workers
I was an assistant manager back in the 70s worked in st louis Atlanta and Houston. I don't know what s going on with your quality control but your chili now is not steak & shake chili it taste like its 3 days old .It taste like crap. Your chili was the main reason we would choose to spend our money on. We will not be wasting our money on chili you can't eat.
Rated: by Ralph Curtis
November 25, 2017
Last night we took our 9 yr old granddaughter to S&S on 40 hiway in Independence, Missouri. We entered the restaurant at 4:50 p.m. It was busy but we were seated immediately. However, at 5:25 we left. Not one waitress came over or made eye contact with us. One waitress bussed tables while we sat there unobserved. This is not the first time that it seems no one is in charge and sometimes no one is on the floor taking care of business. It seems to me that you need new management and training in that particular location. It is a shame we will not be going there anymore. Shall I expect a response?
Rated: by Peggy McAfee
November 24, 2017
We went in to store #382 boynton beach florida, today 02/02/2014 , we ordered burgers and shakes , my husband ordered a double cheese burger and took one bite and pulled out a twist tie! How discusting! I called the manager over ( Judy Godfrey ) and showed her what was found in the burger and she immediately responded... That's a twist tie from the bread. . . Do you want another burger! Omg , no sorry no are you ok no nothing. She picked up the plate and set it n another table and walked away. I went to the table and took pictures and picked the tie up . What happened next was amazing, the manager came to my table and asked me to give her the twist tie, when I refused she told me she had to ship it somewhere to have it examined! This is a health hazard and the manager is a nut with no professionalism . We did or finish any of our trash burgers because we were to discusted! I will be forwarding this to all who will listen!
Rated: by Lisa
November 23, 2017
We have eaten at the local Mt. Vernon, IL Steak n Shake the last 5 times and have been very disappointed. The service is very very slow. We have had to wait at the cash register to pay each time for a minimum of 10 minutes or more. The last time we were there the girl was at the register and when we walked up she walked away and didn't return for 10 minutes. The drive-thru is a joke. You might as well go in and sit down. I don't know if they have a new manager or what the problem is, but they need to get it corrected because people are not coming back because of the service. The evening hours are the worst. We sat for about 45 minutes for our food one evening, and when it didn't come, we left. There seems to be a lot going on in the back, but it doesn't seem to be work related. Why don't they have someone at the register all the time to check people out so they can leave? Sometimes the line is so long we all get in the way of people coming in the establishment. They generally get ignored. Something needs to be done. Cleaning house would be the best way...starting with the management.
Rated: by Sally
November 23, 2017
Free internet never works at the Sunrise Florida location.
Rated: by Martin
November 23, 2017
Hello, I'm wanting to express my disappointment with my last experience at steak-n-shake. Myself and three coworkers chose to eat breakfast at the 3810 W Washington St in Indianapolis store the morning of the mini marathon. We all agreed that we should have walked out but had already ordered to go before evaluating the facility. I'll break it down like this. The trash was overflowing, the floor was sticky and seemed just plain nasty, and the shake toppings station looked horrible. The employees seemed lethargic with food covered clothing. Bathrooms where ok. We patron many different steak-n-shakes and the food didn't seem up to par at this location either. This store also seem to need some basic renovation. For what it's worth, there's mine and my coworkers thoughts on our last visit. Thanks for listening.

Rated: by Michael Stedham
November 20, 2017
I eat at every Steak n Shake I can find. I love everything on the menu. My family is also in love with the food. As a rule, the restaurants are spotlessly clean. The bathrooms are a very important aspect of a good restaurant. As a former lifelong restaurant worker, I notice all the little things that tell me whether they regularly and meticulously clean properly. During rushes, there will always be clutter but that is the result of a successful operation. To judge all Steak n Shakes over one incident is absurd. I often eat there everyday of the week and I can say out of all those thousands and thousands of visits, I have only had bad results a handful of times. That is an amazing record. I have found that if there are problems, it is a franchisee and reporting them is the answer. One bad manager can ruin a restaurant if no one says anything. The employees can't do it. It's the only place I can go and find something I want 24 hours a day and know it will be perfectly prepared. And the service is always impeccable. No other restaurant can compare to Steak n Shake.
Rated: by Christine Lund
November 20, 2017
We ordered taco salad and it was worst taco salad i ever ate we had core of lettuce and the meat was a big hard chunk no other meat then that hard chunk was very disapointed with it mostly lettuce and little cheese will never eat there taco salad again no taco sauce just ranch dressing I work in food service so our company would not allow that and you shouldnt either it was the one in Fenton Mo. by Gravois Bluffs. just letting you know what they are serving...
Thank You,
Rated: by sue
November 20, 2017
I was in Branson Mo over Vets week from Nov 9 to13 2016 I went to the Steak and Stake Number 376 in the west side of Branson Mo I order a #2 a 1 year old kid could have ate it was real small and I ordered a foot long hotdog but didn't get it got a small one I have ate at other Streak an Stakes they were 5 stars and the guy that took the drive threw order was rude. We took the food back to our condo to eat when we saw the food was grap the order #was 565899. We are from northeast Kansas and eat at the one in Topeka Kansas on Wanamaker a lot. Thank you.............
Rated: by Pat Rodecap
November 20, 2017
During our recent visit to Indianapolis to attend the Circle City Classic, we stopped at the downtown Stake and Shake on Washington. The service was great, the people friendly, however, the place was absolutely FLITHY. The classic black and white tiled floor had not been cleaned in months. I looked under the bench next to our seat and it too was disgustingly dirty. My husband than pointed out a live, moving, crawling, roach. By the time I retrieved my phone to take a photo, the critter had crawled away. My coffee and cinnamon role had been reduced to no thank you. I excused myself to the bathroom where there were dead insect(S) on the equally filthy bathroom floor. Unfortunately, my husband was into his food. Following my bathroom tale he asked for the check and we left. How can a national chain be as filthy as this is and not be cleaned. This is obvious lack of managerial skills. Please clean.
Rated: by Dr. Gwen
November 19, 2017
Yesterday 7-18-17 we visited store #452 in Coral Springs FL for lunch. While waiting for our orders to be delivered I looked around at nearby tables that had not been cleared of dinnerware, glasses - it was 3:10 pm and it seems like the number of staff that were there, someone should haven been assigned to bus those tables within a few minutes of the previous customers departure....certainly not very welcoming.
THEN.....I looked at the floor under our table and under what I could see of the nearby tables and discovered a LOT of food and paper goods that no attempt recently had been made to sweep up. The floor itself as FILTHY and obviously had not been swept in awhile nor had it been
washed in a l-o-n-g time. Just plain yuk! I hold management accountable for the lack of cleanliness and training of the crew. Probably wlll not be back.
Rated: by Maureen Kuperman
November 16, 2017
Arrived at the Steak & Shake on POST Road in Indianapolis on Aug 3 at 9:30 pm. There was a line at the door, so my friend & I sat at the Counter for service. After 10 minutes we went to a booth. The dining area was nearly full, but there was only 1 waiter. Three families left, without being ever served, while I waited. We received our drinks & I received my Sundae. My friend order a Burger & Fries. The waiter lost her order! At 10:40pm I went to the counter & asked to speak to the Manager. The grill cook informed me that the Manager had stepped out & would be back in 10 minutes. Mind you the NONE of the tables had been cleared & one table had food & dirty plates sitting from the time I had arrived (over an hour.) The manage "Andre" returned & we finally got our food,TO GO, but had to request the Fries!
Left Steak & Shake at 10:50pm! One hour & twenty minutes to get a Burger & Fries!

Rated: by Becky
November 14, 2017
Wish you would build a Strak and Shake in Mint Hill NC, east of Charlotte.
Rated: by Dale Dalton
November 14, 2017
This evening, January 1, 2017, my husband and I ate at the Steak-n-Shake at EEljobean, in Port Charlotte, Florida. It was a terrible experience. Our server, Dakota, was not attentive. Spent most of the time talking on the phone, and talking with people at the counter. Another server brought our drinks and food. The manager spent his time cleaning tables, ignoring the line at the door and people waiting to pay. I waited a good five minutes to pay the check, no one ever came to take my money. I left it by the register, and left. Very very poor management!
Rated: by Sue Sharples
November 12, 2017
Very disappointed, sharing for all to see
Very disappointed, sharing for all to see
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Sabrina Wolfred Will do that tomorrow thank you
9 minutes ago · Like
Ben Wadsworth Personally-- I like the way it started. nothing says business like using the correct adjectives.
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Debra Blankenship Called the main office in Indianapolis, and told them of the complaints; the number is 317 633 4100, call and complain to the head office and things will change. Going thru the proper steps is the way to get things handled.
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Brandi Kochel Gene Skinner, I WILL NOT stand in line to pay ridiculous prices!! Please believe when & if it comes to that. I will take my happy ass to the grocery & buy the items needed to make a milk shake. And be more then happy, knowing I didn't get screwed!!!!!!
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Rated: by Debra Blankenship
November 11, 2017
WEnt to sandusky, Ohio, yesterday, sunday evening, 8/16/2014. It seemed busy, but once we got inside, there were people standing in the lobby, waiting, and tables empty, but still needing to be cleared off. waitresses chatting behind the counter, and a few patrons were being served. Many people came in, and then immediately left. My companion is handicapped, but we were seated at a small table, very uncomfortable. we watched a booth across from us, which needed to be cleared off, the entire time we were there. There were other tables available, but had dirty dishes on them, for at least 30 min. Finally, one of the people behind the counter in the kitchen, came out and started cleaning tables. The floors were full of papers and garbage, and when I really looked, the floors were also filthy, dirt-wise as well as the garbage. I ordered a regular coke, he is diet (diabetic) but the waitress switched the cokes. Good thing I watch for that. Oh, I do have to admit, once we got our food, it was cooked to satisfaction, and was really good. We eat at SNS often, and this episode left us with a bad feeling for the place.
Rated: by Christine
November 11, 2017
Steak and Shake has changed their large 44oz cup to a 32oz and still charge you $2.
People save your money go to a gas station where they are .80 cents.

Cindy Reese
Rated: by Cindy Reese
November 3, 2017
On Monday the 16th I went into the steak & shake o Sante fe & Hampton for lunch around 12:45, my order finally arrived at 2:45. Even if any restaurants is busy, I never waited two hours for my food. To top it off the quality of my burger was unsatisfactory, the bun was toasted too much, the meat over cooked. I have been going to steak & shake once a week since they reopen in December 2013. If they can't get their employees to treat the customers with good service & great food, they will lose their business.
Rated: by Don GIUSTI
November 2, 2017
I am writing concerning a Steak N Sheak establishment located in Millersville, Maryland. It is located on the Veterans Highway. It has come to my attention that the management at this location are part of several violations. The payroll account is not able to cover paychecks? According to Labor Laws in the United States, if a business' payroll checks are being issued with insufficient funds, that business is in violation. Promises of raises in pay or salary have been stated to several employees and none of them have recieved them. It was said that Steak N Shake cannot afford to give them promised wages at this time. This is ridiculous!It is understood that this particular location is being run under an immigration tax free for 5 years contract. I dont know how that works. But if that is true, there is no reason employees are not being paid or their banking establishments are recieving insufficient funds to pay employees for wages earned. Now, it has also been brought to my attention that several of the employees are NOT LEGAL UNITED STATES CITIZENS. I will be forwarding this message to: Maryland Department of Labor, The Better Business Bureau, U.S. Immigration Services, and the local Law Enforcement Agencies. I dont understand how this establishment is operating under these conditions. I want to make the corporate office of Steak N Shake located in Millersville, Maryland, aware of how the business is being ran. As stated above, I feel that I have no choice as a natural born citizen of this country, than to report this matter. Out of respect for the company, I am coming to you first. With all of this being said, know that i have no issue with immigrants, as long as they are legal, no matter where they come from, their nationality, or religion. Laws are laws, and no person is above the law. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this.

A Concerned Citizen and Customer
Rated: by A Concerned Citizen
October 30, 2017
I went through the shallowford road drive thru early one morning. I was in line for 20 minutes. Once I finally made it to the window, the cashier, mary, was extremely rude and through the window I could see her ranting. I had ordered 2 sandwiches and when mary attempted to take my payment, she advised me that "they were out of the bread for the frisco melt." Prior to paying, I asked what type of bread they were going to use.(I do not like rye bread and it was my fear that that is what would be used.) Needless to say, I made her mad. I will not be returning to Steak n Shake, as my most recent experience was terrible. It's sad, because I like Steak n Shake but after my experience this morning, I will not return.
Rated: by jennifer collins
October 30, 2017
My sister and I (in our 70s)went in to have a milk shake at the Steak and Shake on Park St in St. Pete., Fl we were brought water immediately and gave our order. While waiting 25 minutes we noticed a lady across from us sent her milkshake back. I asked our waitress where ours were, she went to the window and returned with them, mine had the top melted down and cherry not there, both were like thick milk not like ice cream very disappointing. A man behind me had to ask where was his milkshake. Aweek before this my sister and her family went to her Steak n Shake in Largo, Fl on Ulmerton Rd at 9pm they got milkshakes and waited 50 minutes for food finally just walking out. She said they would never go back. It seems to me your whole place nsp3eeds reorginazation so you don't end up like a lot of other busineses.
Rated: by Elaine Brown
October 30, 2017
I go to Steak n Shake No. 624 located in Wood River Il. Have breakfast or lunch there at least once a week many times twice a week. I have never ever had a problem there when we dine in. The food is great and the help is wonderful. My problem is with the drive thru. When I go to the drive thru which is every Friday "my shopping day" I order a butterfinger shake and half the time they put little more than a teaspoon of butterfinger in it. And not only that the chili is supposed to be 1 cup and the container is only half full more times than not. It seems to me that you need a secret shopper to go thru there and just see how customers are being shorted on a regular basis. It does no good to make a complaint because they make the replacement just fine then the next time you go in it's the same thing all over again. I'm thinking maybe I should stop frequenting Steak N Shake and drive the extra few miles to Burger King and make a stop at Dairy Queen for my shakes.
Rated: by Mickey
October 30, 2017
I am appalled to find out that during the week before a new store is being opened in Ft. Worth, TX all of the food that is being made is just bring thrown out. Does steak n shake not realize how many children go to sleep or even DIE from hunger? I wonder hoe many homeless shelters or soup kitchens or food pantries in Ft.Worth could use that food and put it to good use? This is ridiculous...
Rated: by nickole
October 29, 2017
I am writing to express my concern about the service at the Steak & Shake On Goodman Road in Southaven, Mississippi. In the past I have taken my complaints to the manager on duty (they seem to change often at this location,) and have yet to see any resolve. Tonight I was the only customer at the drive through, a young man placed my order on the counter, the young man who took my payment was standing near the check out window staring at something. I waited two full minutes for him to deliver my order then sounded a short report from my cars horn. This did not distract him from what he was engrossed with. Another minute passed a I repeated my effort to include sticking my hand in the window and waving. Again, no response. I then "Leaned" on the horn and he looked up with apparent disinterest and languished his way over to pick up my order for me. I am sorry but his behavior and attitude put me off greatly and I demanded my money back and rather bruskly explained why. His reply was "Oh come on man." Had the establishment been busy I could see delays such as this but I reiterate; I was the only customer at the drive through for 20 minutes waiting on my order. I am disparraged by this young mans attitude towards his duties and his customers, I am also upset that I missed a favorite meal. I am not asking for any coupons or any other freebies that many organizations use to placate ill feelings nor am I asking for the young mans head on a pike. I only wish that you make an effort to return this establishment to the same level of quality and service I enjoyed there two years ago. I hesitate to remind you that you are more than a hamburger "Joint," you are a service industry that provides a quality product, friendly service and hot food. Make a greater effort to return this location to those standards will you? My appologies for being so "Long-winded," I am still a bit unsettled.
Rated: by ed sicker
October 28, 2017
On July 13 at 2:00PM my wife an I ordered food at the drive thru at Steak & Shake on 50840 Valley Frontage Road in St. Clairsville. We ate in the car on our way home. The burgers were so overcooked they were black and crunchy. It was the worst food we ever had at a fast food restaurant. We only ate one bite and threw the rest away. I would have returned to the restaurant but we were several miles down he road. We went out of our way to eat at Steak & Shake because it's our favorite.
Rated: by Randy Gates
October 27, 2017
location-tri county, 757, springdale oh 45246. Issue 4 or 5 months ago over $1 tea and rhude young employee. Never offer to accommodate. Episode last week. Currently working 5 am across the street, nearby mcdonalds no longer open 24 hrs and again unable to get sweet tea without going out of way is steak and shake. Prior to last thursday stopped 4 times and never had Sweet tea made. Last week I went inside and again stated "sorry tea has not yet been started". Not great customer service for a 24 hr store. I am glad I didn't choose to come earlier and eat in before work. Again will boycott this store-rude-no attempt to fix and only request Sweet Tea. BAD

Rated: by lynn williams
October 26, 2017
Myself and 2 of my relatives went into the store at 7350 Gravois in St Louis Saturday evening we ordered food togo I ordered for 2 people they ordered for 4 people . First off it took 10 minutes just to get waited on then when there food came out about twentyfive minutes later I was still waiting !! Another fifteen minutes went by and someone asked if I received my order, and they ask me what I ordered !! After about another fiteen to twenty minutes I did get my food !!! And when the lady gave me my food no sorry it took so long or have a nice day she acted like I was at fault !!! Thanks
Rated: by Gary Savka
October 20, 2017
Came too the on 192 in west melbourne Florida At 2:33 am waited15 mins got home and food was cold so I called the store and they never answers the phone this is not good for business feel free too call me 321-609-0033 Thank You!
Rated: by Terrence
October 19, 2017
my family and I frequently to to the steak n shake at chapel hill mall in akron ohio.this location has been getting worse and worse. anytime before 10 p.m is fine to go eat. once the shift changes its a whole different story. the employees are so loud, cussing up a storm. the milkshake guy or girl cant tell what it is. always comes in smelling like pot. it came in last night reaking of t as aalway. when my family and i left we drove around back and what looked like was you whole staff was in a circle by the dumpster smoking pot. i will never take my family there again.please take care of this problem
Rated: by kathy halloway
October 19, 2017
I use to go to the Jungerman Blvd. store is St. Peters, Missouri. My wife called three nights ago for a carry out. The phone rang 20 times and no one answered. I went to your facility tonight to order a carry out. This is by the cash register where the manager usually is at. I waited 15 minutes and still no one came. There were people behind me and in front of me. I heard Steak N' Shake was going to Calf. to take on "In and OUT Burger." Not with this extremely lousy service! I wouldn't give a gift certificate to my worst enemy at Christmas.

James Heckenkamp
Rated: by James Heckenkamp
October 19, 2017
Went to Steak n Shake in Rogers Ar today spent 30 minutes in the drive through and the fries were cold and stale, this is the 2nd time i have went there and it took this long to get through. I will not be going back there anymore.
Rated: by Rhonda
October 19, 2017
Drove from Henderson, where we live, to Southpoint Hotel in Las Vegas, roughly 20 miles, to use coupons we received in our newspaper. Was told they are a franchise and they did not have most of the items on their menu which were advertised (Cajun Burger, Garlic Burger) and they do not even serve breakfast. As it is the only store in Las Vegas, we didn't have the option of going to another one. Why would you advertise (a expense for you) in a city, which do not exist at this store? Customers don't want to hear about your franchise, Mc Donalds are franchises, also, but they honor all coupons put out by the company. Very bad public image, disappointing, wasted trip.
Rated: by S DutyeEM4
October 18, 2017
I love your royal burger. It is my 5am breakfast food, with a large sweet tea. I wish you would off 2 hotdogs on the same plate with fries. Most times I wish I had a little more to eat, or would like to try another hotdog at the same time. consistency of product is what sells, not hurry up get it out the door. I recently ate from a BBQ food truck in Lexington ky. Pulled pork sandwich, with a sweet and spicy slaw. WOW fantastic. what the lady didn't realize is that she could up her sales tremendously by SMILING, even a little bit. You must figure out what your company does well, and stay the course. Most eateries should cut their menu in half. Point in case, Mcdonalds you have to much crap on the menu, and your food is below par, no matter how much advertising you do. royale burger rules, sometimes simplicity is better!!!
Rated: by C Hortman
October 13, 2017
Rated: by Dorothy Baldwin
October 12, 2017
The Noblesville Steak n Shake, is by far the WORST restaurant I've ever worked for in my entire life!!! I quit after 3 days because of the health hazards and the terrible employee's they have. I saw a customer get seated and get the drink order and wait 20 minutes than walk out because their server thought that their cigarette break was more important. DO NOT ORDER THE CHILI, IT IS SCORCHED. Steak n Shake doesn't care about their employees either, they treat them worse then vermin !!! AVOID THIS RESTARAUNT!! AND ALSO I STILL HAVENT BEEN PAID!!!
Rated: by Zac Vandiver
October 12, 2017
We went to Cookeville tn it was the nastiest steak n shake I have every been to .

Rated: by sherry netschke
October 12, 2017
I had not eaten at one of your restaurants for years, but just this morning my filipino friend got the bright idea for breakfast and treated. We went to your restaurant at 2700 Semoran Blvd here in Orlando. I must say, I WILL NEVER
To begin with, it was colder inside than a witch's kiss. Once seated, one couldn't help but think that the restaurant was A FILTHY MESS! Trash under booths, the legs of the booths were filthy. Even the entranceway outside was filthy Does NO ONE know what a pressure washer is? And when I used the restroom, OMG! The urinal was ghastly, and when I went to dry my hands, the trash can was overflowing, with paper towels all over the sink and the floor.
Thanks to this experience, I will revert back to eating at WaWa. On warm days one can eat outside, but my orders are usually all to go and they have delicious food.
Rated: by Michael Dennewitz
October 10, 2017
I went to the one at 1501 86th st.. this is the second time iv'e had problems.. ordered sausage gravy & biscuits.. got home had just the gravy.. what am I suppose to do with that.. spoon it or drink it??I will not be back..they should ask at the window just to verify..
Rated: by diana jenkins
October 4, 2017
This review is concerning the Steak n Shake in Belleville, IL. The restaurant went under new management in the last year and a half. I really had high hopes for it since Belleville is in need of decent sit-down restaurants. Major disappointment. The old management was really bad and this management is not much better. The fries are always cold, and I don't mean a little warm, I mean cold. The burger was good but I could not eat half of the bun because it was hard as a rock. I guess it was over-warmed. I received my bill before I received any food. I had to chase the waitress down for a drink refill. About 4 years ago, they had a female assistant manager at the register and when you paid your bill, she always asked "how was everything" and she really wanted your comments. I understand they got rid of her. Now when you pay your bill, the person who waited on you is also the one to normally check you out. If he/she did not care about giving you good service when they waited on you, do you think they are going to ask "how was everything", I think they need a manager/assistant manager at the register all the time that actually cares about the service the customer received and tries to improve it. Please pass this on before this restaurant goes under. Steak n Shake used to be my favorite burger place to eat.
Rated: by Marie
October 4, 2017
I went to steak and shake in zanesville Ohio today and my waitress, her name was amber, was very disoriented. She could hardly keep her eyes open while taking our order. This isn't the first time I've seen this. She was definitely messed up on something. She has also messed up our order. I has actually seen her grab onto the computers their just to hold herself up. I come in often and every time I see her she's like this. I have never seen this in any other restaurant and I am very sickened by this and I can not believe she is still an employee their. Something needs to be done about this.
Rated: by Mrs. Mills
October 3, 2017
Local restaurant. Family been customers there for 54 years. Service is terrible. Servers wear soiled clothing and let the patrons wait too long of a time to get waited on. Servers are not trained to bring utensils or water with orders. Management does not support the staff, and terminate the best of employees. Corporate office doesn't respond to customer inquiries. Am thankful that Steak 'n Shake is no longer a restaurant that I frequent.
Rated: by John Doe
October 1, 2017
We stopped at the Steak N Shake in Nashville.
What a joke, we went in to order.
After waiting 40 minutes for our food we left with our food. But when we got on the road I realized they neglected to put the meat in my taco salad.

The shakes were so bad no one drank them-that's 4 shakes!

There excuse in the store was it's Happy Hour. Drive thru went faster than carry out.

They had an employees baby in the store and the employees were taking care of her.

I threw my receipt away, only kept the order. It was order #212404. Friday, July 29. What a awful way to run a business. If we had not been on the road for 12 hours by that time we would have turned around.

Rated: by ED
September 30, 2017
On November 23,2016 I stopped at Steak & Shake (1610 SW 13th Gainsville FL. I ordered two shakes and a cheeseburger. After 10 or 15 minutes i got my shakes and was told have a nice day. When i asked where my cheeseburger was i got the deer in headlightds look. everyone looked at each other shrugged. Now lets be clear there was know one at drive thru and one customer inside, so they weren't busy.They started running around looking for the order, i asked for money back as i had no more time to wait.Manager said i didn't have to be so demanding and finally gave my money back. This was my first time at Steak & Shake and it will be my last. If anyone ask me about this Steak & Shake location i will tell them to stay away, or for that matter away from all Steak & Shakes.
Rated: by Brian Condon
September 28, 2017
We arrive at steak and shake on 21st Newark Ohio around 645 as are server was taking are order her friend came up to the table and she stopped taking are order them her friend table got there food first because she was to busy with her friends she forgot to ring in our order..then there was a party of 12 that got Sat they everyone was arguing about who was going to take it ..I work in the restraint business and this was the worst experience I ever had
Rated: by Devonna Brazil