Under Armour, Inc

An American company dealing with accessories and clothing related to sports, Under Armour Inc, was founded by Kevin Plank. The initiative was started at Washington D.C. In the year 1996, when Kevin operated the business from the basement of his grandmother's house. Kevin was however able to do a business of seventeen thousand dollars by the end of the year. Headquarter of the company is presently in Baltimore, Maryland. The European headquarter of the company is present at the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam. Several additional offices of the sports apparel company are also spread across Toronto, China, Colorado, Denver, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Canada.

Address: 1020 Hull St.,3rd Fl., Baltimore,MD
Phone : 410-454-6428
Website: http://www.underarmour.com
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Reviews : 3

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October 12, 2017
I have twenty teams of poverty stricand youth ,from New York ,to South Carolina and do not have the funds for uniforms , or regular clothing. I'm asking , or more pleading for you're Eregular clothing , or Anything you can spare. This would mean so much , not only to the kids , but there parents also . What ever you can do will be well appreciated Respectfully yours Mr. Kevin Still
Rated: by Mr. Kevin Still
October 6, 2017
This company is a joke with the worst customer service I have ever dealt with!! My 7 year old son struggles with disabilities and refuses to wear anything but UA shoes or I wouldn't give this company a dime! I spent $127 this time for his new backpack, lunch box and shoes for school coming up. I ordered on July 10, 2017. I got an email a couple of days later saying my order had shipped. On July 17th, I received a box on my front door step with his lunch box in it and a packing slip for all 3 items. I got an email saying my order had been delivered but I only had a lunch box in the box from UA!! I immediately called UA customer service and spoke to a guy who told me there was no reason to be upset, it would all be okay and he would send out the backpack and shoes to my son. I told him we were leaving out of town and I needed them to come after Tuesday the following week. He said he would put it in the notes. I come back with my son, wait a couple of days and still no backpack and shoes! I call back again, wait on hold for an hour again, and get told the same thing that they were on their way and there was nothing to worry about!! I waited and nothing...I called back this past week and spoke to a lady who saw in the notes my previous conversations and how they were supposed to send out the items to me but nothing was processes. I told her my son did not want the backpack anymore after waiting so long, so she credited me back for the backpack. I told her my son absolutely wants his shoes still and was very upset!! She said she would expedite my son's shoes to be here Monday or Tuesday this week. It's Wednesday and NO SHOES!!! My son has orientation at his new school on Monday next week and wants his shoes!! I did not pay over $100 for this so called customer service and all of the lies. YOU ARE NOT KEEPING MY MONEY WHEN MY SON HAS NO SHOES, PERIOD!! I spoke to Steve who was rude from the start, the so called Manager or Supervisor and he couldn't have cared less. He kept telling me that he wouldn't allow me to raise my voice. Well, guess what?! I wouldn't have to raise my voice if I hadn't been lied to by 3 different customer service reps in the last 3 weeks and me paying $100 for no product!!! SEND MY VERY UPSET BOY HIS SHOES I PAID FOR AND MAKE THIS UP TO HIM BECAUSE I HAVE HAD IT!
Rated: by Michele Davies
September 26, 2017
I placed an order for Christmas on 12/11/15. The order stated that it would be delivered by 12/17/15. The carrier is Fed Ex. I have had several issues with Fed Ex deliveries. All have been late and I have 2 packages were left at my house that were not mine, which I then delivered to the correct address. When I chatted just now with a customer service person via the interent, the reply I got was unacceptable. It was a cavalier we can't do anything about it. Contact Fed Ex. What horrible customer service. I will never purchase another Under Armour item again. You can thank your company representative and Fed Ex.
Rated: by Marcia Hoffman