Walgreen is a company that deals in drug retailing with more than eight thousand stores in fifty states across U.S. The company offers wellness, health, and pharmacy products through a number of retail drugstores. The product list of the company include contact lenses, vitamins, supplements, treatments, medicines, fitness & diet products, household products, beauty care products, and even home health solutions. The stores also offer different varieties of products for kids including feeding essentials, healthcare products for kids, clothing and accessories, and childproofing products as well. With its headquarters in Deerfield Illinois, the company employs over five thousand employees at the headquarters only. This company focuses on environment friendly activities as well and it use solar power systems too.

Address: 200 Wilmot Rd., Deerfield,IL
Phone : 847-914-2500
Website: http://www.walgreenshealth.com
1.7 Rating
Reviews : 34

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December 9, 2017
Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy is THE WORST! I received the wrong dosage Rx in a very wet box this morning. I called to report it and was told a courier would deliver the correc Rx within 90 min. It was 3 hours! The people I spoke to on the telephone were very rude, cut me off, and were greatly lacking in customer service. I was billed $548 for this Rx and lost a half day of work waiting on the correct Rx to be delivered. I will definitely looking into giving my business to another pharmacy very soon. Outrageous!!!
Rated: by MJ
December 7, 2017
Every time I use thw pharmacy at 2560 Golf Road, Hohhman estates, il, 60169, it takes several hours to get a prescripton filled. My wife goes to another walgreen's and this is not the case. When you try to talk to the manager she gives you a look like swhe really7 does not care . If you ask her wher somethin is she takes abouit 10 minutes to respond to you request and when sh walks around the store she moves at about 1 mile an our, she is really arrogent and talks to you like you are a piece of s---. Ship this woman out for a pr coure and how to talk to people.
Rated: by James Murray
December 5, 2017
I am waiting very impatiently for wal greens office to re embursed me for a work comp prescription I have lifetime future medical awarded from work comp court &gif it is not to be honored then John flesh needs to be investigated for fraud because he is not honoring a court judgement against him &Everst national
Rated: by Tod pack
December 2, 2017
In my dealings with Walgreen\'s at 3631 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR.
there are two employees in the pharmacy who are particularly note worthy.
Kim Harris and Debbie Turner are very professional, courteous and helpful with a cheerful attitude and voice.
In this time when shopping can bring us into contact with people who haven\'t a clue, it is refreshing to find people like these.

Thank you,
Richard G. Pate
Rated: by Richard Pate
November 23, 2017
On Dec. 20 2014 at my nearby Walgreens Store, I purchased one of those Online Shopping Cards -A VISA GOLD CARD with cash, in order to purchase several Christmas Items safely and not have my card hacked. The large amount I paid to Walgreens for the card, was supposed to go ON my Gold Card for use within 15 minutes. The Clerk said "The card is activated and ready to make your Christmas Purchases." However, I got home and the card was unable to be used and apparently HAD NOT been activated -nor was I able to even register the card myself at home. When I called the Walgreen store back, the clerk advised that they couldn't assist me. I'd have to call Green Dot Company-apparently, who has a system wherein they work with retailers who sell their cards for use. Of course, there is no one to answer any phones-nor was there any way I could keep trying to log in to activate my card. My question was to Walgreens clerk "So, to clarify, Walgreens took my money and I'm out of all my family's Christmas!? & my money? They flippantly responded, "Just because we sell those cards, doesn't make us responsible for not being able to use them." If this is the way Walgreens conducts business, I want nothing to do with being treated rudely, and "rolling the dice" to see if I get to use my Hard-Earned Money." As well as the fact still remaining, Is Walgreens doing this often? Do they get to keep someone's money, just because the victim who purchases the card, may have an issue with using the card for which they paid for, and isn't it ONLY FAIR that the average Consumer should indeed get what he/she pays for? It look as though I may have to engage the Indiana Attorney General in this matter to retrieve my monies which I paid for to enjoy the use of a safer credit card - that is, if you can utilize it.

If you are a large conglomerate such as Walgreens, you'd think their word would be honored. I have to say, I am very disappointed in these activities and actions made by Walgreens employees. My friend, the Indiana Attorney General, indeed shall be hearing from me, if I am unable to have this matter resolved prior to Christmas; and I also intend to alert Every Media Outlet regarding this "Personal Interest" story - and at Christmas! We won't be having our Family Christmas after all without these funds which were taken by Walgreens without even trying to resolve this matter. IT IS WALGREENS WHO IS IN POSSESSION OF MY CHRISTMAS MONIES!
Rated: by Jenna
November 22, 2017
I have a complaint more than anything, I'm getting so upset with Walgreen's in St. Louis Mo. store location Shackelford an Humes (314)831-0486, store Manager Mike Peterson / District Manager Mrs. Stavonnoff. I don't understand why they keep telling my wife that her 35 years of service with the company does not matter to them in reference to vacation selection and holiday scheduling. I truly don't like how a lot that is goin with the company as a whole. Walgreen need to get it together because they are loosing a lot of customers to CVS and will loose myself and my friends an their friends. Your long time employees are the one's that keep some of your customers coming back. Mr.Peterson told my wife that she was going to get a raise this year an turn around a week later an inform her that she was not going to get a raise. My wife (Janice Allen )is the hardest working person at her store, I'm not saying it because this is my wife i'm talking about/ check into for your self.... I'm implying to someone from the Corporate office ASAP. she not a happy camper...respond if Walgreen truly care for and about their employees. Aj- husband of employee.................
Rated: by Aj (husband of employee)
November 17, 2017
On May 11 I drove to three pharmacies looking for a diabetic glucose log book for my wife and found out no one carried them. I made my last stop at Walgreens on HGH 27 Haines city fl. I found out they did not carry this item also but the pharmacist told me he would print me off some copies and he did. This is true customer service and he needs to be commended.
Rated: by Roxy Hoover
November 16, 2017
Rated: by Ericka Brown
November 15, 2017
I am shocked at the way Walgreen on Green Valley Parkway NV treats their customers. The way I hear the pharmacist speak with clients in front of me on line is horrible.
Yesterday I tool my prescription to be filled and I was told to take it where I normally take my script. I have been going to this Walgreens for over three years now. It is federal guide lines to keep records of all medications and patients in their database.
I will never go back to this store, or any other Walgreens store. Their customer service is horrible.
I should have left this Walgreens two years ago when they shorted me 60 pills and when I returned they told me I must have taken them or left them at home. They realized I wasn't going to leave without my medication. When they looked in their system they realized they put in 2 pills instead of 62.
If I could have checks 0 stars or negative stars I would have. They don't deserve any stars in my opinion.
Rated: by Kathy Mabeline
November 12, 2017
I thought i was the only one having problems in the pharmacy... Whatever "coorporate" has said to its pharmacy employees is not working...i believe it stems from the walgreens ripping off medicare for a bunch of controlled substances about two years ago.... We need to tell medicare because the walgreens pharmacists seem to have developed a god complex and actually think they know better than the doctor....this attitude trickles down to techs and cashiers as well. I am planning on complaining to the board of pharmacy through my states health dept .....this has gotten way out of hand and there is no one making sure these pharmacies r doing things right!
Rated: by Connie k in florida
November 6, 2017
I have had numerous problems with the Walgreens pharmacy on 91st and Commercial. The lines are always long, they lose your medicine even if you call in and the drive thru you are sitting in yourcar at least 20 minutes before someone even comes to the window. The attitude of the personnel is curt, impatient and they don't even bother to apologize for the long wait. You need to send someone out a corporate executive anonymously so they can witness for themselves. This happens no matter how early or late. Please address these concerns there are many people who complain.
Rated: by Regina Hawkins
October 31, 2017
Your adds that offer rewards and them in small print you find out its not on sale at all you can py FULL PRICE and save on the net purchase. Ya'll suck and I will not be shopping on your stores EVER AGAIN.0
Rated: by Pissed consumer
October 31, 2017
I hauled a load into your Jupiter, Fl warehouse on 12-18-2014 with a 3:00 AM appointment. They put me at the door at 2:15 and the first pallet came off at 2:30 am. About every 30 minutes or so they took a pallet off. I did not get out of that warehouse until 10:45 AM. I also watched a trucker with 2 skids to drop off take 3 hours. I also talked to a driver up in the South Carolina warehouse the same day take 9 hours to unload. This Ironic since I was hauling potato chips. We used to unload frozen loads off the floor in 1 hour. My load was on pallets and weight was around 11000 thousand pounds It is my opinion the people in charge of these operations are totally incompetent and should be replaced. I can now feel free to wright this letter since i am now retired and will feel no retribution.
Rated: by Lloyd King
October 29, 2017
After 17 years with Walgreen's we are changing pharmacies. The service has gotten progressively worse the past couple of years. We've talked with the manager, we've contacted corporate and there has been no improvement. I will say the staff in the pharmacy seems to try with the conditions they're in.
Now we're transferring our Rx's and Walgreen's is not complying with the requests for transfer. They're faxing information that is illegible and slow to respond. It seems hostile and unprofessional. If the transfers don't improve we'll file a complaint with the Secretary of State.

Rated: by Sandra Young & Michael
October 24, 2017
I placed my first (and last) order today of WEB PICK-UP, and it was a disaster. The store was unable to ring up the sale, there were items missing from the order, the prices were higher than listed on the web order, they were unable to rebate the $5 promo per the email I received (APRIL5) and I called customer service at (888)924-7425, was put on hold for 20 plus minutes, spoke with three difference customer service people, was assured that my call was being addressed, and then after 45 minutes on hold, I was cut off. I would like someone to call me back regarding this situation. The customer service people were excessively polite, but seemed to not have a clue how to handle my calls, which resulted in my extreme aggravation.

I go to Walgreens several times a week, and this experience makes me never want to go there again. Thank you.

Laurel French (773) 876-7703
Rated: by Laurel French
October 22, 2017
I purchased a scooter from the local store and chose to pay cash. The young man who was entering the order said he couldn't give me a receipt for cash. He and the store mgr. were going to sell me gift cards to pay for the scooter. I was there over an hour before they called the main office to find out they were on the wrong site. I ordered a YELLOW scooter. Once the mgr. got involved, he ordered a BLUE scooter. When I got home and looked at the receipt I immediately contacted the store and told them they ordered the wrong color. It was Friday and no one could cancel that order. Now I am told I have to order the scooter again in the right color and refuse the blue one when it comes. I did order the YELLOW one on a credit card (I didn't want to do in the first place.) Now they have my cash and I am going to receive a credit card bill I don't have the money to pay. I have gone round and round with Walgreens locally and with the "issue resolver" who went on vacation and no one followed up in his place. I too was told there was no number in their accounting office for me to talk to. Now I am in contact with a supervisor of the issue resolver and I am still right where I started. Corporate ought to read these reviews. They won't let anyone talk to them and let the peon take the brunt of all the mistakes. This was not my first issue with Walgreens so in future I will go to Drug Mart. And now the site will not let me submit my review.
Rated: by Donna
October 21, 2017
I went to Walgreen store where I have a couple of scripte.I have 5 scripts at medico. I asked for prices of Walgreen & was told I have to switch my scripts before checking the prices. YOU DO KNOW THAT WOULD BUY ANYTHING WITHOUT CHECKING THE PRICE
Rated: by paul schirle
October 13, 2017
my wife has a prescription for oxycodone she was supposed to have filled to day 08-20-17 they wil't fill until 08-21-17 Walgreen at Lincoln HWY. and Governors HWY want you to run out of medication before they fill, it's hard when you are get Bilteral Lumbar injection and you need medication to go alone with it to be out of pain
Rated: by L. Harper
October 12, 2017
If I could. It's 0 stars I would for your on line services. I have just spent the last hour trying to find out if you carried a certain product. I have been sent around in circles never to have one item from your store ever listed or shown on your site. I just kept getting sent from pain relievers to medicines and back again. If your on line services are this bad I can't imagine you know what is or isn't on your store shelves.
Rated: by Debbi Parker
October 12, 2017
If you can not come to terns to drop your affiliation with Josh Dugger and the show "19 and Counting" I can not affiliate with your stores.
Since you support the show you much also support Josh's heinous behavior and actions against little children. I though you were all about heath and wellness, Seems to me you are supporting crime and sexual abuse of children.
Rated: by Diane Dovico
October 11, 2017
I use the pharmacy on Montrose and central and the tech rolled her eyes at me because I wanted a refill on one of my meds. So rude!!!
Rated: by DH
October 10, 2017
just picked up 90 day script for lisinipril at a cost of 32.00.
was for my wife who is covered by V.A.so no medicaid d coverage needed
this medication is usually priced at 10.00 at most places and is free at publix.i think this is price gouging and a penalty for no insuranceGOOD BY WALGREENS I CANNOT AFFORD YOUR PRICES

Rated: by cecil bobo
October 8, 2017
we have been with wallgreens over 35 yrs.it's over they just don't care
call corp office over three weeks ago girl told us someone would be calling
back. may be allllll you other people but,not us. lets see what happened in 2017 with a new president and alll of you our in the streets. we our done with you
Rated: by william shrager
October 7, 2017

Rated: by Jamie Cribbett
September 25, 2017
7/28/2013, After reviewing the Walgreen's ad this morning I went to the closet store to me (SW 112Ave and SW 232 St. Miami, FL)to get the Rain Gear 25% off (Women's Sack-It Jacket, and West Loop Rain Boots. I entered the store and look around, but could not find the advertised items. I found a clerk and asked her where I could located these items. Her answer, "We don't have them." I asked where I might find them and her answer was maybe at one of the larger store. I went to another Walgreen located on Old Cutler Road in Cutler Bay, Fl.. Once I entered the store I found a clerk in the comestic section and she and another gentlemen told me that they didn't have them either. I really think that a corporate office should have a better handle on the merchandise that is advertised and it's timely distributions to the store the where the merchandise will be advertised. It is quite costly for me to go to all the nearby Walgreens to see if this merchandise is available or better yet, even in there store. This is not the first time that I have tried to purchase merchandise that Walgreen's has advertised in their Sunday flyer only to be told "WE DO NOT HAVE IT". Is this anyway to run a business. I also think that it is unheard of, in this day and age, that this company does not that a email contact for the public to use. Just about all the other companies that I have any dealing with, have an email address contact person, who will respond back. Walgreen's need to get it together and implement a email contact for the public to use and assign an employee to review these emails daily. I will be calling the HD tomorrow morning.
Rated: by MB Rolfs
September 24, 2017
why are Walgreen's prices higher for pet medictions?

Rated: by duke brewer
September 23, 2017
Walgreens 78th Street and Palm River in Tampa, FL, They need a security guard outside to help the customers get in and out of the store. Unfortunately I have been pan handled and chased from the parking lot several times just trying to pick up prescriptions. I have spoke to Sophia the Manager and given her times to pull the camera and nothing gets done. It actually took her 12:32 minutes to even answer the phone when I called. Her careless attitude makes me feel hopeless that anything will be done. But if you pull your cameras on 11/22/16 around 8:30 PM you will see what I am talking about. This has happened the last three times I have visited the store. Very dark parking lot and scary when you get approached. Please do something before someone gets hurt.
Rated: by Karen
September 21, 2017
Walgreens just switched Losartan 100 mg generic to a white, oval shape pill that is identical in color & shape, & virtually same size as Lipitor, the nation's most widely prescribed medication. Local pharmacist has no control. Decision is made by Cardinal Health, the prescription benefits manager who must see higher profit margins with the Zydus generic rather than the round white generic made by Pack. Potential patient overdose or under-dose doesn't matter at the corner of Happy & Healthy. Guess we'll have to switch to CVS. Only way to make corporate at Walgreens hear us is if we walk away from the corner of Happy & Health.
Rated: by Warren Weiner
September 20, 2017
Here is your Yelp review for the Magnolia Riverside, CA location

This is the most unprofessional pharmacy I have ever used. The pharmacists think they are the doctors and it's their place to question prescriptions a real medical Dr. writes for you. They will hassle you, refuse to fill the prescription, make you run all the way out before you can get a refill, literally run out, and then call your Dr. to question their diagnosis and prescription dosage. Is that their business or their place? They didn't graduate from medical school. What entitles them to do that?
They make customers feel very uncomfortable with their judgemental approach. The customer service at this location is so poor, the pharmacist will literally turn their back and walk away from the customer. They are very ungrateful for your business. Go somewhere else where they will respect your Dr.'s orders and not make you beg to fill a valid and current prescription. It's not suppose to be an interrogation every time you need a refill, yet it is at this location. I will gladly give a smaller pharmacy my business to avoid this in the future.
Rated: by Cindy
September 11, 2017
I recently purchased NICE BRAND COLA from Walgreens. It is time to pull that from the shelves. That is the WORST!!!!! tasting soda I have ever had. VERY POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I should have known by how cheap of a price it was. I guess I got what I paid for. !!! SHIT !!!
Rated: by Jon
August 30, 2017
I called to seek answers to some of my Medicare questions. Jerry did an excellent job assisting me and all
Questions professionally. I found her to be helpful. Thanks Jerry/ Corporate.
Rated: by Barry A. Lamb Sr.
August 29, 2017
I am a regular customer of Walgreen Pharmacy at 879 highway 78 Sumiton Alabama. That's where we buy most of our medicines. Yesterday I order my husband's medicine via automated phone system. When I went over the pharmacy to pick it up there's a long line at the drive thru so I decided to go inside. As I was in the pharmacy the technician was attending to a customer so I have to stay where the line is. When she finishes with the customer she was still not giving me a signal to come over, then she looked at me and said Just a second. So I waited, then An old lady went in front of me knowing that I am in line. I let it pass, because she's an old lady and can barely walk. When she finishes with her, I went to the counter and the technician was still doing something at the computer, and she told me, Just a second. Then the technician at the drive thru asked for her assistance and she left me there without taking my order. So, I have to wait for her to finish that. Then when they were thru with that customer at the drive thru, she went ahead and stay at the drive thru counter and forget about me. Then the other technician went to a different counter knowing I am in front of the counter waiting for the service. I have to go around and tell her that the other technician told me to wait a second and she never did come back at her station instead she attended with the customer at the drive thru knowing that I am at the counter waiting for her. I will not come back at any Walgreen Pharmacy because this situation here doesn't happen to me once but several times. I never did complain about the past events because we all make mistakes. But this is too much to just ignore.
August 29, 2017
I went to the Walgreens in Oroville Calif. I was looking for a 12 pack of Bud light as advertised in their circular. I could not find it and was told by the Manager that was only for the East cost. I said that doesn't make sense if the circular is on the west cost. He said that is the way it was. I told him this is no more than bait and switch. One of the clerks agreed but the management sill said nothing. I am done with this store. If large corporations such as this store can just make up rules as they go they are very wrong. We the people need to stop this corporate stealing. I am reporting this to better business.
Rated: by Jack
August 25, 2017
your store at black and 52 sucks been there 8 months and they still cannot get it right. talked to the manager and he does not have a clue was with cvs 10 years and never had this trouble.
Rated: by verne selke