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Tires Plus Total Car Care part knows for it's quality tires. The company has been operating since 1972 and it is based in Clearwater, Florida. Now, the company employs more than 5,000 employees. There are more than five hundred stores scattered in 23 states of USA. Some of the key services offered by the company includes auto repair, auto maintenance, schedule appointment, roadside assistance, and car servicing as well. The stores use an honest and straightforward approach towards its customers to provide them the exact services they need.

Address: 2021 Sunnydale Blvd, Clearwater,FL
Phone : 800-440-4167
1.3 Rating
Reviews : 3

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October 12, 2017
Left my car overnight came back next day and someone drove my car 137 miles! When I approached the general manager he was very rude and wouldn't give me back the proof I had. I actually had to call the police to get my receipt back. I will be filing a lawsuit and recommend never leave your car there over night.
Rated: by melani
August 26, 2017
Tires Plus
Van Roy RD.
Appleton WI
I had two new tires installed on my vehicle ( front) And a alignment done
Had a 8:00 appointment vehicle was in at 7:45
Your tech started working on vehicle for about 15 minutes then he was at the outer end of the shop talking to his buddy. This went on though out the complete tire change.
My vehicle made it too the Alignment machine at 9:40
Mechanic just finished up another vehicle. He then looked at my vehicle I had my bill in hand at 9:57 My vehicle still up on alignment machine. Mechanic cleaned up before test drive I received my vehicle 10:20
At this point I had already decided I would never use Tires Plus
I drove my vehicle home and it drove the same way as it did before I had work done.
Then I realized I didn't get a computer print out of my alignment. So I figure well Got ripped off paid for work that wasn't done. Live and learn.
I was willing to let it go but with less than 250 miles since service my Wife was driving with my daughter in the vehicle when the front end started shaking she made it home. Were I inspected it and found that it was missing Two studs and the other three were loose and wheel now has elongated holes.
Thank god they were not at highway speeds.
I revert back to the tire tech not staying on task and not being distracted by going over to talk to his buddy. By doing this he forgot what he was doing and did not torque my wheels properly and may not have installed two studs.
From all this Tires Plus does not care about customer safety or other people on the roadway they just want money no matter what costs.
Tires Plus management, service techs are incompetent to be work on vehicles that are on pubic roadways.
Thanks for incompetent service,
Dale Pellett

Rated: by Dale Pellett
August 22, 2017
To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a long-time customer at Tires Plus. I’ve been using the Tires Plus in Orange City, Florida, starting from 2008 when Steve was the manager and Patrick ran the front. Things used to be great, but recently, the place has totally gone down in service.
I took my 2005 Honda Accord in for service on July 25, 2017, because the car would not start. Based on your policies, checking my battery was supposed to be a free, complimentary service, but I was instead charged for an electrical system test. I feel that was done because they knew that it was more money.
I had spoken to Kenny prior to bringing the car in and explained the problem and he said that it was probably just the battery and to bring it in and they would check it.
I just had a new starter put on my car on November 10, 2015 at 99,196 miles, and now the car has 101,589 miles, so clearly the starter could not have gone bad that soon. I also asked them to look at the driver’s front tire and was told “nothing was wrong” with the tire, but I was still charged for a flat repair and balance 55 series for which they never fixed anything pertaining to a flat tire.
I contacted the store and spoke with Jenny, and was told that they “forgot to take it off.” This is ridiculous! How many people are you charging and getting away with this? I am stunned about the service and the dishonesty of this Tires Plus store at 2615 Enterprise Road in Orange City, Florida. I will never take any of the 3 cars at my place of residence back to this place.
You have lost a 10-year customer do to this horrible experience and my money for those services needs to be refunded!
My customer invoice # 214121 (07/25/2017) store # 520772

Rated: by W.B.FLUKER