Waste Management, Inc

Waste Management Inc is an American based company providing waste management which includes collection, transfer, resource, and resource recovery and disposal services. The company operates waste to energy facilities with headquarters in First City Towers in Houston, Texas, US. The 1894 founded company serves 20 million residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the United States. The number 203 in Fortune 500 operates with 367 collections, 355 transfer stations, 273 active landfill sites, and 16 wastes to energy plants, 134 recycling plants, 111 beneficial use project sites and six independent power production plant networks. In whole the company is a provider of integrated environment solutions.

Address: 1001 Fannin St.,Ste. 4000, Houston,TX
Phone : 713-512-6200
Website: http://www.wm.com/
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December 7, 2017
These criminals at waste management tore up my yard, do not return my phone calls, and then on top of it they sent me a bill for it all. Horrible service. Even worse customer service on the phone 7-5....everyone works 7-5 how are you supposed to call the office to dispute your bill? Then i get a message saying they will just take the money out of my account....AFTER the bill has already been paid! There initials should be CLC-Criminals, liers, and cheats not WM.
Rated: by josh
November 22, 2017
The Phone Number contact information for Waste management is no longer in service (how convenient!) This company needs to be held accountable. I have called many many times over the past several years for incidents related to garbage spills - glass - debris in roadway, to more importantly, retaliations from drivers. To date, no district supervisor, manager, or someone from corporate has contacted me. I have no other recourse but to file formal complaints with local and State agencies including with the local Sheriff's department regarding a recent retaliatory incident with a driver whom his supervisor after being told multiple times not to tell the drivers who is complaining due to possible retaliations, did so anyway thus contributing to a hostile confrontation by one of the drivers. This company needs to be investigated at the highest level of oversight and I recommend to anyone who is experiencing similar circumstances and or blatant disregard for services etc.... to contact agencies and file complaints! It's no wonder this organization/company is owned and operated by the mob!! And my apologies for the name I provided but it represents how I feel I have been treated by this corrupt corporation.
Rated: by Jack Meoff
November 1, 2017
Three weeks in a row calling to pick up the recycling... seven times they have skipped since the end
of May! How incompetent are these supervisors and drivers?
We have paid ON TIME for this service and have been assure by
Manatee County Utilities (Florida) customer service supervisor, Ms.
Mary Clapper, that the problem would be solved.
We continue to put the containers out each Friday,
and have to go out each Sat. morning to pick up
any items that have blown around or have been scattered
by animals! We need to recycle - please help us get this
problem solved. Waiting to hear from someone!!
Thank you.
Rated: by Alemhoca
October 9, 2017
I have been fighting for waste management to pick up my trash. I have talked to supivisors and was promised my trash would be picked up. My trash is still sitting by the road. I should not have to call in each week and fight for them to pick up my trash. I pay for this service and they dont pick up the trash!!! Horrible service! WOULD NOT RECCOMEND
Rated: by melinda
September 22, 2017
I was told after 1 month that you could not give us a dumpster because your truck could not get in our alley per Ms. Toliver, well this week your truck drove in the alley from puritan to Florence without a problem looking for a dumpster to dump? So why was Lawton Avenue Holdings LLC told your truck could not get down the alley? (313) 341-2206
Rated: by Sarah Shack/Lawrence Johnson
September 20, 2017
My husband and I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks to get our trash bins since moving in to our new house in Palmdale, CA. Each week we are promised that they will be delivered on the pick-up day for trash (Tues)and each time that has not happened. When we call to complain, we are told that there is "low inventory" on the bins, which has been their story for years to multiple customers who do not receive bins or replacement bins. The ONE item they need to have in stock is BINS. They are a WASTE COMPANY for crying out loud. We are asked to pay 3 months in advance for no service, just asked to leave 6 trash bags out front on our curb which is filthy and a rodent magnet. What a horrible company!! Liars. A simple search on google or bing will turn up all the negative experiences ppl all over are facing with this sorry excuse for a business. They are out to rip people off, not pick up your trash.

Rated: by Joyce
August 29, 2017
Our city West Fargo ND is on the recycle program with Waste Management. Everything recyclable in one bin. Awesome idea very poor service. We have gone thru 4 pickup dates and out of the 4 only twice was our bins emptied. that is on the west side of our street.the driver misses our side of the street and never comes back. But what is bad is customer service the first time the driver missed our side of the street for two weeks I called everyday and everyday was promised I would get a pickup. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they are very busy and ask for my number and one would call me within 48 hours. Never saw that call. Looking at other comments on this board it looks like Waste Management is broken and the Boss needs to go on Undercover Boss again. Worst customer service I have ever experienced with a company.
Rated: by Mark