Wells Fargo Financial Inc

Wells Fargo Financial Inc, also known as Wells Fargo and Company, is a diversified and multinational financial service providing company in America. The company offers services in different countries across the world. In the Untied States, it is known as the 4th largest bank for its collection of assets and it is the largest also in terms of market capitalization. Furthermore, in offering debit cards, home mortgage and bank deposits based services, it holds second position. In the year 2011, it became the 23rd biggest company in the US. Headquarter of the organization is in San Francisco, California, but it has hub quarters in other US states as well.

Address: 800 Walnut, Des Moines,IA
Phone : 515-243-2131
Website: https://www.wellsfargo.com
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Reviews : 3

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December 6, 2017
The branch in Brunswick Georgia Newcastle St is not professional at all. The store manager and banker does not show professionalism with other employees. They all act like they are thugs. They have no respect for customers and gossip all the time. Me and other customers will eventually stop banking there soon.
Rated: by Selen Clark Dawson
November 29, 2017
I had a unique issue that I needed to discuss with a representative. I was helped by 4 different individuals in 4 different departments. All were extremely helpful and very courteous. However, when I was mistakenly transferred to the Bankruptcy Dept I dealt with a representative named Cassie. I have never been so disappointed with a representative as I was while dealing with her. She was rude, hateful, and continued to talk over me after being asked repeatedly to stop while I explained my need. The way I was treated by Cassie was very unusual for a Wells Fargo representative. Please, follow up with this employee to re-educate her on Well Fargo's mission and values and expectations RE: treatment of customers. Thanks.
Rated: by Andrea Ridings
September 22, 2017
Unprofessional. Refuse to problem solve. Long wait on the phone to keep from having to talk with me. not courtesy at all. I thought wellsfargo stood by that word courtesy. (it is posted on a billboard in your banks)!
Rated: by Ossie M Wilson