Taco Time

Taco Time is a restaurant chain business that offers a variety of home style, freshly prepared Mexican dishes. Taco Time was founded in the year 1959 in Oregon and the company has grown since then to become one of the leading players in the industry and dominating the Mexican Quick Service Restaurant Industry. Taco Time has over 350 locations in USA, Canada, Kuwait and Curaco which are run through franchise. Taco Time has a wide variety of dishes and ingredients such as Crispy Mexi-Fries, Crisp Tacos, Casita Burrito and Crisp Burritos. The company is based in Renton.

Address: 3300 Maple Valley Highway, Renton,WA
Phone : 425-226-6656
Website: http://www.tacotime.com/
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October 12, 2017
With-in the last two months I have been overcharged each and every time I purchase at the Bend Oregon Taco Bell 3rd St. I question the cashier each time and they make-up some excuse as to why my total is never what it should be. Because my family enjoys their food is why I go back. I just feel this really needs to be addressed. Where is my extra money going? It would be nice if this problem were fixed. My email is dsgese@msn.com, feel free to reply if you are having the same problem.
Rated: by Deb G.