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Stop & Shop, popularly known as Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is a chain of supermarkets. The store operates in New Jersey, New England and in New York as well. The company belongs to grocery industry, (retail). In 1892, Jeanie and Solomon Rabinovitz started a grocery shop that finally emerged as Stop & Shop and their headquarter is now located in Quincy, Massachusetts. Mentionable products that the chain delivers across the world are grocery, deli, gelatin shop, bakery, meats, pharmacy, dairy products, and seafood. Record says approximately 80,000 full-time employees now work for the organization. Net revenue earned by the company every year is $11.17 billion approximately.

Address: 1385 Hancock Street, Quincy,MA
Phone : 800-767-7772
2.2 Rating
Reviews : 27

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December 11, 2017
Their hamburger meat smells funny, like chemicals and they sell expire infant milk and the burden of proof is on you because they will not take it back, even if you just bought it the day before!!! They are the worst and I will no longer be a Stop and Shop customer! They are experience and the worst!!!!Shop Rite here I came!!
Rated: by Tamica
December 8, 2017
May 5, we stopped at S & S to do our weekly shopping. As my wife opened the car door, the wind slammed the door closed and ripped a long and deep gash on her leg. The store manager came out and immediately called 911 and returned in the store to get bandages. It was raining and cold, but the manager insisted on staying with my wife until the ambulance arrived. She was very very helpful.
I am writing this only to let you know what she did and cared. She was very very nice and helpful. You should recognize her and congratulate her. If all stores hired this type of person,it would be great.Again my wife and I were so grateful for the help she gave us.
Rated: by Phillip Ford
December 6, 2017
I was in store #472 in franklin Massachusetts today and had such a horrible experience! I was with my 7 year old getting some lunch just celebrating finding out I was pregnant and he was going to be a big brother again. So I'm scanning are items at the self scanner and he got m and me also we were getting hotdogs buy one get one free. So the hotdogs came up full priced and I alerted the helper for the self scan and he told me they would do a price ten minutes later a worker asked if I need help and I told her they are doing a price check. Finally a guy comes over I informed him of the error of the price and he got very mad at me. I said this keeps happening here and it's getting ridiculous . He they yelled in front of my son and I that he is not fucking retarded and screamed it to me. I yelled right back and said I did not say that you are retarded and he again yelled that I called him fucking retarded in front of my son myself and other children and customers in the store. Then I asked for a manager and he just kept saying he didn't know the whole story and kept offering me free hotdogs!? I will never go to that horrible store every again!!
Rated: by Jacqueline Bairos
November 21, 2017
You have in your framinghan store that false say that pepole steal from your store and he has sayed to a 6year old girl I will hurt her and stab her would just won't to let you know to keep your eye on him his name is martin walls

Rated: by bill
November 15, 2017
I am trying to find some information on a pair of rocking chairs with a small table for out side that was advertized for a 4 day special for $149.99. They were for the out side. I have searched high and low for them My Store in Northampton, Ma. were sold out but your ad did not say limited amount. and the store in Hadley , Ma. never got them . Can you please tell me where I can get that set fro that price. The sale ends today and I am unhappy that I could get a rain check on them. Please help me.
Thank You Karen
Rated: by Karen Humphriss
November 13, 2017
Have shopped Stop & Shop for over 30 years. I shop at the store at 2470 Warwick Ave., Warwick, R.I.
For many months I have noticed there are no baggers on Saturday, the busiest shopping day of the week. I asked the manager about this and he said people call in sick. I find it hard to believe that all baggers call in sick every Saturday. (When I asked him about this, he happened to be bagging because the lines were building up and there were no baggers.) I do not mind bagging my own groceries when I shop at Price Rite and Aldi's because I am saving on average 50% on each item. But when I pay top dollar at Stop & Shop I expect a little more service. I bag my own groceries because I feel bad for the cashiers who always have a pleasant and positive attitude and are looking at the lines building up. I will not use the self serve registers and contribute to more cashiers losing jobs. We do not save money and still have to bag our own groceries.
Today I shopped two hours before a snow storm was approaching and saw one bagger. With all the competition out there I would think they could go the extra mile and put on more help.
Rated: by Priscilla Dodd
November 12, 2017
Dear Stop n Shop,

Your latest television commercial needs a fine tuning in the proper verbal section where the young woman is inspecting an ear of corn followed by "all you shuckers!"

Please correct this phrase!!! The University of Nebraska football team is known as the "Corn Huskers." You may be able to go into the drug store and buy "Corn Huskers Lotion!" You may shuck oysters and clams, but, you HUSK corn! Please stop looking ignorant to the rest of the country...or continue to include other ugly practices such as "Frappe" in stead of thick shake.
Rated: by Marjorie Mellor
November 10, 2017
people like to talk about other peoples back ears drop and tell other people. I also see works eating cold cuts while slicing up for custumers so discussed that I don't and worn't by cold cuts in any store any more
Rated: by linch
November 7, 2017
I often shop at the Stop & Shop in Raynham MA and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the employees are in this store! Everyone is friendly, goes above and beyond to help me, and is there in a heartbeat if needed. A few come to mind....Jeff and Kathy. They are upfront on registers a lot but often see them all over the store :-) Those two (and there's one more, an older lady but can't for the life of me think of her name!!! short, grayish short hair... she is a doll!!) make coming in the store to grocery shop (a dreaded chore) a pleasurable experience. The manager is also a great guy...we always jab at each other about football and baseball teams! I LOVE COMING INTO THIS STORE! Always neat, clean and stocked with everything I need! Thank you Jeff, Kathy
Rated: by Laura
November 7, 2017
I can no longer order groceries via Peapod and hope for them to arrive. Many many are suddenly listed as "out of stock". In an area with many seniors who are physically unable to get groceries, this is disastrous! I have used the service for several years and considered it very helpful. Have you ever thought of all the disabled people who need your services? There is another chain but I prefer yours. what is going on??
Rated: by Lois Jane Brown
November 5, 2017
I was in the stop and shop in Portchester NY. I took my child to the bathroom as I turned to leave I knowticed a pice of metal on the baby changing station. As I took a step towards, I knowticed that it was a razor blade. I imidatly requested the store manager and she came in a timely manor. She removed the razor and apologized. I told her that I appreciate the actions she took but it was not acceptable to have this happen. I have pictures of you would like to see. I also alerted another father with a diaper aged child so they could see also. Please feel free to contact me if you would like.
Rated: by Zachary Harra
October 30, 2017
A very unsettling visit to Stop and Shop Milford Ma today - the person bagging slammed the bag of groceries into my cart - when I asked her about that - she said -" oh I didn't do that - I just put it in" but after she did the same thing with the 2nd bag - it was obvious that she did - - there was a glass jar in the bag that could have broken - then she gave me a very intimidating sneer as I left - no apology for slamming the grocery bags - just a very surly behavior and attitude - My bank is located in the store - which is why I shop there occasionally - I often feel like never going back due to the attitude of some of the staff - now I am positive I never will shop there again - it's very convenient - but that can't make up for poor attitudes and disrespectful behaviors.
Rated: by Carol Devendorf
October 22, 2017
The Woodbury NY store on Jerich turnpike is so dirty, the floors in the store are filthy and the trash all over the parking lot. I complained to the store manager couldn't have cared less. I won't be shopping there anymore.

Rated: by Bvill
October 22, 2017
I love your shore at 495 southern Artery- how do I apply 4 a job bagging items? I am a 57 year old, fit woman who needs a job desperately. I can work any shift/all days/ all holidays/etc- Can u please get me an interveiw as I have had trouble applying on-line- ASAP? U can e-mail me or call me 617-445-0450- I WOULD LIKE TO JUST COME DOWN AN FILL OUT AN APP> IS THAT POSSIBLE, PLEASE?! THANK-U- Sincerely, Linda Culkin
Rated: by Linda Culkin
October 14, 2017
I tried calling the corporate number, and it became a comedy skit. I pressed the required number to speak to a consumer advocate, and 8 times, the voice came back with the same directions. No one ever answered.

The Shelton Stop and Shop is the most miserable place I have ever visited. I could go on and on about the extreme rudeness of those in management. I have spoken to so many people about this, including check out staff (which is, by the way, very customer friendly). We are getting a Big Y in our town very soon, and I cannot imagine anyone remaining as a loyal customer to the Shelton Stop and Shop. Once again today, I was treated as a most unintelligent creature when daring to pose a question to a manager, such as, "Are youu going to get paper bags in again?"

Yesterday, I visited the Westerly, RI Stop and Shop. I took the time on my way out to write a thank you note about their service. The difference between the two stores I frequent is like night and day. I could mention
so many issues. Perhaps someone will call me.

Rated: by Pauline D. Dyer
October 13, 2017
The Stop & Shop in Basking Ridge (NJ) has employees that are careless and rude. They are the worst employees I've ever encountered anywhere. Although Stop & Shop is the closest supermarket to my home and offers significant savings, I'd rather drive further and spend more money than shop here.
Rated: by Blue
October 10, 2017
I was shocked when I saw a huge delivery truck drive thru a redlight today at 6:35pm on phenix/scituate ave. in Cranston, RI. Lic plate# 82769. That guy couldve done a lot of damage if he ever hit someone with that size truck!! I hope corporate takes notice before an accident happens!! I mean it wasnt even yellow, Red!! Red means Stop Mr. Driver!!!
Rated: by Kathy
October 6, 2017
It's sad to say, that Stop & Shop in Grafton Massachusetts is the worst store in the world. Their fruit is alway rotten and there's mold in the vents of the olives bar, they put labels over the nutritious information on cheese , which I made a complaint about three times , outdated items on the shelf , it's a constant battle to keep the bathrooms clean there and people complain over and over again, and yes I have pictures,,, many of us will now take our business to the local store in Millbury Goretti's, A friendly atmosphere that cares about their customers
Rated: by Lisa
October 1, 2017
Your store in Seymour Connecticut is in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul and update. Our family has been shopping here for several years and it is challenging. There is only one way in and one way out, via the same road. We are starting to look at other store's and what they have to offer. I am curious of what the future hold's for this store.
Sincerely, R. Lanese.
Rated: by Robert J Lanese Jr.
September 26, 2017
I am amending my former review which was about cashiers attitude when presenting and using EBT for payment. The manager of this store was very prompt and courteous in returning my email of complaint. This matter is being rectified so I'd like to withdraw my complaint.
Rated: by carol
September 23, 2017
This store located in Shrewsbury the supervisors during the day are mean, mean, mean and hateful. Most of the managers are the same way. They don't care about their customers at all and witnessed a supervisor treating an employee horrible as if they did not matter in front of the other coustomers/employees. I wanted to speak up but did not want to make the situation worse. However thiis shows me that management there allows their supervisors treat not only customers bad but employees as well. Much of their food on shelves are expired I found some items that were expired almost a year ago. However S&S still had it out on shelves to be sold. In one aisle I took 6 picture of 6 different items which all expired at least 3 months ago if not longer. The board of health needs to get into this Shrewsbury store. This Stop and Shop does not do a whole lot of business as of now soon we will have a Whole Foods and a Market Basket and between those two stores it will take away the rest of this Stop and Shop business. Shrewsbury Stop & Shop if you want to stay in business then get rid of your nasty supervisors, managers and find a better way to run the store and don't sell expired food!
Rated: by Nene
September 10, 2017
I shop in Warwick ri, the meadow brook stop and shop. As soon as you
walk in, it smells, the rug must desperately need a cleaning. I'm catching
more and more dis-colored meat, and brown lettuce. I complained to one of the
women working there about a young man wearing his pants so low that they
were UNDER his buttocks. She dismissed me. I walked through the market
thinking DAVES market will be getting my buisness. I did catch the man manager
and he explained how the store only requires shirt and shoes but did agree
wuth me that it's infringing on my rights but this generation seems to be allowed
anything. I'm only in my mid fifties. I believe some types if dress need to be in acceptable. I've
shopped there almost ten years now and it's steadily becoming a dump.
Rated: by Sue Mottram
September 8, 2017
I just wanted to give some appreciation to the deli manager you have in your Long Branch Store. I've noticed a huge change there within the last few weeks. I shop there every day/every other day, and I noticed how much cleaner, how the shelves are more stocked with product and that the people look happy. I had the pleasure of speaking with him a few weeks ago and he was very knowledgeable of both boars head and your store brand products. I just wanted to take this time to thank Robert for all the help he gave me with both the deli and preparing foods. Stop and Shop is lucky to have him as an employee.
Rated: by Stephanie Brealli
September 7, 2017
Don't shop at Coventry RI deli when Pam is working, she constantly is eating when she waits on you. Every time I go she calls the number and is chewing food. It's disgusting. She touches her face head eyes when she is slicing...gross.....I love everyone else
Rated: by Tammy
September 7, 2017
Your promotions are never available. The Stop&Shop brand water has been on sale for weeks (6pack flavored water $1.99) it still is not on the shelves.
The customer service people could't care less. I purchased mushrooms and when I got home they had bugs in them. Returned them. No apology for the buggy vegetables or the inconvenience.
Usually go to the store at least twice a week and every time something is wrong. Always out of at least one item that I want to purchase.
Please look into the management of your West Babylon super store!
Rated: by Darcy
September 5, 2017
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and they said I had 400 points the next day I went to Shell Station in North Attleboro and was told that I had no points....She then went on to tell me about their promotion....Seems to me a conflict of interest...I then had to pick up a few things (same day) went to Stop and Shop and had over 419 points....Whats up with that??? Why is Stop and Shop doing gas w/ Shell if they have their own promotion....The girl at the Shell Station said it is Stop and Shop issue they have their own promotion....
Rated: by Ginny
August 28, 2017
I have to say that as an employee of over 11 years, being shot down at the worst point in my life by two incompetent managers is the worst feeling ever. The Winsted CT store is in shambles and its not going to get any better. With ceiling tiles that have caved in an not been replaced, a seafood department that smells of rotten fish, and mold throughout the deli department its a wonder that no one has gotten very sick from food purchased in this store. The ceiling leaks every time it rains and no one seems to care, just put buckets out cause that looks great. It is unfair that such a low income area must deal with such a crappy store. The management especially lacks empathy for employees and customers alike. I was at the height of my career there and they suspended me over something that was not even my fault, which in turn forced me to step down and resign upon finding a much better company to work for. I will forever avoid that place like the plague.
Rated: by DJ