The Wendy's Company is the 3rd largest company for quick service hamburger in the world. The story of Wendy's Company began in 1969 when Dave Thomas opened the first of Wendy's restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. This saw a new dawn in the food industry with Wendy's developing a method of preparing fresh hamburgers on order instead of relying on the old frozen beef and mass production of food used by other restaurants. The company has expanded tremendously since its inception and currently it operates more than 6,500 company restaurants and franchises in US and in 27 other US territories and countries in the world.

Address: 4288 West Dublin Granville Road, Dublin,OH
Phone : 614-764-3100
Website: http://www.wendys.com
1.8 Rating
Reviews : 12

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October 12, 2017
I have down rated Wendy's because in Norwalk, Ohio store someone is shorting the customer on ingredients in the salads. I tried the new Summer Berry Chicken Salad, full size. No problem with the flavor, but there was a less than full bowl of salad, I would say 2/3 of what I expected was in the bowl, 4 or 5 black berries in the salad, and I estimate less than 1 strawberry cut into tiny pieces throughout the lettuce. It did not look as advertised but when I mentioned that to an employee she said that is how they tell us to make them. I won't order another of those. The next day I ordered the Apple Pecan salad. It was full as usual, no complaint there, but the blue cheese was missing. None at all in the salad. The local managers can kill the business if you let them get away with cheapening the ingredients. My complaints are only at the Norwalk, Ohio Wendys.
Rated: by Sally Marcum
October 6, 2017
I had your chili very good. Also a spicy chicken great, frosty right on then came the easiest thing to make your French fries. How can I be polite. They are terrible and will not order them again. Furthermore whoever greenlighted this from corporate needs to resign or be reassigned because they don't know food and the taste test that you preformed should of failed because right now your failing your customers. A French fry is kicking your ass
Rated: by Randy Gibson
October 5, 2017
We always visit a Wendy's restaurant at least two or three times a week. But yesterday (1/12/17) I had to go to a senior meeting and just wanted a cup of coffee, so I told the girl one senior coffee to go. She said we can not give you one unless you buy something. I intended on paying for it, she talked to someone about the price and said that will be $1.38 (for a senior coffee?)Need less to say I walked across the street to McDonalds and got one for .60 cents. This happened at 2907 Navarre in Oregon Ohio. I will not waste my time going to that place again. A VERY DUMB WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS!!
Rated: by James Miller
October 4, 2017
Good Evening,
I just had the worst experience at a Wendy's that we will honestly never return to. Im writing from Altamonte Springs Florida. The store that we visited was 516 E. Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs fl. We ordered our food in the drive-through. We pulled up to the window paid, we were handed four bags and told "that's it" I confirmed with this is all? Again I was assured that yes that was everything. We get home to find out my daughters taco salad was missing. I proceeded to call the number on our receipt, I spoke to a lady who was very rude. I explained that we had just been through a drive-through and have forgotten the salad. She very rudely told me that I drove off without it. I explained that the man at the window assured me that was everything she then went on to say "Man that ain't even what happened! " I drove back to the location to pick it up. My daughter started eating it then noticed MULTIPLE curly black hairs all over the salad. My husband and I are positive they were pubic hairs. I am outraged. We Will never ever eat there ever again. I cannot believe that Wendy's would hire people who would do such despicable things to food that the public consumes. Not to mention how horrible we were treated. We will never be back but hopefully there can be some kind of punishment for the people at hand so this does not continue to happen in my town.
Rated: by Jennifer Sullivan
September 27, 2017
Please bring back the Black Bean Burger!! As a vegetarian, I was thrilled to have a good quality and tasty fast food option at Wendy's. I am tired of ordering baked potatoes at your stores, and very disappointed that this wonderful option was removed from the menu.
Rated: by Cheryl Malone
September 22, 2017
store Number 00009843 is one of the worst places to eat the lady Manager is nasty they make the food all wrong and when you Confront them they tell you to go some where else if you don't like the way we make your food they had to replace 4 different thing because they got the food wrong today and I brought extra food and my fries had so much Salt on them I tipped the fries box over and got at least 3 table spoons full of salt out of the fries had to throw them away I talk to the girl at Corp office and she did not care about the problem she said oh sorry you had a problem hope you don't next time good bye what a dope this is no way to treat Customers I spend Hundreds of Dollars at this place a year and no one cares Maybe I should put Wendy's on TV and tell people how bad the Service is and there food if you want to Contact me at rsfdave@live.com need to talk to real people who care
Rated: by Wayne Davis
September 18, 2017
Went to Wendys drive thru. Got to the window. Cashier at the window was on her cell phone on a private call. The people working in the kitchen were carrying on so loud that I could not hear what the cashier told me my total was. I paid for my items and listened to the conversation of the workers in the kitchen. You could not help it because it was so loud. Lots of carrying on and joking. Not that I don't think you should have some fun but this was over the top. Went to the next window to pick up my food and I could still hear the workers from the kitchen which means that the whole place could hear the conversation going on in the kitchen. Very unprofessional. Second time I have gone to this particular Wendys in Monroeville PA and both times cashier was on her phone. Is this company policy?? Also, no thank you or any type of courtesy at all. Just hand out the food take the money and that is that. Boy I can see why Wendys has a 2 star rating overall. Need to really relook at your policies and procedures.
Rated: by Susan Wickens
September 17, 2017
Neutral rating offered, the food is acceptable however the most recent TV campaign offers a meal deal for $4.00. NO STORE offers it.
I live in Maryland and have been to three Wendy's stores and could not get this meal. All stores offered the $5.00 meals.
Why offer this deal if the consumer can't make the purchase.

Rated: by Pamela Hopkins
September 16, 2017
#00007822 love care for seniors-free drink and affordable meals clean carpet shampooed regularly but really love free wifi thanks but really cant you fix a falling hazard in plain sight have pictures lowes home improvement in back door rubber carpet mouldings raised up at tile half to full inch high gorilla glue better than duct tape 19103685419 for pics I see abroken hip and death for elderly help my worry your rep
Rated: by patty morris
September 12, 2017
I have been to Wendy's on two different occasions this week. The first trip, I ordered my meal, took it home, and discovered they had given me the wrong order. I drove 20 minutes back to Wendy's and told the counter worker what happened. She gave me a new order. However, it was wrong, also. Luckily, I checked it before I left. It took three times before they got it right.

Tonight, I ordered an apple/pecan salad thinking they couldn't possibly get this wrong. Well, they did!!! They gave me the wrong salad. The Wendy's on Eau Gallie Blvd. in FL----sucks!!!
Rated: by Kathy
September 9, 2017
September 9, 2017
At a recent visit to Wendys in Sebring Florida, I was disgusted to see a certain employee who appeared on The Steve Wilko show to take a lie detector test to prove he didnt molest a little girl. He failed it and everyone in this small community saw it and now hes serving burgers at wendys,