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TJ Maxx also known as TJ's is a chain of department stores that TJX Companies own. With its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, the company owns over nine hundred stores in different locations. The company is one of leading clothes retailer, and its stores are spread across in many different countries as well. The company was founded back in the year 1976 and the main products that it deals in include women footwear, clothing, furniture, domestics, giftware, and bedding products. The company also does a lot of charity work through different charity campaigns, especially for supporting families and children residing in U.S.

Address: 770 Cochituate Road, Framingham,MA
Phone : 800-275-6299
1.9 Rating
Reviews : 10

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October 17, 2017
I recently visited the Flint, MI store and purchased a comforter. When I got home I discovered the security tag still on the item. Very irritating. I called them the next day and some young male answered the phone and said "hello" he just got out of bed. I thought I got a wrong number and asked if this was TJMaxx. The young male answered (in a low tired voice like I was bothering him) "yes." No response like can I help you? or what can I do for you? Just yes then silence....I said hello again and he just hung up on me. I called back and some woman, who claimed to be the manager, answered the phone and I explained to her what happened. She seemed amused....tried to brush it off at first like it was just someone in another department. I don't know what that has anything to do with the way he answered. Anyway, she apologized in the end. I think there needs to be more customer training with these employees. Long gone are the days of real courteous customer service.
Rated: by Won't shop at this store
October 12, 2017
I shop at the 27049 chargrin blvd store all the time. First of all the store is very nasty and junky. The mangers at this location are very very very very nasty. I was there and i over heard a manger talking to employee very disrespectful and rude. How can you run a good store when your manger are very rude and disrespectful. The next time i visit this store i will record everything. Something should be done about this at once.
Rated: by ms. kool
October 5, 2017
I orderedI a Gift Certificate on June 17th. for a Birthday gift...I tracked my order today and found out that a label was created today June 26th...considering the label was created this date there is no way that I will receive the GC in 5-10 days...I am very disappointed in TJMaxx...have shopped in Green Bay, WI and loved the store, but your online shopping lacks professionism and your promises are lacking. Get a grip.
Rated: by Betty
October 2, 2017
During my regular shopping trip to TJ Maxx in Falmouth, MA, 137 Teaticket Hwy. I had the pleasure of meeting your Manager, Karen and she was so impressive I had to let you know what a fabulous associate/manager she is. She was very accommodating in assisting me and I was truly impressed. I hope that you will acknowledge what a great job she is doing with her store.
Thank you Linda DeCicco
Rated: by Linda
September 19, 2017
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Rated: by mujahid ahemad
September 14, 2017
Dear Sirs,

I was at your store in Totowa, New Jersey, Rout 46 West on November 8, 2015 I purchased several items: a purse, a large Vase, 2 glasses and a pair of gloves. The gloves as you can see on the receipt was $19.99. When I got home I put the Vase away with the gloves, so I thought.

When I took out the Vase to fill it with Christmas balls for my dining room table, the day after Thanksgiving the gloves were not there. I always save receipts, so I looked to see if I purchase them, and I did. They were white with the fingers out to TEXT if I needed to. Went back on December 3, 2015

I know it was a few weeks, but I had the receipt. I went to your store and showed the sales girl the receipt and she called over the so Called Manager, Ms. Manzuetm, as you can see on the back of the receipt, were I had her write her name.

They told me they checked their camera and the sales girl did check them out, I said I know they are on the receipt. She proceeded to tell me to look around my house and my car. I’m a neat freak and if I had dropped them I would have found them by now and wouldn’t be at the store at 7:00 pm at night for a pair of $19.99 gloves.

While this was going on and waiting 28 minutes for this Manager to check me out, a guy came in with a box that he said, the underwear doesn’t fit his wife and would like to return it. Now he had NO receipt, the box had no Price, the sale girl went and found something like it and gave him $19.99 in store credit. Is this right, I have a receipt, with the gloves on it as you can see and I get treated like and xcon. The guy with the underwear looked like and xcon and he gets a store credit and they didn’t even know if the underwear came from TJ MAXX.

Where is the common sense here? I did not get the gloves, in the bag, perhaps she missed the bag I don’t really know, but I do know, I do not have them, and now it’s become a principal thing. I can well afford to buy another pair, but I purchase a pair in November, planning to wear them when it got cold.

They were not in the bag or Vase. So where are they? I do not have children at my house at all. No one touched the bag since I bought it home.

This Manager, Sales girl just glared at me, with hatred and nasty. They were all bubbly over the guy that bought back the Underwear with no price or receipt and they didn’t even know if he / she purchased it there. Now You Tell Me….

I would like a refund, store credit or a pair of gloves.


Dianna DeLuccia
P.O. Box 282
Little Falls, NJ 07424

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Rated: by Dianna
September 12, 2017

Rated: by Elaine
September 7, 2017
will no longer support TJ Maxx. Ivanka Trump is a professional, intelligent business women. since you have chosen to jump into the political arena, you will not see me in any of your stores.
Rated: by chris
September 1, 2017
Can you explain to me how and why the bottle of Chi hairspray I bought at your store has been wrapped and is really a cheaper brand of hairspray?!
Rated: by Adrienne Mitchell
August 24, 2017
I want to no why there not a black manger at this location 0488. woodmere ohio
Rated: by concern